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We are very sad to share the news of the passing of Tom Korn, a great supporter and crew for his wife Mary for many years and member of Cheshire EGB.

We extend our sincere condolences to Mary and her family.

The funeral is on Monday November 19th at Bangor Crematorium at 11.00am LL57 4HP.


Added - 14/11/2018


As mentioned in the NEWS BRIEF below we are thinking of arranging a session on pole working in January.

Polework is a great way to keep both you and your horse focused, motivated and provide some variety in your schooling. It also helps the horse to maintain it's balance.

There has not been a great deal of interest expressed so far. If you are interested please get in touch with Liz asap otherwise it will not not take place.

Please contact Liz Finney - 01565 633310, 07970 203362.

Chris Taylor

Added - 14/12/2018


From Liz Finney:

Please can all full EGB members vote in the upcoming elections for members of the EGB Board. There are four places to be filled and eight candidates, so do use your vote.

There will be a Cheshire group table, or even two, at the AGM dinner on November 24th so do ask to join us if you are going. Contact:

We are planning our winter programme now and hoping to include some sessions of pole work with your horses, so please contact Liz Finney if you would be interested so we can try to arrange suitable venues.

The training day will be early February with Andraya Hiscock, Claire Whitfield and Lucy Denby looking at horse and riders and their balance, as well as advice on vetting and crewing at rides, with emphasis on trying your first competitive events.

From Pat Guerin:

The Awards Evening and Supper will take place on Thursday Feb 7th at HEYROSE GOLF CLUB TABLEY, WA16 0HZ. We agreed £15 (including £1 as a tip).
The meal will be a roast & hot pudding with veg option. All details as last year. See Social Events.

Also all Event Log cards to Pennie with photocopy of Master card before Dec 31st.

Chris Taylor

Added - 31/10/2018


We need some more helpers to volunteer for our Delamere Ride ride on Saturday 6th October.

It would also help if someone can help with route marking the previous day.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with Liz as soon as possible at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 24/09/2018


If you haven't done so already this is a reminder that anyone wishing to qualify for our Cheshire Group trophies who hasn't helped must volunteer at either Delamere (Oct 6th) or Congleton (Nov 18th) as these are our last rides this season.

Again, if you have not already done so please remember to send a Trophy Registration Form (available for download on our Forms page) to Pat Guerin and have your Event Log Card (also available on the Forms page) signed on the day.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/09/2018


We had a great mix of Cheshire and Lancashire members combining for the North West team at Cirencester in July to compete against teams from all over the country in one of the most hotly contested Inter-Regional championships in recent years.

At the end of the first day, we were in joint first place, after strong performances from Lorna McCarthy and Julie Kendall in the 80km CER followed by Pat Guerin and Jill Thorburn in the 64km GER.

John Illingworth with Goldie and Izzy Wilson with Gizmo successfully completed their 40km in the 2 day 80km GER.

With the heatwave still firmly in place, temperatures on both days were challenging for horses and riders. We had plans in place to buy and store lots of ice, but, even so, it was a struggle to have enough, especially on the second day, when we had 8 team combinations on course who all finished close together.

Unfortunately, we failed to get Gizmo’s heartrate down to pass after finishing the 2 day 80km. Then Tina Pfeiffer’s horse was unlevel at the final veterinary inspection , so we were gutted for both of them. On the brighter side, John Black and Jam got a G1 and won their 40km GER class and John Illingworth’s Goldie finished the 2 day 80km with a G1, despite my questioning the wisdom of them riding together in case they took the wrong route!

Kath Wilson’s Woody, ridden by Helen Short also finished with a G1 despite there being an error in the timekeeping, giving him 30min extra on his riding time. This is still being investigated by EGB as it affects the team’s total points.

Hayley Oliver, Wendi Bailey, Sophie Haughton and reserve rider Rachel Owen all successfully completed their classes.

As everyone gathered for the prize-giving, the organisers announced that there had been a power failure and they had lost all the results! We were all somewhat deflated as we then packed up to travel home. The results were finally posted on the EGB website two days later, when we found we had dropped to 4th place. The first two teams, South East and Offa’s Dyke did very well in having all their team members complete, but we were disappointed with our points for day 2. Jill’s Toby has since had their G4 changed to a G3 and we still await the result for Woody.

Still, everyone had a great weekend and thanks go again to Kath Wilson for providing all the catering throughout the weekend as well as crewing for her two horses.

Baileys kindly supplied us with Aqua Aide electrolytes for the team and Cheshire and Lancashire groups donated towards the team riders polo shirts.

We now look forward to 2019!

Liz Finney

Added - 27/08/2018


Photo courtesy of Indiepics

After conducting a global search, which included an application process, public vote and interviews, Wintec have announced their 13 Ambassadors selected from leisure combinations, competitive combinations, and equine professionals. Three of the thirteen are from the UK, and two of those compete with EGB!

Anna Collins and Jo McCormac were amongst the appointed ambassadors who were announced in July. Wintec said, “Their willingness to not only use our products but to promote them to their peers is a wonderful compliment to us as we celebrate 32 years of being the World’s No.1 Synthetic Saddle brand”.

Anna Collins is a Cheshire Group member and a highly involved member of Retraining of Racehorses. She is currently the RoR Elite Endurance Champion and EGB Retraining of Racehorses champion. Anna says “I love the Wintec brand and have competed for the last few seasons in a WintecLite which is a GP style saddle and is really very comfortable for long distances. It has been amazingly versatile, light and looks really smart. They dry quickly and a quick wipe at the end of day 1 of a ride and you are ready to go for day 2, no matter what the weather has thrown at us. I am really proud to have been selected, I have to say that some jobs have been easier to land. It’s going to be well worth it as I will be choosing the Pro Endurance saddle to use as an Ambassador which like most Wintec saddles has the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution so as Mr P changes shape through the season, so can the saddle and the CAIR® Cushion System means that fluid cushioning hugs your horse’s conformation for even weight distribution over the entire length of the panel. This virtually eliminating pressure points, as the air in the panel fluidly moves and moulds around the working muscles of your horse. Good hey?!”

As we all know, in endurance, the saddle really gets tested and any anomalies in a poor saddle fit would show up at the vet inspection. I’ll be writing a monthly update for Wintec and will let you know how I get on through this season and next.

As a final word, huge thanks to everyone in the endurance community who voted for me, some of you several times, I feel very humble to know such wonderful people. Thank you again.

Anna Collins

Added - 02/08/2018


Sadly our Chester Zoo Ride on 26th August is in severe danger of being cancelled due to the lack of helpers.

We need sufficient helpers to ensure the ride can take place safely.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with Mandy as soon as possible at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 01/08/2018


We need some more helpers to ensure our Chester Zoo Ride on 26th August can take place.

Any help you can give will be really appreciated.

Please get in touch with Mandy at:

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/07/2018


Alix Nattrass has kindly posted 4 sets of photographs on Facebook.

Thanks Alix.


Chris Taylor

Added - 21/07/2018


Saturday 80km CER
Lorna McCarthy - Sheer Bliss
Julie Kendall - Perfeq Pacha De Blaziet
Res: Terry Madden

64km GER
Pat Guerin - CF Winter Amadeus
Jill Thorburn - Leesview Tobias

Sat/Sun 40/40km GER
Izzy Wilson - Gizmo 1
John Illingworth - Cloughwood Gold Charm

Sunday 40GER Adv/Open
John Black - Ca Jalmeer
Wild Card: Hayley Oliver - Aberstwyth Gwynfor

40km Nov horse
Max Wilson - Td Milano
Wild Card: Sophie Haughton - Farid My Lad

32KM Nov horse
Tina Pfeiffer - Crown of Salona

32km Nov h & r
Wendi Bailey - Kennox Calsun

Liz Finney

Added - 27/06/2018


The Inter Regional team championships will again be held at Cirencester this year on July 14/15th.

We need another rider for the NW team to compete at the Inter-Regionals in the 40km GER or 32km GER, with a novice horse.

Please contact Liz Finney at if you would like to be considered for the team.

Liz Finney

Added - 04/06/2018


As most (if not all) of you will be aware Anna Collins is the current EGB Retraining of Racehorses Champion and RoR Elite Endurance Champion.

She has now been shortlisted to be a Wintec Ambassador which, if successful, will help promote both Retraining of Racehorses and EGB.

I am sure Anna would appreciate your support for a fellow EGB member. You can vote for "Anna C (GB)" at

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/05/2018


The Cheshire Group of Endurance GB thank Baileys Horsefeeds for their generous sponsorship of the Cheshire Forest Frolic Ride. The results were judged by Performance Formula.

The winners of the Baileys Horsefeeds vouchers were:

Class 2   1. Jamie Shores riding Anderwood Rosie
               2. Tracy Thompson riding Benjana

Class 3    Caroline le Butt riding Ethaar

Class 4    Beth Langley riding HS Beyazid

Class 9    Charlie Chadwick riding Hazelcroft Gosens Tsar

Class 10  Georgie Rhodes riding Mostafanother

The winner of the Eld Trophy for the best shod horse on day 1 was Aberystwyth ridden by Hayley Oliver.

If you have not received your prizes already they will be posted to you. Please convey your thanks to Baileys Horsefeeds for their continued generous sponsorship of this event.

Pat Guerin

Added - 17/05/2018


As one of the events to mark the AHS centenary year there was a parade of Arabian horses held at Newmarket on April 28th.

Cheshire members Pat Guerin with CF Winter Amadeus and Carol Taylor with Marlak Super Dude were among those invited and Pat and Mo had the extra bonus of featuring on the poster to advertise the event, which many of you will have seen from facebook.

The results of the performance awards are already on this news page.

Liz Finney

Added - 30/04/2018


Endurance GB has announced the recipients of the junior and young rider Spotlight scholarship awards for 2018 and we are delighted to see that Cheshire member Katy Mellor has won the advanced section for the West.

Lily Gibbons, from Lancashire has won the open section for the North West.

The scholarships give a range of help to the successful applicants and were hotly contested, so many congratulations to both Katy and Lily.

Liz Finney

Added - 30/04/2018


We hosted the Long Mynd Training weekend from our farm in South Shropshire over the weekend of 24/25th March. 8 Cheshire Group Members and 2 Members from EGB SWW came for day rides, or to stay over with their horses.

Most riders preferred to ride in pairs and explore the area at their own pace, choosing routes from 16-30km. It was an ideal opportunity to introduce young and or Novice horses to some serious hills.

Thanks to Sue, Caroline and Katy for offering to guide those riders who wanted a guided ride. And we organised some superb sunny weather on Sunday to show off the Long Mynd at its very best!

We hope everyone enjoyed their rides. It was lovely to be able to welcome you all.

Sally, Matt and Katy Mellor

Added - 27/03/2018


The Inter Regional team championships will again be held at Cirencester this year on July 14/15th.

We are now looking for team members for the North West team from Cheshire and Lancashire groups so please contact Liz Finney at if you would like to be considered for the team.

Please send details of your results, plans for this year, which class you would like to compete in and which group you are a member of.

The classes will probably be the same as last year which were:
Saturday   80km CER, 64KM GER and 2 day 80km GER (40,40km);
Sunday     40km GER (open/adv); 40km GER (novice horse);
                 32km GER (novice horse) and 32km GER (novice horse and rider).

We always have had a great time with excellent catering from Kath Wilson and a really good team atmosphere so do put your name forward and enjoy a special weekend!

Liz Finney

Added - 20/03/2018


The Arab Horse Society Performance Horse Awards for 2017 have been published.

In the "2017 Performance Horse Awards PURE BRED ARABIANS" class:
Pat Guerin's CF WINTER AMADEUS was Reserve Champion and Gaynor Jones' ORLANDO finished 11th.
In the HIGH POINTS Endurance class CF WINTER AMADEUS was again Reserve Champion.

In the "2017 Performance Horse Awards ANGLO ARABIANS" class:
Muriel Taylor's MARLAK SUPER DUDE ridden by Carol Taylor was placed 4th.
He was also 3rd in the HIGH POINTS - VETERAN category.

The Crabbet Organisation have also published their results for 2017.

In the "Highest Mileage 'Novice' Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:
John Illingworth's CLOUGHWOOD GOLD CHARM was Champion.

In the "Highest Mileage ‘Open’ Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:

In the "Highest Mileage ‘Advanced’ Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:
ORLANDO was Champion.

Congratlations to all the owners and riders and, of course, the horses.

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/02/2018


Pat Guerin reports that a very nice lady's hat was left after the AM and it has yet to be claimed.

If it is your hat please get in touch with Pat.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/02/2018


Now is the time to Register with Pat for our Cheshire Trophies and inform her where you plan to help in order to qualify for these Trophies and Awards.

Click here for a Trophy Registration Form in Word .doc format (updated Feb 2018)
or here for a Trophy Registration Form in PDF format (updated Feb 2018).

Please get your form in to Pat as soon as you can but definately before the end of April.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

The Trophy Registration/Help forms are also available from our Forms page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/02/2018

Medi-k First Aid courses for our volunteers

Kerry Dawson writes:

"I am very pleased to announce that I have secured two ‘First Aid at Work’ certification courses with Medi-K. These are three day courses which meet the published HSE requirements and also have an Equine Specific module. There are twelve spaces on each course.

Dates: Saturday 24th March through to Monday 26th March and Saturday 19th May through to Monday 21st May from 9.00am to 5.00pm on each day.

Location: Saturday's and Sunday's will be held at Endurance GB, Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2XZ.

Monday's course dates will be held at The Royal British Legion, Kimberley Road, Baginton, Coventry, CV8 3AQ.

Cost: If you are an Endurance GB volunteer, the cost of the course, hospitality throughout the day and lunch, is free of charge, as long as you agree to act as a first aider or an assistant first aider for at least two Endurance GB events in 2018.

If you are not an Endurance GB volunteer, or you cannot commit to first aiding at an Endurance GB event this year, then the cost is £140.00 per person.

The cost of travel and overnight accommodation is not included. I can recommend a local hotel which is very reasonably priced and I have asked them to provisionally put some rooms aside for delegates should they wish to stay over.

IMPORTANT: When confirming your attendance on the course, please let me know if you need accommodation for the Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Why are we offering this course? Horse riding is a high risk activity and we would like to increase the amount of first aiders available to our Groups and national Ride Organisers on the circuit.

I look forward to hearing from you with regards to who you would like to attend these courses on behalf of your Group."

If you are interested (and we would certainly appreciate having more first aiders in our group) please contact Liz Finney in the first instance
Tel: 01565 633310

Updated - 09/02/2018


These opportunies are proving very popular and it is suggested that if you are interested you get in touch with Sally as soon as possible.

Whether you have applied already or are making a new request it is strongly recommended that you let Sally know you are a Cheshire Group member.

Chris Taylor

Cheshire group member Sally Mellor has generously offered the chance for group members to spend a weekend training on the Long Mynd, based at her farm.

The weekend date is March 24/25th. Sally can provide shared accommodation in a 4 bedroom annex or you can bring campbeds for a further 4 to sleep in the farmhouse. Corralling is available and also 3/4 stables if required. Sally can supply good quality hay or haylage. There may be more stabling available with her neighbour or there is an equestrian centre 3mls away.

Sally will provide a selection of routes for riders to chose from to go in pairs or groups on each day.

There is a local pub for an evening meal.

Sally is asking for voluntary donations rather than a fixed charge.

The venue is Handless Farm, Asterton, SY7 8BH. To book please contact Sally via e mail

The March weekend coincides with Sally Toye coming to give an evening talk about the Mongol Derby at Picklescott Village Hall (6 miles away) courtesy oh H of E EGB. Details on their website for those wanting to book tickets.

Liz Finney

Updated again - 05/02/2018


We have vacancies on the committee and would ask members to consider putting themselves forward to join the committee at the annual meeting next Thursday. We meet about 5 times a year.
If anyone who isn't going to the meeting is interested in joining, please contact Liz Finney.

We are hoping to increase our ride programme this year, but cannot do that without more volunteers from the members. Some pleasure rides were nearly cancelled both in 2017 and 2016 due to lack of help.
A few hours, if you can't manage a full day, can make a huge difference.
We ask that you all complete a horse registration form, which includes indicating which rides you can help at, by April this year and return to Pat Guerin, so that we have some volunteers for our first pleasure ride in April.
Please also let us know if you have a 3 day first aid certificate as we struggle to find first aiders for the pleasure rides. We look forward to seeing you on February 8th.

Liz Finney
Tel: 01565 633310

Added - 31/01/2018


This is the list of AM attendees:

P Guerin x 1
P Drummond x 1
A Collins x 1
P Daley x 2 (1 x Veg)
S Peters x 3
A Nattrass x 2 (2 x veg)
J Thorburn x 2
W Bailey x 2
G Jones
A Williams x 2
J Wyatt x 2
J Toomer x 3
L Burnett x 2 (2 x veg)
J Illingworth x 2
M Morriss x 2
R Robinson
L Harrison
L Finney x 2
M Taylor x 3
S Mellor x 2
T Madden x 2

If anyone else wants to come please let Pat know and send the money by Friday.

Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ
Tel: 01477 534194

Added - 30/01/2018


The following folk have returned their distance cards to Pennie.
One unlucky person is going to be disappointed as they have paid insufficient postage, if your name is NOT listed below contact ASAP.

  • Alix Nattrass
  • Amanda Morriss
  • Angie Williams
  • Anna Collins
  • Carol Taylor
  • Gaynor Jones
  • Jane Wyatt
  • Jill Thorburn
  • John Illingworth
  • Joy Toomer
  • Katy Mellor
  • Larissa Burnett
  • Lesley Harrison
  • Nicki Toomer
  • Pat Guerin
  • Rachel Rolfe
  • Sally Mellor
  • Terry Madden
  • Wendy Bailey

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/01/2018


Anna with Clare Balding and Luke Harvey

Cheshire Group rider Anna Collins, is the proud winner of the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) Elite Endurance Award 2017.

During the 2017 season, Anna rode over 660 competitive km at 10 events and earned 1242 points with her recycled racer, Karactacus Potts.

Anna was presented with the award at the prestigious Jockey Club in New Market by Clare Balding and Luke Harvey.

Anna said, “This is only my second competitive season with Karactacus Potts and what a way to get to know him. He is a wonderful horse with so much to give. I was delighted to be recognised by RoR for all the hard work that goes into retraining a thoroughbred for a second career.”

Congratulations Anna.

Added - 12/12/2017


Some of you may not know that Mary Korn had a bad riding accident last August and is currently making a steady recovery in hospital in Stoke. Her husband, Tom, spends most weekends there but Mary is in need of visitors during the week. If anyone is able to visit she would be delighted to have some stimulating conversation.

Her address is Broadfield Ward, Haywood Hospital, High Lane, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 7AG.
Visiting times are Monday - Sunday 18.30 - 20.00 & Tuesday - Sunday 14.00 - 16.00.

Obviously, we all wish Mary a full recovery.

Pat Guerin

Added - 12/12/2017



Please don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2017.
Please complete the following before forwarding:
  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
  • Please write the total kilometres you are claiming after the last entry on your distance card.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after 31st December 2017 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an "insufficient postage paid" notification card be received.
Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/11/2017


The EGB Awards evening is on November 25th at Daventry following the AGM. Details are on the EGB website and facebook.

We are again having a Cheshire table, or two, at the dinner, so if you would like to join us, please order your tickets through EGB and say that you want to be part of the Cheshire table.

It's always a fun evening so, if you haven't been before, come and join us.

Please let me know if you are going so we know how many people we have on our table.

Liz Finney
Tel: 01565 633310

Added - 01/10/2017


Some important dates for your diaries:

29th Sept: Deadline for receipt of Board Nominations and Member Proposals.

Board nominations. Over EGB's history, many board members have come from local group committees. You are in a unique position, as you already have an understanding of how EGB functions and the challenges of working in a volunteer organisation. Please do give some thought to putting yourselves forwards. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Things can only improve if people are prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

Member proposals. If there is a rule that is annoying you that you think should be changed, or if you have an idea for a new rule, please do consider putting in a member proposal. Proposals need to be proposed and seconded by full members, and either the proposer or the seconder will need to be present at the national AGM to present the rule change. If you want to talk through what the potential impact of your proposal might be before you submit it, please contact the relevant Director (Esther Young for ride/qualification rules, and Nicki Thorne for health and safety rules).

7th October: The next Board meeting. If there is anything any of you want me to raise, please do let me know.

13th October: Deadline for ride submissions to the Operations Committee. Please do let the Operations Committee have your national ride dates for next year as soon as possible. We would like some new national rides, so if you have a local social ride that you think would work as a national ride, please do contact to discuss. The ride calendar will be finalised at the Operations Committee's fixtures meeting on the 22nd October.

20th October: Deadline for claiming distance awards

21st October: The Endurance GB Groups Meeting will be held at Abbey Park, Stoneleigh on the 21st October.

The Groups Meeting is a chance for group committee members from all over the country together and put the world to rights, take away some useful pointers for the future, and hopefully have a bit of fun at the same time. It would be very useful if you could all send at least one representative from your group committee.

I am currently putting the agenda together. This is your meeting, so what would you like to discuss? I can look at getting some external speakers in if there are any topics that would would like to hear more about.

27th October: Deadline for nominations for the national volunteering/back up crew trophies and the John Yeats Bursary. If you think there is someone in your group who deserves one of the following awards, please send your nominations to

The John Yeats Bursary: A £100 bursary to be presented annually to a Young Rider to have reached 14 years but not to have attained his/her 19th birthday on 1 January in the relevant competition year. To be used in Endurance/Training for Endurance.

The Borthwick Back Up Crew Award: Awarded by the Board of Directors to the most competent back-up crew or person in the current season.

The Young Volunteer of the Year Award: An award for a Junior or Young rider aged 21 or under who has given unfailing service to Endurance GB by way of help at rides or assistance in any other way.

The National Assistance Award: A perpetual award to the ‘Unsung Hero’ that is someone who has given unfailing service to Endurance GB by way of help at rides or assistance in any other way or ways and need not be a member of Endurance GB.

The Rosettes Direct Award: An award retained by the recipients, to the ‘Unsung Hero’, that is someone who has given unfailing service to Endurance GB by way of help at rides or assistance in any other way or ways and need not be a member of Endurance GB.

4th November: Technical Stewards Workshop. This will be at Abbey Park, Stoneleigh. Please encourage any Technical Stewards/budding Technical Stewards in your groups to attend. Newbies will be extremely welcome, and it promises to be a fun and informative day. Please e-mail if you would like to attend.

25th November: The National AGM. I would encourage as many as possible of you to attend the national AGM. This is our society, run by its members for its members, and the AGM is your chance to have a say in how it is run. Don't forget to vote!

27th January (North), 10th February (Midlands), 17th February (South): Provisional dates for next year's Ride Organiser/Technical Stewards/Volunteers conferences. If you are running any events for EGB in 2018, I would strongly recommend that you come to one of the conferences. We will be looking at doing breakout sessions on various topics like we did this year, so you will be able to pick the topics that are most relevant to your own volunteer role.

3rd/4th February: Provisional date for the International Seminar (details TBC)

Kerry Dawson
Director of Groups
T: +447818283144

Added - 26/09/2017

RIDE FOR RESEARCH - 23rd and 24th September

It's been a while since we held a Pink Ride in aid of Cancer Research and my attention has just been brought to the Ride For Research 2017 event which may interest some of you.

I've copied this snippet of information from the official website to give you a taste:

"About the event

Ride For Research is an opportunity for horse-riders across the country to take part in a sponsored hack on the same weekend to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK, together.

Rather than organising a sponsored ride at a specific place, you can hack around your local area to save on travel costs and get as many people to join you as possible.

On the day

You can do as long or short a ride as you like, just make sure you get sponsored for what you think you and your horse can achieve then track it with Map My Run or another tracking app of your choice so you can show people you completed the ride. Visit the Ride For Research Facebook page here to join our community and upload it so we can see how far we've all gone."

More details can be found here and I am sure we would all like to hear about your particular day on our Facebook page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/09/2017

PEOVER PR - 10th September
Helpers Needed

Can you (or do you know someone) who can help at our Peover PR on Sunday 10th September.

If you can help in any way (even for just a part of the day) please email: Liz Finney or phone her on 01565 633310.

Without sufficient helpers our rides just would not take place so please help if you can.

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/08/2017


Congratulations to the North West team of Cheshire and Lancashire riders and crew who defended their title and claimed the Inter Regional champions title for the second year running at Cirencester this year.

Managing to get all riders and horses round and sound, the team were victorious once again.

Chef d’equippe Liz Finney said, “we had a great weekend down at Cirencester, with 8 teams competing I am really proud of everyone who took part in the event. There was a great team spirit from the experienced CER riders to novices and we are proud to take the trophy back home again.”

Inter Regional Team Championships Result:
Region - Points Total
North West - 186
South West - 175
South East - 159
Wessex - 124
Mid South - 117
Cromwell - 113
Cotswolds - 97
Heart of England - 69

Anna Collins

Added - 03/08/2017

CHESTER ZOO PR - 20th August
Helpers Needed

We need a few more helpers to assist at our Chester Zoo PR on Sunday 20th August.

If you can help in any way (even for just a part of the day) please email: Mandy Morriss or phone her on 07891 655779.

Without sufficient helpers our rides just would not take place so please help if you can.

Chris Taylor

Added - 26/07/2017


The North West team for the Inter-Regional competition being held at Cirencester Park on the weekend of July 15/16th has been confirmed.

Anna Collins

Added - 28/06/2017


We are putting on a lot of rides this season but they cannot run without helpers.

Thanks to all those members who have already completed a Trophy/Help Registration form.

There are many lovely trophies to be won so, if you haven't already done so, register yourself and your horse now to be eligible to win and contribute to Cheshire EGB by helping at a ride.

Fill in a Trophy Registration Form available here and email it to me as soon as possible.

It is your group so please make it a successful one!

Pat Guerin

Added - 12/06/2017


Cheshire EGB members did themselves proud at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year.

Well done to Harry Ingram with Bronze Nahdir who came 2nd in the Good Horsemanship Award and 13th overall with an average speed and time of 18.548 Km/h 06:28:11 in the 1 CEI** 120 Km.

Congratulations also to Sue Higgins who finished 10th in the CEI 80km 1* with Aberllwyds Another Rose.

Katy Mellor was given the ride of her life in her first FEI ride. She said, “I am unbelievably proud of this little guy coming 5th in the FEI 1* 80km race at Royal Windsor. He was an absolute pleasure to ride and I'm very grateful to Amanda Jones and Terry Madden from TAJ performance horses for giving me such a brilliant opportunity and trusting me with the very talented Nasser”.

Click for a largr image

Anna Collins

Added - 25/05/2017; Updated - 28/05/2017


Hi All,

The Inter-Regional competition is being held at Cirencester Park on the weekend of July 15/16th and riders in the following classes are required for each team:

2x   advanced horse and rider     80km CER
2x   open/adv. horse and rider    64km GER
2x   open/adv. horse and rider    80km GER 2 day (40/40)
1x   open/adv. horse and rider    40km GER
1x   novice horse                        40km GER
1x   novice horse and rider         32km GER
1x   novice horse                        32km GER

All the GER classes will have the Performance Formula applied for results.
These details are on the EGB website. I assume the 40 and 32km classes will be run on the Sunday and the 80 CER and 64km on the Saturday.

If any of you would like to be considered for a place on the NW team, please let me have your ride results for this year and ride plans up to July.
If you know of anyone else who is interested, please ask them to contact me. All the best,

Liz Finney
Manor Lodge, Manor Lane, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8RF

Added - 10/05/2017


We were delighted to be back for 2 days again this year. The weather was kind and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Pat and Pennie would like to thank their wonderful band of helpers without whom the ride could not run. Also thanks once more to “Baileys Horse Feeds” for their generous sponsorship and to Ruth from “Indiepics” for the lovely photos.

The winner of the “Eld Trophy” for the best shod horse (donated by Sue Evans in memory of Margie Eld) was Psynibreez ridden by Rachel Atkinson.

Congratulations to the winners of the Baileys Feed Vouchers who were as follows:

Class 1 88 km Open:
1st     Robert Blane riding Ricco Esta Artisan
2nd    Laura Graham riding Warrens Hill Farrah

Class 2 43 km Open:
1st     Penny Pearce riding Tannasg Dancing Diva

Class 3 43 km Novice:
Joint 1st Robert Sedgley riding Yeskan du Cayrou
           & Helen Griffiths riding Desert Flower 1

Class 10 45 km Open:
1st     Jane Wyatt riding Magners Gold

Thank you to all who took part. We hope you enjoyed your day and will come again next year.

Pat Guerin

Added - 10/05/2017


The Arab Horse Society Performance Horse Awards for 2016 have just been published.

In the "2016 Performance Horse Awards PURE BRED ARABIANS" class:
Pat Guerin's CF WINTER AMADEUS was placed 4th and
Gaynor Jones' ORLANDO finished in joint 7th.

In the "2016 Performance Horse Awards ANGLO ARABIANS" class:
Muriel Taylor's MARLAK SUPER DUDE ridden by Carol Taylor was placed 1st.
He was also named Reserve in the HIGH POINTS - VETERAN category.

The Crabbet Organisation have also published their results for 2016.

In the "Highest Mileage 'Advanced' Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:
ORLANDO came 2nd.
He was also named as Reserve in the "Champion Crabbet Related Gelding" category.

In the "Highest Mileage ‘Open’ Crabbet Related Horse with EGB/SERC" class:
MARLAK SUPER DUDE was placed 1st.

Congratlations to all the owners and riders and, of course, the horses.

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/03/2017


The organisers of our next two rides are seeking more offers of help so their rides can go ahead. I'm sure there is no need to remind everyone that they must have helped at one of our rides to qualify for our annual awards and trophies.

If you can help with our new Trans Pennine PR on 22nd April please get in touch with Mandy

If you can help at our Forest Frolic on either 6th or 7th May please get in touch with Pat

Also don't forget to Register with Pat for our Cheshire Trophies and inform her where you to plan to Help in order to qualify for the Trophies and Awards.
Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

You will find the Trophy Registration/Help form on the Forms page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 05/04/2017


We are looking for a Chef D'Equipe for the North West Team competing at the Cirencester Park ride on the weekend of July 14th/15th/16th.

If you are interested in being considered for this interesting role please contact Liz Finney Tel 01565 633310
E mail:(
Mobile: 07970 203362

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/02/2017


If you haven't done it already, now is a good time to renew your membership to EGB and register your horses. Please remember you will not be covered by the EGB insurance until you have renewed. Perish the thought that anyone should have a problem but better safe than sorry.

Also don't forget to Register with Pat for our Cheshire Trophies and inform her where to plan to Help in order to qualify for the Trophies and Awards.
Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

You will find Associate Membership and Trophy Registration/Help forms on the Forms page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/02/2017


We need a few more entries to this year's Training Day to ensure it is a viable event. If we don't get enough there is a danger the event may have to be cancelled.

So, if you were planning to attend and just haven't got around to it NOW would be a good time to get in touch with Liz.
If you hadn't decided yet perhaps this may serve as a good way to start your season following the sad cancellation of the Tegg's Nose PR.

Please contact Liz Finney to book a place and send cheques to Manor Lodge, Manor Lane, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8RF
Tel 01565 633310
E mail:(
Mobile: 07970 203362

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/02/2017


Sadly, after lengthy discussions with the Ranger, due to problems with the space available in the car park we have had to cancel this year's Tegg's Nose Pleasure Ride. We plan to search for an alternative venue for next year.

So now Cheshire Group will be organising Pleasure Rides at the following events during 2017:
Trans Pennine Way PR - 22.04.17
Forest Frolic Day 1 GER & PR - 06.05.17
Forest Frolic Day 2 GER & PR - 07.05.17
Wirral GER & PR - 03.06.17
Whitegate Way PR - 22.07.17
Peover PR - 10.09.17
Delamere Forest PR - 14.10.17
Congleton PR - 19.11.17

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/02/2017


Don't forget to Register with Pat for our Cheshire Trophies and inform her where to plan to Help in order to qualify for the Trophies and Awards.
Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

You will find the required Trophy Registration form on the Forms page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 31/01/2017


You only have one Head – so “Get a Head – Get a Hat” that complies with the new regulations!

Many of you will have heard of the changes surrounding the riding hats regulations. The BHS have issued an article explaining these changes in full. Please note that in ALL cases EnduranceGB members will be required to comply with the new standards, and it is also important to note that should you have any accident without an up to standard riding hat then it is likely that your insurance will be invalid.

Here is the link to the BHS website with the full details on the riding hat standards.

Hats bearing only the EN1384 or BSEN1384 standard will no longer be accepted.

However, hats would be acceptable if they carry EN1384 or BSEN1384 and another standard such as those listed:
  • PAS 015 (1998 or 2011)
  • VG1 01.040 (2014-12)
  • ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards)
  • NELL E2001
  • AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards)
Chris Taylor

Added - 31/01/2017


The list below shows the bookings:
Muriel Taylor x 3
Anna Collins x 1
Mandy Morris x 2
Gaynor Jones x 1
Joy Toomer x 2
Pat Guerin x 1
Larrissa Burnett x 2 Veg
Lesley Harrison x 2
Terry Madden x 2
Gwennan Evans x 1
Alix Nattrass x 2
Jane Wyatt x 2
Wendy Bailey x 2
Karen Robinson x 1 + 1 Veg
Jean Spearing x 2
Sandra Peters x 4
Cathrine Sandberg x 1
Kerry Dawson x 2
Pennie Drummond x 1
Angie Williams x 1
Shaun Walsh
John Black
Jill Thorburn x 2
Sue Higgins
Sally Mellor
Jane Stewart
Liz Finney x 2
Ruth Whitby x 2
John Illingworth

Pat would like to confirm the numbers (and vegetarian requests) by Friday 27/01 so, if you wish to attend, please get in contact with Pat sooner rather than later.

Pat Guerin's address: The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ
Tel: 01477 534194;

See Social Events for details of the evening.

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/01/2017
Updated - 01/02/2017


Will everyone who won one of the Group trophies last year please ensure that they are engraved and clean.
If you've not already done so please contact Pennie Drummond to arrange for their safe return to her.

Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE;

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/01/2017


A new Event Log Card for 2017 is now available on our Forms page.

Please download and print your copy so you can start building up those kilometres for next year's distance awards.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/01/2017

Thursday 2nd February 2017

Pat Guerin is now accepting bookings for our Annual Meeting, Awards Evening and Supper.

Please send Pat the appropriate amount for the number of places required. There is no need to send an SAE as Pat will simply confirm your booking by email. No tickets will be required as Pat will have a record of the bookings.

The meal will be a carvery and hot sweet but if you wish to partake of the vegetarian option please inform Pat when booking.

Tickets cost just £14 each. Please make cheques payable to Cheshire EGB.

Pat's address: The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

Final numbers are needed by 27th January 2017.

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 11/12/2016



Please don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2016.
Please complete the following before forwarding:
  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
  • Please write the total kilometres you are claiming after the last entry on your distance card.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after 31st December 2016 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an "insufficient postage paid" notification card be received.
Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 24/11/2016


We have a small stock of Cheshire Group clothing which we are offering at a reduced price to clear.

Available on a first come first served basis.

Email to check up-to-date availability and reserve an item.

These may be best described as usable as a base layer.
They are easy to wash and comfortable to wear.
1 x XS
1 x S
1 x L
£8 each

Only 1 left
£7 each

£10 each

Postage at cost.

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 31/10/2016

CONGLETON RIDE - 30 October 2016

Thanks to a good late response we can confirm (for the avoidance of any doubt) that this ride is definitely on. Thanks for all your entries.

We need a few more entries to make sure we can run this, our last ride of 2016.

If you have been hesitating or realise you have a space in your calendar then now is the time to put in your entry else we may have to cancel which would be a great shame.

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/10/2016 Updated - 25/10/2016


A riding whip was kindly handed in at the ride last Saturday.

Might it be yours? If you think it is please contact Liz Finney by
Tel: 01565 633310 or

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/10/2016

GROUPS MEETING - 22 October 2016

We are looking for someone who would be prepared to attend the Groups meeting at Abbey Park, Kenilworth on 22 October on behalf of our Group.

Liz Finney (who is attending another meeting in the same building) would be prepared to offer you a lift.

If you would like to help us please contact Liz Finney by
Tel: 01565 633310 or

Many thanks

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/10/2016


When I was told that we couldn’t book a date in the autumn for our usual pleasure ride in Delamere Forest, I wondered whether we would have to cancel the event.

However, thanks to the generosity of Cheshire group member Jane Stewart, who let us use her field just outside Delamere and also gave advice on the route, the pleasure ride was held on October 15th.

We limited entries to 50, which we thought would be the limit for the venue, but on the day we had about 35 riders turn out. We could easily have accomodated a lot more.

The route used mainly the Whitegate Way, a disused railway line running down to the outskirts of Winsford, and looped off at places along tracks either side. Those riders who preferred a shorter loop to the 26km could turn off the Whitegate Way at Whitegate station and do the 17km distance.

The stewards at this point also had the advantage of the café which has opened at the station!

Despite some of the markers being rubbed out during the day, most riders managed to follow the correct route, though some did the loops in their own order! It still amazes me why so many riders don’t take the map with them.

All the riders said how much they had enjoyed the ride and what a lovely route it was. Many were surprised at it being so enjoyable and varied, without using the forest and appreciated the almost perfect going. It was lovely to have so much positive feedback.

As Delamere Forest gets more and more popular with so many different events being held there throughout the year and so many walkers and cyclists on the tracks and in the venue, the peaceful aura at Jane’s field, with stunning views over forest land was very noticeable. So this is a ride that will be on the calendar for next year and riding the Whitegate Way can be great fun!

Liz Finney

Added - 16/10/2016


Photos by Steve Ellis

This is Pat with Mo at Malvern at the AHS National Show being presented with the Dinsdale Trophy for the Top Pure Bred Arab and afterwards doing his lap of honour.

Pat Guerin

Added - 16/10/2016



The East Cheshire Combined Training Group team has won the KBIS EGB Riding Clubs Championship for the second year running. The team known as the Cheshire Challengers aka the Galloping Grannies is Pat Guerin, Jane Wyatt & Jean Spearing all of whom are EGB Cheshire Group members. Sadly our fourth member Joy Toomer did not compete this year as her horse is recovering from an injury but she & her husband did a wonderful job crewing us instead.

Twelve teams contested the final which was held at the Lions Tail Ride over a 41 km course made up of lovely undulating grassy headlands & bridleways with hardly any tarmac. We had a marvellous day as the three horses went really well together & then crowned it by all by each finishing with a Grade 1. This put us in a very strong position which no-one else managed to beat.

Pat Guerin

Added - 16/10/2016


We are still seeking a first aider for this event next Saturday 15th October.

Anyone, who has a first aider qualification, and who is free on Saturday please contact me by
Tel: 01565 633310 or

Many thanks

Liz Finney

Added - 09/10/2016


The Congleton Ride on Sunday 30th October will start from the usual venue at Siemens Car Park, Eaton Bank, Congleton. CW12 1PH.

However entries may be limited due to a decrease in parking space.

Pat Guerin

Added - 07/09/2016


The North West Inter Regional Championships team has been confirmed.

