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14th May 2006

Report by Ellie Harvey
(aged 10 years).

Well this is my third ride now on Terry Madden’s stallion, Amik. We arrived at the venue and Amik knew straight away he was at a ride calling to the other horses. We have been practising our trot ups so he is quite well behaved now. Terry vetted Abu at the same time so Amik was a bit more relaxed, a sigh of relief as we passed and off we set.

The farm ride was great, Amik really galloped, and my reins were right up by my elbows trying to stop him. Amanda crewed us at the venue, and off we we went.

Both Abu and Amik are barefoot, but Terry has taught me to use grass verges and although there was lots of road work we managed to keep up speed on the verges.

I would like to thank all the helpers who helped us across the roads and everyone who helped make the ride happen, it was great. I got my first grade on Amik getting grade 4, he usually gets a completion as he gets excited at the vetting and his Heart Rate goes up but he was very good on Sunday!!

I am looking forward to the rest of the group's rides.


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