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22nd March 2015

Report by Laura Hepple

Teggs Nose was my first endurance ride. I had been told a little bit of what it was like but really wasn’t sure what to expect! All I knew was that once people have started they get addicted… I can definitely understand what they mean now.

The Teggs Nose ride starts off with a steep track down from the car park. Some chose to walk down but I rode down. GB Aliaanah hopped down like a mountain goat! We wound down the valley and back up to Macclesfield Forest. Mainly on tracks and a small bit of road work.

The route takes you up a long hill up through the forest. It is mainly a stone track but there’s a grass verge, so we trotted all the way up. The views at the top were stunning, made better by the surprise spring weather after weeks of rain!

The going was quite hard in places but Ali took it all in her stride (being much more experienced doing endurance than myself). I had a lovely day and will definitely be returning for more rides.

Thanks to the organisers for all their hard work.


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