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We need some more helpers to volunteer for our Delamere Ride ride on Saturday 6th October.

It would also help if someone can help with route marking the previous day.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with Liz as soon as possible at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 24/09/2018


If you haven't done so already this is a reminder that anyone wishing to qualify for our Cheshire Group trophies who hasn't helped must volunteer at either Delamere (Oct 6th) or Congleton (Nov 18th) as these are our last rides this season.

Again, if you have not already done so please remember to send a Trophy Registration Form (available for download on our Forms page) to Pat Guerin and have your Event Log Card (also available on the Forms page) signed on the day.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/09/2018


We had a great mix of Cheshire and Lancashire members combining for the North West team at Cirencester in July to compete against teams from all over the country in one of the most hotly contested Inter-Regional championships in recent years.

At the end of the first day, we were in joint first place, after strong performances from Lorna McCarthy and Julie Kendall in the 80km CER followed by Pat Guerin and Jill Thorburn in the 64km GER.

John Illingworth with Goldie and Izzy Wilson with Gizmo successfully completed their 40km in the 2 day 80km GER.

With the heatwave still firmly in place, temperatures on both days were challenging for horses and riders. We had plans in place to buy and store lots of ice, but, even so, it was a struggle to have enough, especially on the second day, when we had 8 team combinations on course who all finished close together.

Unfortunately, we failed to get Gizmo’s heartrate down to pass after finishing the 2 day 80km. Then Tina Pfeiffer’s horse was unlevel at the final veterinary inspection , so we were gutted for both of them. On the brighter side, John Black and Jam got a G1 and won their 40km GER class and John Illingworth’s Goldie finished the 2 day 80km with a G1, despite my questioning the wisdom of them riding together in case they took the wrong route!

Kath Wilson’s Woody, ridden by Helen Short also finished with a G1 despite there being an error in the timekeeping, giving him 30min extra on his riding time. This is still being investigated by EGB as it affects the team’s total points.

Hayley Oliver, Wendi Bailey, Sophie Haughton and reserve rider Rachel Owen all successfully completed their classes.

As everyone gathered for the prize-giving, the organisers announced that there had been a power failure and they had lost all the results! We were all somewhat deflated as we then packed up to travel home. The results were finally posted on the EGB website two days later, when we found we had dropped to 4th place. The first two teams, South East and Offa’s Dyke did very well in having all their team members complete, but we were disappointed with our points for day 2. Jill’s Toby has since had their G4 changed to a G3 and we still await the result for Woody.

Still, everyone had a great weekend and thanks go again to Kath Wilson for providing all the catering throughout the weekend as well as crewing for her two horses.

Baileys kindly supplied us with Aqua Aide electrolytes for the team and Cheshire and Lancashire groups donated towards the team riders polo shirts.

We now look forward to 2019!

Liz Finney

Added - 27/08/2018


Photo courtesy of Indiepics

After conducting a global search, which included an application process, public vote and interviews, Wintec have announced their 13 Ambassadors selected from leisure combinations, competitive combinations, and equine professionals. Three of the thirteen are from the UK, and two of those compete with EGB!

Anna Collins and Jo McCormac were amongst the appointed ambassadors who were announced in July. Wintec said, “Their willingness to not only use our products but to promote them to their peers is a wonderful compliment to us as we celebrate 32 years of being the World’s No.1 Synthetic Saddle brand”.

Anna Collins is a Cheshire Group member and a highly involved member of Retraining of Racehorses. She is currently the RoR Elite Endurance Champion and EGB Retraining of Racehorses champion. Anna says “I love the Wintec brand and have competed for the last few seasons in a WintecLite which is a GP style saddle and is really very comfortable for long distances. It has been amazingly versatile, light and looks really smart. They dry quickly and a quick wipe at the end of day 1 of a ride and you are ready to go for day 2, no matter what the weather has thrown at us. I am really proud to have been selected, I have to say that some jobs have been easier to land. It’s going to be well worth it as I will be choosing the Pro Endurance saddle to use as an Ambassador which like most Wintec saddles has the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution so as Mr P changes shape through the season, so can the saddle and the CAIR® Cushion System means that fluid cushioning hugs your horse’s conformation for even weight distribution over the entire length of the panel. This virtually eliminating pressure points, as the air in the panel fluidly moves and moulds around the working muscles of your horse. Good hey?!”