All horses and riders are in the final stages of their training and are eager to take on the Lindum Challenge from 4-6 August at Market Rasen Racecourse.

Anna Collins

Added - 24/07/2016


Sally Mellor's horse Tiffaala is only just 6 so she is in her first Open Season.

The picture above was taken while she was qualifying for the Pony Club Novice Show Jumping Championships with Katy last weekend. They have qualified for the Nationals in one day. It was Tiffaala's first ever competition and she was standing in for Will who was lame!! She will now be jumping at the Pony Club Championships at Cholmondeley in August.

No doubt Sally is now wondering if she'll ever get her endurance horse back!

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/07/2016


Amazingly we are about halfway through the season and so far Cheshire has run three rides, two competitive and one pleasure, all of which have been very well supported by both riders and helpers. However we still have one competitive and four pleasure rides to come as we have planned a full programme for you all this year and we are very short of help for all of them.

The problem is that we only have registrations and offers of help from approximately 30 people out of a membership of around 70 so therefore this is an appeal to the rest of you to not only come out and help and ride but also to register you horse for our lovely trophies. If you are not riding for any reason then do come and help anyway and have a good day out. You all know that rides do not run without help and if there is no help then some sadly will not run. We struggle to find suitable venues and routes in Cheshire and it would be a shame to have to cancel any of those we have worked so hard to find.

Our grateful thanks go to all who have helped already, some more than once, and we ask anyone who is able to help in future or has not already registered to send Pat your form or just offer to help.

With thanks,

The Cheshire Committee

The rides to come are:

4th September - Long Mynd
Yes, this is a Cheshire Group ride. I fear we are getting to the stage of "support it or lose it". To lose it would be a crime so please support it if you can.

31st July - Chester Zoo; Sorry - CANCELLED
28th August - Peover;
15th October - Delamere; and
30th October - Congleton.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/07/2016


In an attempt to increase EGB membership numbers the Group is introducing two schemes to reward existing members for encouraging non-members to join. Please read about the two schemes set out below and see if you can benefit from them while helping to increase EGB membership - Chris Taylor

Want a free Pleasure Ride Entry to Cheshire EGB rides? Just recommend a friend

Introduce a new member to EGB and we will send you a voucher to claim a Pleasure Ride entry free of charge. Just let a Ride Secretary or Committee Member know which ride you introduced your friend to, their name and EGB membership number and we’ll send you a voucher. It’s that easy. We want new people to discover our great sport.

New for 2016 - Escort Award

Escort a young rider and we will send you a voucher for a free Pleasure Ride Entry when they join EGB. Just let a Ride Secretary or Committee Member know which ride you escorted the young person on, their name and EGB membership number and we’ll send you a voucher. The Cheshire EGB member who escorts the most young riders under the age of 18 will qualify towards the new Escort Award which will be announced at the AGM. We want young people to discover our great sport.

Anna Collins

Added - 16/05/2016


This is a reminder to all entrants that the official photographs for the Wirral Ride can be found on the ptographers website:

Please support the photographer if you can.

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/05/2016


An Easy Boot was found on Old Pale on Saturday. Please contact Pat Guerin if you lost one.


I understand this has now been claimed - Chris Taylor

Rachel Rolfe has asked for her thanks to be passed on to the finder. She is deligthed to have it back. - Chris Taylor

Added - 11/05/2016 Updated - 15/05/2016


Despite the trauma of having to cancel Day 2 at short notice, Day 1 at Delamere was very successful with a large entry.
Pat and Pennie would like to thank their wonderful band of helpers for all the support and assistance they gave.

Hayley Oliver with Aberystwyth Gwynfor

The winner of the “Eld Trophy” for the best shod horse (donated by Sue Evans in memory of Margie Eld) was Aberystwyth Gwynfor ridden by Hayley Oliver.

The winners of the Baileys Feed Vouchers were as follows:

Class 2 43 km Open
1st Jane Wyatt riding Magners Gold
2nd Gemma Parkin riding Asia de Bozouls

Class 3 43 km Novice
1st Evelyn Helme riding Summer Breeze

Class 4 32 km Open
1st Emily McHugh riding Senygal
2nd Alix Natrass riding Bodis Panache

Class 5 32 km Novice
1st Josie Ratter-Evison riding Lateef bin Krayaan

Thank you to all who rode. We hope you enjoyed your day & will come again next year.

Pat and Pennie

Added - 08/05/2016


Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to use the venue and farm ride on Day 2 of the Baileys Cheshire Forest Frolic and regrettably we are having to cancel all the classes on Day 2 (Sunday 8th May). Consequently we can also no longer offer any overnight camping and corralling. Day One will go ahead as scheduled but without the two day 88 GER, entrants in this class may downgrade to a lower class if they wish. It may be possible to offer a limited number of competitive ride places on Saturday to those able to change their ride day, due to restrictive parking and an existing high entry we regret that we cannot offer this to the Sunday pleasure ride entrants. If you wish to compete on Saturday please email pennie with your name and the class you wish to transfer to. Full refunds including camping and corralling, where applicable, will be given post ride. For those who have entered classes on both days and feel that a one day ride is insufficient then a full refund will apply too, providing you advise the ride secretary (Pennie Drummond) of your withdrawal by email and is received by 12 noon on Friday 6th May.

Pat and Pennie

Added - 04/05/2016


Many, many thanks to the following Cheshire members & friends for your generous offers of help at the Frolic next weekend. Please contact me if you have any problems or queries.

Course marking          Anna Collins, Rachel Rolfe, Sandra Breeze, Maggie Marinkovic.

Day 1

Health & Safety          Harry Ingram

Timekeepers               Liz Finney, Laura Hepple

Car parking                Pete Ingram, David Guerin, Dave?

Vet Steward               Jane Wyatt

Vet writers                Emma Horsburgh, Sally Stoddart, Lisa Scott

Course stewards       Cathrine Sandberg, Rob, Sandra Peters, Immogen Roe, Lorna Kidson, Rita Tweddle,
                                  Jacky Goodman, Joy Toomer, Jill Thorburn, Lesley Parker, Jane Stewart, Sophie Scott.

Day 2

Health & Safety          Lesley Harrison

Timekeepers               Muriel & Carol Taylor

Car parking

Vet steward               Rachel Robinson

Vet writers                Emma Horsburgh, Sally Stoddart

Course stewards       Sydney Byrd, Paul & Pauline Daley, Sandra Peters, Sandra Breeze, Anne Farley

If anyone else is free to help with car parking early on Sunday morning please let me know.

Many thanks,

Pat Guerin

Added - 01/05/2016



We now have very smart trailer/horse box stickers available at £15. The logo is on a clear background so it will suit any vehicle and the ‘easy peel’ will not leave a mess if you choose to remove the sticker. More details available on Cheshire.egb Facebook or, if you are not signed up to Facebook, contact Shaun direct at

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/03/2016


A warm welcome to Mandy Morriss who has kindly offered her time to join the Committee. If you wish to contact her please see her details on the Committee Page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/02/2016


Do you compete at FEI level and would you like to get to grips with the FEI Rules? Are you interested in working as an Official at an FEI Ride? Endurance GB are hosting FEI Level I and II Endurance Judge Courses at Abbey Park, Warwickshire on the 5th and 6th March.

Sign up for a Level I course to broaden your knowledge and take the first step to becoming an FEI Official.

Level II Course for existing officials: You must do a course every 4 years to maintain your status or risk being demoted or removed from the FEI register. Are you ready for promotion to the next level?

These courses are open to members of all National Federations. Further details of how to join us can be found on the FEI Calendar:

We would also like to draw your attention to the FEI General Veterinarian Course being held at Hartpury on the following weekend on the 12th and 13th March. This is the first course that vets need to take in order to act as an Official Veterinarian at an FEI event.

If any of you know a vet that may be interested, please let them know.

Liz Finney

Added - 17/02/2016


You may have seen that the Dean Valley website has been displaying a notice that the yard is closed due to an outbreak of strangles in the area.

It appears that this has been on their website since last October and, although they are still being careful who they let onto the yard and extra precautions may be in place, Liz Finney has confirmed with the owners that our event can still go ahead as planned.

Dean Valley have confirmed that they have not been affected by strangles.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/02/2016


A new page has been created on this website to gather together the Forms readers may need to use.

This is intended to make it easier for you to find a Form you need and easier for us to keep them up to date.

Our combined Poster/Entry Form for each event will still appear in the actual event entry however - there's always an exception!

Visit the Forms page now to see what's available.

Chris Taylor

Added - 26/01/2016


If you haven't done it already, now is a good time to renew your membership to EGB and register your horses. Please remember you will not be covered by the EGB insurance until you have renewed. Perish the thought that anyone should have a problem but better safe than sorry.

Also don't forget to Register with Pat for our Cheshire Trophies and inform her where to plan to Help in order to qualify for the Trophies and Awards.
Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

You will find Associate Membership and Trophy Registration/Help forms on the Group Membership page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/01/2016


There are just a few places left for our last Winter Training Session taking place at New Barn on Sunday 17th November 10-11am.

Contact Liz Finney to secure your place - 01565 633310.

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/01/2016

28th January

The Annual Quiz Night will take place at the Golden Pheasant, Plumley starting at 7:30.
The charge per team will be £6.00.

Click here for a map centred on the venue. The postcode is WA16 9RX.

The charge per team will be £6.00.

Anyone willing to join the Cheshire Team should contact Liz Finney - 01565 633310.

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/01/2016


Just in case you couldn't find that missing answer (or just got fed up with looking) click here for the answers.

Anyone can challenge my answers until 10th January. Later challenges will not be accepted.

The name of the winner will be announced at the AM on 4th February.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/01/2016

4th February 2016

The Annual Meeting, Supper and Awards Presentation and Evening will take place on 4th February 2016 at Heyrose Golf Club once again.

Tickets for the evening have been held at £14 each to include carvery and a sweet.

Please send a cheque (payable to Cheshire Group of Endurance GB) and SAE to Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/01/2016


This is a simple quiz to help pass a few relaxing minutes in the period between Christmas and the New Year. It will be open from Boxing Day morning till 23:59 on 2nd January 2016. It is essentially just for fun but one winner will receive a free entry to their choice of one of the Cheshire Group’s Pleasure Rides.
The winner will be the entrant with the most correct answers received by me by email.
If there is a tie then the successful entrant will be drawn from the hat. The name of the winner will be announced at the AM on 4th February.
Every answer relates to something that has taken place in the last two years and can still be found somewhere on the Cheshire Group website.
The answers will be on the website 3rd January or soon after. Anyone can challenge my answers until 10th January. Later challenges will not be accepted.
At the end of the day the judge’s decision is final.
To enter simply send me an email ( with your answers.
Click THE QUIZ to go to the Quiz.
Here is an empty Answer Sheet which you can complete and email to me if you wish.

Chris Taylor

Added - 26/12/2015



Your distance cards are due by 31st December 2015, we have a wonderful array of trophies available at our Presentation Evening on 4th February 2016, come and join in whilst we share our horse’s achievements in 2015. Don’t be disappointed by missing the deadline!

Please forward by mail to: Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE OR by email to:

Distance cards received from (as at 09/12/15):

Sue Higgins
Joy Toomer
Sandra Peters
Janet Brown
Jacky Goodman
Muriel Taylor
Mary Korn

Pennie Drummond

Added - 10/12/2015


Cheshire members did rather well at the Annual Awards this year:

Distance Awards

400 km
Khezya                                            Dale Jones
Orlando                                           Gaynor Jones

800 km
Angies Girl                                    Angie Williams
C F Winter Amadeus                     Pat Guerin
Diamond Destiny                           Anna Collins
Goyallt Shanco                              John Illingworth

1600 km
Medraar                                        Terry Madden

2400 km
Aberllwyds Another Rose           Sue Higgins

AHS Top 10 horses sired by premium stallions
7th Warrens Hill Chayze             Harry Ingram

Sam Weller Trophy ~ GRs of 45 km or less
2nd Magners Gold                        Jane Wyatt
3rd C F Winter Amadeus             Pat Guerin

Royal Lord Trophy ~ GRs of 65 km or less in first Open Season
2nd C F Winter Amadeus             Pat Guerin

Windard Trophy ~ Best New Horse in CRs
1st Warrens Hill Chayze               Harry Ingram

Jeffmaur Trophy ~ Top Male Rider
3rd Harry Ingram                          Warrens Hill Chayze

Distance Rider Trophy ~ Top Rider in CRs on more than one horse
2nd Lorna Kidson                         Sheer Bliss & Bashir

EGB FEI Trophy
1st Lorna Kidson                         Sheer Bliss

Team of Three
2nd Guys & Vintage Dolls          C F Winter Amadeus, Orlando & Squire                   Pat Guerin & Gaynor Jones

Retraining of Racehorses Endurance Championship
4th Diamond Destiny                   Anna Collins

Pat Guerin

Added - 03/12/2015
Updated - 21/12/2015


Cheshire's website received formal recognition by the Endurance GB Chairman John Hudson at the 2015 AGM. During his report which noted people who give exceptional service to their group, Webmaster Chris Taylor was recognised for his work on the Cheshire group website, which had also received praised at the groups meeting in October.

The Cheshire EGB committee would like to thank Chris for his hard work and dedication in volunteering to fulfil this vital role which keeps members updated with all they need to get the most out of each season. Thanks to Chris from all of us.

Liz Finney - Chairman

Added - 03/12/2015


In view of the poor weather conditions of strong winds and driving rain early last Sunday morning the entry fee cheques from people who considered it unfit to travel & notified the organiser to that effect will not be cashed. We hope for better weather next season and look forward to seeing you all then.

Pat Guerin

Added - 19/11/2015

WINTER SCHOOLING SESSIONS - 2nd and 16th December 2015

Add some variety to your riding during the winter, join us at New Barn stables, Ollerton, Knutsford for schooling sessions in the large, covered arena with instructor Sarah Johnson.

Dates are Wednesdays, December 2nd and 16th from 7.00pm -8.00pm.

Cost is £12 per horse, maximum of 8 horses per session, but usually we have about 4-6 taking part.

There will be a Sunday session at the beginning of January, date to be confirmed.

Please contact Liz Finney to book. 01565 633310 ~

Liz Finney

Added - 17/11/2015


Pat Guerin and I attended the Groups meeting which was held in Abbey Park, near Stoneleigh, where the EGB offices are situated.

After the introduction by Jo Claridge, John Hudson spoke about the future of EGB and, in particular, the election of a new, smaller board.

The board will be reduced to 10 members each with a specific role.
These are chairman, finance, welfare, quality operations (rules, ride programme etc) international, groups, communications, marketing and sponsorship, IT, development and training, SERC representative.
Volunteers will be required from the members to join the sub-committees.

When placing your votes for the new board, you should consider what skills each candidates would take to the board.

Sue Box discussed the ride programme for 2016, but said that nothing was definite so far.
The Home International will be in Ireland.
There are 74 rides in total, six of them new ones.
Jeni Gilbert spoke about the HERO SYSTEM (Help For Endurance Ride Organisers) which has been availabale for a while and is an easy way to record all ride details, transfer on-line entries from EGB onto a memory stick which can then be given to the TS at the ride.
The link is available from Jeni.

There was a brief report from Brian Floyd-Davies on health and safety.
He said that the standard of the risk assessments he receives has improved considerably.
Most of the reported incidents this year involved involuntary dismounts, but he did highlight the importance of learning from "near misses" not just reported accidents citing an incident, when an extending lead on a dog got tangled round a horses legs.

After a short lunch break, Ellie Head and Janetta Haverson revued the Inter Regional championships and said the format for 2016 would be similar, possibly including a 50/50km two day class.
It is planned to have more classes on the Saturday so that the results can be calculated more quickly.
The venue for 2016 has not been decided yet, though I put in a plea for it to come further north!

Harry Ingram started his PR talk with some hard facts on the drop in membership levels over the years, particularly in the junior and young rider categories.
He conducted a lively session with input from all the groups, which generated lots of ideas and highlighted problem areas.
More communication is needed between groups, including possibly having combined flyers for neighboring groups ride details.
Groups were asked to think of potential areas of growth and how to penetrate new markets.

At the end of the meeting Jo Claridge was thanked for her work over the years as chairman of the Groups committee as she is standing down after 10 years on the EGB board.

Liz Finney

Added - 27/10/2015


Pat Guerin is organising a table at the EGB AGM on 28th November so that Cheshire members attending can sit together.

If you are going and wish to join Pat and other Cheshire members please contact Pat at

Chris Taylor

Added - 14/10/2015


It would be really helpful if we could have a few more volunteers to help at our Delamere Forest Ride this Saturday 10th October. If you can spare some time your help would be gratefully appreciated.

If you are available please contact Liz Finney:-
Email:; tel: 01565 633310.

Chris Taylor

Added - 08/10/2015


As the end of the season approaches EGB need the riders of registered horses to send in their claims for Distance Awards.

Awards are given for horses completing successfully over 400km, 800km, 1600km, 2400kms etc. It is a cumulative award and can be made retrospectively.

Please email the EGB office and provide the name of the horse, rider, log book number and distance being claimed.

Please note those claiming 400 or 800km need to send in a SAE as all these awards are posted out.
However those claiming longer distance awards must collect them at the Awards dinner as they are too fragile to post.

Jeni Gilbert

Added - 06/10/2015


We have been asked to remind those who entered the new Pleasure Pairs competition to return their completed registration cards to the EGB Office as soon as possible please.

Cards must be received by the 23rd October to be included.

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/09/2015


We are looking for someone to act as First Aider at our ride in Delamere Forest on Saturday 10th October.

If you can help us please contact Liz Finney - email:; tel: 01565 633310.

Chris Taylor

Added - 26/09/2015


You may be interested in the petition below which seeks to gain support for more bridleways to enable riders to avoid having to use busy roads.
It also calls for more shared use of existing tracks which are currently not available to horse riders:

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/09/2015


                             On the ride    Walking in to finish

The East Cheshire Combined Training Group Endurance team riding as the East Cheshire Challengers has won the 2015 KBIS BRC Riding Clubs Endurance Championship held at the Lion’s Tail Ride on September 20th.

The team members were Pat Guerin riding Winter Amadeus, Jane Wyatt riding Magners Gold, Joy Toomer riding Ervelough Tomas and Jean Spearing riding Copshawholm Roman Emperor.

                                          Jane’s Magners Gold won Top Horse               The Team at the presentation

We are delighted to have won and our thanks go to KBIS for their generous sponsorship, to Jane and John Hudson for organising the competition and to Kathy and Val for running the ride. We won very smart KBIS fleece body warmers and caps, a lovely trophy and money from KBIS which we propose to spend on matching rugs for our horses as a memento of a fantastic win.

Pat Guerin (Pictures courtesy of David Guerin)

Added - 14/09/2015


                                                                Mo in his rug

We now have fantastic fleece rugs available at £25 each sporting the Cheshire and EGB logos. If you would like a rug please let Pennie know the size you require.

Photo shows ‘Mo’ modelling his Inter Regional Championships rug.

Pennie Drummond email:

Anna Collins

Added - 14/09/2015


URGENT! Help needed for last rides of the season. The Cheshire EGB committee have 3 more lovely rides planned for this season at Peover on 12th Sept, Delamere Forest on 10th Oct and Congleton on 15th Nov.

I am pleased to say that all members who have registered for trophies have already helped at a least one ride and we are most grateful for this but we do need more helpers to run more rides.

Therefore this message is directed at those Cheshire members who have not registered for trophies and are missing out on competing for our marvellous array of silverware. Please reconsider and send in your Trophy Registration Form to Pat Guerin ASAP. Come and ride 2 rides and help at the other and you will be eligible to win an Annual Trophy. Its never too late to register. Remember "You have to be in it to win it".

Pat Guerin

Added - 26/08/2015


                                                                                    2015 shirt legend

The North west team came a very close second to the host group Iceni at the Inter Regional team event at the weekend.

We lost by a single point, which is why we had a long wait for the results as the organisers did a recount.

Huge congratulations to all the riders and crews for a great team effort.

A full report will be added soon.

Liz Finney

Added - 17/08/2015


The Cheshire Group stand

On Saturday 2nd August Cheshire EGB took part in the Delamere Forest Active Forest Taster Day to raise awareness of riders in the forest and promote the Delamere competitive and pleasure rides.

Anna Collins

Added - 04/08/2015


                                                                                    2015 shirt legend
Thanks for all your support for the Cheshire/Lancs inter regional team to compete at the Cranwich ride on the weekend of Aug 15/16th.

The team members and classes are (at the present time) as follows:

Sat - Class 4 80km Adv. CER
Rachel Atkinson
Jackie Lloyd

Sat - Class 6 65km Adv GER
Izzy Wilson
Sue Higgins

Sat/Sun - Class 10 Open/Adv 42/42
Pat Guerin
Anna Collins

Sun - Class 34 42km Open/Adv
Jane Wyatt
John Illingworth

Sun - Class 34 42km Nov horse
Joy Toomer

Sun - Class 37 33km Nov horse and rider
Jean Spearing
Lily Gibbons

Sun - Class 37 33km Nov horse
Lesley Harrison

The details of the competition rules can be found on the EGB website in the rides section under Inter Regional.

Liz Finney

Updated - 04/08/2015


                                                                     Harry Ingram at Kings Forest
                                                                                   Photo courtesy of David Saunders Photography

Cheshire rider Harry Ingram and his horse; Chayze, scooped a coveted prize at the King’s Forest, Suffolk Endurance Internationals earlier this month. Harry won the challenging 120km distance class CEI2* riding ‘Warrens Hill Chayze’ with an average speed of 18km/h and time of 6hrs, 39mins, 24 seconds.

Harry said, “This was a tough ride against international competitors. Chayze covered the ground well, bowling along at canter with his ears pricked and focused. It was a very warm day but we kept a constant pace and we had done enough training to prepare for the event. The vets were pleased with how my horse coped and were happy to pass him ‘fit’ at the end of the ride. Aged 7, this is the first ‘competitive’ season for Chayze, an Anglo Arab gelding, and I was very pleased with how he coped and recovered following the ride."

Harry, aged 23 from Goostrey in Cheshire, has been competing in the sport of Endurance riding since he was a teenager and successfully competed in the Young Riders category.

Anna Collins

Added - 21/07/2015


We need some more helpers for our Chester Ride on 2nd August.

As it is a new ride and a late addition to our schedule there have not been many volunteers. If you can spare some time your help would be gratefully appreciated.

If you are available please contact Josie Ratter-Evison:-
Email: or Mobile: 07581 243638.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/07/2015


Full membership is now available for the rest of the year at the reduced price of £33.

Now is the perfect opportunity to join EGB and take advantage of the rest of the 2015 endurance season.

Please click the image below for a full size poster in PDF format:

                                                           Half Year Poster

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/07/2015

Onley Equestrian Centre, Rugby, 10-14 August 2015

Young Rider Squad Camp is a fantastic week, for all young and junior riders. You can meet new friends, learn more endurance tips as well as having some fun! This year we will have UKCC endurance coaches on hand and have visits from a number of experts in their field, such as an equine nutritionist and an equine thermographer. Amongst other horse related activities, there will also be plenty of down time for everyone to get to know each other better and enjoy a range of social activities.

If you are worried about not knowing anyone... don't! Many riders attend camp who do not know anyone else and you will soon make friends. You will be put into two different teams, one for riding and one for social activities. The social teams add a competitive but friendly element to camp and there will be various challenges set throughout the week for the teams to complete. Points will be awarded and these will culminate in a prize giving on the final day.

Camp is first and foremost a week to spend with fellow junior/ young riders, getting to know each other and having some fun! A range of riders usually attend and this adds to camp meaning you can learn and talk with riders of all ages and levels. There will be plenty of tips to pick up along the way and we also hope to have some experienced endurance riders attending to tell us all about their endurance experiences.

This summer holidays spend the week at camp, make some new friends, learn some new tips and have some true endurance fun!

If you’re interested in attending, or would like more info, please email our Young Rider Rep - Beth Stoke:

Harry Ingram

Added - 12/07/2015


Thanks for all your support for the Cheshire/Lancs inter regional team to compete at the Cranwich ride on the weekend of Aug 15/16th.

Sat - Class 4 80km Adv. CER
Rachael Atkinson
Jackie Lloyd or Katie Atkinson tbc

Sat - Class 6 65km Adv GER
Izzy Wilson
Jackie Lloyd or Kate Atkinson tbc

Sat/Sun - Class 10 Open/adv 42/42
Pat Guerin
Anna Collins

Sun - Class 34 42km Open Adv
Jane Wyatt
Mandy Morriss
John Illingworth

Sun - Class 34 42km Nov horse
Joy Toomer

Sun - Class 37 33km Nov horse and rider
Jean Spearing

Sun - Class 37 33km Nov horse
Max Wilson

We can have 2 wild card entries to compete in any of the classes, so I have put both ours in class 34 for now.

For class 6, for the IR riders only it is proposed to have a mass start and first across the line and passing the vet is the winner.
I have queried this with the organisers as ,basically, they are making it a CER.

The details of the competition rules can be found on the EGB website in the rides section under Inter Regional.

Anna Collins

Added - 14/06/2015


Our thanks to Baileys Horse Feeds for their generous sponsorship of our recent event.

Congratulations to the following ride winners who will each receive a Baileys Feed Voucher.

88 km GER
1st - Emma Martin riding Silva Quartz
2nd - Julie Kendall riding Perfeq Pacha de Blaziet

43 km GER
Alan Brown riding Bakst
32 km GER
Fiona Price riding Tes Ezraa

45 km GER
Jane Wyatt riding Magners Gold
34 km GER
Jeni Gilbert riding Flurrie

We also thank Sue Evans for sponsoring the ELD TROPHY for the Best Shod Horse on Day 1.
This year the winner was Fiona Price with Tes Ezraa. Congratulations to her & her farrier.

Pat Guerin

Added - 15/05/2015


We are in need of some more helpers for our Cheshire Forest Frolic in Delamere Forest on Saurday 9th May.

If you can afford some time - maybe for even half of the day - please get in touch with Pat as soon as possible. All help is greatly appreciated and sufficient helpers are essential for our rides to take place in safety.

Pat can be reached on Tel: 01477 534194;
or Email:

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/04/2015


Congratulations to Cheshire Group members Lauren Mills and Harry Ingram on their recent successes in FEI classes at Haywood Oaks. Lauren won the CEI** 120km riding Oakleaze Farm Czarko and Harry won the CEI* 90km riding Warrens Hill Chayze.

Well done both!

Pat Guerin

Added - 17/04/2015


Cheshire group are planning to organise a team, together with some Lancashire group members, hopefully, to compete at this year's Inter-Regional team event on the weekend of August 15/16th.

The venue is at the Cranwich ride is Brandon, Norfolk with mostly forest tracks in Thetford Forest, so well worth travelling to!

We already have some members who have asked to be on the team, but still lots of places to fill, especially for the advanced classes.
If you are now planning your ride programme for the year, do include the inter-regionals.
It is fun and very rewarding being part of the team and helping each other.

At present we do not have a chef d'equipe as Shaun is unable to do it this year, so if you are interested in being considered for a team place, please contact Liz Finney - email:; tel: 01565 633310.

A copy of the event details is available here in PDF format.

Liz Finney

Added - 10/04/2015


80 Pat Guerin with C F Winter Amadeus at The Wirral Ride 2014
Photo courtesy of
9th: CF WINTER AMADEUS – owned and ridden by Pat Guerin
11 Carol Taylor with Marlak Super Dude at The Ullswater Ride 2014

3rd: MARLAK SUPER DUDE – owned by Muriel Taylor and ridden by Carol Taylor
Well done to Pat, Carol and Muriel and, of course, the horses.

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/03/2015


The Group has been asked to invite all entrants of this year's Frolic to complete a short questionnaire AFTER the event. This is to help the forest authorities "to increase sport participation at Delamere, and also to capture existing numbers of people using the forest for sport and/or exercise".

I have added a PDF version of the wording of the questionnaire here so you can see what is involved before going to the actual questionnaire whic can be found here when required.
You may note that one lucky person somewhere in the country will win a £500 voucher towards a Forest Holiday.

From an equestrian point of view you may consider that it is important that horse riding interests are given a fair hearing in any plans that may be put forward for the forest and, if that is the case, please consider completing this questionnaire when the time comes. I'm sure all local riders (and indeed the Committee and this Group) would appreciate your support.
I should make it clear, of course, that completion of the questionnaire is not compulsory.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/03/2015


Just a gentle reminder to anyone who has not yet renewed their EGB Membership that they are no longer covered by the very useful insurance that comes with membership.

Chris Taylor

Added - 14/03/2015


We propose to put a fresh order in to our suppliers early next week so if you would like something please get in touch as soon as possible. There'll be a delay before the next order goes in.
Full details of the clothing and how to order can be found here.

Chris Taylor

Added - 14/03/2015


This is an urgent request for Group Members to kindly download their Trophy Registration Form from this page and once completed send it (attached to an email preferably or by post if your setup does not allow that) to Pat Guerin.
Click here for a Group Trophy Registration Form in Word .doc format (updated 2015). Completion of this form will let us know which rides you are prepared to help at.
Remember: You must help at one (at least) of our rides to qualify for any of our Trophies.

We are now putting together the details for our Frolic and Wirral rides and need to know who is prepared to help at these. We can't put on rides unless there are sufficient helpers. If you would be willing to help without registering for the Trophies or you can offer someone else (maybe a partner or whatever) then please drop me a line by clicking here. I can assure you that any offers will be gratefully appreciated.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/03/2015


Jeni Gilbert from EGB writes:

There has been two changes that I need to flag up with yourselves:

New Trophies:
The Pleasure Pairs Trophy has been introduced this year (the Pleasure Ride Trophy is having a year off).
This is open to associate members and full members of EGB. Horse and rider must be registered by emailing the EGB office.
All national pleasure rides of up to 36km are eligible and both the horses must complete the ride successfully at a speed of 8kph to 12kph. For full details please see here.
There is also a new Team of Three Trophy for full members of EGB.
Open to teams of 3 horse/rider combinations, teams must be registered by the 1st May.
One horse to be limited to distances under 45k, the other two horses to be limited to distances under 66k (single day) or 85k (multiday). Best 5 results to count.

The second change is that Riding Club and Pony Club members can now register as CLUB riders and then they can enter national rides online all year. For more details please see here.

Please can you spread the word and feedback is always welcome.

Many thanks


Added - 03/03/2015


Every rider under 18 will now be required to have a Parental Consent Form completed and brought with them to each ride. This form will be needed for group rides and national rides.

Click here for a Parental Consent Form in PDF format.

When this News item is removed this download will still be available from our Ride Entry Forms page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/02/2015


A team from our Group had a very close battle with several other local groups including Mid-Cheshire Bridleways and Delamere Riding Club among the eight or so teams at New Barn, Ollerton in the annual quiz.

After an additional tie-break question Cheshire Group of EGB were declared the winners with Mid-Cheshire BA taking a very honourable second place and Delamere RC coming third.

Well done to the team comprising Liz Finney, Pat Guerin, Muriel Taylor, Anna Collins and myself.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/02/2015


09.30 Welcome and intro Liz Finney 
09.35 Horse Nutrition Caroline Dickens 
10.15 Horse Physio talk Andraya Hiscock 
11.00 Lunging demoindoor schoolAndraya Hiscock 
NameAndraya HiscockCaroline DickensRachel Atkinson
Diane Hudson11.3012.001.20-2.00
Phil Cooper11.3012.001.20
Sarah Bamber12.0012.301.20
Nicki Clarke12.0012.301.20
Georgia Drummond2.3011.3012.40-1.20
Katy Mellor2.3011.3012.40
Emma Vernon1.302.3012.40
Tamara Habberley1.302.3012.40
John Illingworth2.001.0012.00-12.40
Jackie Goodman2.001.0012.00
Louise Serridge1.001.3012.00
Elaine Green1.001.3012.00
2.00-3.00/3.30Work on GallopsJudging pace 

Liz Finney

Added - 11/02/2015


It would be appreciated if Group Members would kindly download their Trophy Registration Form from this page and once completed send it (attached to an email) to Pat Guerin.
Click here for a Group Trophy Registration Form in Word .doc format (updated 2015).

You can also save time and money (i.e. postage) if you download and print your Event Log Card (on card or paper).
Click here for a Group Event Log Card in Word .doc format (updated 2015).
If you really need Pat to send you one then please send her an A5 SAE.

When this News item is removed these downloads will still be available from our Cheshire Group Trophies page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/01/2015



Just in case you missed it here are some details of our Training Day on 15th February:

Venue: Dean Valley Equestrian Centre, Woodford
Date: Sunday February 15th
9.30am - Optimum Feeding for your horse with Caroline Dickens of Baileys Horse Nutrionist;
10.15 - Physio for horses with Andraya Hiscock an Equine Physio;
11.00 - Lunging tips for maximum benefit with Andaya Hiscock;
12.00 - Work in indoor school "Balance of horse and rider" with Rachel Atkinson a Level 3 coach and international endurance rider/trainer;
and Individual horse checks Andraya Hiscock;
and Individual feed discussion Caroline Dickens;
14.00 - Riding on the gallops. Judging pace with Rachel Atkinson;
15.30 - Finish

Cost EGB members £25 with horse, £10 without horse, Non Members £30/£15

For more information see our Social Events page.

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/01/2015


Pat Guerin will shortly be finalising the details for this annual event with the golf club and will need to know the numbers attending.

If you intend coming but haven't yet booked your tickets with Pat NOW is the time to get in touch with her to confirm your attendance.

You can reach Pat at: Tel: 01477 534194 or Email:

Do it now before it's too late.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/01/2015


The new system for local groups to deal with Associate Membership renewals is causing Pat Guerin some difficulty.
To help her may we STRONGLY suggest that Associate Members make their renewals by using the online system if at all possible.

To renew online please go to, login to your account and click the payments link.
New Associate Members can click on the "Joining" tab on this page, click on the green box and then follow your chosen preference.

DON'T FORGET: If you haven't yet renewed (whatever type of membership you enjoy) you are no longer covered by the EGB insurance.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/01/2015


Final, final call for distance cards! The data is nearly consolidated – below are the names received as of 04.01.14.

Missing? Contact Pennie asap!

Amanda Jones
Amanda Morriss
Angela Williams
Anna Collins
Anne Farley
Carol Taylor
Claire Pilkington
Debbie Grogan
Gaynor Jones
Jane Evison
Jane Wyatt
Janet Brown
Jean Spearing
John Illingworth
Joy Toomer
Karen Robinson
Katy Mellor
Lesley Harrison
Mary Korn
Michelle France
Pat Guerin
Paul Daley
Pauline Daley
Rachel Rolfe
Rita Tweddle
Sally Mellor
Sandra Peters
Sarah Reeves
Shaun Walsh
Sophie Scott
Terry Madden
Tracy Sieminski.

Pennie Drumond

Added - 05/01/2015


By now you should all have received an invitation to vote on this proposed sponsorship deal.

Apparently, at the latest count, 582 members of those entitled have now voted, this represents 32%.
Voting is open to full members, associate members, young riders and junior riders.

There are three options - YES, NO, ABSTAIN - the choice is yours.


There is lots of Information on the Meydan pages on the main EGB website, under 'Members'.

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/12/2014


Please don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2014.

Please complete the following before forwarding:
  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
  • Please include distance totals in Kilometres.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after 31st December 2013 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an "insufficient postage paid" notification card be received.
Don’t forget you lucky people who won trophies last year to ensure that they are engraved and clean.
Please contact Pennie to arrange for their safe return to her.

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/12/2014


The sponsorship deal that has been offered to Endurance by Meydan and the Dubai Equestrian Club is now, as you will have been informed in an e-mail from John Hudson, going to be open to a vote by EGB members.

Please read all the information from the Board that is on the EGB web site in the members section before voting.

There are some strong feelings among members both for and against the concept of involving EGB in with DEC after the controversy that has surrounded riders and trainers from Dubai in recent years.

Can we really believe that DEC will keep to the rules, can EGB have sufficient officials and organisers to check rules are followed?

I believe we can, we have some very experienced FEI officials who have officiated in many countries around the world, including the Middle East.

The FEI have brought in a number of important new rules which came into force in August which have had a real impact on some of the previous problems, so we need to give these chance to kick in fully in 2015.

We have, after the recent EGB AGM, five new board members who will bring very different experience and views to the Board, a chairman who received the most votes in the recent election of any of the candidates and existing experienced Board members who we, the EGB members all voted onto the Board.

We need to allow them to do their job to decide if this sponsorship deal is good for the future of EGB and not be swayed by hearsay of instances of wrong doing by Dubai riders.

We should not be critical of the Board if they cannot supply a lot of the fine detail of the proposed sponsorship, this is not usually available until a deal is finalised and made public.

What we do know is that Meydan will provide a deal for all our FEI rides that organisers can pick and chose from, so we would have electronic timing, high quality veterinary treatment areas, catering etc. which will give a much more professional aspect to EGB, help to eliminate any problems due to inadequate timing equipment and safeguard our horses.

This will encourage more foreign riders to participate in Britain, provide better competition for our riders at our FEI events and reduce the need for our international riders to travel to Europe to compete.

There will also be considerable benefit to all members in our national classes and more opportunities for our junior and young riders.

Our endurance group has always struggled with our annual budget, we have for years had wish lists of what we would like to provide for members, but never the cash to put all these ideas into practice.

We have never been able to attract a major sponsor as the big companies want continuous success at world level ie championship medals and preferably Olympic medals, which obviously we cannot achieve.

Yes, there are some risks attached to the sponsorship, given the reputation of the DEC over the years, but this opportunity should be grasped now in the belief that the Board will have the control they promise over the deal.

If not EGB will continue to bumble along on a shoestring, using out-dated systems, horse treatment areas that are barely adequate, ride organisers struggling to balance the ride accounts etc.

Do use your vote, the future is your future.

Don’t let others decide without you.

If you have any questions, ask a board member or contact me.

Liz Finney

Added - 13/12/2014


This year's Quiz Night is being organised by the New Barn Riders.

It is planned to hold it at New Barn, Ollerton on Wednesday 18th February 2015 with, probably, a 7:30 start.

Would anyone interested in taking part please contact Liz Finney ~ tel 01565 633310 or e-mail

It would be good if the Group could put a couple of teams together for the event.

Chris Taylor

Added - 09/12/2014


Pat Guerin with Combe Farm Winter Amadeus, Jane Stewart on Keltie and Jean Spearing on Harvey            11 Mary Korn with Mister Mylo
Photo courtesy of                                               Photo Chris Taylor               

Pat Guerin and Combe Farm Winter Amadeus, known to his friends as Mo, won the Sheer Versatility AHS EGB Novice Endurance Award for 2014 and also were placed 3rd in the EGB Novice Championship.

Mary Korn and Mister Mylo gained their 3200 km distance award.

Hearty congratulations to both of you.

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/11/2014


Congratulations to Harry Ingram who was elected to the Board of Management of EGB at the AGM on November 23rd. Harry was encouraged to be involved in Endurance riding by CERG committee member Pat Guerin who herself has a distinguished Endurance and horsemanship career. Harry rapidly caught 'the bug' and progressed through the distances to become an advanced rider supported by his parents. He became really keen on improving the sport particularly for Young Riders.

