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23rd April 2006

Report by Amanda Jones.

Well it was nice to co-organise the ride and then ride it!! My first experience of Endurance Riding!! I rode the 33km Pleasure Ride to accompany Ellie who is 10 on our Stallion. I must have been mad to agree to this as I had not ridden for 4 weeks following being kicked in the leg at Major Oaks. I thought I was quite a fit rider and was worrying if my recovering leg would hold out, the slight pain in the leg paled into insignificance compared to the pain in every joint of my body at the end of the ride!!

The ride rode really well with lots of good going on the route that went through South Wirral with re-surfacing which meant we could canter most of it to my delight!!

The weather held out and the marking was really good, although I would say that!!

It was really nice to receive some thank you cards from competitors who had just joined EGB and Wirral was their first ride and they found everyone there very friendly and helpful.

I would like to thank all those who helped, especially personal friends of mine and the committee members who rallied round.

Amanda Jones, well and truly sticking to showing, crewing and dressage!!!

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