As we all know, in endurance, the saddle really gets tested and any anomalies in a poor saddle fit would show up at the vet inspection. I’ll be writing a monthly update for Wintec and will let you know how I get on through this season and next.

As a final word, huge thanks to everyone in the endurance community who voted for me, some of you several times, I feel very humble to know such wonderful people. Thank you again.

Anna Collins

Added - 02/08/2018


Sadly our Chester Zoo Ride on 26th August is in severe danger of being cancelled due to the lack of helpers.

We need sufficient helpers to ensure the ride can take place safely.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with Mandy as soon as possible at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 01/08/2018


We need some more helpers to ensure our Chester Zoo Ride on 26th August can take place.

Any help you can give will be really appreciated.

Please get in touch with Mandy at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/07/2018


Alix Nattrass has kindly posted 4 sets of photographs on Facebook.

Thanks Alix.


Chris Taylor

Added - 21/07/2018


Saturday 80km CER
Lorna McCarthy - Sheer Bliss
Julie Kendall - Perfeq Pacha De Blaziet
Res: Terry Madden

64km GER
Pat Guerin - CF Winter Amadeus
Jill Thorburn - Leesview Tobias

Sat/Sun 40/40km GER
Izzy Wilson - Gizmo 1
John Illingworth - Cloughwood Gold Charm

Sunday 40GER Adv/Open
John Black - Ca Jalmeer
Wild Card: Hayley Oliver - Aberstwyth Gwynfor

40km Nov horse
Max Wilson - Td Milano
Wild Card: Sophie Haughton - Farid My Lad

32KM Nov horse
Tina Pfeiffer - Crown of Salona

32km Nov h & r
Wendi Bailey - Kennox Calsun

Liz Finney

Added - 27/06/2018


The Inter Regional team championships will again be held at Cirencester this year on July 14/15th.

We need another rider for the NW team to compete at the Inter-Regionals in the 40km GER or 32km GER, with a novice horse.

Please contact Liz Finney at if you would like to be considered for the team.

Liz Finney

Added - 04/06/2018


As most (if not all) of you will be aware Anna Collins is the current EGB Retraining of Racehorses Champion and RoR Elite Endurance Champion.

She has now been shortlisted to be a Wintec Ambassador which, if successful, will help promote both Retraining of Racehorses and EGB.

I am sure Anna would appreciate your support for a fellow EGB member. You can vote for "Anna C (GB)" at

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/05/2018


The Cheshire Group of Endurance GB thank Baileys Horsefeeds for their generous sponsorship of the Cheshire Forest Frolic Ride. The results were judged by Performance Formula.

The winners of the Baileys Horsefeeds vouchers were:

Class 2   1. Jamie Shores riding Anderwood Rosie
               2. Tracy Thompson riding Benjana

Class 3    Caroline le Butt riding Ethaar

Class 4    Beth Langley riding HS Beyazid

Class 9    Charlie Chadwick riding Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar

Class 10  Georgie Rhodes riding Mostafanother

The winner of the Eld Trophy for the best shod horse on day 1 was Aberystwyth ridden by Hayley Oliver.

If you have not received your prizes already they will be posted to you. Please convey your thanks to Baileys Horsefeeds for their continued generous sponsorship of this event.

Pat Guerin

Added - 17/05/2018


As one of the events to mark the AHS centenary year there was a parade of Arabian horses held at Newmarket on April 28th.

Cheshire members Pat Guerin with CF Winter Amadeus and Carol Taylor with Marlak Super Dude were among those invited and Pat and Mo had the extra bonus of featuring on the poster to advertise the event, which many of you will have seen from facebook.

The results of the performance awards are already on this news page.

Liz Finney

Added - 30/04/2018


Endurance GB has announced the recipients of the junior and young rider Spotlight scholarship awards for 2018 and we are delighted to see that Cheshire member Katy Mellor has won the advanced section for the West.

Lily Gibbons, from Lancashire has won the open section for the North West.

The scholarships give a range of help to the successful applicants and were hotly contested, so many congratulations to both Katy and Lily.

Liz Finney

Added - 30/04/2018


We hosted the Long Mynd Training weekend from our farm in South Shropshire over the weekend of 24/25th March. 8 Cheshire Group Members and 2 Members from EGB SWW came for day rides, or to stay over with their horses.

Most riders preferred to ride in pairs and explore the area at their own pace, choosing routes from 16-30km. It was an ideal opportunity to introduce young and or Novice horses to some serious hills.