He joined the Cheshire Committee and put a lot of time and effort into promoting EGB with workshops and publicity. Harry was also selected for the Young Riders International Squad.

Not content with just riding and preparing his horse plus attending Lancaster University and continuing his Cheshire commitments he was then elected as Chairman of the Young Riders Group. He has now finished Uni and is working in Manchester.

The Board will be fortunate to gain such an enthusiastic member who has ridden at all levels [with notable Success at Windsor FEI ride this year] and worked at most tasks in local level ride organisation. He will represent us well.

Maggie Maquire

Added - 26/11/2014


Many experienced riders print out a Kit List before embarking on a ride and tick the items off as they are loaded into their vehicle.

Believe me, it can be quite embarrassing to turn up at a ride without an essential piece of equipment.

Anna Collins has kindly prepared some lists that you may find useful for yourself.

Have a look through the list(s) relevant to your level here and see if there is anything a friend or loved one could buy for you for Christmas. If there is something, stick a small/big list on the the refrigerator door and cross your fingers.

Many thanks to Anna for putting the lists together.

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/11/2014


The Welsh Endurance Team AGM is to take place at the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells, Powys on November 30th @ 11.00am. We have the following vacancies on the team without which we will not be able to put forward teams for the Home International & Celtic Challenge, for which Wales are the hosts in 2015.

Chef - Sue Higgins is standing down & does not wish to be reconsidered

Secretary – Jane Smith is standing down & does not wish to be reconsidered

I am happy to continue as chair but am more than willing to stand aside if there are other nominations.

I do hope you will come to the meeting & that these posts can be filled, we need you!!


Charlotte Fleming

Chair WET

Added - 11/11/2014


PLEASE PLEASE use your vote.

All members should by now have received an invitation to vote either online or by post. If neither have arrived please contact MiVoice on 0845 241 4148 or E-Mail: and they will investigate.

You will receive reminders as we approach the end of the voting period unless you have already voted but online voting closes at 12noon on Tuesday 18th November.

Please remember you can only vote for Board nominations online or by post, you can not vote at the AGM for the candidates for the Board. However votes for the proposals can be made in advance online or by proxy or on the day in person. You can only vote for proposals using one of these methods!

Hopefully lots of people will be able to come to the AGM and have a great time at the awards dinner - please don't forget your tickets or your membership card..........

Many thanks
Jeni Gilbert

Added - 08/11/2014


I am just about to put in an order for navy blue riding tights with the Cheshire Group logo in gold.

The supplier describes them as follows:

A pull-on, fully seated riding tights/jodhpurs in all-way stretch performance fabrics. Highly comfortable with no zips or fasteners, they feature full-seating that extends from the seat area to mid-calf and an elasticated waist with superb fit due to the high Lycra® content. The Navy colour is available in Supplex/Lycra®.

NB: Please check your measurements against our size chart before ordering. Buying an incorrect size can cause irreparable damage to the garment, which cannot then be refunded or replaced.

Click here for a jpeg of their size chart.

The discounted cost (including post and packing) will be approximately £50 per pair.

Please confirm as soon as possible what you would like to

Muriel Taylor

Added - 07/11/2014


Winter activities- Flatwork lessons at New Barn, Ollerton.

We are running evening flatwork lessons at New Barn stables, Ollerton on Wednesday November 19th and Wednesday December 10th. from 7-8pm.
If anyone who wants to book but cannot get there for 7pm we can move it to 7.30-8.30pm so long as I know very soon!

Places will be limited so do book early by contacting Liz Finney tel 01565 633310 or e-mail

The instructor will be Sarah Johnson and lessons will be aimed at improving balance and flexibility which are so essential for successful endurance horses.

The cost will be £10 or £12 per horse, depending on how many horses we have.


Liz Finney

Added - 05/11/2014


Voting is open on-line for the EGB board members. There are 11 nominations and you can vote for up to 7. Remember that Cheshire member Harry Ingram is one of the nominees, so do use your vote!

Voting closes at noon on Tuesday November 18th and the results will be announced at the AGM on the 22nd.

Details of all the nominees are on the EGB website and there is also more information about some of the candidates on the forum and the chance to ask questions.

If you have not received an e-mail from Mi-Voice with the link to voting then do contact them either by e-mail at or phone 0845 2412 4148.

Liz Finney

Added - 02/11/2014


As I'm sure you all know, the EGB AGM Dinner will take place at the Daventry Court Hotel on 22nd November.

Pat Guerin would like anyone who is going to get in touch with her so we can hopefully organise a Cheshire table.

Drop Pat an email at

Chris Taylor

Added - 11/10/2014


Farrier Adam Davenhill & Year 4 apprentice Josh Frost
with the Awards
(Photo courtesy of Anna Collins)

You may recall that Anna Collins' horse Diamond Destiny was judged the Best Shod horse at the Inter-Regional Event at Barbury Castle back in August.

The picture above shows farrier Adam Davenhill and Year 4 apprentice Josh Frost with a bottle of Glenfiddich and Diamond Destiny in a beautiful, embroidered rug. These awards were sponsored by Jamie Goddard of Jamie Goddard Farrier Services.

Well done to all concerned.

Chris Taylor

Added - 28/09/2014


I am sorry to report that the Peak District Ride this month has been cancelled "due to family commitments".

I am sure it wasn't an easy decision and send our best wishes for dealing with the problem.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/09/2014


Pat Guerin PHA Veteran winner Anne Brown AHS President Maxine Stewart Equine Products, Malvern
Pat & Zhiwah, Anne Brown (AHS Pres)
and Maxine Stewart (Equine Products)
(Photo courtesy of Anne Brown)

I am pleased to report that Pat Guerin’s 22 year old horse Zhiwah (Ziggy) has been declared the Arab Horse Society's Performance Award High Point Veteran Horse winner for 2013. An outstanding performance by any standard.

This award takes into account up to the best 20 competitive results from all disciplines the horse takes part in for the current year and the Veteran is an additional award within it. Zhiwah's points were mainly from endurance plus some dressage and ridden showing. He was presented with a large rosette from the Arab horse Society and a bag of goodies from Natural Equine at the National Arab Show at Malvern.

The Performance Awards are sponsored by Anne Brown of Gadebrook Stud who made the presentation and the Top Veteran was given an additional prize of natural horse care products by Maxine Stewart of Natural Equine.

The photo above shows Pat and Zhiwah at the with Anne Brown (President of the AHS in hat) and Maxine Stewart (Equine Products) at the Arab Horse Society National Arab Show at Malvern being presented with the large rosette and the bag of goodies.

Many congratulations to Zhiwah and, of course, Pat.

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/09/2014


Dear Members

Your Board is constantly seeking to improve how best to deliver your needs as Members of Endurance GB, and we’re now writing now to explain how we believe you can help. As you know the Board comprises 15 Members; currently there are four vacant positions and three existing Directors are due to retire at the AGM in November having completed their 3 year terms. Consequently we have an urgent need to attract experienced and skilled new blood to continue the valuable and challenging work that the Board is doing on your behalf.

One significant change that we have been debating for some time is the size and function of the Board. We feel that the interests of Endurance GB, our sport and yourselves might best be served by a smaller number of 10-12 Directors responsible for more specifically defined functions and responsibilities, supported closely by an enhanced Committee structure with greater involvement of our Members. A closer connection and involvement with the Regional Groups is also seen as highly desirable. Clearly any major change in our governance would require our Constitution to be modified, so it is something that the Membership would need to debate and then vote upon at an Extraordinary General Meeting if thought appropriate.

In the meantime, with the approaching need for nominations and elections for the Board prior to the AGM, we thought it would be helpful to Members if we outlined the qualities and skills needed by your Board Members, and especially those that we would like to attract and strengthen for the coming year to help deliver the Endurance GB Strategy and Operating Plan. This is not intended to frighten people off, but to encourage suitably qualified Members to put themselves forward, or have their arms twisted, to stand for these important roles and responsibilities.

Being a Board Member represents a significant commitment and demand on people’s time and one not to be taken on lightly. However it is not beyond the reach of any Member with the necessary skills and can be most enjoyable and personally rewarding. As well as having their own specialised business, professional and life skills and a good knowledge of endurance at all levels, your Directors need to be flexible, committed to hard work and driven to meet tight deadlines, shouldering their fair share of Board duties. They also need to generate and be receptive to new ideas, improvements and change so that our Organisation continues to develop and grow. Experience of strategic thinking, team working and reaching sound corporate decisions within a professional Board/Committee environment is essential, as is the ability to listen, communicate rationally and be diplomatic.

Specifically this year we feel that the Board needs to attract people who can contribute significantly towards the following four specific roles:
  • National and International rides and rules;
  • PR, marketing , communications and sponsorship;
  • IT systems development and implementation;
  • financial strategy and fundraising.
Members will have the opportunity to assess how individual candidates contribute towards these different roles before voting by reading their election manifestos. So if you would like to help Endurance GB and think you have some of the qualities and skills needed to be a Board Member, or know someone who has, please start preparing your nomination now. Clearly not every candidate will have all of the above qualities, skills and experience. The key to the future success of Endurance GB is to have a well balanced, proactive and forward thinking Board with the professional skills needed to develop our Organisation and sport at all levels. We look forward to seeing a healthy crop of Members willing and able to take up this important challenge for the behalf of all.

Board of Directors of Endurance GB: 6th September 2014

Added - 08/09/2014


We need your help to run the Long Mynd Endurance Ride on Sunday 7th September.

This is a Cheshire Group ride so if you can spare some time your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sue and Sally are looking for timekeepers, stewards, vet writers and gate manners.

Please get in touch with Sue:
Tel: 01938 580086
Mobile: 07866 007427
Email: Sue Higgins

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/08/2014


2014 team in their Pure Feed Company sponsored caps

Congratulations to the North West team, comprised of riders from the Cheshire and Lancashire Groups on achieving 4th place at the Inter Regional Championships on 9th & 10th August 2014.

Shaun Walsh, led the team as Chef d’Equipe through the classes and the successes included 1st place in the 101km Competitive Endurance Ride (CER) and1st place in the 40km Novice Graded Endurance Ride (GER). The team also picked up Best Shod Horse which was sponsored by Jamie Goddard Farrier Services.

Well done to all who took part in and crewed at the event.

Photo shows the team of riders in their ‘Pure Feed Company’ sponsored caps.

Class Rider Horse Place
101km CER Julie Kendall Perfeq Pacha de Blaziet 1st
80km CER Terry Madden Medraar 5th
40+40km GER Anna Collins Diamond Destiny - Best Shod Horse 4th
65km GER Izzy Wilson Gizmo I 9th
65km GER John Black Diamond Flight 11th
40km GER Nov Jane Wyatt Magners Gold 1st
31km GER Gaynor Jones Squire  
31km GER Nov Jean Spearing Copshawholm Roman Emperor 5th

Anna Collins

Added - 13/08/2014


Our team comprising Julie Kendall, Terry Madden, Anna Collins, John Black, Izzy Wilson (Lancs), Jane Wyatt, Gaynor Jones and Jean Spearing are off to Barbury Castle this coming weekend to represent the North-West in the Inter-Regional Championships.

We wish them all, their crews and supporters and the Chefs d'Equipe Sean and Amanda all the very best in their endeavours.

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/08/2014

Peover ~ 17/08/2014
Tegg's Nose ~ 12/10/2014

Helpers are being sought to assist in the running of these two rides.

If you can spare some time your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

For Peover please contact Liz Finney: Tel: 01565 633310
Email: Liz Finney

For Tegg's Nose please contact john Illingworth: Tel: 01625 430584
Email: John Illingworth

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/07/2014


The team has been announced to represent the North West in the Endurance GB Inter-Regional Championships to be held at Saracen Horse Feeds Champion of Barbury ride in Wiltshire on 9 & 10 August.

The eight competitors will ride 493km (308 miles) between them over the two day event which takes place at the fabulous venue of Barbury Castle International Event Course.

The horse and rider combinations are all at different levels from novice (in their first competitive season), open and advanced. The distances are ‘graded’, where horses who successfully complete the ride are awarded a grade based on finishing heart rate and speed and ‘competitive’ where horses who successfully complete the ride are ranked in order of finishing. All the riders must pass pre and post ride vet inspections and for the longer rides, there is a vet check in the middle to make sure that the horses are OK to continue.

Shaun Walsh, Chef d’equipe for the team said “usually in endurance riding, competitors have personal goals with their horses, but in this case, all the points contribute to the overall team position. The North West has a strong history in the inter-regional championships and I hope that we do well but to get all the horses and riders round safe and happy has to be the first goal. There will be a crew of helpers looking after the riders and horses needs which come foremost in endurance riding.”

Class / Distance Rider Group Horse
Advanced 101km Competitive Endurance Ride Julie Kendall Cheshire Perfeq Pacha
Advanced 80km Competitive Endurance Ride Terry Madden Cheshire Medraar
Open/Advanced 80km (40+40 over 2 days) Anna Collins Cheshire Diamond Destiny
Open/Advanced 65km Graded Endurance Ride John Black Cheshire Diamond Flight
Open/Advanced 65km Graded Endurance Ride Izzy Wilson Lancashire Gizmo
Novice 40km Graded Endurance Ride Jane Wyatt Cheshire Magners Gold
Open/Advanced 31km Graded Endurance Ride Gaynor Jones Cheshire Squire
Novice 31km Graded Endurance Ride Jean Spearing Cheshire Copshawholm Roman Emperor

Anna Collins

Added - 20/07/2014


We currently have no Cheshire Group branded clothing for sale but have recently received several enquiries.

Holding a stock of clothing ties up a lot of the Group funds and, if we don’t get our order correct, some items seem to hang around unsold for ages. So, to avoid any waste of money and effort, we are seeking to find out how much interest there might be in Cheshire Group branded clothing.

You can see examples of clothing we have stocked in the past by visiting

Please reply via the email link below if you would be interested in buying something from us. Please state what items you would like (e.g. jods, fleeces, sweatshirts, sweatshirts with zips, polo shirts, baseball caps etc.). Please also give an idea of the size required (S, M, L, XL etc.) and whether you'd prefer a hood where appropriate.

There is no commitment from you at this stage and similarly no guarantee we will proceed with the matter. It all depends on demand and then sourcing good quality for the right price.

Please click here to send Muriel an email on this.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/07/2014


The lady I have been riding with has lost her loaned pony for pleasure rides and I have entered the 15 mile ride at Chadkirk, Stockport on 13th July.

Zarra is much better in traffic if she has a buddy and this ride uses some roads which can be busy. I wonder if anyone has entered and wants someone to ride with. I plan on taking it steady at about 10kph.

If interested please ring me after 6pm on 01614400268, or email me at

Thanks in advance.

Rita Tweddle

Added - 26/06/2014


Dear Cheshire Members,

The Pony Club are again holding the Endurance Championships at Cholmondeley Castle on Monday, 18th August, 2014.
I was wondering if any of the Cheshire EGB members would be interested in helping out on the Monday, either Starter/Timekeeper, Check Point/Road Crossing stewards and general stewards. You will be given expense sheets to fill in and be treated to refreshments, plated dinner or packed lunch dependent on what you wish to do.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Hannah Clack
Polocrosse, Endurance,
Insurance & National Quiz Secretary
The Pony Club
02476 698315


Added - 26/06/2014


Photographs from the Wirral Ride are now online. There is still time to take The Fotografer's special offer of £5 for all of his photographs of you.

Please go to The Fotographer.

UPDATE: In addition you may buy printed photos from the website at half price. These two offers are only available until the 30th June. Your support will mean I can attend in the future. To take advantage of this offer please ring 0797 108 4241 with your card details.

Graham Loader.

Chris Taylor

Added - 22/06/2014 Updated - 26/06/2014


The winners were as follows:

Ticket 281: Pam Jordan - a photo montage courtesy of The Fotografer.

Ticket 283: Jill Thorburn - a head collar courtesy of Zoe Lindop.

Ticket 236: Ammanda Morriss - a voucher for a free entry to a Cheshire Group PR.

Ticket 247: Lisa Wilkinson - a bottle of wine.

Ticket 297: Claire Dawes - Finomunch.

Many thanks to the prize donors and everyone else who supported the raffle. £107 was raised to support our members taking part in the Inter-Regionals.

Chris Taylor

Added - 22/06/2014


Cheshire Endurance Group are celebrating the success of two of its’ riders in two of the toughest events in the endurance calendar.

Cheshire physiotherapist from West Kirby, Jo Gibson won the 100km (62 miles) “Denbigh Slate” endurance ride, riding her arab mare SG Anesstasia. Jo completed the gruelling ride in just under 6 hours, an average of 16.6 KPH speed over some very testing terrain.

Jo said, “Endurance riding is a fabulous sport at all levels, it has its social side and you get to see some otherwise inaccessible areas of the countryside but the real test is getting yourself and your horse fit enough to take on the challenge. I was delighted to have won. Whilst the terrain was challenging the good bits outweighed the muddy bits!”

Meanwhile, congratulations go to Cheshire Group rider from Allostock, Harry Ingram on being the first British rider to cross the finish line at the Royal Windsor Endurance Ride and achieving 12th place overall. Harry, riding Bronze Nahdir competed the 120km CEI 2* course and was up against some top international riders from the UAE, Bahrain and France. The race was observed by three different royal families, including HM Queen Elizabeth, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the UAE and King Hamad of Bahrain.

Harry said, “The atmosphere was fantastic from beginning to end and I felt very lucky to have been able to have taken part. It was a privilege to ride around the Great Park and even do a lap of Ascot!. Ali (Bronze Nahdir), was on top form and although this was his first 120km ride, he managed to maintain a decent pace over 20kph. Thanks goes to my fantastic back-up crew, who were exceptional in looking after myself and Ali the entire time."

Anna Collins

Added - 17/06/2014


Having recently finished in first place in the 80km 1* ride at the Kings Forest Ride (at a speed of 19.3kph) Harry riding Bronze Nahdir (Ali to his friends) finished 12th in the Royal Windsor Horse Show 120km Endurance Ride on Friday 16th May.

Harry was the first British rider to finish (at a speed of 21.45kph).

And now, just two days later, he has completed the 10km Greater Manchester Run in 47 minutes.

Well done Harry.

Chris Taylor

Added - 18/05/2014


In spite of the poor weather there was a very good turn out over the weekend for this ride. I would like to thank all the helpers for their brilliant support without which the Frolic could not have been run.

There was a very sad event on Sunday and we offer sincere condolences to Kara Millhouse on the loss of her horse Frosty. Our thoughts are with her.

Lost property

We have a very nice Italian saddle pad which was left with one of the Check point stewards on Saturday. Please will the owner get in touch.

Pat Guerin

Added - 14/05/2014


This year we have extended the registration time for Green Dragon Teams until the 1st June.

So, you are not too late, get 4 horses together (!) and email us the name of the team and the horses and off you go.

Results are retrospective and so include all graded/competitive rides in the 2014 season.

So spread the word and see if you can be the 2014 winners...........

Please send your team names and horse logbook numbers to the EGB office, one horse must be designated as the less than 50k horse, a horse can be in more than one team and if you have any queries please contact

Many thanks

Jeni Gilbert

Added - 11/05/2014


The Last of The Summer Wine ride has been cancelled, due to the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire and part of the ride route being re-surfaced for that.

Liz Finney

Added - 28/04/2014


Some members have not yet renewed their membership of EGB , so need to do so before entering an EGB competition.
They will not have the EGB insurance cover until they renew their membership.

Liz Finney

Added - 14/04/2014


The Oakmere Way has recently been opened by the Mid-Cheshire Bridleway Association.

It is a 3.2km long multi-user route which creates a link between the Whitegate Way and Delamere Forest.

Please go to Mid-Cheshire Bridleway Association for more information.

Chris Taylor

Added - 10/04/2014

HOME INTERNATIONALS - 15th-17th August 2014

Scotland are this year’s hosts in Town Yetholm in the beautiful Scottish Borders on 15th to 17th August.

EGB are looking for Horses and Riders at all levels to become part of the Squad.

Classes Range from a 2 Day 160km CER through Junior 50 km GER and a Novice Horse & Rider combination over 40 km GER.

This is a great opportunity to experience being part of a very exciting Championship Team, with committed Team Management, including Vet and Physio.

Please send in your applications, a little about you, your horse, your crew (if you have one) and why you would like to be part of the ENGLAND SQUAD to:

Applications as always welcome from past squad members.

Click here to see a Poster in PDf format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 22/03/2014


We are in desperate need of a First Aider for our Tegg's Nose Pleasure Ride on 29th March.

If you can assist please contact the organiser John Illingworth on 01625 430584
or send an email to

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/03/2014


In addition to the prize Jodie Markham won for the most sponsorship, Graham Loader of also kindly sponsored several raffle prizes:

A4 photograph: Must be claimed by the end of this week;
A5 photograph: Naomi Volp;
Photo Mug: Emma Thomas;
Web Image: Janet Shaw.

He also offered a Buy One Get One Free for the first five orders from the event. The winners of these were:

1st Barry Jackson;
2nd Felicity Edmeston;
3rd Lorna Kidson;
4th Sarah Harper and Peter Berry.

We are extremely grateful for Graham's support for this event.

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/03/2014


The prize for the most sponsorship raised for Cancer Research UK at the Delamere Pink ride has been won by Jodie Markham aged 15, from Bolton.

She raised £145.50 from friends and family, despite not being able to complete in the ride when her mother's horse would not travel, so they came without the horses and Jodie walked the course instead!

Jodie wins the A3 montage donated by Graham Loader of who has said he will make up the montage from photos being sent to him by Jodie's mother, Anne, as Jodie's horse was not able to be at the ride.

Liz Finney

Added - 15/03/2014


6 Sarah Bamber, 7 Nicky Clark and 25 Jamie Houghton       38 Rachael  Leyland       126 Ponita Whiteside, 127 Kirstie Irwin, 148 Katie Roabuck and 149 Elizabeth Jackson

Our Delamere Forest Pink Ride last weekend raised over £1500 for Cancer Research UK. The precise total is unknown as a number of riders organised personal sponsorship which they will send direct to Cancer Research.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the cause by taking part and we hope you all enjoyed your day in the forest.

A special thank you to those who donated raffle prizes including Graham Loader of The raffle raised just under £150 so thanks also to those who supported it by buying tickets.

The ride couldn't have happened without numerous helpers both before and on the day so thanks to them as well.

We hope you all thought it was worthwhile.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/03/2014


As I expect most of you know, I often take my camera to Cheshire Group rides and take a few photographs (usually around the venue) to put on this website. They are then freely available for the riders to download their photo(s) and do as they wish with them. It's done purely for fun and in no way compares with any professional photos available for the ride but hopefully provide a simple record for the rider.

There has always been a Notice displayed on the Secretary's Notice Board warning that photos may be taken for the website and giving riders or guardians the opportunity to object to their photos being used on the website.

Anna Collins has recently taken over the PR rôle for the Group and has already had items appear in several local publications including Cheshire Today and the Knutsford Guardian. The inclusion of a photograph can make the press releases more attractive to publishers and we are therefore proposing that some of my shots from the website could be used.

Now the important bit: the Notice for the Secretary's board will be amended to read "for the Cheshire Group Website and for Group publicity". You will therefore have the opportunity to opt out as before. You can also opt out by sending me an email here so that I can keep a record and respect your wishes.

Click here to read a copy of the Notice in Word .doc format or here for a copy in PDF format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/03/2014

Organised by Mid Cheshire Bridleways

Mid Cheshire Bridleways have organised a talk by William Reddaway who has ridden around England last year. We are holding it at the Blue Cap at Sandiway as this seems to be a good venue for people on 19th March.

You are invited to attend what promises to be an interesting evening. It will also be an opportunity to meet other people with an interest in horses as it is hoped several clubs will attend. Perhaps an ideal opportunity to spread the word about endurance riding.

Any queries re talk please contact Jenny Sloane on 01928 788413.

Click here for a poster in Word doc. format for more details.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/02/2014


On The Gallops 1      On The Gallops 2      On The Gallops 3
Photos courtesy of Andraya Hiscock of

Our training day today, February 16th took place at Dean Valley EC , by kind permission of Karen and Steve Hague.

We had a good turnout with seven horse and riders and six coming without horses.

Many thanks to our experts who have supported our group many times over the years at training days.

Caroline Dickens set the ball rolling with a talk on nutrition, followed by horse physio Andraya Hiscock and then Rachael Atkinson, one of EGB’s level 3 coaches, rounded off the morning session.

After a short break, riders then rotated round a ridden session with Rachael and individual sessions with Andraya and Caroline.

Andraya and Rachael then watched the horses and riders to give their joint expertise on the balance of horse and rider.

We then moved on to the all weather gallop, where riders learnt to judge their speed , with a few getting a real surprise at how fast they were going, even at the trot!

Emphasis was on riding smoothly and having a well balanced horse, which is essential to be successful at the sport.

Everyone really enjoyed the day and said how much they and their horses had learnt.

Those who have not yet done competitive rides found that they can easily ride at the speeds required for novice classes and the importance of schooling rather than miles of roadwork.

Endurance riding is easier than many imagine, not much more than a hack out at the weekend with friends, until you start getting really serious about it!

That’s a different ball park, when the attention to the smallest detail, as explained by Rachael, is essential for success.

Liz Finney

Added - 16/02/2014


If you satisfy the following criteria you could qualify for the Welsh Endurance Team for the Home International and Celtic Challenge:
Riders must have been born in Wales or have lived in Wales for the last 12 months.
At least 5 graded endurance rides (GERs) must be completed successfully prior to the competition and at least 1 must be of a qualifying distance. In the case of the positions for 160km and 120km - 2 qualifying rides are required. (Qualifying distance shown in table below). These rides may be completed at any competitive endurance ride.

Home International Team
Distance Qualifying Distance
1 x 100m / 160km over 2 days 50m / 80km – 2 or more
1 x 75m / 120km over 2 days 50m / 80km – 2 or more
1 x 50m / 80km ER 1 day 50m / 80km
1 x 50m / 80km over 2 days 40m / 64km
1 x Novice 25m / 40km 1 day 25m / 40km No Ride over 30m / 48km
1 x Junior 30m / 48 km 1 day 30m / 48km 1 day

Celtic Challenge Team
Distance Qualifying Distance
1 x 100m / 160km over 2 days 50m / 80km – 2 or more
1 x 50m / 80km ER 1 day 50m / 80km
1 x 50m / 80km over 2 days 40m / 64km
1 x 50m / 80km over 2 days Junior 40m / 64km
1 x Novice (Horse) 25m / 40km 1 day 25m / 40km No Ride over 30m / 48km
1 x Novice - 30m / 48 km 1 day 30m / 48km 1 day

They need team players, able to perform at the appropriate level, to produce their mount at an appropriate level of fitness and to make the team success their top priority. It is particularly difficult to find a novice horse/ novice rider combination, so please don’t let inexperience put you off applying for a place!

Our own Sue Higgins is the Chef d'Equipe so you'd be in good company.

If at all interested please see the WET Rider Initial Interest Form in PDF format and WET Rider Invitation in PDF format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 10/02/2014


Liz Finney introduces Arnie Agnew    Arnie Agnew during his presentation    

Last night Arnie Agnew from Agnew Equine gave a lively, interesting and informative presentation to over two dozen ladies and gentleman at New Barn Riding Centre, Ollerton. The presentation was followed by a useful question and answer session where those present were able to enquire further into some of the points raised.

All the proceeds were passed on to the Mid-Cheshire Riding for the Disabled Group based at New Barn.

Thanks to Arnie for his time and effort.

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/01/2014


Don't forget to register so that your horse(s) can qualify for our Group Trophies as you ride this coming year.

A new Registration form is now ready on the Group Membership page or direct from
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format (updated Jan 2014).
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format (updated Jan 2014).

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/01/2014


From EGB HQ:

Hi All

Happy New Year

Once again we will be holding a Conference for all our Volunteers. The dates this year are:

Sunday 2nd February at Chisledon near Swindon (jn 15 M4) please note this date has had to change due to a clash of events.

Saturday 15th February at Woodkirk near Leeds (jn 28 M62).

The conference will be concentrating on updating Groups, Organisers, TS's and other helpers on all the new administrative and rule changes for 2014 and the exciting plans for Endurance GB!
New Organisers will be very welcome and they will be able to pick the brains of our more experienced Organisers.

Please circulate this info and let me know asap whether you are able to attend and if you have any dietary restrictions as a light lunch will be served.

Look forward to hearing from you

Jo Claridge - chair of Groups

Jeni Gilbert - chair of R&R

If any member would like to attend one of these sessions please contact Liz Finney: Tel 01565 633310; 07970 203362.

Chris Taylor

Added - 05/01/2014


Please see the earlier message on this dated 07/12/2013 below and don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2013.

I won't repeat all the instructions again but just remind you that late arrival of your information will disqualify you from eligibility for the Trophies. Sounds harsh, maybe, at this busy time of year but it is also a busy time for Pennie as well.

I hope you are all having an enjoyable festive season.

Pennie has provided a list of the event logs received to date:

Amanda Jones
Anna Collins
Anne Farley
Claire Pilkington Debbie Heard
Gaynor Jones
Harry Ingram
Jane Stewart
Jill Thorburn
Karen Robinson
Kathryn Watterson
Katy Mellor
Lesley Harrison
Mary Korn
Muriel Taylor
Pat Guerin
Peter Ingram
Rachel Robinson
Rachel Rolfe
Rita Tweddle
Sally Mellor
Sandra Peters
Sarah Reeves
Shaun Walsh
Sue Higgins
Sydney Byrd
Terry Madden

Thanks Pennie

Chris Taylor

Added - 28/12/2013 Updated - 02/01/2014


Congratulations to Katy Mellor who has been recognised as one of seven unexpected stars in the current edition of Horse and Hound. This is as a result of her success at last year's Golden Horseshoe where she was only one of two riders to complete the 160km Golden Horseshoe Class. She was in good company as the other finisher was David Yeoman, a former British Team member. She was the youngest rider and Angelina Ginny the smallest ever pony to complete the class.

Other unexpected stars include Ryan Mania, winner of the Grand National and Phoebe Peters, double gold medallist at the dressage junior European championships, so exalted company.

Liz Finney

Well done Katy - of course, we already knew you are a star but it's nice to see it recognised elsewhere.

Chris Taylor
Added - 12/12/2013


The EGB Office is now open at its new premises. Please remember renewals and memberships can not be processed until the 16th December.

The telephone number and the post code remain the same. The address to use is:

Endurance GB,
Abbey Park,

The office will be open for renewals and registrations from the 16th December.

Liz Finney

Added - 12/12/2013


The Associate Membership scheme is changing!

From January 2014 as an Associate Member you will be entitled to enter ALL PLEASURE RIDES run by Endurance GB whether at national or local group level at members’ rates.

In Cheshire this means you can now enter the Frolic & Wirral rides as well as our Delamere, Teggs Nose, Peover & Congleton rides all at the reduced rate. Other benefits include full insurance cover for the day of the ride plus 6 EGB magazines per year.

In order to achieve this the subscription has been increased but it gives you much more choice as you will now be able to enter any pleasure ride anywhere in the country. By entering just 2 national rides you will save £16 & thus break even on your new subscription of £35. As well as our Cheshire rides there are some more lovely routes in surrounding counties.

Also you now will have the choice of joining on line via the national office as well as locally as before via the Cheshire group. Should you wish to become a Full Competitive member during the year you can do so just by paying the difference in membership. All these details will appear on the web site (or by post to those without internet access) & in the next edition of the Endurance GB magazine. The EGB office is moving & closed until 16th December so no renewals can be processed before then.

Please ask if you have any queries!

Pat Guerin

Added - 12/12/2013


The Minutes of the AGM of The Welsh Endurance Team which took place on Sunday 1st December 2013 at the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells, Powys may be of particular interest for our Welsh members.

Click here to see a copy of the Minutes in PDF format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/12/2013


Please don't forget your distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2013.

Please complete the following before forwarding:
  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
  • Please include distance totals in Kilometres.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after 31st December 2013 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an insufficient notification card be received.
Don’t forget you lucky people who won trophies last year to ensure that they are engraved and clean.
Please contact Pennie to arrange for their safe return to her.

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/12/2013


Pat Guerin, organiser of our Congleton PR on 17th November, has just confirmed that the ride will now definitely go ahead. Our thanks go to whoever it is who has filled the First Aid job.

Although we have sufficient entries to make the ride worthwhile it would be nice to have a few more especially after the disappointment of having to cancel the Tegg's Nose Ride. Now that this ride has been confirmed we hope there will be a few more entries.

As yet, there are not many Cheshire members coming which is a shame as it is a good winter ride with marvellous views on a clear day. The route comprises mostly lanes and a disused railway with a few bridleways.

There's no chance of getting stuck at the venue either which is a tarmac car park with a toilet (but no water).

Your support for this event (our last of 2013) would be much appreciated.

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/11/2013



EGB members can now vote on-line for members and financial proposals that are on the EGB website, prior to the AGM.
The details are on the website and members need to register to vote.
Discussion on the proposals are on the members forum.
The final date for voting is Nov. 19th.

Members going to the AGM have the choice of either voting on-line or at the AGM.

Please have your say, use your vote!

Liz Finney

Added - 04/11/2013


Thanks to BAILEYS HORSE FEEDS who kindly provided prizes for the following winners:

85km 2 Day GER

1st. Anne Harrison riding Shoshana       2nd. Jackie Lloyd riding Zim Nazka

3rd. Julie Martin riding Ghalib Zafir         4th. Emma Martin riding Silva        

Top 42km GER Riders

Saturday: Peter Ingram riding Madison

Sunday: Terry Madden riding Medraar

Top 32km GER Riders

Saturday: Jill Thorburn riding Diamond Flight

Sunday: Lesley parker riding Sylvanpark Scallywag

The Eld Trophy ~ Donated by Sue Evans
Awarded to the Best Shod Horse or Pony on Day One (Delamere Ride).


Won by Madison ridden by Peter Ingram

My apologies for the quality of some of the photographs - but they were all taken at this year's Frolic.
Chris Taylor

Added - 30/10/2013


Pat Guerin, organiser of our Congleton PR on 17th November, writes:

I am extremely grateful to all those people who have offered to help at the Congleton Ride but so far I do not have anyone qualified to be responsible for First Aid.
Is there anyone out there who would be willing to do this on Sunday 17th November otherwise I shall have to cancel the ride.

Entries are coming in and it would be a great shame to cancel.


If anyone can help or you know someone who may be able to help please get in touch with Pat on 01477 534194.

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/10/2013


I very reluctantly have to inform you that the Tegg's Nose Pleasure Ride has been cancelled due to a LACK OF HELPERS along with the small number of entries.

We must always have sufficient helpers to run a ride safely and I regret that we just have not managed to find enough to run the ride even if we had sufficient entries to make it worthwhile.

Our apologies to every one who had supported this ride by either entering or offering help.

Chris Taylor

Added - 09/10/2013


If you are thinking of entering our Tegg's Nose PR please contact the organiser John Illingworth by this Wednesday.

You can reach John:
Tel: 01625 430584

Unless there are more entries by Wednesday there is a real danger we will have to cancel this event. This would be a great shame as the original date earlier in the year fell foul of the weather and John would have put all the effort into two events without any reward.

If the event does go ahead we are still looking for some helpers. Once again, John is the man to contact.

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/10/2013


If you can spare some time on 12th October to give John Illingworth some help at the Tegg's Nose Ride it would be much appreciated.

Please contact John if you can assist:
Tel: 01625 430584

John Illingworth writes:

As many of you will know I am a bit of a horse nut!

Anyway to prove the point I am doing a sponsored ride through the Wadi Rum desert of Jordan in aid of the British Horse Society welfare group that helps horses not just in the UK but especially where horses/ponies/donkeys are used for work often in poorer parts of the world.

I have set up a Just Giving page if you would like to support this effort
Please do tick the Gift Aid box so that the BHS can reclaim the tax!

Many thanks for your support, John

Good luck John - we hope you get plenty of support.

Chris Taylor

Added - 30/09/2013


The transfer to our new host appears to have been completed successfully though it took much longer than was indicated so I apologise for the site being unavailable for most of Monday 16th September.
HOWEVER, there may be the odd item that does not display as normal.
YOU CAN HELP ME by letting me know of any such problem so I can try to put it right. No reward other than my thanks!!!

Talking of thanks I should like to express my thanks to Jill Kent at eshophosts for her help and support over the past 8 years.

There is a chance that this site may disappear for an hour or two on Monday/Tuesday 16th-17th September.

Our current host is retiring and we are having to move all our files to a new host. I'm afraid the site will not be available while the files are being transferred and there may be other times if unexpected problems arise. I apologise for this situation but it cannot be avoided I'm afraid.

As soon as the site is stable again I will upload some photos from both days of our 2013 Forest Frolic.

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/09/2013 Updated 17/09/2013


At the Saturday venue in Delamere Forest you may find some promotional material or collections being made for a charity event being organised by the "GoApe Tribe" who occupy a part of the forest near to which our ride passes. They have kindly agreed to ask their visitors to show consideration to our riders and as a gesture of support and goodwill we have agreed to their presence at the venue.

The "GoApe Tribe" are doing a charity event at the end of the month raising money for Cancer Research UK and Help for Heroes. They are undertaking a huge zip line climbing event, as a team they are going to climb 19,772 metres up a zip line. Below is a link to a promo video on you tube and links to their two charity pages:. - Promo Video - Cancer Research UK - Help for Heroes

Chris Taylor

Added - 13/09/2013


Have you entered for our Longmynd Ride on 8th September? If not Sue Higggins would really appreciate your help on the day.

The ride is a little way from the part of Cheshire where most of our members live and consequently Sue finds the offers of help from within the Group are not that plentiful. However, it is a Cheshire Group ride and, as such, any help from Cheshire members would be most welcome.

Please get in touch with Sue with either your entry or an offer of help if you possibly can.

Sue Higgins - Phone: 01938 580086; Mobile: 07866 007427 or Email:

Chris Taylor
Added - 04/08/2013

INTER REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - North West Team Finishes Second

Just a quick message to say "Well done" to all the North West Team (including the Chefs and crews) on finishing in second place.

We hope you all had a good time and enjoyed the experience.

More details will surely follow in the coming days.

Again - well done and thank you for making the effort to represent us all.

Chris Taylor
Added - 14/07/2013

13th and 14th July 2013

A massive congratulations and good luck to the North West Team heading down to Kings Forest this weekend. The team comprises of:
103k CER. Terry Madden & Rachel Rolf
80k CER, Julie Kendall & Sue Higgins
64k GER, John Black, Katie Mellor & Wild Card Ruth Chadwick
32k multi day GER class Jill Thorburn & Diane Gillings
48k GER, Izzy Wilson, Sam Fearn & Wild Card Pat Guerin
32k GER, Max Wilson & Rachel Knight

We will try our best to bring that inter regional trophy back up north where it belongs!

Amanda and Shaun

Well done and thank you to all of you.

We wish you all the very best.

