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by Lynne Gardner

Cheshire Group.

What are our aims ?
  • To stimulate greater interest and participation in the sport of Endurance, with particular focus on juniors and young riders. ( Juniors & Young riders up to the age of 16, membership is free.)
    How ?
  • Broaden the membership of the Cheshire Endurance Group into other equine areas, through riding clubs and centres in the Cheshire area.
  • Have comprehensive organised training days, again with particular focus on junior and young riders.
  • Have Social/Pleasure rides and competitive rides through out the season.
    Who Fits In ?
  • Anyone and everyone. Even non riding members of the family can take part as crew. Crewing can vary from a simple helping hand to a complicated well practiced part of a riders strategy, depending on you and your crews ambitions.
    Long Distance riding.
  • Is a family sport, open to anyone with a horse. It is about going out and meeting people, riding through our countryside, and most importantly having fun! You do not have to have any special equipment, particular breed or type of horse to get started, just your horse and your normal riding tack. For the most part, riders are not competing against each other, nor is there a single winner. The one feature that is most commonly remarked upon is the unique atmosphere of the camaraderie and support.

    What type of rides are there ?

    Pleasure Rides
    Sometimes run as training rides, may be of distances of up to 30kms (20 miles). Open to everyone, they must be completed at 8kms/hr (5mph) minimum speed and 13Km/hr (8mph) maximum speed. When run in conjunction with competitive rides horses must be trotted up before the start and no sooner than 20 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes after completion of the ride.
    Competitive Rides
    These are long distance rides which start at 30kms (20 miles) and horses must be registered with EGB and have a log book. Rides progress between 30kms to 160kms (100 miles) over multiple days or in a single day. Depending on the class entered, speed parameters and conditions apply, but in all, the welfare of the horse is paramount and strict veterinary inspections take place before, during and after the ride if the distance is over 55kms (34 miles).

    Why join the Cheshire Group ?

  • The chance to participate in rides and around Cheshire. Meet others with the same interest in riding and compete, either modestly, collecting mileage points for pleasure rides or seriously entering graded rides.
  • Receive regular newsletters containing updates, letters, features of special interest to endurance and pleasure riders. An omnibus fixture list for each quarter season, indication where rides will be taking place, what classes and where to send entries. Diary dates of meetings, social evenings, quiz nights and many other related social events. Third party insurance, and Membership Card and Mileage Points Card.
  • Special lower entry fees for members.
  • Opportunity to accumulate mileage awards, trophies plus special awards in many catagories.
  • Fill in a Cheshire Group Subscription form and send it to :-

    Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 9LZ.

    Telephone 01477-534194

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