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by Mandy Morriss & GB Aliaanah


The morning started with an introduction led by Andraya Hiscock (Animal Physio UK, Veterinary Physiotherapy & Human Physiotherapy) Lucy Denby (Osteopath) and Claire Whitfield (Classical Trainer). This was the opportunity for riders to discuss any issues, ridden or physical, that they may have.

Following this, the group was taken into the arena where they were put on the ‘lunge’ and asked to walk on a circle (both reins) at normal pace, fast walk and slow walk to be assessed. The group then paired up to carry out some movements to highlight any weaknesses in confirmation. Lucy quickly picked up that I have been a desk worker for some years! She could see this just from watching me walk!

It was then time to tack up and bring in the horses.

The horses were all walked in hand around the arena so that Andraya, Lucy and Claire could watch them move in their saddles and also spend time with each horse and rider discussing saddle fit and conformation. Prolite pads and shims were used to level out any imbalances before riders were asked to mount.

Once on board all riders were asked to walk on both reins around the arena, again to be assessed. This was a really useful exercise as you had a range of experts on the ground to offer advice on your position, ridden aids and any pain you may have whilst riding. I was pleased to hear from Claire that I sit nice and quietly despite a very bouncy Ali. The bouncing soon settled after a few pointers from Claire and Andraya – amazing what a posture change can do! Ali almost immediately lengthened her stride once my position had changed!

We were then all asked to turn in and take it in turns to trot around the arena. This for me was particularly useful as the issues I had been feeling were obvious to those on the ground and once again it was amazing to feel the difference with only a few minor changes to my position. The same again for canter.

I have certainly come away with lots of tips to put into practice at home and on rides and know that others who attended have already been putting into practice with success!

A big thank you to Cheshire EGB, Andraya, Lucy and Claire for running the clinic and I hope to see more of these sessions on the calendar!

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