Chris Taylor
Added - 09/07/2013

13th and 14th July 2013

Dear group member,

We are now drawing closer to the Inter Regional Championship event we have had interest from many of you in relation to representing our region. As I am sure you can appreciate the organization of bringing together a winning team is time consuming on top of our busy day jobs! In order to ensure we are on track we are selecting the final combinations on June 22nd. Please can we urge all those still to express and interest do so as a matter of urgency and send your results thus far this season to us as well so we can tentatively match combinations to competition criteria, also please express your preference of class.

We will in return announce the selected team the following week so people can make arrangements and get entries in etc...

To expresses your interest please email, details of the event can be found here:

We look forward to hearing from you all,

Many thanks,

Shaun and Amanda

Added - 12/06/2013


Hearty congrtaulations to Jo Gibson who won The Wharncliffe Chase last Sunday 9th of June.

In a racing finish she beat Larissa Whiley (2nd) and Tracey Thompson (3rd) in the 80km Endurance Ride.

Very well done Jo.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/06/2013


I regret to inform you that the Wirral Ride has been cancelled.

We have found ourselves in the unfortunate situation where other events have been arranged for the date of our ride by the Rangers. As a result, the parking area (which is shared with the public and was difficult at the best of times) will be even more crowded and there are serious doubts there would be enough room for all our entrants.

On top of that the Wirral Way and areas surrounding the Visitor Centre will also be very crowded and we have had to re-assess the safety issue. The risk is now considered to be at an unacceptable level.

All is not doom and gloom however. We are trying to find an alternative (though nearby) venue for a little later in the year and will let you know if/when a new date has been confirmed.

Please accept our apologies for this cancellation and look out for a new date if our attempts at rearranging this ride work out.

Chris Taylor

Added - 28/05/2013

Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire - 19/08/2013

We have recieved the following message from Katie Hubbard:

I am writing with regards to The Pony Club Endurance Championships – which are, for the first time, being held in conjunction with the other disciplines at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire. Previously, we have been lucky enough to run alongside other EGB Cheshire rides, as you know, and are immensely grateful for all the help and support we have received in previous years. However, for various reasons, we have combined with the other Pony Club disciplines and will be “going it alone”!

I am writing to ask whether there are any EGB Cheshire volunteers that may be able to assist with the proceedings on Monday 19th August. As you will be aware, an event of this size takes a great deal of manpower and we really need to call on the help of fabulous volunteers in order for the Championships to run. It doesn’t matter the level of expertise of volunteers may have who are willing to help; there is just a need for enthusiastic volunteers who will help us run the day smoothly. Roles available currently include time keeping, checkpoint stewarding, safety stewarding (e.g. road crossings) and writing for our vets. Those who are able to give up their time will be provided with lunch, briefing for their post and a supply of tea and coffee for the day.

Should there be any individuals that are free to help, if you can mark your availability on this form, and return the slip to me via email or by posting to The Pony Club, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RW, it would be much appreciated.

Should anyone have any questions regarding the roles that are required, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details provided.

I would like to take this time to thank EGB Cheshire (and EGB) for all their support thus far – we really hope that Endurance with The Pony Club can start to become a stepping stone along the path of this exciting discipline.

Katie Hubbard

Secretary of Tetrathlon, Endurance and Capitation

02476 698303

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/05/2013


Photo courtesy of David Saunders Photography

14 year-old Katy Mellor riding her Arab x Welsh pony Angelina Ginny was one of only two finishers of the two-day 160km Torq-sponsored Golden Horseshoe class which is an amazing result for a junior rider and her brilliant pony. She and former British team member David Yeoman on Marlouf de Norvavre were the only riders to complete the course.

Organiser Barbara Wigley is quoted as saying "The weather was atrocious. Easily the worst we have ever had. The first day was cold and windy, but the other two were dominated by constant rain which turned everywhere into a mud bath!"

Katy's pony Angelina Ginny, at 12.2hh, is the smallest pony ever to have completed 160k at the Horseshoe.

Katy also won the Showgirl trophy for the top mare, the Top Lady rider trophy and the Fancy That Handling and Presentation award.

This is a wonderful result for rider and pony and words cannot really do justice to what has been a fabulous success. Very well done Katy and your very supportive family. What an inspiration to everyone.

Perhaps you may like to read more about this year's Horseshoe here.

Photo believed to be by Ian Wigley

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/05/2013


Can you pace your horse?

We are organising a training day at Kelsall Hill on June 23rd for members and non-members.

The theme will be to improve your judge of pace during a ride.

Ride to your own plan, not to those around you!

Learn from international riders.

We will have the use of the gallops and the farm ride.

There will be advice from veterinary physio Andraya Hiscock.

We will run a vet gate and practice crewing.

Start time 10.00am Finish about 4.00pm.

Cost to members £25, non-members £30.

Contact Liz Finney to book: Tel 01565 633310; 07970 203362.

Liz Finney

Added - 18/04/2013


In the past we have arranged for EGB Cheshire Group branded clothing to be made available to members at a very attractive price. And there are still a few items remaining available for purchase here.

We are aware that there have been requests for fresh stock to be obtained in appropriate sizes.

The suggested items might include polos, sweatshirts and jodphurs.

So that we can reasonably accurately assess demand and not waste money in being left with unsold remainders we would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in buying any of these or similar items. Please drop Muriel an email by clicking and give details of the item/s and size/s you might require.

I stress that at this stage you are not committing yourselve to anything - we are just trying to gauge the potential interest.

Chris Taylor

Added - 18/04/2013


Liz urgently needs more helpers for the Delamere Ride on 27th April.

If you can assist it would be much appreciated.

If anyone who is riding has someone coming with them who could help for a couple of hours that would also be apprciated.

If you can help in any way please get in touch with Liz:
Tel: 01565 633310

Chris Taylor

Added - 10/04/2013


It is with regret that, due to the weather conditions and forecast, it will not be possible to run our ride at Teggs Nose this coming weekend.

We apologise to all entries but the decision was not taken lightly.

It is hoped that we can run this event later in the year.

Just a final word of thanks to John and his fellow organisers.

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/03/2013


This is just a gentle reminder to those who may have forgotten (or deliberately delayed) renewing their membership.

If you delay beyond the end of March you will be required to pay a joining fee in addition to the annual membership.

Obviously we hope you have all renewed before the end of the month.

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/03/2013

13th and 14th July 2013

Have you got aspirations to represent your region at the Inter Regional Championships? Have you and your horse got what it takes to be on the winning team, if so we want you!

Details of the event are listed below along with the qualifying classes for the Championship.

Should you wish to put yourself and your horse forward for team selection please email with a brief overview of your experience and current level of Endurance riding, also could you list what rides and grades you achieved last year and your ride plan for early this year prior to the championship. Please indicate your preferred class for consideration of selection.

The event will take place over two days at Kings Forest on Saturday and Sunday 13th & 14th July 2013. Fund raising events will take place prior to the event to assist with travel costs and team clothing etc we are also hopeful to secure some local sponsorship to assist as well.

Longer distances and CER’s will take place on the first day and shorter distances GR’s on the second, this will enable Team members to support each other and learn from those more experienced.

This event will give riders at all levels experience within the Team environment giving them an insight into the world of competitive Endurance Riding within a protected, secure competition where they can benefit from the support and encouragement of the Chef D/Equipe and the more experienced Team members. In the true spirit of the competition, it will be an ideal opportunity for Novice combinations (Newcomer’s) to compete in a supported environment.

The Inter-Regional Championship also provides an opportunity for Selectors and Chef to see up and coming talent that can be encouraged to progress to Home International and eventually International Teams.

In the month leading up to the Competition, Team training events will be encouraged by the participating Regions! In Cheshire we have a number of competitive and training rides to offer training opportunities, as Chef's we are also happy to arrange small group training events to those interested at Amanda's base in North Wales and some faster work at Kelsall Hill Gallops under instruction.

We would also like to hear from those who may just choose to come along and crew and support the team, the more the merrier! We forgot to mention the BBQ which will be an event not to be missed on the Saturday evening.

The Competition

A team competition that ideally should include juniors/young riders at all levels!


  • Each Team/Team Member Placed 1st-8th, will be rewarded with an IR Competition Rosette!

  • The IR Team Competition Shield will be awarded to the overall winning Team, and an individual Medal will be awarded for Team Members 1st to 3rd Place in the IR Competition! The Chef d’Equipe of the 3 highest placed teams will also be awarded a Commemorative Medal.

  • Prizes to be given to High Point Young Rider and High Point Veteran Horse within the IR Competition, determined by the highest placing within their Class! In the event of a tie, highest PF points decide. To be considered for the Highpoint YR and Veteran Horse Prize, eligibility needs to be clearly stated on the Team Entry list!

  • An individual Prize will be awarded to each Class Winner!

The Classes for the Inter-Regional Competition for 2013

On Saturday 13.07.2013

IR-Class 1102km CER (KF Class 7)

IR-Class 280km CER (KF Class 9 only)

IR-Class 364km GER (KF Class 19 only)

IR-Class 42 day ride; day one 32km Novice GER (KF Class 25 only)

On Sunday 14.07.2013

IR-Class 42 day ride; 32km Novice GER (KF Class 38 only)

IR-Class 548km Novice GER (KF Class 33 only)

IR-Class 6 32km Novice GER (KF Class 38 only)

There is an IR Team web-site for your information

Let the Games begin and come and join us in achieving your aspirations!

Amanda & Shaun North West Chef D/Equipe’s

Added - 01/03/2013


To keep EGB as a thriving entity we need to encourage the next generation of riders into the sport. As part of EGB's drive to find ways of getting young riders to get involved in our sport Harry Ingram has been appointed Chair of the Young riders EGB Committee and he is also the Young Riders Representative for the Cheshire Group.

As part of Cheshire Group’s campaign to try and encourage more young people to try Endurance Riding we are giving Young Riders FREE ENTRY into any Pleasure Ride organised by our Group when accompanied by a paying adult.

"Young Riders" are are any persons aged aged 8-21.

How can you help?

If you have a riding establishment nearby could you seek permission to put a copy of this POSTER on display?
Any publicity would help.

If you are going to a ride and have a spare space in your transport could you offer to take a young rider with you and chaperone them for just one ride? It may be a big ask for you to take this on but it would be a wonderful gesture.

There may be other opportunities that cross your mind.
Why not make some suggestions on our Cheshire Group Facebook Page. The ideal place to develope new ideas.

You can email Harry at

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/02/2013


BEFAR is the shorthand term used to refer to the British Equine Federation Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Rules. These Rules apply to all members of the BEF FEI disciplines, that is British Dressage, British Equestrian Vaulting, British Eventing, British Horse Driving Trials Association, British Showjumping, Endurance GB and British Reining.

Any horse entered in a graded or competitive ride may be spot checked but normally longer distance horses will tend to be selected for testing.

In 2013 testing will not be carried out on riders or horses doing Pleasure Rides (National or Group).

A leaflet is available HERE (in pdf format) giving handy advice on the equine testing carried out by the BEF.

I did consider showing a list of banned/controlled substances here but it can, of course, change and it is 30 (yes thirty) pages long so the best I can do is to refer you to and repeat some WARNINGS:

  • Please keep in mind the possible contamination of feed by Prohibited Substances and discuss this with your feed supplier. Food for competition horses should be certified free of Prohibited Substances. Avoid buying products in retail outlets for which specifications are unclear or from retailers you do not know very well. This warning also applies to certain herbal products and feed additives.
  • There is evidence that some drugs excreted in a horse’s urine can be reingested if the horse eats its bedding (particularly straw). You should always ensure that your horse has clean bedding and that the bedding could not have been contaminated by another horse.
  • If a horse receives medication make sure that the medicines administered cannot spread to competition horses in adjacent stables. Isoxsuprine (a treatment sometimes used for navicular disease and laminitis) is one example of a well-known contaminating substance. If a horse is treated, do not subsequently stable a competition horse in the same box without thoroughly cleaning it. Do not feed a horse from a bucket used for giving medications to another horse.
  • Keep a medical record for your horse as well as for any borrowed horses. Ask the treating/team veterinarian and the grooms to document in writing all treatments administered to the horse stating date, time, substance(s) administered, dose, route (e.g. intravenous) as well as name and qualifications of veterinarian.
Chris Taylor

Added - 10/02/2013

BEDMAX - 4 for the North


The sport of horse Endurance Riding is one where the participants are constantly trying to improve. This applies to whether one is trying to move up from 16 km (10 mile) pleasure rides or preparing for a 100 to 160 km (62 to 100 mile) race ride in one day. The latter takes years of hard work and a gradual progression through the graded ride system to achieve, but it can be and has been done with even the most unlikely of steeds.

Most of the endurance events across Durham, Northumberland, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Borders are included as eligible rides with the best 4 results counting to the end of season awards.

The aim is to promote good preparation and skilled riding. Riding at a speed suited to the terrain, avoiding elimination by the vet and finishing with a low final heart rate (for the horse that is), will achieve the best results.

The “COTTEE” class is open to N&T members only and covers rides of between 30 km and 52 km. This trophy was donated by Mrs Doreen Cottee in memory of her husband Ken who himself enjoyed the sport of endurance riding with his Arab horse Ashraaf. Ashraaf’s first significant trophy was the original ‘4 for the North’ in 1999 when he was ridden by Ken’s granddaughter Lee-Anne Knight. The trophy is now sponsored by Graham and Vivienne Knight of Classic Uph. & Foam, domestic/contract foam converters.

The “BEDMAX” class is open to any EGB or SERC member that competes in the 48 km and over rides at eligible events. BEDMAX has agreed to sponsor this competition for the 3rd consecutive year. BEDMAX is high quality bedding made specifically for horses from renewable soft timber to give you all the natural benefits of wood shavings, while eliminating the dust and spores that can do so much damage to your horse's health.

The “BEDMAX - 4 for the North” series is at risk following 2012 lack of entries and number of qualifying rides cancelled.

Basically, if the Sponsors don’t see a benefit they will, as with any business, pull out. They are simply looking for publicity i.e. Press Releases and Website Entries with their name included to keep them happy.

The series, although administered by the EGB N&T Group, is run as a Northern Event. Open to all EGB and SERC members and with qualifying rides throughout the Northern area.

The N&T Administrator and PR Secretary do all the work by preparing the points and reports, these are e mailed to webmasters and entrants.

Attached is an application form and promotional letter for your interest. Please return the application form to the administrator, Jackie Axcell either by email or snail mail.

You have to enter to win!!

Many thanks

Vivienne Knight
Folding Stead
Shield Hill
NE49 9NW

Added - 03/02/2013


Pat needs to confirm the numbers attending at the end of this week.

Please contact Pat as quickly as possible to ensure you do not miss out.

Please don't forget to express your preference for the Carvery OR the Vegetarian option of Goat's Cheese and Caramelised Onion Tart.

Tickets priced at £14 for the Annual Meeting on Feb 7th can be obtained by sending a cheque (payable to Endurance GB Cheshire Group) & SAE to me at The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford. WA16 9LZ.

The evening includes a short meeting followed by a meal (Carvery of turkey and pork then Crumble and Custard) followed by the Awards Presentation. If anyone would like the vegetarian option of Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tart please let me know.

We will also run a raffle as usual and any prizes will be most welcome.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/01/2013


Don't forget to register so that your horse(s) can qualify for our Group Trophies as you ride this coming year.

A new Registration form is now ready on the Group Membership page or direct from
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format (updated Jan 2013).
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format (updated Jan 2013).

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/01/2013


Tickets priced at £14 for the Annual Meeting on Feb 7th are now printed and available by sending a cheque (payable to Endurance GB Cheshire Group) & SAE to me at The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford. WA16 9LZ.

The evening includes a short meeting followed by a meal (Carvery of turkey and pork then Crumble and Custard) followed by the Awards Presentation. If anyone would like the vegetarian option of Goats Cheese and Red Onion Tart please let me know.

We will also run a raffle as usual and any prizes will be most welcome.

Pat Guerin

Added - 06/01/2013


As you will have seen from the News item below made on 6th December 2012 we are seeking to make sure that our members get the most out of their membership by creating a questionnaire to find out what you want!

If you haven't already completed the questionnaire may I encourage you to have a go as soon as possible. Your replies will be most useful to the Committee when deciding the best way forward for the Group. It really won't take you long and there are several options to complete it - just choose the way that suits you. The final day for receipt of completed questionnaires by Liz is Saturday 12th January.

The details of how to proceed are set out here again for your convenience.

1. You can complete the survey online if you prefer. CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE VERSION.


2. Alternatively CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE QUESTIONNAIRE in Word doc format.

2a. Once it is open you can print off a hard copy, fill it in and send by snail mail to:
Liz Finney, Manor Lodge, Manor Lane, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8RF


2b. Fill the form in on your screen and attach it to an email to: .

In some versions of Word there is an option to "Send a copy of the document in an e-mail message as an attachment". Using this (if available) would save you saving the document to your hard drive before sending it.

You can remain anonymous if you choose, but please be honest in your responses.

If you want to make further comments, or have a chat about any other issue, please get in touch with any committee member – click here for contact details.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/01/2013


Pennie has confirmed that, so far, she has received Distance Cards from:

Mary Korn
Catherine Sandberg
Pat Guerin
Rachel Rolfe
Sandra Peters
Terry Madden
Sally & Katy Mellor
Claire Pilkington
Sue Higgins
Sydney Byrd
Anna Collins
Anne Farley
Debbie Heard
Sarah Reeves
Rita Tweddle
Kathryn Watterson

Pennie is planning to complete her calculations this coming weekend - so if your name isn't there and you want to be included you need to take some action NOW.

Pennie's contact details are: 01477 532351
Post: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/01/2013


We want to make sure that our members get the most out of their membership of this organisation, to do this we have created this questionnaire to find out what you want!

We have really struggled over the last few years to find enough helpers to run rides, so are particularly interested in how we can manage this, as there is a real possibility that rides will have to be cancelled because of insufficient help – on both safety and organisational grounds.

We cannot stress too strongly that the current small pool of helpers is insufficient, with a number of them regularly sacrificing their own desire to enter rides , to allow others to do so.

Those who do help, feel that they want to give something back to our enjoyable sport, and along the way meet new people, and pick up new tips, techniques and ideas.

We plan to analyse the results we collect, and use these to find an effective way forward.

You can remain anonymous if you choose, please be honest in your responses.

If you want to make further comments, or have a chat about any other issue, please get in touch with any committee member – click here for contact details.

Thank you - Jane Evison


Once it is open you can print off a hard copy, fill it in and send by snail mail to:
Liz Finney, Manor Lodge, Manor Lane, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 8RF


Fill the form in on your screen and attach it to an email to: .

In some versions of Word there is an option to "Send a copy of the document in an e-mail message as an attachment". Using this (if available) would save you saving the document to your hard drive before sending it.

You can now complete the survey online if you prefer. CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE VERSION.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us by taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/12/2012 Updated - 09/12/2012

a talk by Vicky Rowlands

This year the Mid-Cheshire Bridelway Association's annual talk will be given by Vicky Rowlands, a vet from Ashbrook Equine Clinic, and is entitled "Behind the Scenes as a Volunteer Olympic Vet".

It will take place at the Swan Hotel, Taporley on Thursday 28th January 2013 at 8pm.

Please click here for a poster showing more information.

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/12/2012


During the EGB Awards Dinner at Daventry on 24th November two Cheshire Group members received awards for their performances.

Katy Mellor riding Angelina Ginny won 3rd place in the Merrie Trophy for Junior Riders; and
Pat Guerin’s Zhiwah received his 5,600 km Distance Award.

Many congratulations to both of you.

Chris Taylor

Added - 02/12/2012


The following dates are those being suggested for our rides in 2013.
NOTE: At this stage these are subject to review. We will let you know when they are confirmed.

Teggs Nose PRMarch 2013
Delamere PRApril 2013
Wirral CRJuly 2013
Peover PRAugust 2013
Longmynd CRSeptember 2013
Frolic CRSeptember 2013
Congleton PRNovember 2013

It is probably worth pointing out that we had difficulty in finding enough helpers for this year's rides. We need each of you to play your part by helping whenever you can as it would be a shame to have to cancel rides through a lack of helpers. A survey to seek suggestions to improve this position is likely, so please put your thinking caps on.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/11/2012


The pony Club Endurance Championships 2012 were held at our Bailey's Cheshire Forest Frolic event this year. I have lifted the results below from the Pony Club website for the information of our local junior riders.

Individual Placings
1stKatie BedwinElaylaLord Leconfield Hunt
2ndKaty MellorAngelina GinnyUnited Pack
3rdEmma HarrisTomorrows PromiseCumberland Foxhounds
4thSophie WebberRhydfendigaid CadnoBedale & West of Yore
5thHelena FranceDot ComBedale & West of Yore
 Emily PeirsonMaster BounceBedale & West of Yore
Team Placing
1stSophie WebberRhydfendigaid CadnoBedale & West of Yore
Helena FranceDot ComBedale & West of Yore
Emily PeirsonMaster BounceBedale & West of Yore
Individual Placing - Senior
1stLouise HazelwoodRimmies OutlookAlbrighton Hunt
Individual Placings - Junior
1stCharlotte VickeryPippa IOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
2ndOliver HolmanJerryOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
Individual Placings
1stElizabeth ChildTrowan MaxWilton Hunt
2ndJimmy MitchellDoogleHertfordshire Hunt
3rdJamie MacaulaySun Kissed SaffronVale of York
4thSophie WebberSir SamuelMorpeth Hunt
 Peter AlexanderCharlieWhaddon Chase
Individual Placings
1stAnnabelle LyndonLaceyHampshire Hunt
2ndFlorence RowsellSaffyHampshire Hunt
3rdGeorgina ChildTrowen DuchessWilton Hunt
4thArchie MoffatBenjaminHampshire Hunt
5thDaniel VickeryCookieOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
6thHolly ThomsonEildon Scotch MistHurworth Hunt
 Tara BarkerHaverford IndianaHurworth Hunt
 Amelia TruemanDr PepperHurworth Hunt
 Rosie MooreBroomwells FlamingoOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
 Cordelia MooreWarrior QueenOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
Team Placings
1stAnnabelle LyndonLaceyHampshire Hunt
Florence RowsellSaffyHampshire Hunt
Archie MoffatBenjaminHampshire Hunt
2ndHolly ThomsonEildon Scotch MistHurworth Hunt
Tara BarkerHaverford IndianaHurworth Hunt
Amelia TruemanDr PepperHurworth Hunt
3rdRosie MooreBroomwells FlamingoOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
Cordelia MooreWarrior QueenOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt
Daniel VickeryCookieOld Surrey & Burstow Hunt

Well done to all the riders and their supporters (many of whom travelled some distance for the event).

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/11/2012

EGB AGM - Cheshire Table

As you will already know the EGB AGM and Awards Dinner takes place at Daventry on 24th this month. If you are going and wish to join other local members on the Cheshire Group table please contact Pat Guerin as soon as possible.

Contact Pat on 01477 534194 or

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/11/2012


Pat Guerin writes:

I am still waiting for the list of top riders in the lower CR classes on Sunday but here are the winners we have so far.

Congratulations to you all. Prizes generously donated by Baileys Horsefeeds.

All prizes will be delivered or posted soon.
Anyone going to the Dragon please let Pat know and you can collect them there.

Sunday’s CR class winners will be posted ASAP. We are most grateful to Baileys Horsefeeds for their support so please will you all write and thank them.

85 km CR
1st Ann Harrison riding Millennium Chorus
2nd Carol Jones riding Ptolemaeus
3rd Jeanette Bennett riding Oreci de Tenelles
4th Sarah Ollis riding Cwrtycadno Zeus

Top CR Horses Day 1
42 km Open                Dorocina Valiant Be ridden by Carol Edmondson
32 km Open                Hollyhedge Jakarta ridden by Alexandra Rushton
42 & 32 km Novice    Granby Sting ridden by Maureen Langham

Best Shod Horse
Day 1   Marlak Super Dude ridden by Carol Taylor wins the Eld Trophy kindly donated by Sue Evans
Day 2   Horrace ridden by Susan Bennett

Best Turned Out NCR Horse & Rider
Day 1   Mark Kelly riding Marmaduke of York
Day 2   Zaila Barker riding Dagwood Saphire

Day 2 Top CR riders:
43 km CR                          Medraar ridden by Terry Madden
42 km CR                          Sylvanpark Scallywag
43 & 32 km Novice CR    Angelina Ginny ridden by Katy Mellor


As Pat said "Well done" to the winners and "Thank you" to everyone who entered or assisted.

Chris Taylor

Added - 24/09/2012 Updated - 23/10/2012


Endurance GB is celebrating the launch of the Para Endurance section by offering free entry to a couple of rides. I appreciate they are both some distance from Cheshire but hope it will give some encouragement to potential section members.

The message from EGB reads:

To celebrate the launch of the Para Endurance section of Endurance GB we are pleased to offer the opportunity for disabled riders to ride at one of two national Endurance GB rides; Puddingstone on 23rd September and New Forest Rufus on 14th October 2012.

Entry to these two rides will be free of charge and accompanying riders, if required, may enter at half the normal entry fee.

The following classes will be available;

Puddingstone (near Thetford) 23rd September

Class 6 para section – 64km CR Performance formula (Open and Advanced)

Class 12 para section – 32km novice CR (open to non EGB members)

Class 11 para section – 32km CR

(Results from Classes 11 and 12 will be combined and judged under performance formula for para class)

Class 15 para section – 15km NCR (open to non EGB members)

New Forest Rufus on 14th October

Class 6 para section – 65km CR performance formula (open to Open and Advanced)

Class 9 para section – 35km CR

Class 10 para section – 35km novice CR (open to non EGB members)

(Results from Classes 9 and 10 will be combined and judged under performance formula for para class)

Class 11 para section – 20km NCR (open to non EGB members)

If you would like to take part in either of these rides, please complete the attached entry form
[see below] and reply to this e-mail, we will arrange your entry details to be forwarded to the relevant ride organiser.

If you would like a copy of the Para Endurance Rules then please email and we will be happy to send them to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Para Endurance Committee

Click here for an entry form in pdf format or here for an entry form in Word doc format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 28/08/2012


Our Longmynd Ride is scheduled for the 9th September but we need some more helpers to make sure it is as good as we can make it.

The organiser, Sue Higgins, is looking for Vet Writers, a Timekeeper and Stewards. There are a quite a lot of gates that need to be manned so the more helpers the better the ride will be.

If you are not riding at this event please consider helping.
Don't forget you need to have helped at a Cheshire Group ride to qualify for the Group Trophies.

If you can help please get in touch with Sue on: 01938 580086 (Mobile: 07866 007427) or click here to send an email.

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/08/2012


As most of you will know the North-West will not now be fielding a team in this event. Ursula Hargreaves explains why:

Hi all,

Thank you for all the help and thank you to the riders who have come forward and contacted me, but I have decided due to the amount of riders we have, the costs involved and another of my riders probably pulling out that I am resigning and not going to send a team this year. Unfortunately due to the weather and the distance many people are not going to be able to get down there this year, we have had a good response to the larger distances but only one rider for the small classes, so only half a team.

Sorry to disappoint but I just feel unless you have a full or almost full team that it is not worth all the work and costs involved to organise.

I hope it goes well for everyone going and thank you to all those who gave their support.

Kind regards,


Chris Taylor

Added - 12/08/2012


Jeni Gilbert (Rides and Rules - EGB) writes:

Hi All,

Things are moving fast and furious here so I thought another update might be useful/interesting for your members!

Hexham Ride (postponed to the 9th September) has had to be cancelled due to problems with the route and the Venue.

Tintern Ride (2nd September) has been cancelled due to problems with the route.

Forest of Dean Autumn Belle an additional ride is being held on the 2nd September.

Kelstern and South Yorkshire rides are not swopping weekends but are running on the dates shown in the handbook (ie 2nd and 9th Sept).

Autumn Cannock Chase (22nd September) has a new address for the Ride Secretary.

Evelith Manor Lodge Evelith Shifnal Shropshire TF11 9JY.

Puddingstone (23 Sept) is now using the venue at Weeting which was used for the Cranwich ride earlier this year.

Wykeham a new ride for 2012 is now on the 30th September.

Elephant Trees and the Northern championship is now on 7th October.

Royalties 12/13/14th October has a new ride Organiser and Secretary - Thay is taking the entries and Jane Calvert is organising.

New Park Rufus 14th October has a new Ride Secretary - Sarah Denham 27 Brookside Way West End Southampton Hampshire SO30 3NW.

For full up to date details please check the Endurance GB website under 'RIDES' or contact the Organiser.

Thank you


Chris Taylor

Added - 12/08/2012


Dear Members of EGB’s Cheshire, Derbyshire & Lancashire Groups,

As some of you know, the Inter-Regional Championships are to be held once again at Barbury Castle on Saturday 18th August and Sunday 19th August. We still have a number of team places that are as yet unfilled. I am very keen that we should take a full team to the Championships so that we have the best chance as possible of winning.

I am sure that there are many of you out there that might think that you would never be considered to represent your Region at the Championships – but you never know until you try. So come on folks, put your name forward by getting in touch with me, either by phoning on 07815 512450 or by emailing on

I look forward to hearing from you so that we can put together a really strong team this year.


Ursula Hargreaves

Chris Taylor

Added - 26/07/2012

World Endurance Championships, August 25th, Euston Park
Last Chance To Confirm Camping

Liz Finney has received the following message from Karen Collier (EGB Board Member):

I would like to order the toilets for the camping field for WEC this week.

I wonder if you would email me with a definitive number of people in your group who have expressed an interest in a pitch on the field as I want to make sure that toilet provision is sufficient for the number of people coming. I will order the toilets for Wednesday 22nd August so if any one is coming early they won’t be caught short!

Please would you circulate the following details to your happy campers:

Charge per pitch is £25 for the duration no matter what the camping accommodation is. Payment in cash is preferable, but if this is inconvenient cheques can be made out to Peter Smith. Payment will be collected on the evening of the day of arrival whichever that is.

Toilet charge is £5 person to be paid in cash to me.

Post code of the field (at Wordwell Hall) is IP28 6UW . This is on the B1106 road Bury St Edmunds to Brandon Road (which crosses the A11 at Elveden)

Going north through Culford, Wordwell Hall is on the left just past a row of cottages and a small church. From the A11 crossroads turn down the B1106 towards Bury St Edmunds. Wordwell Hall is about 5 miles down the road on the right hand side a short way after the forest ends. I will make a sign to go on the roadside.

Vetting for the WEC starts at 2pm on Friday 24th at Euston Park. The ride starts at 7am on Saturday 25th August. There are two grandstands for spectators – one alongside the vetting lanes, the other on the finish line. As you can imagine it will be a busy area!

The opening ceremony is by invitation only apparently and as yet we don’t know who is on the invitation list – sorry if I have given false info about this, but this information has only just been made available.

Best regards

(Board member, EGB)

If any members are planning to use the camping facilities, please let Liz know urgently so that she can let Karen have the number for Cheshire group.

Don't miss the opportunity to watch 160 of the best endurance riders in the world competing at a fantastic event!

Liz can be reached on: 01565 633310 or click here to send an email.

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/07/2012


Our Peover Ride is scheduled for the 5th August but we need some more helpers to make sure it can go ahead.

The organiser, Liz Finney, is looking for at least another four for check points and road crossings. She is also looking for a First Aider.

If you can help please get in touch with Liz on: 01565 633310 or click here to send an email.

Having just lost the Wiral Ride to the weather it would be a shame to lose this one as well for the lack of helpers.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/07/2012


Jeni Gilbert (Rides and Rules - EGB) writes:

With all the changes to the handbook I thought it might be useful to circulate a list.

The info is also on the front page of the main website but you may have missed it!

15th July
Last of the summer Wine - cancelled
Wimpole 2 - postponed from June - entries now closed
Wentwood in Summer - Sunday ride full but room at the Saturday Group ride.

21st July
North Norfolk new 130k 2day CR class

5th August
new 40km NCR class

11th August
Heapey Hack, Lancashire new 64k class

11/12th August
Welsh Championships - details to be confirmed, third attempt!

18/19th August
Barbary Castle now FEI 2*, Inter Regionals, Southern Championship, new achievement classes (from Cirencester)

2nd September
Cumbria Challenge cancelled due to problems with route
new date for South Yorkshire Ride, because of an event clash

23rd September
new date for Kelstern, because of SY

30th September
new date for Wykeham, postponed from April

7th October
new date for Elephant Trees and the Northern championship postponed from June, one day ride only.

For full details please contact the Organiser or check the Endurance GB website.

Thank you very much,


Chris Taylor

Added - 10/07/2012


Endurance GB has announced that it has been invited to send a team of 12 to 14 year olds to Corlay in Brittany on the 15th-19th August.

They team will be doing a 60km ride on leased horses kindly provided by the ride organisers.

Katy Mellor and Molly Corcoran are among the team of four (with two travelling reserves).

Congratulations to you both. We hope you have a marvellous exprience.

Chris Taylor

Added - 09/07/2012


I'm sorry to report that the Wirral Rangers have told us today that the venue is too bad for the Ride to proceed and have asked us to cancel it.

My apologies to all those who have supported us by entering.

Commiserations also to Jane and Muriel who have put so much effort into trying to put this event on.

Chris Taylor

Added - 05/07/2012


Click for a full size image    Click for a full size image
Katy and Ginny at the Golden Horseshoe 2012

Congratulations to Katy Mellor and her pony Ginny for their success at the Golden Horseshoe Endurance Ride on Exmoor. Having won a Silver Award in the 50 mile class in 2010 and a Gold award over the same distance in 2011, the pair are now competing at Advanced Level, and as such are qualified to enter the biggest distance Rides.

At this years GHR Katy was one of only 13 top riders to enter the Exmoor Stag class, riding 75 miles over the most challenging terraine in hail, wind and rain. Of the 13 horses 6 were vetted out and failed to complete the ride (including Katy's Mum Sally), 3 won Gold awards and 4 won Silver awards. Katy and Ginny matched the longstanding record for the smallest pony (12.2hh) to have ever completed the Stag class at silver speed, and Katy is now the youngest rider ever to have achieved success in this class.

Katy and Ginny won the Handling and Presentation Award in the Stag Class and the Wayward Lad Trophy awarded by the Veterinary panel to the horse judged to be in best condition at the end of the 75 mile ride. This was a fantastic result for a very small pony! Now the Ride Organisers are encouraging Katy and Ginny to enter the flagship Golden Horseshoe Class (100 miles) in 2013. This is described as the toughest Endurance Ride in Europe and this year only 2 horses managed to complete the Ride, with all the others vetted out or retired on course. To enter this class would be taking on a serious challenge!

Whilst riding on Exmoor, Katy's progress was being assessed by the Chef d'Equipe of the ENGLAND squad. She has now been selected to ride for England at the Home International in Ireland in July. This is very exciting news and a great honour!! Well done Katy and Ginny.

What a success story. Very well done Katy - an inspiration to us all.
All the best for your trip to Ireland.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/07/2012


As you will be aware the weather has been rather disappointing recently.

Last week the Rangers (who have control of both the Wirral Way and our venue, the car park) said that if there was no more rain this coming week then they would expect the ride to go ahead. Unfortunately, the forecast could be better but we live in hope.

Due to the number of cancellations already this year we are very keen for the ride to proceed but it may be a final decision cannot be made until Friday. Whatever happens a message will be put on this website as soon as a definite decision has been made.

If you have provided a legible email address and/or mobile no. you should get an email and/or text from EGB if the ride is cancelled.

If you have a long journey (maybe for overnight stabling) please ring Jane for the latest position. But please don’t bother her unless you have to.

Chris Taylor

Added - 02/07/2012


Please remember that crewing with a horse box is not allowed under EGB rules.

Please be aware that if you crew with a larger vehicle (big 4x4, van, etc.) then please check with the Organiser that the Venue and the crewing route/places can be accessed safely with that vehicle.

The recent bad weather is still causing problems so if you have concerns please check with the Organiser.

The final decision lies with the Ride Organiser!

Jeni Gilbert - Rides and Rules

Shaun Walsh

Added - 28/06/2012


The Inter Regional Championships will now take place at Barbary Castle on 18th and 19th August 2012.

Ursula Hargreaves would like riders who wish to take part in the North West Region team to contact her so she can work out numbers etc.

Please contact Ursula as soon as you can by email at

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/06/2012

Would You Like To Represent Wales At The Home Internationals?
21st -22nd July in Ireland

You will all probably be aware this year's Home International event is being held in Ireland on 21st and 22nd July. Saran Allott-Davey has sent us the following message as they are looking for riders wishing to represent Wales at the event:

As you may know, planning has gone rather awry and we are trying to ensure that we are able to field at least one if not two teams from Wales for the above event. However to make it viable we need a few more team members in particular a Novice as we have none and a second junior would also be great. There are some spaces for longer distances too, particularly if we aim to field 2 teams as usual.

Please will anyone who would like to find out more or discuss if they are eligible in the first instance contact Sue Higgins, Email: I rode as the Novice last year and my daughter Whizz is riding as junior this year so any questions about those slots do feel free to ring or e mail me directly.

We are trying to raise some funding and therefore it is possible that competitors will have some support towards their costs. It should be an amazing few days and fabulous riding.

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions you are able to make. Chris Wray is out of e mail contact at the moment and will be for another week or so hence Sue Higgins stepping in at short notice at Chris's request, following Gail Andrews being unable to carry out the Chef role due to a family illness. I have agreed to help Sue out by sending this request around.

Looking forwards to hearing from you.

Saran Allott-Davey

If you know someone who might be interested please make the effort to be sure they are aware of this opportunity.

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/06/2012

World Endurance Championships, August 25th, Euston Park

I have received the following message from Karen Collier (EGB Board Member):

If any of your group are thinking/planning on coming to WEC on 25th August in Euston Park and would like a place to camp, there is the chance to have a pitch at the old Kings Forest venue at Wordwell, which is 20-25 minutes drive from Euston.

The landowner is making this large field available for a long weekend (Thursday 23rd – Monday 27th) which will take in the opening/closing ceremonies, vetting/event day for the modest sum of £25 per pitch – car + tent/caravan/trailer or whatever. There will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the portaloos.

I think the best way to organise this is on a group basis, so that adequate toilet provision can be made. There is water on site. The field is very spacious and adjacent to the Kings Forest for walking/cycling/dog exercise etc. BBQs will be allowed as long as sensible fire precautions are met.

If you think that any of your group are interested, perhaps you could offer this invitation to your members and then let me know on a group basis how many would be likely to take this up? I am contemplating that 1 portaloo per group would be sufficient but then again, that depends on numbers! Obviously the sooner I have an idea of the interest the better, so that the toilets can be booked.

Looking forwards to hearing from you.

Best regards

(Board member, EGB)

Liz Finney

Added - 27/05/2012


For awareness for members of the equine community.

During Sunday 22nd April and Monday 23rd April 2012, Police received a several reports of suspicious activity in the Weaverham, Comberbach, Crowton, Kingsley areas of Northwich. These reports involved suspicious activity around fields containing horses.

At one of these incidents in Weaverham on Monday 23nd April 2012, wooden pole fencing was damaged and pulled out of the ground from a field in which a horse was situated, enabling a horse to escape. The horse was later located just around the corner.

