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As mentioned in the NEWS BRIEF below we are thinking of arranging a session on pole working in January.

Polework is a great way to keep both you and your horse focused, motivated and provide some variety in your schooling. It also helps the horse to maintain it's balance.

There has not been a great deal of interest expressed so far. If you are interested please get in touch with Liz asap otherwise it will not not take place.

Please contact Liz Finney - 01565 633310, 07970 203362.

Chris Taylor

Added - 14/12/2018


Handless Farm     Long Mynd

Once again Sally Mellor has generously offered Cheshire Goup members the chance to spend a weekend training on the Long Mynd, based at her farm.

The weekend date is 19-21st April 2019. As this is the Easter Weekend this offer could be extended to include Easter Monday.

Sally can provide shared accommodation in a 4 bedded annex or you can bring campbeds for a further 4 to sleep in the farmhouse. Corralling is available and also 3/4 stables if required. Sally can supply good quality hay or haylage. There may be more stabling available with her neighbour or there is an equestrian centre 3mls away.

Sally will provide a selection of routes for riders to chose from to go in pairs or groups on each day.
Guided rides can be offered if booked in advance.

There is a local pub for an evening meal.

Sally is asking for voluntary donations rather than a fixed charge.

The venue is Handless Farm, Asterton, SY7 8BH. To book please contact Sally via e mail

Chris Taylor

Added - 22/11/2018


We are very sad to share the news of the passing of Tom Korn, a great supporter and crew for his wife Mary for many years and member of Cheshire EGB.

We extend our sincere condolences to Mary and her family.

The funeral is on Monday November 19th at Bangor Crematorium at 11.00am LL57 4HP.


Added - 14/11/2018


From Liz Finney:

Please can all full EGB members vote in the upcoming elections for members of the EGB Board. There are four places to be filled and eight candidates, so do use your vote.

There will be a Cheshire group table, or even two, at the AGM dinner on November 24th so do ask to join us if you are going. Contact:

We are planning our winter programme now and hoping to include some sessions of pole work with your horses, so please contact Liz Finney if you would be interested so we can try to arrange suitable venues.

The training day will be early February with Andraya Hiscock, Claire Whitfield and Lucy Denby looking at horse and riders and their balance, as well as advice on vetting and crewing at rides, with emphasis on trying your first competitive events.

From Pat Guerin:

The Awards Evening and Supper will take place on Thursday Feb 7th at HEYROSE GOLF CLUB TABLEY, WA16 0HZ. We agreed £15 (including £1 as a tip).
The meal will be a roast & hot pudding with veg option. All details as last year. See Social Events.

Also all Event Log cards to Pennie with photocopy of Master card before Dec 31st.

Chris Taylor

Added - 31/10/2018


We need some more helpers to volunteer for our Delamere Ride ride on Saturday 6th October.

It would also help if someone can help with route marking the previous day.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with Liz as soon as possible at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 24/09/2018


If you haven't done so already this is a reminder that anyone wishing to qualify for our Cheshire Group trophies who hasn't helped must volunteer at either Delamere (Oct 6th) or Congleton (Nov 18th) as these are our last rides this season.

Again, if you have not already done so please remember to send a Trophy Registration Form (available for download on our Forms page) to Pat Guerin and have your Event Log Card (also available on the Forms page) signed on the day.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/09/2018


We had a great mix of Cheshire and Lancashire members combining for the North West team at Cirencester in July to compete against teams from all over the country in one of the most hotly contested Inter-Regional championships in recent years.

At the end of the first day, we were in joint first place, after strong performances from Lorna McCarthy and Julie Kendall in the 80km CER followed by Pat Guerin and Jill Thorburn in the 64km GER.

John Illingworth with Goldie and Izzy Wilson with Gizmo successfully completed their 40km in the 2 day 80km GER.

With the heatwave still firmly in place, temperatures on both days were challenging for horses and riders. We had plans in place to buy and store lots of ice, but, even so, it was a struggle to have enough, especially on the second day, when we had 8 team combinations on course who all finished close together.

Unfortunately, we failed to get Gizmo’s heartrate down to pass after finishing the 2 day 80km. Then Tina Pfeiffer’s horse was unlevel at the final veterinary inspection , so we were gutted for both of them. On the brighter side, John Black and Jam got a G1 and won their 40km GER class and John Illingworth’s Goldie finished the 2 day 80km with a G1, despite my questioning the wisdom of them riding together in case they took the wrong route!

Kath Wilson’s Woody, ridden by Helen Short also finished with a G1 despite there being an error in the timekeeping, giving him 30min extra on his riding time. This is still being investigated by EGB as it affects the team’s total points.

Hayley Oliver, Wendi Bailey, Sophie Haughton and reserve rider Rachel Owen all successfully completed their classes.

As everyone gathered for the prize-giving, the organisers announced that there had been a power failure and they had lost all the results! We were all somewhat deflated as we then packed up to travel home. The results were finally posted on the EGB website two days later, when we found we had dropped to 4th place. The first two teams, South East and Offa’s Dyke did very well in having all their team members complete, but we were disappointed with our points for day 2. Jill’s Toby has since had their G4 changed to a G3 and we still await the result for Woody.

Still, everyone had a great weekend and thanks go again to Kath Wilson for providing all the catering throughout the weekend as well as crewing for her two horses.

Baileys kindly supplied us with Aqua Aide electrolytes for the team and Cheshire and Lancashire groups donated towards the team riders polo shirts.

We now look forward to 2019!

Liz Finney

Added - 27/08/2018

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