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22nd April 2007

Report by Josie Ratter-Evison.

The Wirral was a fantastic ride this year. I was riding Madraar, one of Terry Madden's horses. I had also had the opportunity to ride the route the week before, which meant I had no excuses for getting lost!

As usual we arrived late! But in all the confusion vetted through fine and set off at a steady speed. Having listened to all Terry's advice we went round sedately, having some lovely canters up and down the Wirral Way. I rode with Ellie Harvey and Al Amik who, even though he is a stallion, was a star. He was so well behaved and got his first grade 1! Which gave smiles all round.

The ride was brilliantly organised and the going was great for our barefoot horses! The weather was a lot cooler than the week before which was good as it was nicer for the horses and for us. We even got videoed and photographed and it was lovely to see us cantering along on the beach.

So "Thank yous" all round, as it was a great ride and a lovely day - especially with the nearby cafe!

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