Thanks to Sue, Caroline and Katy for offering to guide those riders who wanted a guided ride. And we organised some superb sunny weather on Sunday to show off the Long Mynd at its very best!

We hope everyone enjoyed their rides. It was lovely to be able to welcome you all.

Sally, Matt and Katy Mellor

Added - 27/03/2018


The Inter Regional team championships will again be held at Cirencester this year on July 14/15th.

We are now looking for team members for the North West team from Cheshire and Lancashire groups so please contact Liz Finney at if you would like to be considered for the team.

Please send details of your results, plans for this year, which class you would like to compete in and which group you are a member of.

The classes will probably be the same as last year which were:
Saturday   80km CER, 64KM GER and 2 day 80km GER (40,40km);
Sunday     40km GER (open/adv); 40km GER (novice horse);
                 32km GER (novice horse) and 32km GER (novice horse and rider).

We always have had a great time with excellent catering from Kath Wilson and a really good team atmosphere so do put your name forward and enjoy a special weekend!

Liz Finney

Added - 20/03/2018


The Arab Horse Society Performance Horse Awards for 2017 have been published.

In the "2017 Performance Horse Awards PURE BRED ARABIANS" class:
Pat Guerin's CF WINTER AMADEUS was Reserve Champion and Gaynor Jones' ORLANDO finished 11th.
In the HIGH POINTS Endurance class CF WINTER AMADEUS was again Reserve Champion.

In the "2017 Performance Horse Awards ANGLO ARABIANS" class:
Muriel Taylor's MARLAK SUPER DUDE ridden by Carol Taylor was placed 4th.
He was also 3rd in the HIGH POINTS - VETERAN category.

The Crabbet Organisation have also published their results for 2017.

In the "Highest Mileage 'Novice' Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:
John Illingworth's CLOUGHWOOD GOLD CHARM was Champion.

In the "Highest Mileage ‘Open’ Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:

In the "Highest Mileage ‘Advanced’ Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:
ORLANDO was Champion.

Congratlations to all the owners and riders and, of course, the horses.

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/02/2018


Pat Guerin reports that a very nice lady's hat was left after the AM and it has yet to be claimed.

If it is your hat please get in touch with Pat.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/02/2018


Now is the time to Register with Pat for our Cheshire Trophies and inform her where you plan to help in order to qualify for these Trophies and Awards.

Click here for a Trophy Registration Form in Word .doc format (updated Feb 2018)
or here for a Trophy Registration Form in PDF format (updated Feb 2018).

Please get your form in to Pat as soon as you can but definately before the end of April.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

The Trophy Registration/Help forms are also available from our Forms page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/02/2018

Medi-k First Aid courses for our volunteers

Kerry Dawson writes:

"I am very pleased to announce that I have secured two ‘First Aid at Work’ certification courses with Medi-K. These are three day courses which meet the published HSE requirements and also have an Equine Specific module. There are twelve spaces on each course.

Dates: Saturday 24th March through to Monday 26th March and Saturday 19th May through to Monday 21st May from 9.00am to 5.00pm on each day.

Location: Saturday's and Sunday's will be held at Endurance GB, Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2XZ.

Monday's course dates will be held at The Royal British Legion, Kimberley Road, Baginton, Coventry, CV8 3AQ.

Cost: If you are an Endurance GB volunteer, the cost of the course, hospitality throughout the day and lunch, is free of charge, as long as you agree to act as a first aider or an assistant first aider for at least two Endurance GB events in 2018.

If you are not an Endurance GB volunteer, or you cannot commit to first aiding at an Endurance GB event this year, then the cost is £140.00 per person.

The cost of travel and overnight accommodation is not included. I can recommend a local hotel which is very reasonably priced and I have asked them to provisionally put some rooms aside for delegates should they wish to stay over.

IMPORTANT: When confirming your attendance on the course, please let me know if you need accommodation for the Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Why are we offering this course? Horse riding is a high risk activity and we would like to increase the amount of first aiders available to our Groups and national Ride Organisers on the circuit.

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to who you would like to attend these courses on behalf of your Group."

If you are interested (and we would certainly appreciate having more first aiders in our group) please contact Liz Finney in the first instance
Tel: 01565 633310

Updated - 09/02/2018


These opportunies are proving very popular and it is suggested that if you are interested you get in touch with Sally as soon as possible.

Whether you have applied already or are making a new request it is strongly recommended that you let Sally know you are a Cheshire Group member.

