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Monday - 18th November 2019

Inter-Bridleways Group Quiz
Monday 18th November 2019
Quiz starts 7.30
Food available from 5pm
Lots of prizes!

We need some volunteers to make up a team (or better still two teams) to represent us at this Quiz Night starting at 7.30pm in The Golden Pheasant, Plumley, WA16 9RX. I am assure

You are also welcome to come with your own team of up to six people to represent us or any group/yard etc. There is a small entry fee of £5 per team of 4-6 quizzers.

Food is available from 5pm in the dining area (please book yourself) but make sure you are finished for the start of the quiz.

If anyone is interested in joining a team (or has a team to enter) please contact Jane Stewart -

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/10/2019

GROUPS MEETING - 26th October

The next Groups Meeting takes place at Abbey Park, Stoneleigh on Saturday 26th October. Registration is 9.30 for a 10.00am start and finishing by 4.30pm

It sounds like an interesting programme.

Is anyone able to go? I am happy to drive.

If anyone is interested in joining me please get in touch at: or phone 01565 633310/07970 203362.

Liz Finney

Added - 21/09/2019


Sadly we have cancelled this pleasure ride as we only have 6 entries (Tania Fitton, Christopher Fitton, Rachel Rolfe, Lorna McCarthy, Angie Williams and Gillian Bower). Although the date was on our website from earlier in the year, final permission for the route was only received in August due to the work going on erecting a wind farm in the area, so ride details were very late being published. We hope to have the ride on the 2020 calendar possibly as an early training ride for the season.

Lisa Hadland, the owner of Waen Ganol, is happy for riders to park there on Sunday and ride the route, under their own insurance cover , as this will not be an EGB organised event. Please contact Lisa on 07742 957156 to arrange parking and arrival time.

Liz Finney

Added - 12/09/2019


The NW Team

Shaun Walsh kindly sent in this photograph of (most of) the North West Team which, he tells me, came a very creditable second in the competition - thank you Shaun.

Very well done to all who played their part.

The North West Team at the Inter-Regionals - A report by Liz Finney

We were confident that the North West had a strong team to contest the Inter-Regionals at Cirencester, but anything can happen when twelve horses and riders are involved!

There were eleven teams competing for the championship trophy, as the popularity of the competition has grown since it was moved to Cirencester.

Unfortunately, Rachel Owen, Pat Guerin and Tracy Sieminski had to withdraw their horses from the team leading up to the ride weekend, but such was the depth of the squad that we still fielded a full team and had two reserves taking part as well.

By the Friday evening, Kath’s marquee was up and everyone was enjoying her brilliant catering. The rain had finally eased and the forecast for the next day was improving.

In the Saturday classes, we had three riders in the 80km CER, using one of our wildcards.

John Black and Ca Jameer was well up with the leading group and came into the first vetgate about 30mins before Tania Fitton with Ltf Jjewell C and Gaynor Jones with Orlando.

John finished in 6th place with Tania and Gaynor also completing well, though Gaynor suffered a fall from Orlando as they came back into the crewing area and had an ambulance ride to Gloucester hospital before then being cleared to come back to the venue, which was a huge relief to us all.

In the 65km GER Tamzin Furtado with Shaun Walsh’s 19yr old Diamond Flight was riding with Rachael Chapple on Bryneos Alexus, both travelling very well together. They finished at 13.7 km/hr and Rachael won the class on the performance formula, with Tamzin coming 4th.

John Illingworth and Cloughwood Gold Charm with Helen Short and Kath Wilson’s TD Milano were our team members in the 2 day 80km GER, with John coming into the overnight vetgate slightly ahead of Helen and vetted very quickly. Helen had felt Woody wasn’t quite right just before the finish and he was slightly lame at the trot-up, so very disappointing for her and Kath.

On the Sunday, Jill Thorburn and Leesview Tobias, competing in the 40km GER, rode with John and Goldie and they flew round the course for them both to finish on low heart rates.

Anna Collins was our second wildcard entry riding ROR Karactacus Potts and also finished strongly in the 40km GER, despite losing a shoe a few kilometres out. Luckily the ride farrier returned to the venue in time to replace the shoe, after re-shoeing another NW team horse on course, and Mr P trotted up well at the vetting.

Pauline Daley with Liquid Desire was a team member in the 30km GER riding with husband Paul, a reserve rider on Dunowen Point. Both horses are ROR horses and somewhat joined at the hip, so when Pauline’s horse lost a shoe early on, Paul had to ride on and a very vociferous Dunny had to wait for a long time for his friend to finish, when calm was immediately restored. The ride farrier was sent by the ride organiser to the wrong checkpoint, so Pauline had a long wait and then had to be careful she wasn’t out of time. Her gallop to the finish was lovely to watch and Liquid Desire’s heartrate dropped quickly before vetting.