Earlier, a witness saw a red 4x4 vehicle parked on the car park of the Hanging Gate pub,Weaverham There were two males and two females on board. One of the males was described as 70 yrs old wearing a cowboy hat. They were seen to be paying particular attention to the horse. They may be unconnected.

However on the same day, Monday 23rd April 2012 at Kingsley, damage was caused to a cycle lock on a gate to a field containing three Ponies which meant that the horses got out of the field, thankfully the ponies were located just around the corner on Ainsworth Lane.

Police are unable at this time to confirm whether these are attempts to steal horses and the horses/ponies have bolted preventing them being stolen. At this time, Police are unaware of any horses having been stolen locally.

If you have any information in relation to these matters, please contact PC 5295 Karen Mitchell tel: 0845 458 0000 at Frodsham Police Station.

If you observe any suspicious activity in Rural areas, please contact Cheshire Police on Telephone number 101.
Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

As ever, keep your eyes open for everyone's benefit.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/04/2012

14th October 2012

Fellow member Sue Hudson has entered the Liverpool Marathon which takes place on the 14th October 2012. She is hoping her friends and anyone interested will help her raise money for two very worthwhile causes.

One of Sue's choices is World Horse Welfare - Charity Registration No. 206658.

Together, we can turn your passion for horses into the power to help many more of them, at home and overseas.

As I expect most of you know, before Sue got him her horse Baz had a very bad time. As Sue says in her own words:

When Baz was two in 2004 someone reported his then owner to the RSPCA because he was in such a neglected state - very thin and missing lots of hair on his back due to rainscald. The RSPCA called in World Horse Welfare (or ILPH as it was) to take Baz into care, and the owner was prosecuted.

Baz went to Penny Farm, Blackpool and was brought back to good health and given basic training ready for rehoming. In 2006 I was lucky enough to be allowed to have Baz on permanent loan, with regular checks from the World Horse Welfare Field Officer to ensure he is being treated corrrectly.

Sue has set herself a target of £1000 for this charity and you can read more of the story and support her by going to to make a donation.

Her other choice is The Equine Grass Sickness Fund - Charity Registration No. SC022515.

The Equine Grass Sickness Fund is the only registered charity raising funds specifically for research into grass sickness, a disease which kills many horses and ponies in Britain each year. It finances projects aimed at finding the cause of the disease and offers advice and support to owners of affected animals.

Again I expect most of you know that at the end of July 2010 Baz was to have further problems. As Sue explains:

Baz became unwell a few days after completing a 30 mile / 54 km endurance ride. It was clear that something serious was afoot and we were referred to Liverpool University's Leahurst Equine Hospital. Baz was diagnosed with Chronic Grass Sickness, and the prognosis was not good as some estimates suggest less than 10% of sufferers survive.

Sue has set herself a target of £500 for this charity and you can support her by going to to make a donation.

Baz ill at Leahurst Aug 2010  Baz still thin April 2011  Baz and Sue December 2011

Please help Sue in supporting these excellent causes if you possibly can.

And, of course, our very best wishes to Sue for the run in October.

Chris Taylor

Added - 18/04/2012

9th-12th August 2012

A Summer Camp is being planned to be held at the Northern Racing College this August hosted by Beccy Broughton Equine UK.

The camp will include sessions covering a variety of areas including Improving Fitness, Nutrition for Your Horse Workshop, No Foot No Horse - the importance of good foot balance, and much much more. There will be a choice of riding activity every afternoon with full use of all the facilities including an off road private training loop around areas of the Rossington estate. ALL levels and disciplines welcome.

For more information click here for a poster in pdf format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 10/04/2012


As a Group we use the facilities at Delamere Forest for some of our rides and I know many of you enjoy a ride there at other times. But were you aware that there are fresh plans to make large scale changes that appear to affect large parts of the Forest?

It's too massive and complex for me to try and set it all out here so please click on to go to a site with more information and details.

It appears that this "pre-planning" consultation period ends on the 31st March 2012 and there is a protest meeting on Sunday 25th March at 1pm outside the visitor centre at Linmere.

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/03/2012


Liz Finney is looking for more helpers for this ride. If you have any spare time to help please let Liz know.

You can reach Liz by:
Tel: 01565 633310

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/03/2012


PLEASE don't forget to send your completed trophy registratiion forms to Pat to enable us to compile a Helpers list and send you your "Event Log Cards".

Forms can be found at:
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format (updated Feb 2012) and
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format (updated Feb 2012).

Pat has posted forms to those without email access.

Please send your forms to Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ.

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/03/2012

AINTREE - 16th/17th June 2012

This year, the ICEEP will be held at Aintree and you may wish to attend to gain a greater insight into the ways our horses function when we ride and train them. For more info and to book your place please download the pdf details and booking form please follow the link below.

Winning Ways, 16 & 17 June, 2012.

Training, health, nutrition, biomechanics & physiotherapy of the performance horse.

Join leading international experts in equine exercise physiology and musculoskeletal health for the latest on performance horse health and exercise in the lead up to London’s 2012 Olympic Games.

Click here to go to the EGB web page for more information and a downloadable booking form.

Targetted at ENDURANCE are:

16th June

Training for effect and minimising injury -------------- David Marlin
No foot no horse – common hoof & limb --------------: Ellen Singer
problems of the endurance horse -----------------------:
Back problems in competition horses ------------------ René van Weeren
DOMS, overtraining and muscle disease -------------- Cathy McGowan
Practical fitness tests - how to ensure -----------------: David Marlin
your horse is fit -----------------------------------------:
Top tips on training the endurance horse for ----------: David Marlin and rider (tbc)
optimising performance and minimising injury -------:
The science and rider’s perspective ------------------:

17th June

Exercise – How is it fuelled? ----------------------- Ken Hinchcliff
Feeding for endurance ------------------------------- Pat Harris
Fluid and electrolyte balance – before during -----: David Marlin
and after training and competition rides ------------:
Nutraceuticals and supplements – what ------------: David Marlin
works and what is waste of money? ---------------:
Respiratory health for maximal performance ----- Emmanuelle van Erck
Reducing the impact of transport on health -------: David Marlin
and performance ------------------------------------:
Monitoring your horse’s heart --------------------- Lesley Young

Tickets cost £50 per day if booked before 31st March and includes full printed book of proceeding, tea/coffee breaks and refreshments, full hot and cold buffet lunch and all lecture and practical sessions.

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/03/2012


Please don't forget to renew your EGB Membership.

Without doing it:
you won't be covered by the EGB insurance;
you won't be able to enter rides at the reduced members rate; and
you won't be qualifying for the Group's trophies and mileage awards.

You can renew online (even if your membership lapsed in the last two years) by going to the EGB website here.

To renew your Associate Membership please go here.

Chris Taylor

Added - 08/03/2012


The Inter Regional Championships will take place at Cirencester Park on 14th and 15th July 2012.

We are extremely grateful that Ursula Hargreaves has volunteered to be the new Chef d'Equipe for the North West Region.

Pat Guerin (The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ) will still be taking names of any Cheshire riders who are interested in being selected.

Pat Guerin

Added - 16/02/2012


PLEASE note that an updated version of this form has now replaced the original to reflect the Inter Regional Championships taking place at Cirencester Park on 14th and 15th July 2012.

As before please remember to get your completed forms back to Pat Guerin before the season starts to enable us to compile a Helpers list and send you your "Event Log Cards".

Forms can be found at:
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format (updated Feb 2012) and
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format (updated Feb 2012).

Pat has posted forms to those without email access.

Please send your forms to Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ.

Chris Taylor

Added - 16/02/2012

A few places (with or without your horse) still available

A REMINDER that on Sunday 26th February our annual Training Day takes place at New Barn Farm, Chelford Road, Ollerton, Nr. Knutsford, WA16 8SZ.

Once again the aim is to help get ourselves (and our horses) ready for the coming season. As the title suggests the emphasis this year is on "balance" - a subject very important for the comfort of both the horse and the rider.

To this end Flick Edmeston and Jackie Lockett will be advising on the importance of correctly fitting saddles and offering specific assessments to those who bring their own horse. Indeed Jackie will be demonstrating the use of thermal imaging and it's use for checking if the saddle fits correctly.

Andraya Hiscock (a vet physio) will be in attendance to look at the horses balance while Carole Miller will concentrate on that of the rider.

We will also have Finn Carroll (farrier) talking on the correct balance of the horses foot.

Qualified instruction on Cheshire’s only HORSE SIMULATOR will also be available for an additional fee.

All this for only £20 for members and £25 for non-members!

Click here for a poster and entry form in Word .doc format showing further details.
Click here for a poster and entry form in PDF format showing further details.

Places MUST be pre-booked but payment can be made on the day.

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/02/2012


PLEASE remember to get your completed forms back to Pat Guerin before the season starts to enable us to compile a Helpers list and send you your "Event Log Cards".

Forms can be found at:
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format (updated Jan 2012) and
Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format (updated Jan 2012).

Pat has posted forms to those without email access.

Please send your forms to Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ.

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/02/2012

This May Make You Smile

Rachel Robinson writes:
"I attended a Centered Riding course last April at New Barn Farm and hence I've been receiving emails and newsletters from them. The following was in the latest newsletter and when I read it I was crying with laughter, perhaps it might be something silly to add to your website?

Extra Gaits of the Horse
By Susan Harris
Senior Level IV Centered Riding Clinician
From Cortland, New York

--The Boink: one-beat gait with suspension, often exhibited by horses ridden into a field of white-tailed deer.

--The Lateral Swoop: a sudden sideways leap with shoulder horizontal to the ground, leaving the rider hovering briefly over where the saddle used to be before descending to the ground. Can be precipitated by a tractor starting up outside the arena, snow sliding off the arena roof, a white rock that magically turns into a dog or a green plastic garbage bag.

--The Whirling Dervish: Advanced version of the Lateral Swoop in which the horse spins like a top, frequently launching the hapless rider a long distance by centrifugal force. Specialty of certain Arabians, often caused by viewing a 4-wheeler approaching on the trail ahead.

--The Yahooey: one of the natural Airs Above the Ground, a highly suspended movement exhibited when turned out or during the first canter in an open field. A variation is the Jet-Assisted Buck & F@rt, in which the horse achieves maximum height and momentum aided by the loud expulsion of exhaust gas. Occurs on cold, windy days when the wind goes up the horse's tail and blows his brains out his ears.

--The Omigod: sudden backwards movement accompanied by loud, rolling snorts, ears stiffly forward and eyes bugging out, exhibited by a horse that has spotted a monster (invisible to the human eye) advancing on him from the front. Can be precipitated in visible form by riding up to a large blue tarp, which the wind then moves slightly.

--The Hot Wheels: speed gait in which all 4 legs rotate at high speed, often leaving rubber strips on the ground. Frequently exhibited by runaway ponies, rushing jumpers and horses returning to the barn.

--The 2 Footed Lean: gait exhibited at speed around turns, in which the horse proceeds only on the inside legs with the outside feet airborne, while the rider's inside boot & stirrup scrape a furrow in the arena surface. Often used in conjunction with the next:

--The Shark Circling the Rowboat: characteristic movement of lesson horse in ever-decreasing concentric circles around the instructor, until the horse is in the center standing on the instructor's left foot and further progress is impossible. (Old school horses tell new school horses how to do this.)

--The Sloth: typical gait of school horse who has perfected the art of laziness. No perceptible forward movement, in spite of encouraging kicks, clucks, flapping reins, ineffective crop swats, shouts and jumping up and down. (Note: the Sloth can be transformed into Hot Wheels by the sight of the instructor advancing with lunge whip in hand.)

--The Flapper: movement in which the horse shakes like a wet dog, totally terrifying the beginner rider. Horse then grins an evil grin and eats grass.

--The Wallow: rotational movement performed on the ground, especially in mud, sand or water. Always performed when the instructor is at the other end of the trail ride or not looking.

--Followed by the Upsie Daisy, which always occurs before the arrival of the instructor.

Thank you Rachel

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/02/2012

‘4 for the North’ 2012
The Bedmax & Cottee Trophies

4 For The North is an annual competition to encourage riders to participate in rides held in Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham and the Scottish Borders.

If so how about telling us of your experienece? Or are you hoping to find someone to have a go at this with you? In either case drop us a line.

This is a description of the competition culled from previous years's material:

"The aim of this competition is to move away from ‘the most distance covered at speed’ method of celebrating success and using an adaptation of the French Formula, rewarding the thinking rider and to promote good preparation and skilled riding. Riding at a speed suited to the terrain, avoiding elimination by the vet and finishing with a low final heart rate (for the horse that is), will achieve the best results.

The progress of the competition through the season is publicised regularly through the website for EGB, and you can plot the progress of all the entrants throughout the season.

The competition is open to anyone countrywide who registers with the administrator by e mail as soon as they are planning their rides (no entries in retrospect). The competition this year follows the same successful format of the best of 4 rides counting towards the trophy points.

It costs nothing to enter, and you gotta be in it to win it!"

Click here for an application form in Word .doc format including more details.

Chris Taylor

Added - 29/01/2012


The "Frozen Assets" representing New Barn Livery, Ollerton were the winners of this year's quiz after a very close contest with "Ice Station Zebra" representing Cheshire North Pony Club. The two teams were neck and neck all evening with the result hanging on a knife edge till the very last round. The "Senile Sixties" representing the Cheshire Group of EGB were never too far behind the two leaders but remained in third place. Congratulations to the "Frozen Assets" and all who turned up to take part.

Thanks to Jane Evison for organising the event, setting the questions and being a cheerful quiz "mistress".

Click on the thumbnail below to see a rather poor picture of Jane presenting the trophy to the winning team.

Click for a full size image

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/01/2012

Committee Nomination Form and Raffle

Are you keen to get involved (or know someone who is) with the running of the Group? If so please click here for a NOMINATION FORM for the Cheshire Group Committee in PDF format.


Don't forget to get your tickets from Pat Guerin, The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ
Tel: 01477 534194

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/01/2012


A Conference has been arranged for 5th February (at Woodkirk Country Club, near Jtn 28 off the M62 near Leeds) aimed at anyone wishing to help with the organisation of EGB events.
A full and varied day for all is planned from 9.45am until 4pm. Coffee/teas and lunch will be provided.

A car will be going from the Cheshire Group and anyone who wishes to help with the organisation or running of future Cheshire Group events is invited to contact Liz Finney on 01565 633310

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/01/2012


TWO FREE Coaching Information Days which will be hosted by EGB, open to all disciplines and are aimed towards riders who are interested in using a qualified UKCC Coach and would like to know more, and those who are interested in the UKCC Coaching Qualification.
Whichever group you fit into, you are warmly invited to find out all you wish to know about coaching and its philosophy and how it will help you achieve your potential whether it be ridden or coaching.

Organiser Pauline Brimson writes:
This is a great opportunity for riders, instructors, employers and interested parties to learn more about the UKCC and how it can improve performance and raise standards within the whole of equestrianism. The day will start at 10am with coffee and a chance to network with other participants. Lunch is provided and there will be a practical coaching demonstration plus lots of opportunities to ask questions and become actively involved in some coaching exercises. the day should finish by 3pm.
The event costs £5 which includes lunch.

Click here for a poster showing more details in PDF format.

For more information on the scheme generally click here to visit the relevant page on the EGB website.

Chris Taylor

Added - 15/01/2012

Please Read On ....

If you have not renewed please be aware that your EGB insurance cover ended on 31st December.

As explained in a Memo from EGB (relevant paragraphs set out below) please note that you need to renew membership by the middle of January to be sure of receiving your handbooks with the next magazine. Otherwise you will have to pay postage if you want us to post it to you, or wait to collect it from a Cheshire Group ride.


We are changing the system for sending out Handbooks to Associate Members.

I'm afraid that we cannot afford to give away handbooks automatically to people who may well not renew (unfortunately this has been proven to be the case) and who have only paid £19 last year (or even less if they joined halfway through the year). This is not fair on the full members who have paid full price. I have always arranged to take spare handbooks to the Groups and RO's meetings for the AM secretaries to collect and distribute within their Groups (in the South West Group we give the handbooks to the AMs at rides to save postage) - with a bit of forethought it can be arranged! The groups who prefer to post theirs direct have that option - but pay the postage.

Any AM who has renewed their membership and / or is registered before the middle of January (asap but exact date to be confirmed depending on the mail-out date from the printers) will automatically be sent their handbook together with the magazine. Any AMs registered after that date will have their handbooks distributed as explained above - and will automatically be included in the next mailout of the magazine.

That way the ones who are registered promptly by the AM Secretaries will get everything in the mailout, those registered later will get included in the magazine mailout and the AM secs will be able to collect the handbooks from the Volunteers' Conferences - we're arranging two this year - one in Leeds for those of you in the north, and one in the south near Swindon.

Jo Claridge.

Liz Finney

Added - 08/01/2012


Pennie sends her thanks to the following members whose mileage cards have been savely received:

Sue Higgins;
Mary Korn;
Sandra Breeze;
Terry Madden;
Rachel Rolfe;
Sally Mellor;
Katy Mellor;
Claire Pilkington;
Anne Farley;
Trish Ellis;
Asha Murnan;
Steph Wagstaff Bethell;
Pat Guerin;
Gaynor Jones;
Edith Hockenhull;
Sarah Reeves;
Martin Bethell;
Kathryn Watterson;
Karen Simpson;
Sandra Peters;
Sydney Byrd.

Pennie also needs the trophy holders to arrange for their return. Please get in touch with Pennie to let her know how you propose to do this.

If you are sending them by post the address is: Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.

Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Presentation Evening.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/01/2012

It's That Time Of The Year

Pat Guerin has sent me the following important reminders:

All distance cards must be sent to Pennie before Dec 31st in order to qualify for awards. Please send them even if your horse has only done a small distance as it all counts and we have lots of lovely trophies.

Send your cards to Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.

Please remember to polish up your Trophy and get it to Pennie (address above) well in time for the Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation evening.

The Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation is on Feb 2nd 2012 at Heyrose Golf Club.

All subscriptions are due on Jan 1st and all renewals paid before Dec 31st will be at the present rate.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/12/2011


A petition has been started to gain Government support for the development of new public bridleways. The full wording of the petition is:-

Increase Public Bridleways to equal Public Footpaths.

To acitively promote and encourage the development of new public bridleways for the safe off road use of mainly horse riders, but also cyclist and pedestrians. Currently the national network of public rights of way consists of 91,000 miles footpath; but only 20,000 miles of bridleway, 2,300 miles byway and 3,700 miles restricted byway (source: Natural England web site). The creation of public bridleways (20,000 miles) up to the same level as footpaths (91,000 miles) will reduce road accidents/fatalities (see while promoting healthy outdoor activity and safe use of the countryside for all ages/sex.

If you wish to add your support for this campaign please click here to go to the appropriate website.

The closing date for this petition is: 30/08/2012 but do it now while it's still fresh in your mind if you wish to.

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/12/2011


News has filtered through that Shrewsbury based Cheshire Group Member ALAN BROWN and BAKST have won the 2011 Arab Marathon in a time of 1h 36m 06s.

The Arab Horse Society Marathon was run on 30th October 2011 at the Larkhill Racecourse on Salisbury Plain over the traditional distance of approximately 42 kms (or 26 1/4 miles).

Many congratulations Alan on a superb achievement.

Chris Taylor

Added - 17/11/2011


The Cheshire Challengers the East Cheshire Combined Training Group

News Flash – Free entry nominations for Welsh Part-Bred Horse Group Annual Awards 2011.
All entries/nominations to be received by Judith Powell Awards Coordinator, by 11th November 2011.

There is still time for entries for the ‘Welsh Part-Bred Annual Awards for 2011’.

Full details are available on

The awards ar emade in association with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society - for horses with 12 1/2% Welsh Blood.

Click here for a leaflet containing the categories and rules in PDF format.
There is a section for Endurance and I have taken the liberty of copying this below:
Open to all registered Welsh Part-Bred Horses and Ponies, stallion, mare or gelding, 5 years of age and over, which have an Endurance Log Book and are registered with Endurance GB for the season.
Points to be accrued from Graded Rides and Endurance Rides as per the Endurance GB Trophy system. Best 10 rides to count.
Owners will record their Horse or Pony with the Awards Coordinator by 21st October 2011 (presumably now 11th November 2011) giving the following information:
Name of Owner, address and telephone number
Registered Name of Horse or Pony and Endurance GB registration number
Photocopy of W.P.C.S. Registration Document
Name of Rider and Age if a Young Rider
Endurance awards will be awarded to the winner of the Endurance Horse Section and the Endurance Pony Section.
Kindly presented by Ms. Megan Lewis. Pumpsaint.
Kindly presented by Ms. Megan Lewis. Pumpsaint."

Click here for an entry form in PDF format.

Chris Taylor

Added - 31/10/2011


The Group is holding a Meet The Experts evening where you can have your questions answered by our panel of experts, covering horse physio, foot balance and horses going barefoot, training for competition, crewing for endurance rides and advice on travelling horses.

The experts are Andraya Hiscox, a veterinary physiotherapist, Terry Madden, an advanced level endurance rider and qualified horse barefoot trimmer, Rachel Atkinson, international endurance rider and trainer for the EGB Young riders team and Andrew Atkinson, international crew member and experienced horse transporter.

Rachel and Andrew also run the Readwood riding stables which include a hydrotherapy unit for horses.

This event takes place on Thursday November 10th at The Fourways Inn, Oakmere.

£3 per person booked in advance or £5 on the door.
Contact Liz Finney on 01565 633310

Please support this event if you can - it should be a very interesting and worthwhile evening.

The date for next year's Teggs Nose Ride will be 31/03/2012 and the Delamere Pleasure Ride will be on 21/04/2012.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/10/2011


Pat Guerin reports that she could do with the assistance of a few more helpers for our last ride of the year at Congleton on 20th November.

This is your last chance to assist at a ride this year and qualify for the Group trophies. Even if you have already qualified but can spare the time your assistance would be much appreciated.

If you are able to help at this ride please get in touch with Pat on 01477 534194

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/10/2011


The Cheshire Challengers the East Cheshire Combined Training Group
Photo courtesy of

Riding Club Teams from Cheshire took the first two places in the Endurance GB Riding Clubs Team Event Final at the College Ride near Bedford last Sunday September 18th.

The event, now in its second year, is aimed at introducing riding club members to endurance and teams must qualify for the final during the season. Twelve teams from riding clubs all over the country took part. Two teams from Cheshire competed this year and in first place was Delamere Forest Riding Club repeating their last year's win with Jane Stewart, and Anne and Tim Deeprose. Close behind in second place was the East Cheshire Combined Training Group with Pat Guerin, Sue Williams and Jane Wyatt. The course was well suited to novices being mainly flat fast going using bridleways and headlands with a miniscule amout of roadwork. Both teams bowled round mostly at canter and all the horses were well crewed to finish with very low pulse rates which secured the top spots. It was a great introduction to the sport for those who had never seriously competed before.

Pat Guerin

Well done each of you.

Added - 26/09/2011


Jane Stewart has a colleague with an orphan 8 week old foal that is refusing to drink milk substitute and also is not drinking enough water. A suggested solution is to try "Horse Quench" and then, if the foal will drink it, start to dilute it with milk substitute and continue from there.

A problem has arisen in that they have run out of Horse Quench. So does anyone have any they could have or know of a local source?

If you can help please email Jane ( who can pass your message on.

Thanks everyone. The grieving foal has decided to start drinking honey sweetened milk formula. And we've found a local source of Horse Quencher.

cheers for now!

Chris Taylor

Updated - 25/08/2011


Those of you who have been waiting for the missing Grade Rosettes from the Wirral Ride may be pleased to know that they have now been received from the suppliers and were put into the post to you on Thursday afternoon (04/08).

Thank you for your patience.

Chris Taylor

Added - 05/08/2011


A combined Cheshire/Derbyshire team with "older horses" came 3rd in the Lindum Team Spirit 160 km relay race last Thursday (22nd July) at Market Rasen.

The team called "16+" consisted of Pat Guerin riding Zhiwah (aged 19), Jane Stewart riding Sunshine Bonnie (aged 18), Rita Tweddle riding Chant (aged 16) and Rachel Dennett riding Nasem (aged 19).

Writes Pat Guerin.

Well done Team.

Chris Taylor

Added - 25/07/2011


A short video of those riders that passed me at the exit from the beach at the Wirral Ride on Saturday July 2nd is available at Videos.

Don't get excited - it's only a series of stationary shots of riders passing by.

I'm afraid I didn't catch everyone and some shots were cut short. So my apologies to the young lady who came by first before I was set up and those that came by later after I had to leave (any anyone else who I cut off in their prime).

A selection of Photos has now been added to the Photographs page.
I'm afraid if you do not appear in this selection then I did not manage to catch you at all.

I did take more photos but have no facility to display them all.
If you wish to see more of yourself/horse please email me by clicking here with your ride no. and I will try to send any relevant photos to you.

The official photographs of this event can be viewed on the photographer's website

Chris Taylor

Added - 04/07/2011


Congratulations to all and many thanks to Baileys Horse Feeds for generously sponsoring our event and to Sue Evans for donating The Eld Trophy.

84km CR

1. Ann Harrison riding Millennium Chorus
2. Kath McGhee riding Foxghylls Folly
3. Cheryl Wallace riding Wrightfield Omar
4. Julie Martin riding Solitaire Star

Saturday Best Condition Awards
42km CR Brett Corcoran riding Favian Southey Star
32km CR Victoria Smith riding Chevin Wardour
Novice CR Stephen Bennett riding Southdown Desert Sharif

Farrier’s Award “The Eld Trophy” - Sue Taylor-Green & Moon Magician

Sunday Best Condition Awards
43km CR Sarah Braithwaite riding CSA Mahrice
32km CR Victoria Smith riding Chevin Wardour
Novice CR Tim Deeprose riding Chant

Farrier’s Award - Tim Deeprose & Chant

Pat Guerin

Added - 27/06/2011


Thank you to all those who have already made entries for our Wirral Ride on Saturday July 2nd.

Although the closing date has now passed we still have capacity for a few more riders so entries will remain open for the time being and Ride Nos. are expected to be allocated over the next weekend.

The Ride Information Sheet, Route Map and Ride Nos. will be added to the website here for those who don't want to wait for the details in the post. This info is not there yet - a message will be added to the "Latest News" column on our Home Page as it becomes available.

In the meantime the list of entries received is still being kept up to date. Click here to see the entries in PDF format or here to see them in Word doc format

If you have any queries about making an entry send an email to or phone: 0151 625 7333 before 9pm.

Update: I regret that so far I have not had sight of the Route Map or the Ride Information Sheet. I hope these will be available to pop in the post and on this website later today. Chris - 27/06/2011.

Chris Taylor

Added - 23/06/2011


A big congratulation goes out to the "Cheshire Babes" for winning the Mytton Challenge at the Ludlow ride this weekend; Sally & Katy Mellor riding Halim El Shaklan & Angelina Ginny (both rode their first 80km), Claire Pilkington riding her novice horse Aberllwyds Prince Elky in the 40km and Sue Higgins riding Aberllwyds Another Rose in the 30km CR.

Congratulations also to the "Barefoot and Bootyfull" comprising Heather Evans riding Swallow, Angela Corner riding Consider Me, Helen Newton riding Leyn Lader and Shani Meintjes riding Hg Hero who came a very creditable second in the event.

Harry Ingram was at Euston and came second in the FEI CEI* 80km Young Riders Championship riding the Perry family's Midnight Crusade.

Please do not forget to keep us updated with your ride stories and information to enable us to keep our readers informed.

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/06/2011

£14,500 For Charities

As the latest EQUITHON update shows a massive £14,500 has been raised and presented to the selected charities over the two years since it was started.

A sincere well done to all those who entered and raised so much money. You can visit the EQUITHON page for a breakdown of the monies received by the individual charities.

It is also right that we should thank the organiser (Steph) and her committee, all her helpers and supporters, our generous sponsors and benefactors and, of course, our hosts as well as all the entrants and their supporters. It takes a great deal of effort and commitment to make an event like this a success and everyone deserves credit for their part.

The EQUITHON is taking a break this year - mainly due to the tough economic climate.

Once again - thank you to all who supported this in any way whatever.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/06/2011


South Shropshire schoolgirl Katy Mellor has become the youngest rider ever to achieve the coveted Gold Medal standard in an event described as the most challenging equestrian endurance ride in Europe.

Competing in the Exmoor Experience class of the internationally renowned Golden Horseshoe last month, Katy completed the two-day 50-mile course across the rugged landscape of Exmoor in Devon on her 13th birthday.

Katy, who lives on the Longmynd and is a pupil at Bishops Castle Community College, rode her 12.2hh Arab-cross pony Angelina Ginny at an average of 12km/hour over the two days, finishing each day within the optimum time and passing all veterinary inspections. She went one better than her record-breaking achievement in 2010, when she became the youngest rider to complete the course, attaining Silver Medal standard.

The Golden Horseshoe endurance ride takes place on Exmoor in Devon annually, attracting the UK’s top endurance riders and horses. This year’s event was boosted by the participation of Olympic three day event rider Mary King, who made her entry into the sport riding in the same Exmoor Experience class as Katy Mellor.

Sally Mellor.

Yet more good news. What an achievement- well done Katy.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/06/2011

Accident Involving Horse And Car

We were out riding on saturday evening with our two youngsters when the thing that all horse riders dread the most happened ... a collision with a car.

We were walking single file down a country lane, when a young lad of 17 pulled out of a drive way onto the lane. Instead of him stopping and waiting for us to come past he decided to carry on past us. He past me first on my 16.3hh mare, she was very good but there was only inches to spare between my foot and his car. He then proceeded past my mum on her 15.2hh TB mare. They were not as lucky as the gap got narrower at that point and he hit my mums horse with his wing mirror on her stifle. The wing mirror got ripped off as it was stuck on Bea's leg. Luckily she was well behaved and did not freak out as I am sure a lot of other horses would have done. The driver then drove off.

We continued towards home as we wanted to check Bea's leg as soon as possible. A 4x4 then sped past us and pulled up in front of us. It was the young lad's mum who was very aggressive towards us and ordered us to get down off the horses as we had left the seen of an accident.

She seemed to believe it was our fault and nothing at all to do with her son. The police were called who said that it needs to be sorted out through the insurances.

I just want to remind people how important it is to be insured, as the amount of idiots we meet on the road now a days is unbelievable. We always follow the highway code when riding out on the road, high vis vest, body protectors and we always ride single file, it is just a shame that some of the road users don't know what the highway code is.

Alex Rushton

An important message indeed - we hope Lady Bea is not seriously hurt and that the insurance company do not behave unhelpfully.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/06/2011


Sandra Peters is looking for assistance in getting her trailer to the Wirral Ride from Congleton.

She would either like company by travelling in convoy style or perhaps a shared journey. If you can give Sandra any help it would be much appreciated.

Please contact Sandra at

Chris Taylor

Added - 08/06/2011


Dear Reader,

As some of you will know, I am not a particularly “horsey” person in that I don’t read horse magazines, websites, forums, etc. So the only knowledge I have of what’s going on is what you good people take the time to tell me. I also only add material that someone has given me permission to use as the site could be read by anyone so I don't like to take stuff from other places.

Something happened recently that has encouraged me to write this reminder to you all.

If you know of something which would be of interest to other readers then I would be extremely grateful to hear about it.

This includes the success of yourself or a friend at a ride. Do not be put off by thinking “It’ll sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet”. If you so wish it, only you and I will know where the information came from (and I promise not to tell). News such as this can be tremendously encouraging to other riders especially the more inexperienced members and it is always nice to give credit to people for their efforts and success.

The success could be at any level. Your (or your horses) first competitive ride, Grade One, FEI ride, a good placing – need I go on?

I have always said “You tell me about it and I’ll put it on” and there has always been a paragraph to this effect at the foot of the centre column on our Home page. There remains a link there to click on to simply get a message to me which will still be there long after this News item has disappeared.

Additionally, I am always open to articles and Ride Reports or anything else relevant to the interests of the Group.

Thanks for reading this (if you have).

And here is a copy of the link on our Home page which you can use to email us by simply clicking here.

Chris Taylor

Added - 06/06/2011


I'm pleased to report that Tricia Hirst was also successful at the Dukeries Ride last weekend.

Tricia won the 160k FEI 3* class. An exceptional performance on it's own but Tricia has now won this class 3 times on 3 different horses.

It has also put her back on the Elite squad - a position for which she has worked hard and roundly deserves.

Many congratulations Tricia.

Sue Higgins was placed 9th in the FEI 1* class.

Well done Sue.

Chris Taylor

Added - 01/06/2011


Congratulations to Harry Ingram and Chi Lin Tashiq on gaining 3rd place in the 120 km FEI Young Riders class at The Dukeries last Saturday, 28th May 2011.

Well done Harry.

Pat Guerin

Added - 31/05/2011


Pat Guerin writes:

Helpers needed to mark the Frolic route on Friday 20th May.

On foot, bicycle or car during the day.

The more we have the faster it will get done and will shorten the time we all have to do.


Please offer if you can - every bit helps.

If you know of anyone who is not at work and would be willing to help please let Pat know. She will be VERY grateful.

You can reach Pat on Tel: 01477 534194 or Email:

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/05/2011

SPIRIT (Espiritu Volador) - STOLEN

Please keep your eyes and ears open and contact Lisa (07712 156726) if you have any information of this horse from Carrington, Manchester.

And, as ever, stay alert and report any suspicious activity to the Police.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/05/2011


Sorry if this annual plea is annoying but I hope some kind soul(s) will be able to answer YES to all three of these questions as without your input this site can get horribly stale.

HAVE YOU been on a ride this year?

COULD YOU possibly find the time to write a few lines of your experience?

WOULD YOU do it and send it for inclusion on this site and in our Newsletter?

Well, you can't blame a chap for trying.

If you have, could and would please send it (them!) in any form you can to

Chris Taylor

Added - 08/05/2011

Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire

Barbury Castle Ride Aug 13th & 14th, 2011.

A new Chef d’Equipe is needed to organise & manage a North West team for this event as Pat Guerin & Flick Edmeston have stepped down after 4 years due to pressure of other commitments.

The competition takes place over 2 days at the above ride this year & some Cheshire riders have already expressed an interest in taking part.

The NW has an excellent record in this event & it would be a pity not to defend the title we won last year.

Anyone who is interested please contact Pat who will be happy to offer help & advice!

Pat Guerin
Tel: 01477 534194

Added - 01/05/2011


The online ride entry system has been changed – more options have been introduced so that the online system fits all situations – well hopefully!

Registered horse, different rider:
A member can enter a horse registered by them but then record another person as the actual rider for that class. This rider may be a member or a non-member. All their details must be entered, but once entered they can be recalled and used again without re-entering them. Normal checking and rules apply to this alternate rider. If the rider is not a current member then Temporary Day Membership rates will be charged.
For example:
A parent who owns the horse can now enter the child as the rider but the parent will still be able to pay for the entry!
An owner of a horse may let a non-member ride their horse so that they can see what competitive riding is like – in this case TDM would be paid and the class would have to be a novice class with a maximum distance of 40kms.

Registered rider, different horse:
A member can enter a ride but if instead of using their own horse, they wish to ride a different horse, they can record the details of this new horse. Again all the details must be entered, but they may be recalled and used again - without re-entering them. Normal checking and rules apply to this alternate horse.
For example:
A member might wish to ride a friend’s horse for them while their own horse is resting or they may be needed to accompany a friend’s novice horse.

Please ensure that you enter all the details correctly – if they are not you may find you are charged TDM – especially if you forget to logon before entering………….

EGB Head Office

Added - 24/04/2011


What is Try Before You Buy?
TBYB is an opportunity for those new to endurance riding to enter a novice competitive ride of up to 40km before applying to become an EGB member and registering their horse.
This allows a non-member to experience their horse being vetted, to see what speed must be achieved and see how their horse copes with the distance.
Successful completion of the ride is rewarded with an appropriate grading rosette, based on the results of their vetting!
However no trophy points will be accumulated and no progression towards novice qualification can be gained. This offer just allows non-members to experience what it is like to enter and enjoy a competitive ride but it is limited to a maximum of two rides per applicant.
Try Before You Buy can be only applied for online and rides must be entered on line.

How to Apply for Try Before You Buy
Full details explaining the scheme and the terms and conditions can be found on the EGB website, in the RIDES section
Applicants must complete online, all the details on the Registration Form. After registering successfully you will be sent by email your special EGB membership number and password. Using this you will then be able to LOGON using your TBYB membership number and password, then select Your Account (where you can change your password if required). You can then make and pay for a ride entry for the ride of your choice online. Payment for the ride entry will be taken by credit or debit card.
Please remember to LOGON before trying to enter a ride - otherwise you will only be able to enter a non-competitive ride!
Having registered for the scheme, your details will be stored, recalled and entered on the online ride entry form automatically when you next logon using your TBYB membership number.
Also you must enter the ride online. You can not enter using a ride entry form and post.
For the terms and conditions of this scheme please look at the TBYB Terms & Conditions Page.

Please ensure that you enter all the details correctly – if they are not you may find you are charged TDM – especially if you forget to logon before entering………….

EGB Head Office

Added - 24/04/2011

Introduction to Western Riding
Private lessons on your own horse using Western Saddle and Reins
Sunday 5th June from 9.30 am

New Barn, Chelford Road, Ollerton, Cheshire WA16 8SZ

Kaaron and John Brown are enthusiastic Western Riders who have competed for Britain internationally, and have many awards and trophies. They are coming to New Barn on Sunday June 5th to give a whole day of private lessons to anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to ride Western Style, and whether their horse will suit a Western Saddle.

These private lessons are of one hour duration, and include the explanation of and fitting of the saddle. Participants will be taken through the basics, how to sit, how to use the reins, and how to school your horse to the Western aids. Be warned - if hacking and pleasure riding are the favourite parts of your riding, then you may fall completely in love with Western Riding!

Lessons are £40.00 on your own horse, or £55 to hire one of New Barn's quiet horses. The NB horses are not western trained, but are sane and sensible.

We are expecting a lot of demand for these lessons, so make sure you book early. You can either contact lisa Pritchard at to book your place, or pay via paypal (there is a 1.50 surcharge for pp) here.

Please ensure that you enter all the details correctly – if they are not you may find you are charged TDM – especially if you forget to logon before entering………….

Lisa Pritchard

ps Kaaron and John will also be giving a Western Riding demo at Springfield Farm, Warford lane, Great Warford, Cheshire WA16 7AY on Saturday 14th May for the Cheshire Horsey Coffee Mornings. They'll be showing off their spins and slides as well as explaining all about Western Style riding. You can just come along for 10.30am on the saturday, no need to book. (£5.00 pays for the demo, coffee, cake and toasties!)

Added - 24/04/2011


Following the election of Shaun Walsh to the Committee at the AGM there has been a slight shuffle in roles for some of the Committee.

