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Before sending any photos please read this.

Your co-operation will be much appreciated.

You are very welcome to send appropriate photographs and they will be used (space allowing). Please, however, take heed of the following words of advice.
Please do not send any emails with attached photographs without seeking prior agreement. Large emails can quickly fill the In-box and may cause important messages to be lost. Additionally, attachments from an unknown source are deleted unopened to guard against viruses. So, before forwarding your photograph(s), please send an email to ensure someone will be around to remove your photograph(s) from the In-box straight away.
You must hold the copyright of the photograph or have the copyright holders permission to send it in for uploading. Copyright is usually retained by the person taking the photograph. This is especially important with professionally taken photographs - though I hope they will give permission if their copyright is acknowledged next to the photograph. It may be that professionals will agree to provide blanket permission for this site.
Photographs will be re-sized to around 10.5cms by 14.5cms at 150-200 dots per inch. This seeems to keep the file size manageable and produce acceptable images which load fairly quickly. If you can provide your original to this specification it would be helpful (but not essential).
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