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Following the current guidance from the Government and various other interested bodies (including the BEF) EGB are asking Groups to take the first tentative steps forward by running a few small, local Pleasure Rides.

Jane Stewart has kindly (bravely?) agreed to run the Whitegate Way PR on July 18th.

We would dread to bring a spike of infections to Jane and her helpers, the entrants and the local commnity so there will be strict safety measures in place. These will include allotted arrival and start times and parking instructions all designed to permit social distancing. There will be no toilet facilities - as Jane so eloquently puts it "bring you own potties" and hand sanitiser.

Anyone entering will be deemed to agree to comply to any instructions/directions without question.

Entries open for members at 6pm on 29th June and any remaining places will be open to non-members after 10am on 5th July. Non members will need to create a free 'supporter' website account to enter if they have not already done so.
For more information on the ride click on this link: Pleasure Rides page.

Stay safe.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/06/2020


Half year membership will be available from 1 July. You will find that the pricing for this differs slightly from that published in the rule book and ride schedules book. The half year discount is 35%, but the amounts published were rounded up or down to whole numbers as appropriate. For ease of application in our new IT system, the Board have agreed to apply the 35% discount in exact terms across all of the membership categories which means that some of the prices are a few pence more or less than originally advertised.

The 35% half year discount will automatically be applied to any purchases of full riding, non riding or associate 2020 membership purchased after 9am on 1 July.

The 35% discount is not applied to any joining fees, international supplements or horse registration fees that may be due, and it does not apply to life membership.

Stay safe.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/06/2020


Cheshire Group member Tamzin Furtardo is hosting a webinar on behalf of EGB on Wednesday 13th May. The event is open to non-members.

There is a minimal entry fee of £5 and you will need to sign up before 12:30 on Wednesday 13th.

For more information click on this link:

Please support Tamzin and EGB.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Chris Taylor

Added - 05/05/2020


I sincerely hope you, your families and friends are all keeping safe.

If you haven't seen it already here is a link to a Free Vitual Easter Egg Hunt:
which you or the younger members of your family may like to have a go at.

Please all take care and let's hope for some good news in the not too distant future.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/04/2020


We are all extremely disappointed with the cancellation of all EGB rides until at least the end of May, but there was no choice under the circumstances. Hopefully some of our rides can be moved to later in the year.

Meanwhile, endurance riders are a resilient and inventive group of people with some wonderful horses of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, so do share your ideas about what activities you are doing to fill the gap from the cancellation of rides, whether it's more pampering for your horse, in-hand work, doing pole-work, even some jumping, whatever you enjoy.

By the time endurance is able to operate again, we could have some of the smartest, well schooled and obedient horses around!

We did manage to run the training day on March 15th, taking extra precautions as detailed in the EGB risk assessment to deal with the corona virus. Andraya Hiscock, Lucy Denby and Sarah Light (standing in at short notice for Claire Whitfield) gave some excellent advice to the riders, who had individual sessions, It was amazing, as always with these sessions, how slight adjustments to a riders position can improve the horse's way of going.

If you are not able to ride your horses for any reason, possibly your livery yard doesn't want you to visit or your own fields are too wet and the roads too busy, do keep in touch with other members and at least chat to each other.

Endurance rides may have been cancelled, but the endurance family is well and strong!

Liz Finney

Added - 18/03/2020


All trophy registration forms received before 31st March will be entered into a prize draw. Two lucky winners will receive a complementary ride entry for any Cheshire Group pleasure ride (not including the pleasure rides our two National rides). Winners will be drawn and notified on 1st April.

Donít be a fool and get your form in which is available here:

The form should be sent to: Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

If you wish Pat to supply you with a copy of this year's Event Log Card (which is available to download on the Forms page) then please enclose a large SAE.

Chris Taylor

Updated - 06/03/2020


The competition is again at Cirencester Park this year from July 24-26th.

Please can anyone who is member of EGB from Cheshire or Lancashire who would be interested in being on the North West team, contact Liz Finney at / 07970 203362 with details of themselves and their horse and the class that they would like to compete in.

The IR classes are all being run on the Saturday, 25th, except the 2 day 80 km GER which is over the 24/25.

Classes are:
2 riders in the 80km CER                 advanced
2 riders in the 65km GER                 open/advanced
2 riders in the 80km GER 40/40       open/advanced
1 rider in 40km GER                        open/advanced
1 rider in 40km GER                        novice horse
1 rider in 30km GER                        novice rider and horse
1 rider in 30km GER                        novice horse

We also have two wild card places who we can put in any of the classes, only one WC per class.

Because all the classes are on the Saturday, it will be an advantage if riders have their own crew, as riding one day and helping crew the other day when classes were spread over Saturday and Sunday, is no longer an option!

We will be ordering polo shirts for all riders and crew members, free for the riders only, and also hoodies and/or fleece jackets as required.

We have always had a team marquee and team catering, though this year our caterer will be away competing in the Mongolian car rally, but says we can still have the marquee! Thanks Kath and the best of luck.

Liz Finney

Added - 24/02/2020


Details of EGB's Equine Influenza Policy (which seem unchanged from last year) are available here but, for convenience and ready reference, I have copied them below at the foot of this News item.