2011 Cheshire Group EGB Committee Members
Liz Finney 01565 633310 Chairman
Pat Guerin 01477 534194 Vice-Chair, General & Membership Secretary
Muriel Taylor 0151 625 7333 Treasurer
Pennie Drummond 01477 532351 Trophy Secretary, Pony Club Liaison Officer
Jane Evison 01565 872758 Child Protection
Maggie Maguire 01663 763237 Health & Safety
Michelle France 01257 265601  
Steph Wagstaff Bethell 01270 628052 PR
Sue Higgins 01938 580086 Newsletter Editor
Shaun Walsh   PR
Harry Ingram 07793 813083 Young Rider Representative
You are welcome to contact any of the above but if your query is specific to a role then please contact the appropriate committee member.

All may be emailed preceded by their christian name: e.g.

Pat Guerin

Added - 24/03/2011


You may be aware that the Fotopic web site where many additional Cheshire Group photographs were available to look at (and copy) has disappeared into the ether.

Although these photographs are now no longer available to you, I still have copies. The clue to there being additional photographs is the phrase "A selection of photos ..." (implying there are more) in the headings on the photographs page.

I am trying to update our Photographs page but this is a large task and will take a short while.

Chris Taylor

Added - 20/03/2011


This is just a polite message to remind you that if you haven't renewed your membership by the end of March you will be required to pay a Joining Fee of £20 again.

It's also worth mentioning that you are not covered by the EGB insurance until you have renewed.

Chris Taylor

Added - 13/03/2011


You may already have received this message from EGB but if not read on:

"Dear EGB Member or Associate Member,

To find out more about the Golden Horseshoe Auction of Promises, simply follow the link to our website:

We have accommodation and meals you could use at the Horseshoe, and even one for the Ludlow Ride in June, massage treatments for humans and horses, a day's Horse-Boarding (you have to look just to see what this is!), West End Theatre Tickets, England vs Wales Rugby tickets, and Hickstead Membership. You name it, we've got it!

It's all happening on Friday 11th March, and don't worry if you can't make it to Wheddon Cross - we are all set up to take email and phone bids, so check out the website , see what you would like to bid for, and get in touch! (Although if you can make it, we have free refreshments available!)


Nic Wigley

Chris Taylor

Added - 07/03/2011


Each Group can nominate one ride where they will award the special EGB 10th Anniversary Plaques. The committee has decided that we will award ours at the Teggs Nose Ride in place of the usual rosettes.

These plaques will not be available at any other Cheshire Group ride.

John Illingworth would appreciate some more helpers on the day. If you can spare some time to help please contact him -

Tel: 01625 430584

Chris Taylor

Added - 03/03/2011


Please click the link below to see a poster advertising the Newbury Charity Racing Day on Saturday 26 March 2011.

Every EGB Full Member or Associate Member is entitled to 2 free – yes FREE- tickets to this event.

You will simply need to quote your EGB membership number when booking over the phone – see the poster for further details.

Chris Taylor

Added - 27/02/2011


Members in and around North Wales may be interested to learn of a new website centred around Denbighshire, the Clwydian Range and the surrounding areas.

To quote from their site:- "Any Welsh horse magazines seem to have information about events and people in South Wales and often in Northern England, but not enough about what is going on here in good old Denbighsire and surrounding areas.
So hence Clwyd Range Rider was born, in the hope that everyone who loves and has horses in our area will find it useful.

I, too, hope members in North Wales find it useful and that we can use it, as well, to reach more potential riders.

You can visit find the site by simply clicking

Chris Taylor

Added - 21/02/2011


New Committee Member Shaun Walsh has been busy over the past couple of days setting up a new page for us on Facebook.

This is another great way to keep in touch with what's going on and exchanging views and thoughts with other like minded people.

Please appreciate that the page is in it's infancy and I am sure it will develop under Shaun's stewardship. I am also sure he would like to hear from anyone who has suggestions or comments to make about the page.

You can visit the page by simply clicking

Don't forget to add it to your "Favourites".

Finally, thanks to Shaun for all the time and effort to make this possible.

Chris Taylor

Added - 19/02/2011


I have received (as will those of you who signed up) the following message about the government's proposal to change the law so that forestry land may be sold off:

"Dear Chris,

WE'VE WON! The government has just confirmed they're totally scrapping the forest sell-off. The phoney consultation has been cancelled. The sinister legal changes to pave the way for privatisation have been dropped.

We did this together. Next time someone tries to tell any of us that signing petitions or emailing our MPs doesn’t work, we’ll know exactly what to say: “People power does work. Just look at the Save Our Forests campaign”.

Over half a million of us can feel very proud of what we've achieved together today.

On the 38 Degrees Facebook page, members are celebrating. Fiona, for example, says "Fantastic news! And great for letting people see that actually there IS something they can do when they don't like what the government does, and their protest can make a difference!" Even Sky News seems to agree: "This is a great example of people power".

38 Degrees members voted to start this campaign. . We knew that making forests safe for future generations was something worth fighting for. So we signed the petition, emailed our MPs, put up posters in our local woodlands, organised local events, and chipped in for a people-powered opinion poll and national newspaper ads.

Local groups joined in, as did national organisations like the National Trust, Friends of the Earth, and Greenpeace, and celebrities who spoke out in the press. Together we stopped the sell-off plans.

We need to keep an eye on what happens next, but we've shown that if forests are under threat, people power can come to the rescue. . Right now, let's celebrate that we forced the government to back down from plans to sell up to 100% of our woodlands!

Hundreds of 38 Degrees members are celebrating now on our Facebook page and the website. You can click here to join in: and

And if you know someone who thinks writing to MPs or signing a petition is a waste of time, maybe you should forward them this email!

Thanks for everything you did to save our forests,

David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team"

I have heard nothing at this stage from Andrew Bell for the organisers of the Delamere Forest petition. He said he would update me when necessary so I will leave the item in situ (until I hear otherwise) in case any signatures strengthen their position locally.

Chris Taylor

Added - 18/02/2011


Further to the proposed Government sale of all Forestry Commission land (see the News item dated 06/02/2010 below) a petition has been started by the Residents and Businesses of Delamere.

You are invited to print out and sign this petition form.

Please print as many forms as you wish and send all completed forms to the address below before the 7th March (The next Consultation Meeting):
Andrew Bell
2 Linmere Cottages
Station Road
Nr Northwich

Please Note - The Government have recently announced a delay and re-evaluation of the sale of a small number of forests but I am sure your participation in this petition would still be valuable and much appreciated by those seeking to protect our forests.

Chris Taylor

Added - 12/02/2011


Andraya Hiscock (who will be featuring during our Training Day) is presenting a 1 day workshop at Castlefield, Manchester City Centre on Sunday 6th March 2011.

The workshop will address the following areas:
  • Improve your posture and positioning;
  • Injury prevention – for both you and your horse; and
  • Effectively utilise and improve your core stability and balance.

  • Click here for an leaflet in Word .doc format giving more information and contact details.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 07/02/2011


    Jo Claridge has received (and passed on) the message below about the government's proposal to change the law so that forestry land may be sold off:

    "Our campaign to Save Our Forests hit the headlines this weekend! First our petition and an opinion poll - paid for by hundreds of 38 Degrees members - were reported on Countryfile, the Today programme and BBC 5 Live breakfast. Then a group including the Archbishop of Canterbury backed our campaign - making the front page of the Sunday Telegraph! [1]

    Our pressure has got the government worried. They've started a charm offensive, telling us that they love forests too. But right now, despite the warm fuzzy words, David Cameron is pushing through changes to the law. He wants to make it legal to sell off 100% of our woodlands. [2]

    David Cameron can only change the law - and sell all our forests - if MPs vote the changes through Parliament. That makes MPs a key target for our campaign. We need to make sure that our MPs are hearing from local voters.

    Can you send your MP a quick email today? It is quick and easy to email your MP using the 38 Degrees website. You can find your MP just by putting in your postcode, and there is some suggested text to use in your message.

    Please click here to email your MP and ask them to vote to Save Our Forests:

    MPs will have heard about our campaign. They'll have seen our opinion poll showing that 84% of the general public want our forests to stay in public hands for future generations. Now we need to make sure they are also hearing directly from local voters. If enough of us email our MPs, we can push them to come out of the woodwork and speak out against privatising our forests.

    Thousands of us voted to launch this campaign. We've spread the word by forwarding emails and sharing news on Facebook and Twitter. We've put up posters in forests, car parks and cafes all over the country. Now we've got over 175,000 signatures on our petition. And that number is rising fast!

    Together we have sounded the alarm about the threat to our forests. The media and celebrities have noticed our campaign, and the government has been put on the defensive. Now, if we keep working together, we can make sure MPs start to feel under pressure to vote against making it legal to sell off our forests.

    Click here to send your MP a quick message and ask them to vote to Save Our Forests:

    Thanks for being involved,

    David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team

    [1] There's a list of the coverage our campaign has got so far on the website at:
    [2] To find out more about the Public Bodies Bill, the law David Cameron is using to make it legal to sell our forests go to:

    Our pressure to Save Our Forests has got the government worried.

    Now we need to make sure our MPs are hearing from local voters so they know how many of us want them to Save Our Forests.

    Click here to send your MP a quick email.

    Just one word of caution - I understand that MPs tend to ignore letters that are clearly copied from elsewhere so it may pay to try to make yours personal/local or different in some way.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 06/02/2011

    ‘4 for the North’ 2011
    The Bedmax & Cottee Trophies

    This is an annual competition to encourage riders to participate in rides held in Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham and the Scottish Borders. It appears that there were no takers from our Group last year but some of you may be tempted. The travelling time may be a problem but I bet there's some cracking scenery to enjoy.

    The following is the wording their promotional letter:

    "Hi from the rules and administration committee.

    Firstly, thank you for registering and competing in this competition in 2010. If you didn’t where were you? The aim of this competition is to move away from ‘the most distance covered at speed’ method of celebrating success and using an adaptation of the French Formula, rewarding the thinking rider and to promote good preparation and skilled riding. Riding at a speed suited to the terrain, avoiding elimination by the vet and finishing with a low final heart rate (for the horse that is), will achieve the best results.

    As you know the progress of the competition through the season is publicised regularly through the website for EGB, and you can plot the progress of all the entrants throughout the season. In 2010 we had contestants from EGB and SERC in Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham, Dumfries, Scottish Borders, North East Yorkshire and Lancashire. The prizes sponsored by Bedmax were superb. The winner of the 2010 Bedmax Trophy was, Flip Seccombe riding Bey Shimoun, who received an engraved trophy and an embroidered rug, 2nd Janet Lennard with Linnelwood Digby from Northumberland, who received an embroidered fleece and 3rd Barbara Jordon with Jamieson from Cumbria, who received an embroidered quilted saddlecloth.

    The winner of the 2010 Cottee Trophy was Robert Newall with Pocket, who received an engraved trophy and an embroidered rug, 2nd Barbara Austin riding Bonnie Lass and 3rd Mandy Ball riding Lambwath Super Mario.

    As you will know the competition is open to anyone countrywide who registers with the administrator by e mail as soon as they are planning their rides (no entries in retrospect). The competition this year follows the same successful format of the best of 4 rides counting towards the trophy points.

    It costs nothing to enter, and you gotta be in it to win it!

    Jackie Axcell has agreed to be the administrator of the competition for this season. Our marketing and PR person, has and will keep the sponsors, Bedmax and Classic Upholstery & Foam, fully aware of the promotional coverage of the competition. The same companies are also sponsors for the shaving beds at the Hexhamshire Trophy Ride and Best Condition for the 64km Competitive Ride.

    Click here for an application form in Word .doc format.

    Best wishes and good luck on the trail in 2011.


    Chris Taylor

    Added - 19/01/2011


    A new Cheshire Group Associate Membership Form has been introduced as there is a VERY slight increase in cost and the parameters of "Family Membership" and have been refined.

    Click here for an introduction to the world of Associate Membership in Word .doc format.

    The form is available to download:

    Cheshire Group Associate Membership Enrolment form in Word .doc format (updated Jan 2011)
    Cheshire Group Associate Membership Enrolment form in pdf format (updated Jan 2011)

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 11/01/2011


    You may have read in Horse and Hound that the Helme family's horse Bobby, who was a very successful endurance horse, competing with Donna Helme at WEG at The Hague in 1994, won the first ever veterans in-hand class at Olympia this year and also a special prize as the oldest veteran in the in-hand and ridden classes. He is now 30!

    Bobby was in the capable hands of William Helme for the event.

    A sincere "well done" to Bobby, William and all the Helme family on these achievements. Good to see him looking so well.

    I am trying to obtain permission to add a photo or two of the event.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 03/01/2011


    Membership Fees - 2011

    Please note that Half Year Membership is available to new members and to lapsed members from 1 July of the current membership year. Joining Fee Full Year Membership Fee Half Year Membership Fee (from 1 July)
    Full Riding Member aged 22 years old or more in the current year £20.00 £48.00 £30.00
    Non Riding Member None £25.00 £15.00
    Young people aged 14 to 21 years old inclusive in the current year: Young Rider None £33.00 £23.00
    Children aged 8 to 13 years old inclusive in the current year: Junior Rider None £23.00 £18.00
    Branch/Group Associate Member (see below*) must be applied for directly to the group and not to the office None £19.00 Sole or £23.00 for a family (One parent + 2 living at the same address)  
    Life Member None £600.00 N/A
    Overseas Supplement, payable by all members resident outside the United Kingdom   £20.00 £20.00
    Less 10% discount off Membership for a family (One parent + 2 living at the same address).      
    Horse Registration - Separate Form and documents required.   £12.00 N/A
    Horse Logbook (new horses only)   £15.00 N/A
    * If an Associate Member wishes to enroll as a Full Member of EGB within the same membership year (1st Jan to 31st Dec) the joining fee for EGB Full membership will be reduced by £10.00

    Ride Entry Fees - 2011

      Member Temp Day Member
    NON COMPETITIVE RIDES up to 16km £12.00 £20.00
    NON COMPETITIVE RIDES 17-40km £15.00 £23.00
    COMPETITIVE RIDES 55km or LESS £28.00 £36.00
    COMPETITIVE RIDES 56km and OVER £38.00 £46.00
    MULTI DAY COMPETITIVE RIDES not less than £48.00 £56.00
    ENDURANCE RIDES (NON-FEI) 80km to 99km £55.00 £63.00
    ENDURANCE RIDES (NON-FEI) 100km to 139km £65.00 £73.00
    ENDURANCE RIDES (NON-FEI) 140km and over £75.00 £83.00
    MULTIPLE DAY ER RIDES - Up to 99km not less than
    not less than
    MULTIPLE DAY ER RIDES - 100km to 139km not less than
    not less than
    MULTIPLE DAY ER RIDES - 140km and over not less than
    not less than
    FEI RIDES - 1 Star not less than
    not less than
    FEI RIDES - 2 Star not less than
    not less than
    FEI RIDES - 3 Star not less than
    not less than
    Competitors’ Licences are required for riders in ALL FEI classes. For confirmation of fee, application forms & enquiries please contact Endurance GB, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RP, Tel: 02476 697929, Fax: 02476 418429.
    Entry fees for these rides may vary, so please see relevant Ride Schedules for details.
    Cheques To be made payable to “Endurance GB”, and sent to the Ride Entries Secretary.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 02/01/2011


    Sadly there were not many of us at all this year but congratulations to those riders & horses who got their names in lights.

    Sam Weller Trophy

    2nd Gaynor Jones & Squire
    3rd Pat Guerin & Zhiwah

    Retraining of Racehorses Endurance Championship

    3rd Anna Collins & Diamond Destiny (Does this mean she is almost retrained now?!)
    Anna & DD also achieved 7th place in the Novice Championship. A great result & only just out of the ribbons.

    National Distance Awards

    4800 km Squire & Zhiwah

    1600 km G Putnik

    Pat Guerin

    Added - 20/12/2010


    As the message below from Jo Claridge explains Full Senior Membership of EGB goes up on 1st January 2011 but you can avoid this by renewing online before that date. There are other benefits too, as this message explains:-

    "EGB Membership Renewal for 2011

    As you know we are less than a couple of weeks away from the New Year now and your membership of Endurance GB lapses on 31 December – and therefore so does your insurance under EGB’s member policy. What’s more, the membership subscription for full senior members goes up by £2 on 1st January, so renewing now will save you money.

    You can renew your membership online by going to the Endurance GB website,, and clicking on the “Members Only” tab on the left-hand side of the Home Page. You can then login to your Members’ Account and renew your membership. To do this you will need your membership number (just the numbers, do not enter the letters at the beginning) and your password. Forgotten your password – don’t worry, if you have told us your email address, then just enter your membership number and click the “Send Reminder” button. You will then receive a reminder of your password in your email in-box. Otherwise, just phone or email the office ( and your password will be sent to you in the post. However, please note that the office will be closed from Friday 24th December 2010 until Tuesday 4th January 2011 inclusive.

    Membership Cards and Horse Registration Cards by EMAIL

    Another advantage of renewing your membership online, and registering or re-registering your horses online, is that you will then receive your Membership Card and Horse Registration Card(s) by email to print at home. What’s more, you can print a duplicate of one or more of these cards at any time should they have been mislaid.

    And finally

    If you have renewed your membership online recently or have sent your renewal paperwork to the office, then please ignore this email and accept our apologies for having sent it to you in error.

    Kind Regards and have a very Happy Christmas!

    Jo Claridge
    Chairman, Endurance GB

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 19/12/2010


    John Hudson has issued the following message on behalf of Endurance GB's Board of Directors:-

    "Dear EGB Member

    Please find below a letter from Dr Lisa Boden of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Glasgow. She has asked Endurance GB if its members would be kind enough to help with some research that the University is undertaking on the subject of the spread of infectious diseases of horses and donkeys in Great Britain. Clearly this is of concern to all who own horses, so I hope that you will be able to find a few minutes in your busy day to complete the online questionnaire mentioned below.

    If you are not a horse owner, then please ignore this email and I apologise for the intrusion.

    "Dear Horse Owner

    The University of Glasgow and the Institute of Animal Health are examining ways to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases of horses and donkeys in Great Britain. We are appealing to you, as a responsible horse or donkey owner, to help us by spending a few minutes completing our online questionnaire:

    Only you can supply us with accurate and detailed information about the location and movements of your horse, or horses under your care/management. This information is vital for us to improve current prevention and control strategies for infectious diseases (such as African Horse Sickness) which could have a major impact on equine health welfare in Great Britain.

    This questionnaire will take 15 minutes to complete. This survey should be completed only once by an individual family member. The information you provide is completely confidential.

    Your information is extremely important to us and we are grateful for your participation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about this survey. Please write, telephone, or email using the contact details below. Thank you for your assistance.

    Dr. Lisa Boden (
    Boyd Orr Centre for Population and Ecosystem Health,
    School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow, 464 Bearsden Road, Glasgow, G61 1QH.
    Tel: +44(0)1413308437, Fax: +44(0)1413305602

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 12/12/2010


    If you've read the latest EGB magazine you will have spotted the news that the Delamere Forest Elms won the Team Endurance final held during the Robin Hood Challenge Ride on Sunday 5th September.

    They qualified for the final at our Forest Frolic in May this year.

    Congratulations to all the team members and their supporters.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 06/12/2010


    If anyone has some spare time this coming Sunday (21st November) their help at the Congleton Ride would be much appreciated by everyone and especially organiser Pat Guerin.

    Don't forget to qualify for any of our Group Trophies you need to have helped at a ride and this is your last chance to help this year. We have no more rides.

    Please contact Pat if you can help:

    Pat Guerin,
    The Laurels,
    Brick Bank Lane,

    Tel: 01477 534194


    Chris Taylor

    Added - 16/11/2010


    To help celebrate our 10th Anniversary all Groups are asked to submit a design for an Anniversary Plaque to be distributed to the riders at a chosen Training Ride during the 2011 season.

    Based on the size (and success) of the Kentucky Plaques, please could you submit your designs to Jo Claridge ( by November 22nd AT THE LATEST so that the Board of Directors can choose the winning design to be announced at the AGM?

    For ease of production, can the design be in black on a single colour background and include the EGB logo? The dimensions are 18cm wide by 12 cm tall. The design needs to be in electronic form using a standard programme such as Word or Publisher.

    For information - a 10th anniversary is TIN.

    I have attached two versions of the EGB logo which MAY be of use to you.


    I have been unable to locate a digital copy of the successful Kentucky Plaque to help.

    If you do make an entry I would be interested to see a copy but would not publish it without your express permission.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 08/11/2010


    I know you will all be sad to hear that Kate Williams had to have Putnik put down this week following another bout of colic. He had injured himself in the field sustaining a deep shoulder wound plus a break to the scapula and she has no idea how he did it.

    The prognosis was not bad but he had to be cross-tied in the stable for 6 weeks initially and he just wouldn't eat hence the repeated colic.

    We send our best wishes to Kate as we know just how devastating this can feel.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 24/10/2010

    EQUITHON prize vouchers

    During the problem we had with the secretary's tent succumbing to the wind there was a small mix up with the Freebie Bags and the Prize Winners Bags. Apparently two of the Prizewinners Bags were picked up by mistake.

    The two bags that have been picked up were for the Runners Up of the Equithon (Individual) Elite and Open class and contained a voucher for Chester Saddlery and a voucher for the Halwood Feed Store numbers 66 and 67. The bags were marked in the corner.

    Steph will be sending the two shops a list of the prize winners.

    Steph would be very grateful if those riders who hold the bags could extract the vouchers, keeping the info, and return them to her at her home address: Steph Wagstaff Bethell, 28 Millfields, Nantwich, Cheshire. CW5 5HS.

    Apologies for the confusion.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 06/09/2010

    CLOCAENOG RIDE - 11th September 2010

    Organiser Kate Williams writes:
    Entries are very low for the Clocaenog Ride. Please support this ride or it will be lost. We will definitely take late entries and there are classes from 8km up to 40km - something for everyone. We are taking entries on line.

    You may recall that it isn't very long since Kate and the rest of the committee had a very difficult job to convince the Rides Committee of the viability of this ride. Such is our commitment to supporting riders in North Wales.

    I appreciate that the current economic situation and the expense of fuel etc. might make a trip to Clocaenog difficult but I urge you to support this ride if you can. There is a genuine fear that if it is not well supported we could lose it again and it would be extremely difficult to raise it from the dead once more.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 29/08/2010


    Once again this competition was held at Barbury Castle, a marvellous venue in the rolling Wiltshire countryside near Marlborough. The selection criteria was similar to last year with each team having to complete up to 800 kms with a maximum of 15 riders of all levels in their appropriate classes, spread over distances of 32kms up to100 kms. We are in the North West Region & our riders & horses can be drawn from Cheshire, Derbyshire & Lancashire.

    Its not as easy as it sounds and after several sleepless nights and many busy days Flick Edmeston, joint Chefd’Equipe, & I did manage to assemble a very promising team of 13 horses and riders on the weekend of August 7th/8th with all three counties represented & all the basic requirements satisfied. We thought that alone was no mean achievement!

                             Ann & Ginger at the start                             Mary & Mylo returning from first loop

    The advanced horse & rider combinations competed on the Saturday over distances of 100, 86 & 80 kms. The day dawned damp and murky with the promise of rain to come but did brighten slightly in time for the 100km ER start. Our rider in this was Mary Korn on Mister Mylo who was followed by Anne Booth on Rassam & Ann Harrison on Ginger Spice in the 80 km ER and 86 CR respectively. They stormed round the course like the professionals they are, and with the help of their very efficient crews, all successfully completed their various distances. Mary gained 3rd place, Anne 4th & Ann a Grade 1. What an excellent way to finish Day 1!

    Meanwhile the rest of our team had arrived and having set up camp and corralled their horses we then embarked on the social side of the venture. Flick and team had erected the North West Gazebo on Friday evening and on Saturday we all gathered there for fish and chips and liquid refreshment …and, of course, the “team talk”! Most riders had their own crews which would leave Flick and myself free to cope with any emergencies or to stay at the Vet Gate to assist with vettings. Also we had the help of Ann and Gordon Harrison and the “two Toms”, Korn and Jordan who would be out at crew points that were difficult to reach. All was looking good!

    We woke on Sunday to early sunshine which indicated a warm day to come. First off riding in the 80 km CR was Tricia Hirst on her young horse Vlaq Diamond Sparkle. Our 64 km riders Suzanne Chamberlain on Night Owl, James Dickenson on Duke, Sally Mellor on Halim el Shaklan and Katy Mellor on Angelina Ginny then set off in pairs all enjoying the inviting incline of the racecourse at the start.

    Suzanne & Owl at vetting                                …. & with James and Duke at start

    We then concentrated our efforts on the 40km riders. These were Anna Collins on Diamond Destiny, Rachel Dennett on Nasem, Sharna McClelland on Fan Tan and Sarah Braithwaite on CSA Mahrice. All vetted well and started without incident although Anna was seriously concerned that her ex-racehorse would “lose it” when she saw the racecourse rails. In the end after bouncing about while being tacked up she set off at a lovely extended canter covering the ground with massive strides. Last to go was Kath Wurcbacher in the 32 km CR on Cloughwood Gold Spinner who had been co-opted at the last minute as a replacement for Sue Hudson and ILPH Bahir as sadly Baz had been taken ill a few days before.

    All was quiet for the first hour as Flick and I began to relax but our peace was soon disrupted by a call from Gordon to say that Sally’s horse Hal had lost a shoe halfway round the first loop and needed a farrier. Its on occasions like this that two chefs are better than one! I was able to go out with the farrier while Flick remained at the venue to receive the first of the 64 km riders into the vet hold. With the shoe swiftly replaced Sally and daughter Katy resumed their ride and as I returned to the venue I heard that Suzanne and James were safely through the vetting and into their hold time. Tricia meanwhile was continuing successfully being well supported by her experienced crew.

    Anna striding out with DD                                Sharna & Patsy

    Then the rush started as the 40 km riders completed, Sally and Katy arrived for their halfway vetting and Kath finished her 32 km. It was then that “the blue army” (as we were christened by the vet stewards) swung into action and efficiently cooled all the horses to the point that some excellent heart rates were achieved. Gordon made numerous trips up and down the hill in his new van to fill up water containers as we used gallons of the stuff.

    The Blue Army at work

    Suzanne was the next to arrive closely followed by James and more gallons of water later they both achieved good heart rates and a sound trot up. Only Tricia, Sally and Katy out on course now and things really were looking quite promising. Tricia returned and vetted successfully so our attention turned to Sally and Katy. Ginny required cooling but Hal looked fresh although Sally was concerned he might stiffen up. Sadly her fears were realised as he trotted up very slightly lame whereas Katy’s pony sailed through much to her delight. Twelve riders out of thirteen through was a great achievement and we were well satisfied with a good two days work from everyone. Now all that remained was to see how the other six teams had performed.

    Regardless of the results to come we went to the presentation proud and delighted with our team effort from horses, riders and helpers. I secretly hoped we would be in the top three but had no idea of how anyone else had done. The results were given in reverse order and the tension mounted as second place was reached without our name being called. There was a nail-biting moment before we finally knew we had WON. Fantastic! What a great result for a great team. We were not called “the blue army” without reason and it was the team effort that won for us!

    Thank you very much indeed to all who took part. I had a great weekend and I hope everyone else did too. Flick and I have decided that its time for a change and we are bowing out after four years and two wins to let someone else have a go. Its hard work but very enjoyable and rewarding whether you win or not. We thoroughly recommend you try it next year!

    The Winning Team           Photo Rex Photography

    Pat Guerin

    Added - 26/08/2010

    at Barbury Castle

    Just a short news flash to record the success of the North West Team at Barbury Castle at the weekend (7-8th August). It was a marvellous team effort from 13 riders from Cheshire, Derbyshire & Lancashire & their crews.

    A fuller report from Pat Guerin with all the details will be added as soon as I receive it. If any of the participants want to add a few words from their point of view then please send your comments to us.

    Congratulations to all the team members, their support teams and the North West Team co-ordinators.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 09/08/2010


    I regret to report that the Cheshire View Ride scheduled for Saturday 25th July has been cancelled due to a lack of entries.

    Apologies to all those looking forward to the event.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 23/07/2010


    Campbell Thompson BVM&S MRCVS (partner at the Nantwich Veterinary Group Equine Centre and Team Vet at the Sydney Olympics) is giving a series of three talks at Nantwich Equine Clinic, Nantwich, CW5 6BU to assist in the understanding the horse’s limb anatomy from inside out and how that affects injury and performance!

    A fascinating insight into the workings of the lower leg and foot.

    Understand this complex area, to help prevent, career limiting injury.

    Considering the effects of arthritis in various joints and the effects of front and hind suspensory problems.

    For more details click here for a poster on PDF format or here for the poster on Word doc format.

    Places are strictly limited.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 22/07/2010


    You may recall some time ago we drew your attention to a petition to Downing Street calling for cycle paths to be made available for horse riders in the same way bridleways are available to cyclists under the title "Access4All". 2,222 people signed up to the petition.

    A response has now been published at and the relevant text reads:

    "More details from petition creator

    Since 1968 all bridleways, irrespective of width, sightlines, surface, urban or rural, have been legally shared by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Yet legislation ensures access only to walkers and cyclists on cyclepaths. Bridleways are used as part of the Safe Routes to School network, yet horse riders, over 85% of whom are women and children, are forced onto dangerous roads instead of sharing safe, off road cyclepaths. There are well over 29 accidents between horse riders and vehicles per day, 10,658 per year, many of which result in death or serious injury. There is no justification at all for discriminating against this vulnerable user group. Please put right the wrongs of the last 40 years and save lives.

    Government response

    Where a route is particularly useful for or suited to horse riders, and a local authority wishes to create a highway for horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists, the correct choice of facility would be a bridleway or a byway open to all traffic (but banning vehicular use). Local authorities already have a wide range of powers to provide facilities for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders and should choose the type of highway which best fits the safety and needs of local users.

    I'll let you decide if that was a success or not.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 13/07/2010

    Barbury Castle
    7th and 8th August 2010

    Pat Guerin has asked me to remind you that the Inter Regional Championships takes place at Barbury Castle on the weekend of August 7th/8th.

    If anyone else wishes to be considered for the North West Team please send your details to Pat as soon as possible. She is particularly looking for advanced riders and horses for the longer distances at this point but will still consider Novice and Open combinations.

    You can contact Pat by:
    Phone: 01477 534194; or

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 09/06/2010


    Steph Wagstaff Bethell writes:

    "It’s a while now since the AGM where I had opportunity to thank members of the Cheshire Group for supporting the Equithon – either by contributing your time to help or to ride. For those that were not at the AGM – may I take this opportunity to thank those of you who were involved. My extended thanks, again, must go to the Committee for giving the go-a-head for the event and especially Liz, Maggie, Jane and Harry for keeping me on the straight and narrow throughout the organisational process! Thanks must go to Chris for his hours updating the website and to Muriel for looking after the pounds. Lastly, I must thank Martin and my two boys Harvey and Harris for being so patient with me!

    Money was still coming in nearly two months after the event and overall £10K was raised for the charities supported. Even by ‘donation / charity ride’ standards – this is a phenomenal amount and a measure of the success of the event. We have also had some ‘convertees’ to endurance! The donations were duly forwarded to the charities and on behalf of the Cheshire Group I have received some lovely letters of thanks. As a Group, we have also received thanks in the Newsletters for HAPPA, the Brooke and Christies. Attached are two certificates of thanks from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and World Horse Welfare to share with you all.

    EQUITHON 2010

    Well...based on last year‘s success the Group have decided to go ahead with the event again this year. We are, again, very privileged to have consent from their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Westminster to be hosting the event from the Eaton Estate, just south of Chester.

    Event Date: Sunday 5th September.

    Closing date for entries: Monday 23rd August.

    Work has been going on behind the scenes to bring together this year’s event, with this month being busy advertising and meetings at the Eaton Estate offices."

    Please click here for details of this year's event.

    Added - 04/07/2010


    Steve Arkley writes:

    "Although I was crewing for my partner I managed to take a few pix in between ‘sloshings’.

    These can be found on my website the direct link being"

    PLEASE NOTE: The official photographs of this event can be viewed on the photographer's website

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 30/05/2010


    As a way of raising funds for Kentucky (or Young Riders if bookings are made after the cut-off date) EGB member Kath McGhee has come up with an offer to other EGB members.

    Any EGB member who books her 4* plus holiday appartment in the centre of Ambleside can take advantage of 2 stables and turnout only minutes away with hardstand parking for your trailer or lorry. There's lots of great riding and fantastic scenery.

    To take advantage of this offer you would need to view and book the apartment named Afton at Heart of the Lakes website page here. Then ring Kath for the stabling. DIY cost £50.00 per week per horse.

    Kath will donate 10% of the stabling to the Kentucky fund (or the Young Riders).

    Contact Kath McGhee:
    Phone: 015394 33214
    Mobile: 07866742025

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 24/05/2010


    Sue Higgins has supplied the following information (look forward to a fuller report in the next Newsletter).

    She tells me that five Cheshire Group members competed at this year's Golden Horseshoe ride at Exmoor.

    In the Exmoor Experience:
    Tricia Hirst with Vlaq Diamond Sparkle achieved Gold;
    Sally and Katy Mellor With Halim El Shaklan and Angelina Ginny both achieved Silver;
    Sue Higgins with Aberllwyds Another Rose achieved Completion and Farriers Award.

    Unfortunately Mary Korn and Mister Milo who were doing very well in the Golden Horseshoe 100 mile ride retired after passing the vet on the second day.
    We all hope there was no serious problem.

    Well done to all riders and crews on superb achievements at a great ride (well worth a visit just to watch if you've never been before).

    My apologies if we've, unfortunately, missed any other Cheshire Group riders. Please send me the details and I'll make the appropriate amendments.

    Don't forget to look out for an article in the next Newsletter.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 19/05/2010; Updated - 20/05/2010


    Pat Guerin has been asked by a member whether we intend sending teams to the 40km x 4 Team Spirit Relays at the Dukeries Ride (29-31/05/2010) and the Lindum Ride (Thursday 22/07/2010).

    So this is just a tester to see what interest there is. It should be fun riding for a team so if you are even just slightly tempted please contact Pat.

    You can contact Pat Guerin:
    Tel: 01477 534194

    Please join in if you can if you can.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 07/05/2010

    Derbyshire Group of EGB - In Aid of the Kentucky WEG Fund

    On Thursday 22nd April 2010 Beccy Broughton (International rider) will be giving a talk on “Horse and Rider fitness” at Monyash Village Hall starting at 8pm with tea/coffee (and cake) provided.

    This should be a really interesting talk with plenty of chances for questions and discussion.

    Admission is free but we would welcome donations on the night to the Kentucky WEG fund.

    There will also be a fund-raising raffle so please bring along a raffle prize if you can.

    Places are limited so please book your ticket by contacting Rachel Dennett either by email:, text: 07780 670568 or phone: 01457 861086.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 08/04/2010


    The EGB Young Rider Squad would gratefully accept the donation of any Tesco Club Vouchers.

    Helen Boston, the Chef d'Equipe of the Endurance GB Young Riders Squad explains the position:-

    Hi everyone,

    I have today registered the British Young Rider's Endurance Squad with the Tesco shopping vouchers scheme, so that we may take advantage of obtaining various goods for use by the squad at their training weekends and camps throughout the year. It is an excellent opportunity not only to be more "cost effective" as a group, but also to be able to provide new and up to date equipment for all of the youngsters who are the future of our sport.

    I am sure that many of you and your friends, colleagues etc shop at Tescos, and like me, some wont have collected the vouchers due to previously having no need for them. Well now you do!! On behalf of all of the "Young Riders" we would like to ask that you collect these vouchers and forward them to me!! The scheme closes on May 9th this year, so it would be great to collect as many as possible before this date.

    Please send any vouchers to myself at:

    28 Ash Grove,
    TS15 9NQ

    Many thanks for your help and support and I look forward to receiving your vouchers shortly!!

    kind regards
    Helen Boston
    Chef d'Equipe
    Endurance GB Young Riders Squad"

    Please help if you can.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 07/04/2010


    I appreciate that this is short notice but Lindsy Murray writes:

    Renowned animal behaviourist Heather Simpson the author of "Teach yourself Horse" and "Meeting the needs of your Horse" will be visiting the Cheshire area in April.

    Her knowledge and expertise in helping owners overcome problems such as skin conditions, colic and laminitis, is incredible, relating many of these disorders to the impact of modern day living. She will also talk about stress related behaviours common in horses.

    If you seriously care about your horse and those you work with and want to understand them on a deeper level, then it is well worth taking the time to attend one of her talks and absorb such valuable information where the emphasis is on positively influencing the wellbeing of horses in a compassionate and non coercive way.

    Tuesday    6th April  7.30pm  Chelford, Cheshire  Equine
    Wednesday  7th April  7.30pm  Keithley, Yorkshire  Feline
    Thursday  8th April  7.30pm  High lane, Cheshire  Canine
    Friday    9th April  7.30pm  Garstang, Cheshire  Equine

    To book a ticket for one of the talks contact Rachel on 01625 574509 – 07967 149619 – email:

    Thanks for your time."

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 05/04/2010


    Photograph by David Saunders

    Michelle France writes:

    It is with great sadness that I have to announce today (Monday) the passing of our very very special horse Caffrey (Streamcross Dakota).

    Caffrey was the dream horse that we all hope to own during our lives.

    Shelby and Caffrey, were an amazing team and they achieved so much in such a short time.

    In 2007 Shelby and Caffrey won the Junior Champion of GB and the Junior Champion of Cheshire and Shelby had only been riding 12 months then.

    I must say a very special thank you to Emma and Ian Miller who we bought Caffrey from and I know how devastated they are also feeling over Caffreys passing.

    Caffrey unfortunately was diagnosed with kissing spine and a crushed vertabrae in his neck, which the vets feel could have happened at only a couple of days old when he was a little boisterous foal.

    I have tried for the last couple of years to help Caffrey with his injuries and he has spent the last 12 months filling his belly in the field, which caffrey always thought about. He would tell you he was always hungry!!

    I know he will be playing with Magi and Taffy tonight and free from pain at last.

    Shelby I know nothing I and your Dad can say will make you feel better, but Caffrey will be watching over you this season and he will be with you all the way round at Heywood Oaks and all your other rides.

    Thanks Caffrey for all the wonderful memories and fun we had with you. You taught us all so much."

    Commiserations from us all - sadly many of us know how this feels.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 15/03/2010


    Congratulations to the team of Pat Guerin riding Zhiwah and Chant, Terry Madden riding Medraar, Helen Newton riding Ley Lader and Sharna McClelland riding Fan Tan.

    The presentation will be at the Cheshire Forest Frolic. (Not sure which day).

    More details will appear in the next edition of the Newsletter due shortly.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 21/02/2010


    Many of the entries on our advertisements page are very old and, although I ask advertisers to let me know when an advertisement is no longer required, I suspect many of them are in fact redundant. There may, of course, be many good reasons for not letting us know they are no longer required.

    With a desire to make sure the Advertisements page is as useful as possible I propose to treat every advertisement as "Time Expired" after 3 months and remove contact details and prices. The current (live) advertisements will stay at the top of the page above the others.

    If someone wants their advertisement to stay "live" they will have to ask for this to be done every 3 months. The date that each advertisement was posted is shown and I will see if it is feasable to add a date when it will expire.

    It is possible that it will be more convenient to trawl through them once a month - in that case all items posted, say, during January will expire at the end of April so they all get at least 3 months.

