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Here are a few books you (or your friends) might enjoy.
Some may be a little old but still make interesting reading.
Let us know about any books you would recommend for others to enjoy - email us.


Endurance : Start to Finish - Marcy Pavord

Long Distance Riding - Marcy Drummond (Crowood 1987)

Going the Distance (a manual of long distance riding) - Sue Parslow (David & Charles 1989)

The Endurance Horse - Ann Hyland (J.J.Allen 1988)

Endurance Riding (from first steps to 100 miles) - Clare Wilde (Kenilworth Press 1996)

Updated - 07/12/2006

FITNESS - for horse and rider

Getting Horses Fit (a guide to improving performance) - Sarah Pilliner (BSP reprinted 1991)

Updated - 07/12/2006


Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You - Pete Ramey (Star Ridge 2003)

Updated - 07/12/2006


Considering the Horse (tales of problems solved and lessons learned)- Mark Rashid (David & Charles 2004) 10.99

A Good Horse is Never a Bad Colour - Mark Rashid (David & Charles 2004) 10.99

Horses Never Lie (the heart of passive leadership) - Mark Rashid (David & Charles 2004) 10.99

Updated - 07/12/2006

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