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30 Sarah Reeves and 31 Sara Stanley at the venue TEGG'S NOSE
5th November 2006

Report by Sarah Reeves
Riders at the venue - Tegg's Nose November 2006

Eventually the ride was run after it already being cancelled due to ice and snow in March. It was the first time I had done Tegg's Nose and I really enjoyed it. I attended the ride with 3 friends of mine.

It was quite hard going in places with going up and down hills but our horses seemed to cope well with it and we took it easy. I don't think I would have fancied doing it in ice, luckily the weather was just perfect for us, it was rather chilly to start with but we soon warmed up once on the move. There is a great gallop spot in Macclesfield Forest which leads you right onto the top where you can see beautiful scenery all around. The route was marked really well which made it even better.

We all got back in one piece and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. For anybody wanting to get there horse fit for the beginning of the season next year then this ride will be great for it as it has lots of hills ...

Thanks to all the organisers for making the day run smoothly.

Another ride enjoyed.


Sarah also provided some photos which you can see here.

The riders and horses listed below successfully completed the ride.

Well done and thank you for your support.

Jessica Goodwin - Jeolas Catrin
Caroline Howell - Trixie
Rebecca McCauley - Bailey
Laureen Roberts - Melander
Tracey Walthall - Lady Eleanor
Vicky Edwards - Llynfivalley Rocky
Ann Harrison - Millennium Chorus
Nicola France - Annie Brown
Demelza France - Grindley Aristocrat
Rachel Rolf - Selasphorus
Anne Booth - Rassam
Sydney Byrd - Dunbar George
Nicola Phillips - Tarry
Liz Finney - Marlack Romance
Paola Albertsis - Ravensdale Singer
Ruth Wood - Viche
Mike Dennett - George
Sarah Emery - Honest Leigh Ginger
Sandra Breeze - Maloawera
Michael Lees - Bella
Maureen Lees - Tilly
Gillian Comley - Daniel Dee
Helen Broughton - Drew of Alvie
Jocelyn Russell - Chocolate Mouse
Sarah Reeves - Leo
Sara Stanley - George
Kelsey Redwood - Zack
Sarah Whitelegg - Jake
Leanna Johnston - Kymara
Francesca Millin - Tally
John Illingworth - Goyallt Shanco
Emma Crayfourd -
Shirley Goodwin -
Wendy Allan -

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