    I hope to start the tidying up process shortly.

    You can contact us by clicking here.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 16/02/2010


    As many of you realise we are looking at methods of raising money to help the costs of our team at the world championships in Kentucky in 2010. If we are sending a team, plus one or two individuals then it is imperative that we send the best team and also the best prepared team as possible.

    These members are representing Endurance in Great Britain and we feel it is important that we support them in every way we can, especially with the costs of transport. A figure of £20.000 is the calculation to send each member there, so we need to be raising about £120,000. Even more important is the exposure that Endurance will get at home if we can achieve this, leading in the future to a greater membership and further sponsorship.

    In order to raise funds all E.G.B. members are asked to get themselves sponsored for every kilometre they ride at NCR.s, CR.s, or ER.s during the months of February, March and April.

    The form is self explanatory. On the front of the card write down your own details, and then the name, address and telephone number of your sponsors and include how much per km they are sponsoring you for. (either 1p per km, 5p per km or 10p per km). On the back of the card write down the date, venue and distance for each ride you have competed at and get it signed by the ride secretary on completion of the ride.

    I feel in these three months the average member will be riding approximately between 100 and 200 kilometers, some maybe a little less and some many more. Aim to get at least 20 sponsors onto your cards and hopefully each member could make between £200 and £400. Having collected your sponsorship money then send your completed cards back to the EGB Office (address below) with the appropriate money by the end of April. If you complete your card early then extra cards are available from headquarters, from Robert Blane (01845 526185) or can be downloaded from the links below.

    There will be a special prize for the individual who raises the most money and also for the group who does likewise.

    Good luck. Keep smiling. And here’s to winning the world championships.

    Click here for sponsorship form in Word .doc format.
    Click here for sponsorship form in pdf format.

    Endurance GB,
    National Agricultural Centre,
    Stoneleigh Park,
    Warwickshire CV8 2RP

    Added - 13/02/2010

    at Hixon, Staffs.

    Members living near to Stafford (or prepared to travel there) may be interested to know that Sarah Light Charted Human and Veterinary Physiotherapist is starting a series of six weekly classes entitled Pilates for Horse Riders.

    She tells us that class sizes are limited.

    Further details can be found on the attached poster here.

    Or visit her website

    Contact Sarah -
    Telephone: 07969 770872

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 12/02/2010


    Lucinda Stapleton has very kindly supplied us with two fascinating articles on hydration and dehydration in relation to our sport.

    You can read the articles by following this link to the Articles Index.

    Lucinda is very passionate about the subject of hydration and has written these articles in an attempt to educate people about dehydration in horses. Although she has recently embarked on a new venture with Horse Quencher the articles are not commercially-orientated.

    She used to write for various magazines and newspapers and has been concerned with the cold weather we have just had and the increased incidences of impaction colic due to horses not drinking enough.

    I am very grateful to Lucinda for making these articles available to us and am sure they will throw more light on this very important aspect of our horses welfare for many of us.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 07/02/2010


    Set out below is a copy of the latest First Aid Guidance.

    This replaces the First Aid advice given in the Health & Safety document for ride organisers held on the EGB web site.

    FIRST AID COVER - Guidance on Emergency First Aid Cover at Endurance GB Ridden Events

    The Health and Safety of all people involved in or affected by activities organised by Endurance GB is of paramount importance. Hence suitable and sufficient Emergency First Aid coverage is an essential mandatory component of all Ridden Events (ie National and Training Rides). The level and extent of cover is a matter to be determined by the Ride Organiser through the normal Risk Assessment process which will take into account inter alia location and duration of event, terrain and hazards of route, numbers and experience of participants and public, proximity to Professional Medical Services and Facilities.

    The minimum requirement for all Ridden Events is that a Qualified Competent Person holding an in date First Aid at Work Certificate from an Approved Provider is available on the Venue. Suitable arrangements must also be in place to ensure that Professional Medical Services can be contacted swiftly when needed. The use of more than one individual is encouraged whenever possible. In addition, as the level of assessed risk increases the use of Paramedics and Doctors is strongly recommended.

    EGB H & S Representatives: 30 October 2009.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 05/02/2010


    I am sorry to report that this event has now been cancelled due to lack of entries. My apologies to those who are disappointed. Chris Taylor

    We appreciate that, due to the adverse weather, many of you may not be as advanced in your preparations for the coming season as you may have hoped. As a result you may be considering attending the Starter for '10 but have delayed making an entry to see whether the weather improved enough to allow you to "catch up".

    Unfortunately, we have now reached a position where if we don't have sufficient entries we shall have to consider cancelling this event. So, please, if you are intending to enter now is the time to contact Michelle.

    If we don't have sufficient entries (or at least firm promises of sufficient entries) by next Monday (8th February) then the event will be cancelled.

    You can contact Michelle at:-
    Michelle France,
    1, Poplar Street,
    Lancs. PR7 3EN
    Telephone: 01257 265601

    Added - 05/02/2010 Updated - 08/02/2010


    Hi from the rules and administration committee.

    Firstly, thank you for registering and competing in this competition in 2009. If you didn’t where were you? The aim of this competition is to move away from ‘the most distance covered at speed’ method of celebrating success and using an adaptation of the French Formula, rewarding the thinking rider and to promote good preparation and skilled riding. Riding at a speed suited to the terrain, avoiding elimination by the vet and finishing with a low final heart rate (for the horse that is), will achieve the best results.

    As you know the progress of the competition through the season is publicised regularly through the website for EGB, and you can plot the progress of all the entrants throughout the season. In 2008 we had contestants from EGB and SERC in Northumberland, Cumbria, Durham, Dumfries, Scottish Borders, North East Yorkshire and Lancashire. The prizes sponsored by Bedmax were superb. The winner of the 2009 Bedmax Trophy was, Robert Newall riding Pocket, who received an engraved trophy and an embroidered rug, 2nd Phil Rice with Jewel from Lancashire, who received an embroidered saddlecloth and 3rd Julie Martin with Solitaire’s Star from North East Yorkshire, who received an embroidered waistcoat.

    The winner of the 2009 Cottee Trophy was Angela Johnson with her horse Bright Destiny, who received an engraved trophy and an embroidered rug, 2nd Paul Axcell on Ash and 3rd Barbara Austin riding Bonnie Lass.

    As you will know the competition is open to anyone countrywide who registers with the administrator by e mail as soon as they are planning their rides (no entries in retrospect). The competition this year follows the same successful format of the best of 4 rides counting towards the trophy points.

    It costs nothing to enter, and you gotta be in it to win it!

    Jackie Axcell has agreed to be the administrator of the competition for this season. Our marketing and PR person, has and will keep the sponsors, Bedmax and Classic Upholstery & Foam, fully aware of the promotional coverage of the competition. The same companies are also sponsors for the shaving beds at the Hexhamshire Trophy Ride and Best Condition for the 64km Competitive Ride.

    Click here for an application form in pdf format.

    Best wishes and good luck on the trail in 2010.

    Folding Stead Farmhouse
    Shield Hill
    NE49 9NW
    Grid Ref: NY715648

    EnduranceGB Northumberland & Tyneside Group

    Added - 05/02/2010


    Did you know that in addition to entering many rides online you can also upgrade from Associate Member to Full Member online?

    The EGB website has recently enhanced Membership Renewals on the web within the EGB website to allow Associate Members to upgrade to Full Membership.

    Associate Members who wish to do this should:

        i) Go to the Members Only area of the EGB website and enter their allocated EGB membership number and use their postcode as a password.

        ii) Click on “Apply for your website account password”, where they will be asked to enter their name, postcode and email address.

        iii) They will then receive their password by email if their name, postcode and email address they enter agrees with the records held by EGB, else they will receive their password by snail mail.

        iv) The Associate Member can then login to their Members Account and upgrade to Full Membership. A 50% discount on Joining Fee will be applied if they are upgrading their Associate Membership within the current membership year. As you know they can also register horses at the same time.

    Hopefully this will make it easier for Associate Members to upgrade if and when they wish to do so.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 05/02/2010


    Don't forget to fill in your Group Trophy and Help Registration Form for 2010.

    Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format updated Jan 2010.
    Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format updated Jan 2010.

    You need to register using this form to qualify for the Group Trophies.

    Don't forget to order your tickets for this year's Awards Presentation Evening and Meal on 4th February from:-
    Pat Guerin
    The Laurels,
    Brick Bank Lane,
    Knutsford, Cheshire
    WA16 9LZ
    Tel: 01477 534194
    See Social Events for more details of the evening.

    Added - 24/01/2010

    Members enjoying their meal in 2008         Anna Collins (Maizie) presented The Showgirl II Trophy by Liz Finney in 2008

    It's that time of year when members are asked to send their Distance Cards to Pennie Drummond so she can identify the annual award winners for our AGM and Presentation evening on the 4th February 2010.

    Distance cards should be submitted to Pennie by 31st December 2009.
    Please complete the following before forwarding:
    • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings are now included as well as distance).
    • Please include distance totals in Kilometres.
    • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
    • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
    • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
    • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
    • Cards received after December 31st 2009 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
    • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
    • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an insufficient notification card be received.
    Don’t forget you lucky people who won trophies last year to ensure that they are engraved and clean.
    Please contact Pennie to arrange for their safe return to her..

    Added - 22/11/2009
    Updated - 27/12/2009


    Click for a larger image         Click for a larger image
    Pictures courtesy of

    We are very lucky in Cheshire that throughout the late summer and autumn months there are a number of endurance and charity donation rides to prolong our riding season – so the Cheshire Group took a bit of a gamble with introducing a new type of endurance ride as a charity fund raising event into the riding calendar at this time of year.

    Designed in parallel with our counterpart two legged running events, the Equithon was the UK’s first sponsored horse riding charity challenge to ride either a full (26.5 miles) or half (13.2 miles) marathon distance, either by riding as an individual rider or in a team of 4 riders....if a marathon can be achieved on two legs, then why not 4?

    Seven charities were preselected from which the riders could choose up to two to support and raise sponsorship for. The charities supported by this first event were:
    • HAPPA;
    • World Horse Welfare;
    • The Brooke;
    • Spinal Injuries Association;
    • Christies;
    • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Imagine Appeal; and the
    • North West Air Ambulance.

    The ride intended to accommodate a larger number of riders than the Milton Green pleasure ride held in the same area and so the hunt began for a larger venue to host the event. This hunt began last January! Given the wet weather over the last couple of summers it proved impossible to secure a large field from one of the local farmers. Through a couple of acquaintances working for Grosvenor Farms the concept of the event was put forward to his Grace, the Duke of Westminster and to our delight (and relief) he very kindly allowed us to host the event on the former aerodrome on the Eaton Estate south of Chester and allow us to ride through part of the Estate grounds. We could not have hoped for better!

    In addition to the meadows, deer park and woodland on the Eaton Estate, the riding route utilised bridleways of the Bishop Bennett Way, stubble fields, hunting tracks, meadows and other permissive bridleways over private land. There were plenty of opportunities to let the horse stretch their legs – including one meadow that was nearly ¾ mile long! The 26.5mile route had approximately 19 miles of off road riding –quite an achievement.

    The event day was Sunday 13th September. The spell of warm weather had just begun. We were blessed with a lovely sunny and dry day and the ground conditions for riding could not have been better. 120 riders arrived on the day to ride the event. Approximately 75% of these riders had either done very little or no endurance riding and generally participated in other riding disciplines or shorter distance pleasure riding.

    A fantastic array of horses and ponies came including Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Warm Bloods, Irish Draft, Halfinger, native breeds and coloured cobs. Edleston Equestrian Academy, Nantwich brought their South American Criollo horses to take part in the team events. Size...ponies to 17hh! Not quite as international as the horse breeds, most of the riders came from the Cheshire area – however, the event did attract riders from as far as Buxton, Derbyshire and Chorley, Lancashire. A couple of riders travelled from as far as Dumfriesshire, Scotland to participate. The atmosphere at the venue was very relaxed and despite a couple of occurrences throughout the day (generally to be expected), the day ran very smoothly on the whole. The riders filtered out onto the course from 9.30am onwards and all made it safely around the course. Helpers out on the course commented that it was riding very fast...coupled with the good going, it was obvious that the riders had invested time into their horses to get them fit for the event. The contrast on the faces of some of the riders from showing a little anxiety at the start to smiles of achievement at the finish was wonderful to see. The horses too came in alert and in great condition.

    After vetting, the ride results were as follows:
    Class PositionRiderHorseTime
    EquithonElite RiderWinnerVicki PlackettBay Dhalami3hrs 2mins
     Elite RiderRunners UpSharna MacClelland 3hrs 18mins
     Elite RiderRunners UpSuzanne ChamberlainNight Owl3hrs 30mins
     Open RiderWinnerKay ChapmanChessgrove Cavalier3hrs 22min
     Open RiderRunner upJune MorlandThomas4hrs 14mins
    EquithonElite Team ChallengeWinnersNicola WoodheadMuzcovzdo3hrs 20mins
       Sue NorcropEmily 
       Gill ComleyDaniel Dee 
       Linda BrewerEcclesbourne Gold 
    EquithonOpen Team ChallengeWinnersLaura BairdPituffa3hrs 39mins
       Isabelle DellerFatima 
       Adam MorganUpa 
       Mark DouglasCherruq 
      Runners UpSue CrossFoley4hrs 1min
       Joanne LangrishTom 
       Ann LangrishBert 
       Susan BenthamShannon 
    Half EquithonElite RiderWinnerCathy KynastonOzzy1hr 48mins
     Elite RiderRunner UpCarol TaylorEbony VI1hr 48mins
     Open RiderWinnerAmanda CorryVelvet1hr 24mins
     Open RiderRunner UpNicola PeplerMischief11hr 44mins
    Half EquithonOpen Team ChallengeWinnersJason MorganJack1hr 46mins
       Ellen MorganCarrun 
       Samantha ScalesBeano 
       Roz LoftsZac 
    Half EquithonOpen Team ChallengeRunners UpJackie AsquithGold Crest2hrs
       Louise WilliamsMartha 
       Joanne DarcyDiamond Fox 
       Julie Ann RobinsonGrande Finale 

    The ride proved to be a huge success: happy riders and happy horses and, through the fantastic efforts by the riders to raise sponsorship, an amazing £10,800 has been raised for the charities.

    Comments returned:

    George VII from the Cheshire Horse web site: “I had a great day, one of the best rides I've taken my "trusty steed" to. Thought the ride was fab and the event well organised, and it was great to meet like minded, friendly riders, all out for a good time with their horses. Will be there next year if the event is going to be held. Well done to everyone”

    El&ol from the Bridleways website: “We had a great time the event was very well organised”

    Henryhorse from the Bridleways website: “I thoroughly enjoyed this ride - Thank you for organising it. The route was really well marked. My lad finished with the lowest heart rate of the season so far so he's obviously fitter than I realised”

    The Cheshire Group would like to take this opportunity to thank their Graces, the Duke and Duchess of Westminster for their generosity by allowing us the aerodrome and privilege of riding through the Eaton Estate; staff of the Eaton Estate and Grosvenor Farms for their time, help and support for this event; local landowners and Cheshire West Council.

    For their generous sponsorship and provision of prizes, we would like to thank the following:
    • ABC Together Ltd;
    • Crewe Saddlery Ltd;
    • Hallwood Feed Store;
    • Chevalian Equine Spa;
    • Landtech Solutions Ltd;
    • Nantwich Saddlery;
    • Youngs Animal Feeds Ltd (Sweetmeadow range);
    • Chelford Farm Supplies;
    • Living Venture Restaurants;
    • The Handy Range;
    • Cheerbrook Quality Farm Foods Ltd; and
    • Malcolm Jones.
    For the provision of services in support of the event, we would like to extend our thanks to:

    • Vets, Rhiannan Holmes and Catriona Moon;
    • First Aid Services;
    • Lucky Horseshoe Club;
    • Thistle Catering;
    • Oswestry Toilet Hire; and
    • Blue Print Studios.
    Finally, and on a personal note, I would like to thank Liz Finney, Maggie Maguire and Jane Evison for their time over the last 9 months to help organise this event; members of the Cheshire Group and friends for their time to help out before, on and after the event. We would not have succeeded without you all – thank you.

    Steph Wagstaff Bethell

    Added - 30/11/2009

    CADENCE EXHIBITION - 21-22 November 2009

    Click for a larger image
    The Cheshire Group Stand

    A big thank you to everyone who came up to say "Hello". We met many riders who are thinking of trying Endurance Riding and answered as many questions as we could. If, for any reason you missed us, have forgotten (or are confused by) something we said or you have another burning question you wished you had asked please send an email by clicking here and we'll do our best to help.

    We would, of course, be pleased if you decide to join us but, if you are still unsure if Endurance is for you, we would invite you to visit us at one of our events to see what goes on or even maybe help a little if you wish. We don't think you'll regret it.

    Please keep an eye on our What's On page to keep up with next year's events as they are firmed up.

    Finally, as always, a big thank you to those who manned the stand.

    Just a minute - what's this?
    Mary King changing disciplines?

    Click for a larger image of Mary King driving round the arena

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 22/11/2009


    Group member Tricia Hirst has sent this message:-

    "Having done the London Marathon this year and having just returned from completing the New York marathon, I have just had my entry accepted for my next challenge - The Comrades marathon which is actually an Ultra marathon 56 miles in under 12 hours. This takes place in South Africa every year and you can read all about it at Runners come from all over the world and out of the 20,000 runners they only accept 5,000 first time novice runners each year. These places were taken up within 27hrs of the opening date.

    I am hoping to raise funds for two causes. The first is the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre which many of you helped me in raising £3,700 for them when I ran London. I know many of you, like me (my brother has MS), are touched by people who have this disease and the MSRC sorely needs our funds. Please look at my webpage

    Also next year, as many of you know EGB are going to try and send a team to the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. However, because we are not an olympic sport we have to raise a lot of funds ourselves. I have always strongly believed that money should not stop anyone putting their name forward to compete on a British team. So any money you can spare would go towards the team effort to enable anyone who is selected to have the opportunity to go and fly the flag for us. If you would like to help in this way and sponsor me on my endurance challenge please send me a cheque made out to EGB and send to me at:
                                                                       Cefn du Bach, Meifod, Powys SY22 6YF
    or give it to me at the AGM. I will then make sure it goes directly towards helping the British team. We would be very grateful no matter how much or how little you can afford.

    Thank you."

    Well done and best of luck from all of us Tricia - Chris Taylor

    Added - 22/11/2009

    Human and Equine Physiotherapy and Pilates

    Click for a larger image
    Andraya (in pink top) with Nina

    We recently drew your attention to Sarah Light, a human and equine physiotherapist based in Uttoxeter.

    We can now introduce you to Andraya Hiscock (BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP, HPC, Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy, Category A member ACPAT) who lives in Stockport. Andraya provides specialist freelance physiotherapy services for horses, dogs, cats and other animals across the north west and the UK from her base at Brookhouse Farm, Brookhouse Lane, Congleton. Horse and Rider Assessment, Physiotherapy Pilates Principles for Horseriders and the new Hydrotherapy for Horseriders are services provided and developed especially with riders in mind at Brookhouse Farm.

    Contact Andraya by telephone: 07971 879 430;
    by email:; or
    visit her website at:-

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 22/11/2009


    A horse owner at Bryn Bedw, Llangynhafal was surprised recently to find a strange small plait in the mane of one of her horses.

    The following tale (which could explain this strange event) was sent to me in good faith and I pass it on to you in the same vein:

    On Monday (2 Nov) night my friend’s horse was stolen from a field in the Guildford area. The people who took her sawed through a wooden post and rail fence to get out and this happened between 3pm and 6pm in the afternoon.

    The police were informed and so were the microchip company who circulated her details to all the ferry ports etc.

    As you can imagine the owner was completely distraught.

    Late Tuesday (3 Nov) afternoon she received a phone call from the police to say her horse had been found in Holyhead, Wales. She was tied to a railing at the ferry port and the ferry to Ireland had gone without her. So today she is driving to Wales to pick her up.

    Several things have come to light in this story:

    1. A week ago her horse had a small plait in its mane when she went to get her in from the field. She describes it as very small, almost like a tangle. She disregarded it as kids messing about (her horses are out in a field with others). However, this is how people mark horses to be stolen later i.e. one person marks them, another then comes later and knows which one to take.

    2. The ferry port at Holyhead do not check horses passports or microchips. This horse was travelling without a passport.

    3. The police believe the reason this horse was left behind was because she was microchipped. Although the UK is lax about passport and microchip checking, it is apparently more common for horses to be scanned on entering Ireland. The people who take them will scan them and dump them if they find a microchip. This horse also had a large obvious scar so this may have been a contributing factor.

    The police told her that horses being dumped at a ferry terminal is not uncommon and they usually turn out to be stolen. They have had horses left in a lorry on the actual ferry!

    This story has a happy ending for H and E, but it makes you wonder how many other stolen horses were on that ferry to Ireland.

    The owner has asked me not to give any more details because of the police investigation that is on going, but has given her permission for me to relay this story, mainly to highlight:

    1. If you find your horse with a small plait in its mane or tail please do not ignore it. I thought it was common knowledge that people knew about this, but several people I've spoken to since were not aware of it.

    2. If your horse isn’t microchipped please consider doing it. The owner of this horse describes her as ‘nothing flashy, just a normal 14.2 bay mare’ so please don’t think it couldn’t happen to you.

    Please do not ask me to provide more details regarding the horse or owner as I can’t, but please spare a happy thought today for H and E who should be having a (probably very emotional) reunion in Holyhead later on today.

    Please forward this email onto any other horsey people you know. The more people who know about plaits and microchips the better...

    So, along with all the other security measures you take, please keep a look out for the appearance of a small plait in any of your horses manes or tails.
    Mention this to anyone with horses who may not appreciate the possible reason for a plait suddenly appearing.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 15/11/2009

    (Or are you interested in obtaining one?)

    Liz Finney would like to hear from anyone who already holds a First Aid At Work certificate or anyone prepared to take the necessary steps to obtain one of these certificates.

    The holders of such certificates understand the importance of having this type of experience and could put it to good use as a First Aider at one of our rides (though hopefully not too often).

    Please contact Liz on 01565 633310 or by email:

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 15/11/2009

    September 2009

    L. to R. Ann Pomfret, Leanne and Albert Thompson with grandsons Jake and Connor, Mr Hassan, and Christine Harding, Dark Peak Bridleways Assoc.

    Christine Harding has written to thank all Cheshire EGB riders who supported the Charity Ride organised by the Dark Peak Bridleways Association in September in memory of Jackie Thompson.

    Thanks to match funding from Barclays negotiated for the organisers by Ann Pomfret, they were able to present a cheque for £1,400 to Mr Hassan, Jackie's consultant at The Christie, which will go towards research into ovarian cancer.

    Picture shows L. to R. Ann Pomfret, Leanne and Albert Thompson with grandsons Jake and Connor, Mr Hassan, and Christine Harding, Dark Peak Bridleways Assoc.

    Well done to all riders, Barclays and the Dark Peak Bridleways Association for organising the event.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 02/11/2009

    on 27th September 2009

    Helen Newton with Ley Lader at Cosford Grange

    Sue Evans writes:-

    I attach a photo of mine of Helen Newton at the Cosford Grange Ride on 27th September 2009. Helen and Ley Lader completed and passed with flying colours on the 80Km CR.

    This was Helen's (Vadeer gelding) Ley Lader's first attempt at 80 kms and they were delighted to pass and fly the Cheshire Flag.

    Well Done Helen, you both looked really good on route and I'm so pleased you liked the miles of canters on this new competitive ride. The ride added an 80kms class at the last moment to accommodate Helen and a few others.Thanks for coming we hope to see you all again next year.

    Well Done.

    Added - 25/10/2009

    21st & 22nd November 2009

    Last year the Group had a stand at the Cadence event held at the Aintree International Equestrian Centre where we explained the pleasures of Endurance to anyone who stopped by. It was seen as an ideal chance to bring Endurance to the attention of a horse orientated audience that might have very limited knowledge of what we do.

    Cheshire Endurance Group are manning a stand for EGB again this Year at this prestigious event. Last year the exhibition was very successful and attracted many people. It is the largest of its kind in the North-West.

    As there is racing at Aintree on the Saturday and this year Mary King (amongst many others) is performing in the ring on both days there should be an even wider and larger audience to tempt into the Endurance world.

    So, if you are at the event, whether you are an experienced endurance rider, someone who is just starting out in the sport or, maybe, someone who is thinking about giving it a whirl do stop by and say "Hello". We will be pleased to talk Endurance to anyone who wants to ask a question, tell us of an experience (good or bad) or just be friendly.

    It's a great sport and we want to share it with as many visitors as we can.

    If any of you are willing to spend an hour or so on the stand we would welcome your help.

    Ticket prices are reduced by 20% if you purchase them in advance on-line and at the time of writing this is the programme of events in the ring each day:-

  • 9.30 - 10.30 MARY KING
  • 11.00 - 11.30 MIKE JONES, DRESSAGE
  • 12.30 - 1.00 EQUINE VAULTING
  • 1.30 - 2.00 MIKE JONES, DRESSAGE
  • 3.00 - 3.30 EQUINE VAULTING
  • 3.30 - 4.30 MARY KING

  • For more details of the event and advance tickets visit their website here.

    Chris Taylor - updated by Maggie Maquire

    Updated - 25/10/2009

    at the Congleton Ride - 1st November 2009

    Pat Guerin reports that she is short of helpers for this ride.

    Please note - This is your last chance to help at a ride in 2009 in order to qualify for our wonderful selection of Cheshire Trophies.

    Please also remember, if we don't all help from time to time then these rides can't be put on. It is in our own long-term interest to help whenever we can.

    Please contact Pat on 01477 534194 or

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 04/10/2009

    at Pony Club Championships

    It gets even better!!!

    Katy Mellor, a Cheshire Group Junior member, came 2nd in the Intermediate Section at the Pony Club Championships at The College Ride near Bedford on 20th September.

    April Ngei from Lancashire was the winner.

    So congratulations to you as well, Katy, and to all your helpers.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 03/10/2009

                            PROPOSED NEW GOVERNMENT "TAX ON HORSES"       Click to visit BHS website
    BHS Press Release on Opposing This Measure

    Karen Lewty has sent us the following Press Release relating to a proposed new Government "Tax on Horses":-

    Horse riders take action as new campaign website and e-petition to the Prime Minister go live.

    Horse riders across the UK are joining together to urge the Government to think again about imposing an unfair “tax in all but name” on every horse owner in the UK.

    The “Rethink the Horse Tax” campaign, launched today by a coalition of organisations representing a broad cross section of the UK horse industry, is calling on riders, breeders and veterinarians to make their voices heard by visiting a new campaign website – – and take action by writing to their constituency MPs and by signing an online petition to the Prime Minister.

    Campaigners are further concerned that plans to create a new agency will place mounting costs on horse owners at a time when Government support is needed to help boost rural economies and encourage wider participation in outdoor sport.

    Under the plans, horse owners would be charged on the same basis as keepers of livestock farm animals such as sheep and pigs – despite the fact that a significant proportion of horses are kept for leisure and sporting, rather than commercial activities, paid for from of income that is already taxed.

    Veterinary surgeons have also made it clear that plans to create a new agency responsible for animal health could needlessly complicate the process of managing outbreaks of animal disease animal health, putting at risk the clear single line of command essential in the event of a major disease outbreak. A lack of clarity over the roles of the four Chief Veterinary Officers in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the proposals has also been highlighted as a major concern by the campaign.

    And campaigners have further highlighted the fact that the new body would spend much of its time collecting charges from people who own just one horse (65% of horse owners), meaning that the cost of physically collecting the charge will almost outweigh the charge itself – an estimated £2.3m would be needed to collect just £4.5m from horse owners under the plans.

    With costs of £14.3m to set up and millions more to maintain the new body in the coming years, campaigners have made it clear that the proposals do not represent value for money for either the equine community or the taxpayer.

    Andrew Finding, Chief Executive of the British Equestrian Federation said: “Through this campaign the horse community has an opportunity to make its voice heard and send a strong message to the Government on cost sharing. The proposals just don’t make a convincing case on how hitting horse owners with new costs and extra bureaucracy will benefit either the equine community or taxpayers in general.”

    Mark Weston, Director of Access Safety and Welfare at The British Horse Society, said: “We need to make sure that politicians in Westminster are made fully aware of the potential damage that these proposals could do to the horse sector, and the lack of any perceived benefit that they would bring to the millions of Britons who enjoy horse riding each year.”


    About the Rethink the Horse Tax Campaign:

    Rethink the Horse Tax is a not-for-profit campaign led by a coalition of organisations representing all parts of the UK horse industry, encompassing horseracing, leisure riding, competitive sport, professional breeding and veterinarians. Organisations behind the campaign include:

    • The British Horseracing Authority (BHA)
    • The British Equestrian Federation (BEF)
    • The Thoroughbred Breeders' Association (TBA)
    • The British Horse Society (BHS)
    • The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA)
    • The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA)
    • The National Trainers Federation (NTF)
    • The Racecourse Owners Association (ROA)
    For further information on the campaign please see:

    Petition to the Prime Minister:

    Further information on the Governments proposals:
    Deadline to sign up by: 11 September 2010

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 29/09/2009

    at Pony Club Championships

    Brilliant. Here's a chance to report on another local young rider achieving success.

    Sharna McClelland riding Fan Tan came 1st in the Open Individual Pony Club Championships at The College Ride near Bedford.

    Hopefully Sharna will pen a few words to tell us of her ride when she has a moment.

    Congratulations to you, Sharna, and to all your helpers.

    Sharna's ride report has now been added to our Ride Reports page and this is what she writes:-

    My name is Sharna McClelland. I first started EGB riding at the end of May 2009, where I qualified for the Pony Club Novice Individual Endurance Championship with my horse Fan Tan but since qualified to open level.

    The championship was held at Bedford on the 20th September the day after my 15th birthday where I completed a 40km ride in the minimal time of 2hrs 13mins, winning first place in the Open Individual Championship, and achieving my first ever grade one rosette. The prizes were fantastic thanks to Carr & Day & Martin and my horse is still only at novice level.

    It’s a discipline we both love and enjoy a true partnership made in heaven.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 27/09/2009 Updated 03/10/2009

    at Sherwood

    Congratulations to Harry Ingram and his helpers for coming 4th in the 120km Endurance Ride at Sherwood.

    Well done to you all.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 23/09/2009


    Your committee members have repeatedly asked Cheshire Group members for help at events, and it has been very obvious this year that only a few members are willing to offer help.
    If we had to rely solely on members volunteering, our rides this year would not have run. We need at least 10 helpers to run any competitive event, and usually require about 20, depending on the number of stewards needed out on route.
    The events have run as organisers have phoned round friends and family to assist. All our rides have been organised by committee members or former committee members.

    Steff Wagstaff-Bethell spent almost nine months organising the country's first Equithon, which raised over £8,500 for charity and brought endurance riding some excellent publicity. We had about 4 volunteers from Cheshire members out on the day, apart from committee members.

    We need more ride organisers. That is why the Snelson ride didn't happen and the Wirral ride, booked for July 3rd 2010, needs someone. Muriel Taylor is the secretary and I am happy to work with a new organiser, but my commitments as chef d'equipe for the British team take too much time for me to be the official organiser for next year.

    We are also having a stand at the Cadence exhibition at Aintree on November 21/22nd weekend, where again we need help. It is another good opportunity to promote the sport.

    Thank you, all of you who have helped this year, we really do appreciate it.

    Those who haven't, please think when you can offer a few hours of your time to promote the sport you enjoy, and to make sure we can run the rides and other events for your benefit.

    Liz Finney

    Added - 16/09/2009

    Equithon 2009

    161 Lisa Pritchard, 160  Laureen Roberts on Megandene, 163 Janice Ratter and 162 Louise Barson on Conor approaching the finish

    All the photos I took around the venue for this event are now available at:-

    They were taken while I was involved with other duties so are of variable quality and I wasn't able to catch everyone.

    A small selection of these will be added to this sites "Photographs" page in due course.

    The official photographers shots, which I am told will have unique and impressive backgrounds from around the Duke of Westminster's estate, will shortly be available from his website:-

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 14/09/2009

    Robin Hood Ride, Southwell
    Shelby France in the finishing straight at Southwell

    Michelle France writes:-

    We went to the Robin Hood ride this weekend and Shelby did the 80kcr. As you can see from the attached photo taken on a camera phone Shelby had a racing finish and won. You just had to race in when you are on such a fabulous race track with an ex racehorse.

    We had a great weekend, no rain which was the biggest shock, even the bright thing in the sky came out on Saturday. Saffi came out off the stable on Sunday morning full of beans and raring to go again, she was most disappointed when we loaded her on the trailer to come home.

    Well done Shelby.

    Added - 08/09/2009

    Clocaenog Ride - 6th September 2009 Helpers Needed

    Kate Williams has worked extremely hard to resurrect this ride for the Group but now finds she needs some more helpers on the day.

    Please consider helping at this ride if you possibly can. I know Kate (and the Group) would appreciate your time and support.

    Kate can be contacted on 01745 890571 or send an email to

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 19/08/2009

    North West Inter Regional Team

    Pat Guerin writes:-

    A big THANK YOU to our North West Inter Regional Team from myself and Flick for a valiant performance at the weekend. It was a lovely venue and challenging route for all distances. We had quite a few problems but still managed 4th place out of seven and the team morale was fantastic. Thanks to all for your co-operation and support and roll on next year.

    The Cheshire Team members were Harry Ingram, Mary Korn, Shelby France, Kathryn Watterson, Katy Mellor and Sally Mellor. Well done all of you.


    Added - 11/08/2009

    Cancer Research Ride
    dedicated to Jackie Thompson

    Many of us remember Jackie Thompson as a long time group member and friend. You may, therefore, be interested to learn that the Dark Peak Bridleways Association are organising a ride for the benefit of Cancer Research dedicated to the memory of Jackie.

    Venue: Five Lane Ends, Mellor Road, New Mills, Derbyshire (6 miles SE of Stockport) on Sunday 27th September 2009.

    Ride: 12 or 20 miles approx. (two thirds off road on scenic moorland trails).

    Entry fee: £12 inc. packed lunch on return and commemorative 3-tier rosette.

    Closing date: Monday, 21 September 2009. Entries will be taken on a first-come first-served basis and may be limited due to restricted horsebox parking.

    Start: Between 9 and 11am (please indicate your preference on the entry form).

    Riders: Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Insurance: All riders must forward a photocopy of their own up-to-date public liability insurance with their entry or evidence of current BHS Gold membership. Entries will not be accepted without this.

    Click here for a flyer/entry form in Word .doc format.

    For further information contact Christine Harding on 01663 745696 or send an email to

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 29/07/2009

                                                          Calling all Young Instructors                              
    with their BHS PTT

    Karen Lewty writes:-

    The BHS Young Instructor of the Year competition starts in May 2009 with the North West qualifying day taking place on 10th September 2009 at Myerscough College, Preston

    If you work within the Equine Industry, are 30 years of age or under and would like the chance to showcase your teaching and coaching skills then please contact the BHS Training Department for an application pack for this prestigious competition.

    For details and an application pack please contact:
    Alison Le Fevre
    Senior Executive - Training

    Tel: 01926 707820

    Added - 24/07/2009

                                                    Safeguarding and Protecting Children                        
    Duty of Care Workshop by BHS NW Region

    Karen Lewty writes:-

    There is a workshop on 4th August 2009 from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. at
    Ryder’s Farm Equestrian Centre,
    Manchester Road,
    Manchester BL4 8RU

    Please note : In line with NSPCC/SCUK guidelines, there will be a lower age limit of 18 on all workshops.

    The cost of the workshops is:
    BHS Register of Instructors - £26.00
    All Others - £31.50

    Click here for a booking form.

    Click here for a flyer.

    Contact Karen on 0161 980 7483 or 07720 404398 or send an email to

    Added - 21/07/2009

                 Kelly Marks            
    presented by BHS NW Region

    Kelly Marks at the Bold Heath Equestrian Centre on Wednesday 19th August 2009 from 10.00am to 4.00pm (approx.).

    Karen Lewty writes:-

    An exceptional opportunity to gain a real insight into Kelly’s training philosophy. So come and join us and have the experience of a lifetime with expert tuition from Kelly in the art of horsemanship and equine behaviour.

    The day is open to the general public and will also count as suitable refresher training for all Registered Instructors. It will also contribute 10 hours teaching time towards those completing PTT logbooks.

    The day will cost :
    £30 Registered Instructors, £35 others.

    Click here for an application form.

    Contact Karen on 0161 980 7483 or send an email to

    Added - 20/07/2009

    Endurance World Online

    I received the following message which endurance folk may be interested in:-

    Please read the 37th issue of and international e-magazine. No payment required, just open the web site and read reports on endurance rides around the world. If you have missed the previous issue no problem Each issue is archived for 24 months.

    Chris Taylor.

    Added - 20/07/2009

    Two Foals Stolen

    Jane Thirsk, Watch Officer, Cheshire Police has circulated the following message:-


    There are 2 foals out there 7 and 8 weeks old and two mares full of milk, distraught home here. I don't know whether to dry them up or risk mastitis hoping the foals are found.


    Please contact Jane Thirsk on 01244 612725 if you have can help in any way at all.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 07/07/2009


    The photographs I took (all 259 of them - good and bad) on Saturday 4th July are now available at
    They were all taken along the Wirral Way.

    I will add a selection suitably annotated to our Photographs web page as soon as possible.

    Don't forget the official photographers photographs will be on his web site on Monday 6th July.

    My apologies to anyone I missed.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 04/07/2009

    Inter Regional Championships 2009

    Pat Guerin and Flick Edmeston are pleased to announce that the following riders have been selected to represent the North West Region at the Inter Regional Championships at Barbury Castle on the weekend of August 8th/9th 2009.

    100 km ER Rachel Rolfe   adv
    80 km ER Harry Ingram   (YR)   adv

    80 km CR Shelby France   (Junior)   adv with open horse
    80 km CR Linda Reeves   adv
    80 km CR Bethan Reeves   (Junior)   adv

    65 km CR Brett Corcoran   (Junior)   open
    65 km CR Molly Corcoran   (Junior)   open
    65 km CR Gee Corcoran   open

    50 km CR Diane Gillings   open

    40 km Kathryn Watterson   novice
    40 km Katy Mellor   (Junior)   novice

    Congratulations and best wishes for a successful and enjoyable competition.

    Added - 30/06/2009

    Inter Regional Championships 2009

    The Inter Regional Championships will be held this year at the Ridgeway Barbury Castle Ride on the weekend of 8th & 9th August. Following our impressive win last year we are keen to field another strong team & repeat the process.

    The ER classes & the 80 km CR class will be ridden on the Saturday & the remaining CR classes of 65, 50 & 40 km will be on the Sunday. We are particularly looking for Open & Novice horse & rider combinations to ride the Sunday classes. If you are interested in representing the North West Region & fancy a fabulous ride plus a sociable weekend & all the fun & excitement of riding for a team please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I estimate that the journey to the venue would be approximately 3 hours drive from Cheshire which isn't too bad at all.