Our novice horse and rider combination for the 30km GER was Nicola Randle with the section D Llandderfel Princess Elen, who rode with our other reserve Kim Lord and Apollo. They made very good time and finished with a low heartrate, after Apollo was allowed to stand near her, as she too had attachment issues with Apollo.

As the final results were announced, North West came a close second to the winners, Wessex, so a great result for our team who really worked so well together, with everyone helping to crew when they were not riding. It was a wonderful weekend and we dealt with various problems that happened as you can expect when horses are involved, including catching loose horses for other team’s riders on course!

Our thanks go to Lancashire and Cheshire groups for financial help and to the ride organisers, officials and the many volunteers who worked so hard to make sure that the Cirencester ride was as good as ever.

Liz Finney

Chris Taylor

Updated - 30/07/2019


The following riders and horses will be representing the North West at the Inter-Regional Championships at Cirencester Park from July 19-21st:

Class 18-20    80km CER
Tania Fitton with Ltf Jjewell C
John Black with Ca Jameer
Gaynor Jones with Orlando

Class 23        65km GER
Tamsin Furtado with Diamond Flight
Rachael Chapple with Bryneos Alexus

Class 22        80km GER 2day 40/40
John Illingworth with Cloughwood Gold Charm
Pat Guerin with Cf Winter Amadeus
Helen Short with TD Milano

Class 41        40km GER
Rachel Owen with Aurora XX1
Res: Jill Thorburn with Leesview Tobias
Res: Anna Collins with Karactacus Potts

Class 42        40km GER
Tracy Sieminski with Abseil
Res: Anne Booth with Hs Pearl Diver

Class 44A       30km GER
Nicola Randle with Llandderfel Princess Elen
Res: Kim Lord with Apollo

Class 44B     30km GER
Pauline Daley with Liquid Desire
Res: Paul Daley with Dunowen Point

Liz Finney

Added - 18/06/2019


The Eld Trophy for the best shod horse was won by Killomen Trump ridden by Lesley Caswell.

Congratulations to the following who have won feed vouchers generously donated by Baileys Horsefeeds:

Class 1
1st     Emily Ferguson riding Tannasg Rowan
2nd    Julie Abbott riding TM Valantino

Class 2
1st    Wendi Bailey riding Kennox Calsun

Class 3
1st    Emma Martin riding Lowmilbourne Earl

Class 4
1st    Jane Wyatt riding Magners Gold

Class 5
1st    Rachel Owen riding Aurora XXIV

Pat Guerin

Added - 14/05/2019


The Trophy and Help Registration Form is now available on the Forms page.

You need to help at at least one of our rides to qualify for our Group Awards and Trophies and, of course, none of rides could take part without the valuable help of our members.

Please complete the form and send it to Pat Guerin as soon as possible as our first ride is only just over a month away.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

If you wish Pat to supply you with a copy of our Event Log Card (which is also available on the Forms page) then please enclose a large SAE.

Chris Taylor

Added - 28/02/2019


Please read the poster in this link which sets out the policy to be adopted for all rides (local and national - competitive and pleasure) during the current situation.

Please note that this policy is subject to change as the situation develops.

It also only sets out the minimum requirements and some rides may impose additional protocols to be followed.

Please make sure the vaccinations for your horse(s) is/are up to date and the records reflect this. Any copies lodged must be legible and all discrepancies will be investigated.

Failure to comply with the guidelines could lead to entries being rejected if matters can't be rectified satifactorily in time.

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/02/2019


16 Pat Guerin with C F Winter Amadeus     11 Larissa Burnett with Grecian Moon     4 Carol Taylor with Marlak Super Dude     46 John Illingworth with Cloughwood Gold Charm

Each year the Arab Horse Society runs this competition for members with pure, anglo & part bred arab horses. Points are awarded for all disciplines & the top 10 winners in each category are invited to the National Show at Malvern to be presented with trophies & rosettes.

This year 4 Cheshire members appear in the results as follows:

Pure bred section

Champion   C F Winter Amadeus owned by Pat Guerin
7th place   Grecian Moon owned by Larissa Burnett

Anglo Arabian section

3rd place   Marlak Super Dude owned by Muriel Taylor

Part bred section

5th place   Cloughwood Gold Charm owned by John Illingworth

Additional awards

Premium progeny winner   Marlak Super Dude
Endurance Champion   C F Winter Amadeus

Congratulations to everyone and their horses!

Pat Guerin

Added - 29/01/2019

News Archive

A page called News Archive has been created to store old news items. The intention is to remove items from this News page to the News Archive as soon as they become irrelevant. This should help keep the News page current and quicker to load - 2/5/2006

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