If you are already a Full Member or a Supporter of Endurance GB, then you can upload a copy of the 'Flu Vaccination Certificate for the horse or horses that you have registered with EGB. The Certificate will be validated by the EGB office and made available to the ride entry secretaries for all national rides that you choose to enter.

Details of how to do this are set out here.

Apparently approval by the office can take up to 5 days depending on the volume received so you may want to bear that in mind.

Unfortunately, you will still have to lodge the evidence with your entries for each local ride you enter for the time being.


In consultation with the Animal Health Trust and the British Equestrian Federation, Endurance GB have drawn up the following policy with regard to flu vaccination and vaccination records. This policy remains in place during the current Equine Influenza outbreak but may be subject to change as this is an ever changing issue.

The equine's flu vaccination records must be uploaded with the event entry, emailed to the event organiser, or, in the case of paper entry, forwarded to the Endurance GB event organiser with the event entry. This applies to national or social rides, training events, etc., where equines are present. Please note that the vaccination record and identification pages of the passport must be forwarded.

Equines must undergo a primary course where the first and second vaccinations are no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. For equines attending Endurance GB events, the vaccination following the second vaccination of the primary course must be carried out within 7 months; the BEF strongly recommend the window for vaccination being between 150 and 215 days after the primary course. Equines who have undergone the initial 2 vaccinations in the primary course are permitted to take part in the event.

Vaccination 1:

Vaccination 2: 21-92 days after vaccination 1

Vaccination 3: within 7 months of vaccination 2 (150 to 215 days after vaccination 2 preferred)

Vaccination 4: onwards within 12 months of the previous vaccination

Please also note the following:

1. The vaccination records will only be checked for the 4 calendar years preceding the event date.

2. Equines may not take part in an event until 7 days have elapsed after any vaccination.

3. The equine's passport must be with the driver of the vehicle on entry to a venue ready for examination and must be taken to the secretary on registration at the event.

4. Venues may have individual protocols for vaccination and checking, and may put additional criteria in place. These will be detailed in the event information and must also be complied with.

5. In cases where equines are unable to be vaccinated for veterinary reasons, these will be referred to the Endurance GB Welfare committee for consultation and advice.

6. Owners of equines who also compete in competitions overseen by other organisations (ie SERC, the FEI, the Jockey Club, British Riding Clubs, the Pony Club, other disciplines, breed societies, etc) should check that their equine's vaccination records also comply with the criteria set out by those organisations as they may have different requirements.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/01/2020


This year's Trophy and Help Registration Form is now available on the Forms page.

You need to help at at least one of our rides to qualify for our Group Awards and Trophies and, of course, none of rides could take part without the valuable help of our members.

Please complete the form and send it to Pat Guerin as soon as possible so all your rides qualify and we know where you are willing to help - Mandy will already be looking to see who wants to help with the Weaver Navigation PR which be upon us shortly.
Pat needs the forms by 31st March at the very latest.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

If you wish Pat to supply you with a copy of this year's Event Log Card (which is also available to download on the Forms page) then please enclose a large SAE.

Chris Taylor

Added - 10/01/2020



Please don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2019.
Please complete the following before forwarding:
  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
  • Please write the total kilometres you are claiming after the last entry on your distance card.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Groupís Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after 31st December 2019 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an "insufficient postage paid" notification card be received.
Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/12/2019


This is our last ride this year and takes place on Sunday 17th November 2019. Don't miss out - entries are open so put yours in now.
The venue is Siemen's Car Park, Eaton Bank, Congleton. CW12 1PH.
The ride (of 20km or about 12 miles) takes in the Biddulph Valley Way, bridleways & quiet lanes with Wonderful views over the Cheshire Plain.
Go to our Pleasure Rides page for more details.
Event completed successfully.

Next up is the Inter-Bridleways Group Quiz on Monday 18th November 2019. Not long away now. The quiz starts at 7.30 in The Golden Pheasant, Plumley, WA16 9RX. Food is available from 5pm in the dining area but please book it yourself (and give yourself time to finish before the quiz starts!).
Lots of prizes!
There is a small entry fee of £5 per team of 3-6 quizzers.
If you are interested in joining a team (or have a team to enter) please contact Liz Finney at: or phone 01565 633310/07970 203362.

A team from our group came second (by one point) - well done.

This will take place at the Heyrose Golf Club, Tabley, WA16 0HZ (on Budworth Rd. off B5391 off A556 from J19 M6 and signed from The Windmill towards Arley Hall) on FRIDAY 7th, (confirmed by Pat) February 2020

Planned for 15th March 2020 but not yet confirmed. At this stage the aim is for something very similar to last year's very popular and well-received day where everyone had a short assessment with Lucy Denby when they arrived on their own posture, followed by Andraya Hiscock assessing their horse before a ridden assessment with Claire Whitfield, Andraya and Lucy.

April 5th Weaver Navigation PR;
May 9th Frolic ER;
June 13th Wirral ER;
July end Whitegate Way PR;
Sept ? Clocaenog PR;
Oct 10 or 17 tbc Delamere PR;
Nov Congleton PR.
There could also be a Trans Penine PR depending on finding a suitable venue.
Unfortunately Chester Zoo will not be included for 2020.
We are always looking for new rides, to resurrect lost rides and, of course, for anyone to organise a ride - so if you can help in any way we'll snap your hand off.

Chris Taylor

Updated - 04/12/2019

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