Chris Taylor

Cheshire group member Sally Mellor has generously offered the chance for group members to spend a weekend training on the Long Mynd, based at her farm.

The weekend date is March 24/25th. Sally can provide shared accommodation in a 4 bedroom annex or you can bring campbeds for a further 4 to sleep in the farmhouse. Corralling is available and also 3/4 stables if required. Sally can supply good quality hay or haylage. There may be more stabling available with her neighbour or there is an equestrian centre 3mls away.

Sally will provide a selection of routes for riders to chose from to go in pairs or groups on each day.

There is a local pub for an evening meal.

Sally is asking for voluntary donations rather than a fixed charge.

The venue is Handless Farm, Asterton, SY7 8BH. To book please contact Sally via e mail

The March weekend coincides with Sally Toye coming to give an evening talk about the Mongol Derby at Picklescott Village Hall (6 miles away) courtesy oh H of E EGB. Details on their website for those wanting to book tickets.

Liz Finney

Updated again - 05/02/2018


We have vacancies on the committee and would ask members to consider putting themselves forward to join the committee at the annual meeting next Thursday. We meet about 5 times a year.
If anyone who isn't going to the meeting is interested in joining, please contact Liz Finney.

We are hoping to increase our ride programme this year, but cannot do that without more volunteers from the members. Some pleasure rides were nearly cancelled both in 2017 and 2016 due to lack of help.
A few hours, if you can't manage a full day, can make a huge difference.
We ask that you all complete a horse registration form, which includes indicating which rides you can help at, by April this year and return to Pat Guerin, so that we have some volunteers for our first pleasure ride in April.
Please also let us know if you have a 3 day first aid certificate as we struggle to find first aiders for the pleasure rides. We look forward to seeing you on February 8th.

Liz Finney
Tel: 01565 633310

Added - 31/01/2018


This is the list of AM attendees:

P Guerin x 1
P Drummond x 1
A Collins x 1
P Daley x 2 (1 x Veg)
S Peters x 3
A Nattrass x 2 (2 x veg)
J Thorburn x 2
W Bailey x 2
G Jones
A Williams x 2
J Wyatt x 2
J Toomer x 3
L Burnett x 2 (2 x veg)
J Illingworth x 2
M Morriss x 2
R Robinson
L Harrison
L Finney x 2
M Taylor x 3
S Mellor x 2
T Madden x 2

If anyone else wants to come please let Pat know and send the money by Friday.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ
Tel: 01477 534194

Added - 30/01/2018


The following folk have returned their distance cards to Pennie.
One unlucky person is going to be disappointed as they have paid insufficient postage, if your name is NOT listed below contact ASAP.

  • Alix Nattrass
  • Amanda Morriss
  • Angie Williams
  • Anna Collins
  • Carol Taylor
  • Gaynor Jones
  • Jane Wyatt
  • Jill Thorburn
  • John Illingworth
  • Joy Toomer
  • Katy Mellor
  • Larissa Burnett
  • Lesley Harrison
  • Nicki Toomer
  • Pat Guerin
  • Rachel Rolfe
  • Sally Mellor
  • Terry Madden
  • Wendy Bailey

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/01/2018


Anna with Clare Balding and Luke Harvey

Cheshire Group rider Anna Collins, is the proud winner of the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Elite Endurance Award 2017.

During the 2017 season, Anna rode over 660 competitive km at 10 events and earned 1242 points with her recycled racer, Karactacus Potts.

Anna was presented with the award at the prestigious Jockey Club in New Market by Clare Balding and Luke Harvey.

Anna said, “This is only my second competitive season with Karactacus Potts and what a way to get to know him. He is a wonderful horse with so much to give. I was delighted to be recognised by RoR for all the hard work that goes into retraining a thoroughbred for a second career.”

Congratulations Anna.

Added - 12/12/2017


Some of you may not know that Mary Korn had a bad riding accident last August and is currently making a steady recovery in hospital in Stoke. Her husband, Tom, spends most weekends there but Mary is in need of visitors during the week. If anyone is able to visit she would be delighted to have some stimulating conversation.

Her address is Broadfield Ward, Haywood Hospital, High Lane, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 7AG.
Visiting times are Monday - Sunday 18.30 - 20.00 & Tuesday - Sunday 14.00 - 16.00.

Obviously, we all wish Mary a full recovery.

Pat Guerin

Added - 12/12/2017

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