    I know there are plenty of you out there at both Open & Novice level who have been competing regularly so please send me your details & come & join us so we can make a serious attempt to retain our trophy for another year.

    Send an email to or phone 01477 534194.

    Pat Guerin (Joint Chef d'Equipe)

    Added - 14/06/2009

    The Northern Pony Clubs Endurance Challenge

    Calling all riders in the area – pony club members, riding club members, eventers, show jumpers, dressage riders and those who just enjoy riding in the beautiful English countryside.

    Have you ever thought of trying Endurance Riding? Well here’s your opportunity. The Bedale and West of Yore Pony Club are running the Northern Pony Clubs Endurance Challenge at Clifton Castle, nr. Bedale on Sun 5th July.

    Open to all, whether Pony Club Members or not, adults or children. You can chose between two routes, one of 18 and the other of 30km in the beautiful Lower Wensleydale, testing your own and your horse’s fitness by achieving the set distance at an approved time.

    Click here for a schedule and entry form in Word .doc format.

    Click here for a schedule and entry form in PDF format.

    For more details contact Robert Blane 01845 526185 or 07740 508462.

    Added - 14/06/2009


    Carol Goodwin wrote:

    Dear Pat

    Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the Kelsall Hill ride on Sunday - it was our first ride with Endurance GB and it was very well organised and the route was very well marked, and the view over Cheshire by the radio masts was stunning. We had intended to do the whole weekend but were unable to do so because of Sue's family engagement on Saturday evening, but if you do the weekend again next year we hope to be there! Many thanks for a job well done.

    Kind regards
    Carol Goodwin & Sue Harris
    Harley & Gnashie

    110 Carol Goodwin with Harley and 111 Sue Harris with Gnashie in line for the farrier

    Niki Burns wrote:

    Dear Pat,

    I want to say a huge thank-you to you and all the volunteers for a fantastic day. Despite my "over-competitive" horse, I had a really great ride - once we got some miles under-hoof, we both really relaxed and enjoyed the journey! I don't think I've ever had so much off-road and good going in one ride. As we made our way round I become more conscious about how many people had given up their time to make it such a well-organised and pleasurable ride for us riders - we are truely spoilt. You know, I didn't even have a map (nor had I ever looked at it, since my friends from whom we had to part company with had all the details and you know, I didn't go wrong even once!!) THANK YOU!!

    Niki Burns & Skye

    107 Niki Burns with Skye at the farrier 107 Niki Burns with Skye trotting up before the start

    Added - 07/06/2009

    The Cheshire Group of ENDURANCE GB would like to thank our generous sponsors
    Baileys Horse Feeds & Estate Supplies of Ashley
    for donating a wonderful selection of prizes.

    2 Day 84 km CTR
    1st 1 Mary Korn with Dinmoor Dougall approaching the finish Mary Korn - Dinmor Dougall
    2nd 14 Sue Headland with LTF Kalisha (followed by 9 Sue Taylor Green with Moon Magician) approaching the finish Sue Headland - LTF Kalisha
    3rd 2 Kath McGee with Foxghylls Folly (followed by 3 Penny Pearce with Oakthwaite Suddara) approaching the finish Kath McGee - Foxghylls Folly
    4th 3 Penny Pearce with Oakthwaite Suddara (followed by 2 Kath McGee with Foxghylls Folly) heading for the start Penny Pearce - Oakthwaite Suddara
    5th 11 Gail Andrews with Vlacq Gilfae approaching the finish Gail Andrews - Vlacq Gilfae
    6th 4 Diane Gillings with Novah approaching the finish Diane Gillings - Novah

    SATURDAY - Delamere Forest

    42 km CTR
    Alan Brown - Bakst
    Brett Corcoran - Aja Chantelle

    32 km CTR
    Tricia Hirst - Vlacq Diamond Sparkle
    Bethan Davies - Zuleika

    The Eld Trophy - Best Shod Horse
    Vicki Drury - Irishtown Yerman

    Best Turned Out
    Cathy Wain - Zarra Mandees
    Elizabeth Paul - Toiseach Feasgar
    Hannah Fulford - Fred
    April Ngei - Yealand Hoopla

    SUNDAY - Kelsall Hill

    43 km CTR
    20 Cheryl Wallace with Wrightfield Omar approaching the finish Cheryl Wallace - Wrightfield Omar
    31 Yvonne Harrison with Autumn Storm trotting up at the first vet inspection Yvonne Harrison - Autumn Storm

    32 km CTR
    37 Liz Finney with Ravensdale Singer approaching the finish Liz Finney - Ravensdale Singer
    49 Kath Watterson with Midsomer Lady at the farrier Kath Watterson - Midsomer Lady

    Best Shod Horse
    Davina Suthren - Caffrey

    Best Turned Out
    Patricia Kelly - Rock of Cashel
    Alison Crawford - Gucci
    Amber Sole - Roxy
    Katy Mellor - Angelina Ginny

    Many thanks for the prizes to Heather Warburton from Estate Supplies Country Store, Bailey's Horse Feeds and Sue Evans (the ELD TROPHY).

    Also many thanks to all the helpers for making the ride possible.

    My apologies for not having snaps of all winners - Chris Taylor.

    Added - 02/06/2009

    Day 2 (Kelsall) Photographs

    The photographs I took (all 225 of them) on Sunday 31st May at Kelsall are now available at
    They were all taken at the venue and clearly won't be a patch on the professionally taken photographs.

    I will add a selection suitably annotated to our Photographs web page as soon as possible.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 31/05/2009


    Helpers Wanted

    Organiser Liz Finney is looking for some more helpers for our Wirral Ride on Saturday 4th July. If you can assist please contact Liz on 01565 633310 or send an email to

    Save Postage

    There will be a box at both days of the Forest Frolic for anyone to place their Wirral Ride Entry. This will save you the cost of postage in one direction. Please place your entry in an envelope to keep all the papers together including your return envelope with postage paid.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 25/05/2009

    New Impulsion Magazine now Online

    The British Equestrian Federation (of which EGB is a member body) has issued the following Press Release:-

    The third issue of Impulsion, the official magazine of Equestrian Team GBR, is now online at

    Inside you will find an eclectic mix of articles and stunning photography as well as exclusive details on Team GBR Ontrack which officially launches this July in partnership with the equestrian Olympic and Paralympic teams via British Eventing and their Gold Medal Club, the British Show Jumping Association and British Dressage.

    Team GBR Ontrack will be open to riders and non-riders of all ages and will help to improve the enjoyment of being around, owning and competing horses with the specific aim of raising the profile of equestrian sport in the UK and the funds needed to help potential medal winners train, compete, and achieve their goals.

    There is also the usual great mix of features including an interview with infamous equestrian stunt specialist, Vic Armstrong; a fashion shoot with World Class Development rider Lara Griffiths; The Pony Club celebrating their 80th anniversary and an insight into a unique African Safari.

    As promised, since the last issue, there has been some work behind the scenes so the quality of the magazine is simply stunning. Pictures are crisper, type is easier to read and there is added zoom in functionality. There is also a new picture gallery, which includes a selection of our favourite shots including those from Badminton 2009.

    We recommend that new visitors to Impulsion read the 'How to use VCAB' guide in the top menu bar of the magazine to get some handy hints and tips on reading Impulsion.

    We hope you enjoy the new issue and that it inspires you to join Team GBR Ontrack – register now to receive priority joining information as soon as it is available and to be in with chance of winning our fantastic competition.

    It is a free read of horsey things in general but I couldn't see much relating to Endurance on a quick flick through.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 14/05/2009


    Just a couple of photographs of Steph Wagstaff-Bethell's new foal Steinmark Fire Opal.

                                                                   Steinmark Fire Opal                Steinmark Fire Opal with foster Mum Golden Russet
                                                                                  Left click for a larger picture

    Sadly Steff lost Carla during the birth but, more happily, Opal has been successfully adopted by her foster Mum Golden Russet (seen in one of the photos).

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 10/05/2009

    Safeguarding & Protecting Children - Duty of Care Workshop

    The BHS are running this Duty of Care Workshop at Ryders Farm, Kearsley on 5 May and there are just a few places still available.

    If you are interested click here to see a booking form in Word .doc format.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 30/04/2009

    HOME INTERNATIONALS - Ludlow, 17-19 July 2009

    Maggie Pattinson, the Chef d'Equipe of the English team, is looking for competitiors from Novice to International level for this event.

    If you are interested drop Maggie an email at

    Please click here to see a poster in Word .doc format or here for a poster in PDF format.

    For our North Wales members/readers:
    Pat Conn is the Welsh team organiser and she is looking for horses and riders for all distances which must be qualified at their level. She particularly needs to fill the 160 class if anyone can help.
    The criteria is that riders must live in Wales (and have done so for at least 1yr) or have been born in Wales.
    You can contact Pat on 01974 298584.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 26/04/2009
    Updated - 27/04/2009

    CHESHIRE FOREST FROLIC - 30/31 May 2009

    It's not long to go now 'till our two day event in Delamere Forest and at Kelsall Hill. There are seperate competitive and pleasure rides on each day and one competitive ride that spans both days. So there's something for everyone over the weekend.

    Just to whet your appetite perhaps this is an ideal time to remind you that there will be several prizes each day as well.

    On Saturday the Eld Trophy will be awarded to the Best Shod horse. This attractive Trophy was presented by Sue Evans and she is the current holder. Sue tells me she intends to come and retain it for yet another year.
                                                    The Eld Trophy The Eld Trophy - can you be the first to wrest it off Sue?

    Heather Warburton of ESTATE SUPPLIES COUNTRY STORE has agreed to kindly donate prizes for the Top Senior on each day in the 40km classes and we are working on prizes for the top places in the 2 day 80km ride. There will also be prizes for junior riders as well ... Best Condition, Best Turned Out, etc. We are also hoping that BAILEY'S HORSE FEEDS will continue to give their support and provide some prizes.

    For the record, some of last year's prize winners were:-
    Best Condition Awards - Saturday
    Kath McGhee - Foxghylls Folly
    42 Linda Cowperthwaite with  Maraday Mystaron and 43 Anne Swale approaching the finishing line Linda Cowperthwaite - Maraday Mystaron
    Molly Corcoran - Pillheath Royal Paddy
    Timothy Jones - Khezya

    Best Condition Awards - Sunday
    Kath McGhee - Foxghylls Folly
    33 Suzanne Chamberlain watches while the vet checks Night Owl's heartrate Suzanne Chamberlain - Night Owl
    56 Karen Corr with Indian Nuhra back at the venue Karen Corr - Indian Nuhra
    52 Sally Mellor with Halim el Shaklan back at the venue Sally Mellor - Halim el Shaklan

    Best Shod Horse - Saturday - The Eld Trophy
    69 Sue Evans with Rose Collection approaching the finishing line Rose Collection - Sue Evans

    Best Shod Horse - Sunday
    Threeshires Equinox - Anne Farley

    Best Turned Out - Saturday
    Julie Sutton - Zak
    113 Ruth Chadwick with Mostafanother and 114 Charlotte Chadwick with Abissinia approaching the finishing line Charlotte Chadwick - Abissinia

    Best Turned Out - Sunday
    Rita Tweddle - Zarra Mandees
    51 Katy Mellor with Angelina Ginny back at the venue Katy Mellor - Angelina Ginny

    We look forward to seeing you on at least one of the days.

    Chris Taylor (sorry I don't have pictures of all the winners!)

    Added - 22/04/2009


    We are very sorry to hear that Jackie Thompson died on Sunday, after a long illness.

    Jackie was one of the first members of the Cheshire group and a committee member for a number of years.
    She competed in events all over the country with her horses and was also a member of the first North-West team which won the Inter-regional trophy at Euston Park in 1999.
    Jackie and her husband Bert supported the teams whenever she was not riding and frequently acted as extra crew for all the team members, contributing to the great record that the North -West team has in the event.

    She was a lovely person and will be greatly missed.
    Our thoughts are with Bert and the family.

    The funeral is on Tuesday, April 14th at 1.0pm at St. Matthews Church, Hayfield.

    Added - 08/04/2009

    Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu Clinic May 2009

    A special announcement from Lisa Pritchard:-

    Hi Everyone

    As many of you know Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu is returning to the UK from 16th May through to 20th May this year to deliver a weekend clinic and three training days.

    The venue is Hunter's Gate, Byley Lane, Middlewich and we have the use of their wonderful indoor school for the whole event.

    However, this is going to be an extra special clinic, as Francois will be accompanied by his lifetime friend Jean-Louis Guntz who will be working alongside Francois throughout. Here is a brief Biog of Jean-Louis Guntz:

    After 43 years in the world famous Cadre Noir in Saumur, France, Riding Master, Jean-Louis Guntz left office on 16th December 2008.

    Jean-Louis Guntz joined the military in 1962 at the age of 19 and trained under the Chief Ecuyer, Colonel Lair, inspiring him to aspire to the elite Cadre Noir. In 1965, Jean-Louis wore the black uniform for the first time and never looked back.

    Since then, the Cadre Noir offered him the opportunity to ride in all the major equestrian disciplines, racing, both flat and jump, eventing, showjumping and dressage. He was involved with the French national team in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

    Jean-Louis’s membership of this elite corps gave him the opportunity to travel worldwide. Japan, Uruguay, Senegal, Iran, Hong Kong as well as Europe and the United States. He was able to perform with the Cadre Noir and also teach and train around the world.

    30 years of training jumping horses has resulted in an international reputation for Jean-Louis Guntz in this particular discipline and he has written a treatise on how to train jumping horses. However, Jean-Louis is the ultimate all round master horseman, and is equally able to train horses to perform all high school movements, including the airs above the ground.

    On several occasions Jean-Louis has acted as Chief Ecuyer of the Cadre Noir and on his last gala attendance in Brussels in early December the Ecuyer in Chief – Colonel Jean-Michel Faure stepped aside during the final part of the performance to allow Riding Master Jean-Louis Guntz to greet the public at the head of the Cadre Noir in recognition of his exceptional career.

    As you can imagine this is a thrilling opportunity to see not one, but two Cadre Noir riding masters pass on their skills and knowledge to those lucky enough to bag a place on the course. Both Francois and Jean-Louis will ride on the training days (Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday) so this is a real must see clinic.

    Spectator places are £30 per day. Am expecting places to go fast, so please let me know asap if you would like a place and which days.


    Lisa Pritchard.

    The Modern Horse
    Tel: 01565 651469
    mob: 07931 351183

    Added - 30/03/2009

    Endurance Blogs at Horse Hero

    Jo Claridge (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of EGB) has issued a message regarding a series of blogs to appear on the Horse Hero website over the coming months. If they get sufficient hits on these pages it may encourage them to prepare more endurance items and give our sport greater exposure.

    Jo writes:

    The website Horse Hero ( has just started a six-month series of blogs about the Golden Horseshoe Ride and endurance riding. The blogs, written by Nikki Routledge, will appear at regular intervals and it will help to sustain the site's interest in endurance if it records a healthy number of hits.

    Please can you all circulate this information and have a look as the more hits they get from Endurance people will encourage the website to continue featuring Endurance related things - which is good for us! (I know that they can't tell exactly who is looking at their website but if there is interest in the endurance related items then they will do more - hope this explains it!)

    Cheers, Jo

    Do visit the site at You will find the blogs by clicking on the link "CELEBRITY BLOGS" near the top of their Home page and then selecting "Nikki Routledge".

    Please pass the word around by telling your friends (and any anyone else who will listen to you).

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 29/03/2009


    MORI have been commissioned by Sport England to establish how satisfied participants are with their sport.

    To give an idea of the nature of this poll I can do no more than copy this extract from their official website:

    In order to measure and track satisfaction with the quality of the sporting experience, the Sport England Research Team is developing an innovative research methodology. For the first time we will have a detailed measure of participant satisfaction with their sporting experience.

    The aim of the research is to provide a statistically robust measure of satisfaction with the quality of the sporting experience by individual sport, as a basis for tracking the achievement of national targets for each sport. The survey will also support improved planning and investment decisions by providing greater understanding and knowledge of satisfaction profiles in each sport.

    We will be measuring satisfaction in more than 40 different sports, and within each sport, across three levels of engagement - general participants, affiliated club members and the talent pool. The survey will measure satisfaction across different areas or 'domains', to include: value for money, performance, social/belonging, facilities and playing environment, logistics/organisation, diversion/release, exertion & fitness, officiating and coaching.

    Apparently it takes just 2 minutes register and then, assuming they want your assistance, they will send an email to you within the next couple of months inviting you to fill in the questionaire. This could well be a good way to raise the profile of our sport and, maybe, a chance to see what improvements participants would like to see.

    To go to the web site click here.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 26/03/2009


    From this year onwards the EGB Young Riders will be offering a crewing service available to everyone!!!.

    To give you an idea of what to expect:
    £5 per person per hour for a full time crew (driver/helper) or just £3 per trot up if that's all you need.
    All money goes to the Young Riders fund.

    For more information click here to see a poster in Word .doc format.

    If you're interested you can also be part of the Rent’a’Crew team. See the poster for more information on this.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 24/03/2009

    Maggie Maguire Awarded BEF Medal of Honour

    Most of you will already know that Maggie Maguire (our former Chairman and long time Committee Member) has been awarded the BEF Medal of Honour for her services to the International effort. The Medal is awarded for oustanding services to the Federation.

    Maggie stood down from the Board of EGB at the November 2008 AGM having served on the Board for several years, latterly as "Chair of International". We are sure she will be greatly missed.

    Many congratulations Maggie on a well deserved Award.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 23/03/2009

    Membership Renewal & Cheshire Group Horse Registration

    Please note that all membership fees for 2009 have increased. Full EGB membership is now £45 and Associate Membership is £17.

    EGB forms are on the national website and Associate Membership forms can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below.

    Cheshire Group Horse Registration forms can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below. Please print out, complete and return if you wish to be eligible for Cheshire Trophies and Distance Awards.

    Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in Word .doc format
    Cheshire Group Trophy Registration form in pdf format

    Cheshire Group Associate Membership Enrolment form in Word .doc format
    Cheshire Group Associate Membership Enrolment form in pdf format

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 18/12/2008

    Cheshire Trophies and Distance Awards for the 2008 Season

    If you registered for the Cheshire Trophies and Distance Awards for the 2008 Season then NOW is the time to lodge details of your rides.

    Distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond, Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE by 31st December 2008.

    Please complete the following before forwarding:
    • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings will now be included as well as distance).
    • Please include distance totals in Kilometres.
    • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
    • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
    • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
    • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
    • Cards received after December 31st 2008 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
    • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
    • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an insufficient notification card be received.
    Don’t forget you lucky people who won trophies last year to ensure that they are engraved and clean. Please contact Pennie to arrange for their safe return to her.

    The Trophies and Awards will be presented on 6th February 2009 at the Group's AGM.
    See Social Events for more details.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 18/12/2008

    Local Riders on EGB 2009 Calendar

    Tricia and Charlotte Hirst at Ullswater - Original photo by West End Photography          Rachael Atkinson at Bakewell - Original photo by West End Photography          Terry Madden at RAF Cranwell - Original photo by David Saunders         

    An official EGB 2009 Calendar is now available on the EGB website for £6.98.

    However, at the time of writing, Liz Finney has a small stock of EGB Calendars available at £5 plus p&p. They appear to be of a similar design but have a different front cover and do not have a board back. They are approximately 21cm x 30cm.

    These calendars include three photos of some local riders. Please see the illustrative photos above. All rights of the original photographers (West End Photography and David Saunders) are acknowledged. Hovering your mouse over each thumbnail will provide details and a left double click will bring up a larger image. Please note these pictures are for information only and the photographs on the glossy calendar itself are of a much higher quality.

    As can be seen these are very attractive calendars and the purchase of them helps support EGB. Just the thing to brighten a tack room, stable or indeed anywhere else. Could this be the perfect (I won't mention the "C" word) present for someone you know into Endurance Riding or may be a treat for yourself?

    You can contact Liz at

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 10/12/2008

    WELCOME to any new visitors
    (whether as a result of the Cadence Event at Aintree or not)
    Click image for a larger picture

    If you are a new visitor to our site and you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions or put you in touch with someone who can.

    There tends not to be as much activity in the group at this time of year so News may seem pretty slow. But it is the perfect time to start making plans for next year, to reflect on what has gone well this year and, perhaps, what changes need to be made for next year.

    The Group's major look back at 2008 will take place at the combined AGM (usually a very short interlude) and award evening on 6th February 2009 at Woodside Golf Club near Cranage. There is also a meal included in the ticket price.

    We are hoping that we shall have news of all the confirmed ride dates soon. The EGB Rides Committee are reviewing some of their initial decisions and we hope this will be to the benefit of the Cheshire Group's members (and endurance riders everywhere).

    We are planning a Training Day on Sunday 22nd February 2009 at the Cheshire Riding School, Comberbach where there will be talks and demonstrations on feeding shoeing, training and competition. We hope cover an introduction for those who have never entered a ride before and advice for those who wish to progress to the next stage. Hopefully something for everyone.

    A list of proposed events in the North West for 2009 can be seen in the News item below.

    DON'T FORGET in the meantime - if here's something you want to know - ASK.

    Contact any of our Committee Members
    or you can email us by simply clicking here.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 01/12/2008

    Provisional List of Events in the North West for 2009.

    Here is a list of most events proposed for the North West next year. This will give you an idea of what is available locally. There are likely to be a few changes as time progresses so please check details with the National/Group's websites.

    04 Jan 09         Charity Ride - Lancaster - Lancashire Group
    11 Jan 09         New Year PR - Buxton - Derbyshire Group
    08 Feb 09       Training Day & PR - Knutsford - Cheshire Group
    22 Feb 09       ‘Endurance Explored’ - Comberbach - Cheshire Group
    22 Mar 09       Ulnes Walton PR - Leyland - Lancashire Group
    28 Mar 09       Teggs Nose SR - Macclesfield - Cheshire Group
    29 Mar 09       Ullswater CR & PR - Ullswater - Cumbria Group
    19 Apr 09       Croal Irwell CR & PR - Bolton - Lancashire Group
    09 May 09       Peak District CR & PR - Hartington - Derbyshire Group
    17 May 09       Tebay CR & PR - Tebay - Cumbria Group
    30/31 May 09   Cheshire Forest Frolic - Delamere - Cheshire Group
    -- Jun 09         Buxton SR - Buxton - Derbyshire Group
    06/07 Jun 09   Wharncliffe Chase CR & PR - Sheffield - West Riding Group
    Jun/Jul 09         Snelson SR - Chelford - Cheshire Group
    -- Jul 09           Croal Irwell PR - Bolton - Lancashire Group
    04 Jul 09         Wirral CR & PR - Thurstaston - Cheshire Group
    12 Jul 09         Last of the Summer Wine CR & PR - Holmfirth - West Riding Group
    19 Jul 09         Bakewell CR & PR - Bakewell - Derbyshire Group
    Aug 09             Milton Green PR - Chester - Cheshire Group
    Aug 09             Coniston Cold Weekend PR - Skipton - Lancashire Group
    29/30 Aug 09   Cumbria Challenge CR & PR - Shap - Cumbria Group
    06 Sep 09         Clocaenog CR & PR - North Wales - Cheshire Group
    13 sep 09         ‘Equithon’ Charity Ride - Chester - Cheshire Group
    03 Oct 09         Rivington CR & PR - Horwich - Lancashire Group

    You can see the other Group's websites by clicking on the links above.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 01/12/2008
    Updated - 09/12/2008

    Get Extreme for Strangles.

    The BHS are seeking to raise money for the BHS/Animal Health Trust Strangles Appeal. They are offering the opportunity of making an exhilarating 10,000 feet freefall parachute jump. They stress no experience is required and if you raise the minimum amount of sponsorship you will get to jump for FREE!

    Karen Lewty writes:-

    Whilst this may seem like the only thing in the world that some of you (myself included!) would not want to do, I am sure that all of you know of a thrill seeker somewhere or a place to put up a poster....

    The aim is to make a real impact on the fundraising and provide people with an experience of a lifetime.

    The goal is £30,000 so I would really appreciate you spreading the word!

    Many thanks in advance for your help and support!

    Karen Lewty
    Development Officer
    BHS North West Region

    For a free information pack call 01202 558515 or email:
    Click here for the poster and print it out if you know somewhere it can be displayed.

    Added - 10/11/2008

    Endurance GB - AGM & Dinner
    29th November 2008

    From Pat Guerin:
    I am looking to raise a table of 10 people from Cheshire at the Annual Dinner on 29th November 2008. Are you planning to go (or even just wondering about it)? If so, give me a call as it would be nice to share a table with folk from our area. It really is one of the highlights of the Endurance year especially if enjoyed with people you know.

    I will no doubt be driving and coming back Saturday evening and am happy to fill my car!

    Please contact Pat Guerin - Tel: 01477 534194 or Email:

    Added - 05/11/2008

    15hh 11yo grey mare (ready to start Endurance)
    looking for a good rider under 11 stone

    Sunne In Silver

    Fiona Dillon reports:
    The lady I am buying my foal from has asked me if I know of anyone (good rider under 11 stone) who is looking for a horse to start in endurance. She has a 15hh 11 yo grey mare, (currently competing sucessfully with Kit Rolfe in affilliated dressage) that she would like to go on to do endurance. The mare is for sale but I think Anne would let someone borrow her if it was a very good home.

    For more details point your browser at and go to the "horses for sale" page.

    Added - 05/11/2008

    Petition for Endurance to be included in the 2012 Olympics.

    There is a petition to the Prime Minister seeking the inclusion of an Endurance Ride in the 2012 Olympics.

    Apart from being a great opportunity for home based riders to shine it would also be good advertising for the sport.

    Visit for more information and join in if you wish.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 28/10/2008

    GB Young Rider Team
    Triumph in Oviedo European Championships.

    Young Riders Logo

    The young rider team, including Kay Counter from Derbyshire, came home with 4th place in the team event. This is the best GB has ever done in Europe!

    Cheshire group would like to say a massive well done to them, their families and the support crews.

    More details can be found on the EGB website.

    Harry Ingram

    Added - 14/10/2008

    Death of Northwest team horse

    Shelby France with Magi at Cirencester

    Michelle France writes:

    It is with great sadness I have to report our horse Magi passed away this morning after a short illness.

    Magi was part of the successful Northwest team who won the inter regional championship at Ludlow this year . Shelby and Magi were also lying in 3rd place in the national championship.

    Magi was taken ill after the Piddle ride and never recovered. He has left a big hole in our hearts and Shelby is devastated. They had such a big future ahead of them.

    I would like to thank all the support we have received from everyone this last few weeks.

    Sadly, I fear most of us know how dreadful Shelby, Michelle and their family must be feeling right now and, on behalf of everyone, I offer our sincere good wishes.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 20/09/2008

    Autumn Frolic 2008 – Awards
    Prizes were kindly donated by:-
    Heather Warburton;
    Bailey's Horse Feeds;
    Jane Stewart; and
    Sue Evans (The Eld Trophy).

    84 km CR
    1st Denise Meldrum - Tarran Bay
    2nd Julie Martin - Solitaire's Star
    3rd Helen Dawson - Elina of Rushbank
    4th Liz Finney - Marlak Romance

    Best Condition Awards - Saturday
    Kath McGhee - Foxghylls Folly
    Linda Cowperthwaite - Maraday Mystaron
    Molly Corcoran - Pillheath Royal Paddy
    Timothy Jones - Khezya

    Best Condition Awards - Sunday
    Kath McGhee - Foxghylls Folly
    Suzanne Chamberlain - Night Owl
    Karen Corr - Indian Nuhra
    Sally Mellor - Halim el Shaklan

    Best Shod Horse - Saturday - The Eld Trophy
    Rose Collection - Sue Evans

    Best Shod Horse - Sunday
    Threeshires Equinox - Anne Farley

    Best Turned Out - Saturday
    Julie Sutton - Zak
    Charlotte Chadwick - Abissinia

    Best Turned Out - Sunday
    Rita Tweddle - Zarra Mandees
    Katy Mellor - Angelina Ginny

    Many thanks for the prizes to Heather Warburton from Estate Supplies Country Store, Bailey's Horse Feeds, Jane Stewart and Sue Evans (The Eld Trophy).

    Also many thanks to all the helpers for making the ride possible.

    Added - 15/09/2008

    A beige fleece top found at Delamere on Saturday
    A pair of reading glasses found at Kelsall on Sunday

    If you think the beige fleece top found at our Autumn Frolic Ride at Delamere may be yours then please contact Pat Guerin - Tel: 01477 534194 or Email:

    If you think the pair of reading glasses found at our Autumn Frolic Ride at Kelsall may be yours then please contact Muriel Taylor - Tel: 0151 625 7333 or Email:

    Pat would like to say a huge "Thank you" to all the helpers over the weekend. Without you the ride just would not happen.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 15/09/2008

    Best Shod Horse or Pony Trophy
    for the Delamere Forest section of the Autumn Frolic

    The Eld Trophy

    I wanna tell you a story ... ...

    Last year Sue Evans’ horse Rose Collection won the Best Shod award at the Delamere Forest part of our Autumn Frolic but there was no actual trophy for presentation.

    Now it so happens that in 2003 they also won the Eld Trophy at that year’s Eld Ride for the best shod horse. The Eld Trophy was in memory of the late Margie Eld, a former Gold Series and Long Distance rider. Sadly the Eld Ride is no longer in the Schedule but Sue would like to get the trophy back into the system in the hope that the trophy goes on to keep the memory of Margie and her endurance links alive.

    So Sue has kindly decided to follow it up this year by presenting The Eld Trophy, open to members of EGB riding at Delamere on the Saturday for the best shod horse or pony. Sue hopes to be there to try and claim it back for 2008.

    Thank you Sue for kindly donating this trophy. I’m sure the original presenters of the trophy would be pleased to see it continue as a fitting memorial to Margie.

    Chris Taylor

    Added - 02/09/2008

    Autumn Frolic - HELPERS WANTED

    Thank you to those who have already volunteered but I will need some more helpers on both days & most importantly I need people to come and help mark the route for a few hours on Friday 12th September.
    The more we have the quicker we can do it!

    Please contact Pat Guerin on 01477 534194 or email:

    Added - 22/08/2008

    Bridleways Petition

    Some of you may already know there is a petition to the Prime Minister to provide funding and use legislation for the creation of new public bridleways.

    I am sure most riders would find more bridleways useful so, if you are prepared to sign in (and haven't already done so), head over to and add your name etc.

    The deadline to sign up by is 28 May 2009.

    Added - 15/08/2008

    2nd & 3rd August 2008

    The North West Team celebrating - photo by Harry Ingram              Terry Madden with Medraar and Shelby-Jade France with Magi completing their 65km ride - photo by Pat Guerin

    Congratulations to the team of 5 Cheshire and 7 Derbyshire riders who last weekend won the above competition at Ludlow. Team chefs Pat Guerin and Flick Edmeston wish to thank all their riders and crews for such a brilliant effort.

    The team members were:

    from the Cheshire Group -
    Rachel Rolfe (Selasphorus), Liz Finney (Marlak Romance), Terry Madden (Medraar), Shelby-Jade France (Magi), Sue Higgins (Aberllwyds Another Rose);

    and from the Derbyshire Group -
    Annette Masterson (Remolino), Kay Counter (Cheeky Charlie), Ann Harrison (Ginger Spice), Brett Corcoran (Aristotle Bay), Melanie Rhodes (Bashir Shamyr), Molly Corcoran (Pillheath Royal Paddy), Bethan Reeves (Rasheik Ibn Malik).

    Chefs d’Equipe - Pat Guerin and Flick Edmeston

    And again, "Well done everyone" from the rest of us.

    Added - 05/08/2008

    Lindum Spirit Success for Cheshire

    The Cheshire Tigers team representing our Group and comprised of Kate Williams on Alderney Prince, Gaynor Jones on Squire, Maura Amies on Muharaam and Jane Stewart on Chant travelled to Lindum and took their place against 6 other regional teams in the 160k Team Spirit relay ER on 25 July 2008 and were delighted to finish 2nd against very stiff competition.

    The first horses went out at 6.00 a.m in the mist and the coolest part of the day and threw down the gauntlet in terms of the high level of competition and speed. Almost all the horses came in bang on the 18k maximum speed, including Maura and Muharaam in their first ever ER event, and vetted quickly (about 3 minutes). Our second horse out was Gaynor on Squire who set out at about 8.30 a.m. Thankfully it was still not too hot by then and despite Gaynor's concerns about Squire (he had had an abcess the week before and does NOT like the heat) they cruised round and maintained our fourth position. Kate Williams and Prince went out on the third leg - it was by now very hot but the course was ridng very quickly and although the horses were more strung out by then the competition was still very keen. Prince came in at 18k and presented in 3 minutes, giving our last rider, Jane a real fighting chance to do the team proud on the last leg - which she and Chant did - and then some. Unlike the first 3 horses in each team the last rider's riding time finishes when the horse crosses the line, not when they present to the vet. Everything hung on the final vetting ..... and Chant passed with ease.

    We were all so proud of our horses for their performances and for dealing with the heat so well. We were also SO grateful for our crews (each other, Steve Jones and Rita Tweddle and Don - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP). It was an absolute bonus and complete surprise to find out that we had actually finished second, only 10 minutes behind the winners, the Peak Ponies. We had said before the event when we saw who was on the other teams and that there were several International standard horses competing we would do well to be 4th or 5th. 2nd was way beyond our expectations. We collected our rosettes and Aerborn rugs in the team tops very kindly donated by Heather Warburton at Estate Supplies - thanks Heather for your generosity (again!). Lindum was just fantastic as ever and Team Spirit proud, yet again, what an exciting and highly competitive event it is.

    Kate Williams

    Well done team, crew and Heather (of Estate Supplies Country Store) from the rest of us too.

    Updated - 31/07/2008

    DARCI (Stolen from Bollington Cheshire)

    Here's some good news :-

    Darci, who was taken from her field in Bollington, Cheshire in the early hours of Saturday 28th June this year (see News item below) has been found and is now back home thanks to everyone's efforts.

    Karen Lewty says "I know Rachel has been overwhelmed by all the help and support that everyone has offered, so on behalf of Rachel and Darci,


    Don't forget though - Remain vigilant and report anything suspicious.

    Added - 24/07/2008

    North West Regional Team.

    Team chefs Pat Guerin and Flick Edmeston are pleased to announce that the following horse and rider combinations have been selected to represent the North West Region at Ludlow on the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd.

    North West Regional Team - 2008

    100 km ER   Rachel Rolfe                     Selasphorus

     80 km ER   Annette Masterson             Remolino

     80 km CR   Ann Harrison                     Ginger Spice
                        Melanie Rhodes                 Bashir Shamyr
                        Brett Corcoran (Jun)          Aristotle Bay

     65km CR    Liz Finney (Vet)                 Marlak Romance (Vet)
                        Terry Madden                    Medraar
                        Shelby-Jade France (Jun)   Magi

     50 km CR   Gee Corcoran                    Redrose Revelation
                        Molly Corcoran (Jun)         Pilheath Royal Paddy

     40 km CR   Helen Newton                    Ley Lader
                        Bethan Reeves (Jun)           Rasheik Ibn Malik

    Added - 17/07/2008

    Stolen from Bollington Cheshire
    between 2200 27/6/08 - 0500 28/6/08.

    Ad ID: 4224
    Height: 15.3 hh
    Colour: light bay
    Sex: Mare
    Age: approx 8

    SUBSTANTIAL REWARD OFFERED FOR THE SAFE RETURN OF Our pretty bay mare who was taken from her field in Bollington, Cheshire in the early hours of Saturday 28th June 2008. She is a lovely natured horse in the right hands but she only really trusts my husband and me. She will need to be shod in about 3 weeks and will also need the dentist.

    She has a very distinctive scar on the top of her front right leg you can actually see the stitches. She means the world to us and we are absolutely devastated as are all our family and friends at the yard. Her field companions are stressed and I know she will not be happy. If you acquired in good faith please think of the pain we are going through and contact us. We don't care where you had her from we just need her back.

    Contact Name Rachel Blower
    County Cheshire
    Country United Kingdom
    Preferred Phone 07787858423

    Stolen bay mare

    Stolen bay mare scar

    Added - 02/07/2008    Second picture added - 11/07/2008

    Training Partner Wanted

    Rachel Rolfe writes: "It doesn't matter if your horse hasn't reached advanced. I usually travel to Delamere Forest or Whitegate Way and a nice canter track in south Cheshire but would go anywhere else for a change !

    Please email me at if you are interested."

    Added - 29/06/2008

    Horse Wanted for Croal Irwell Valley Ride
    10th August 2008

    Michell France writes: "We are looking for a horse for Shelby to ride in the Croal Irwell Valley ride on Sunday 10th August. If you have a spare horse you would like to take to a ride then we would really appreciate the ride. If you would also like to take part I am willing to crew you and pay your entry fee’s. We really would like to support a local ride but the date doesn’t sit well in the diary for our horse."

    You can email Michelle at

    Added - 29/06/2008

    Tricia Hirst (Cheshire Group Member)
    Wins FEI 3* 160km Endurance Race

    Tricia Hirst, an international endurance rider from Meifod, Wales (a member of the Cheshire group of Endurance GB) won the FEI 3* 160km Endurance Race at Thoresby Park, Nottingham in May. Tricia was riding her 9yr old part bred arab, Vlacq Abattarik (Tarik) and was competing against a high class international field including several riders from Bahrain.

    As 'Tarik' can be very strong, Tricia opted to start six minutes after the rest of the field, but soon caught up and came into the first vet gate in first place. It was a very tactical race with Tricia and the Bahrainis in close contention all day. The last loop of 20km was done extremely fast with three of the Bahrainis including Sheikh Nasser and Tricia all together. The Bahrainis turned into the final field in front and went off at a gallop, however Tricia let Tarik go and he flew past them and won by several lengths. The finishing overall speed was 16.96kph. This successful completion also qualifies Tricia and 'Tarik' for next year's European Championships in Italy.

    'Tarik' has been home produced and last year came 3rd in the Young Horse World Championships in Compiegne, France with Tricia's daughter Georgina on board.

    To complete the weekend, Tricia's 23yr old son Philip came 4th on Madjin des Pins, an 8yr old Anglo Arab in the horses first 120km race.

    Tricia Hirst

    I think a hearty "Well done, Tricia and family" is in order - Chris Taylor

    Added - 26/06/2008

    New Rides and Ride Organisers wanted

    If you have a route of 10 miles or more then the committee would like to hear from you.

    We are also looking for possible ride organisers who would be fully supported in running a pleasure or social ride.

    If you do have a favorite training route or even a long hack we would still like to know about it! Hopefully we can set up a system of sharing the best training routes with the intention of widening the number of rides in Cheshire and North Wales. Finally please let us know of possible venues for a ride however big or small.

    If you have a route or would like to organize a ride then please contact Harry Ingram at

    I would encourage people to spend a few minutes to submit your training rides on this website It’s an easy way to share unknown routes in Cheshire and North Wales.

    Added - 25/06/2008

    LUDLOW - 2nd & 3rd AUGUST 2008

    We are again planning to send a North West Regional Team to the above competition where our past record has been most successful. The team will consist of 15 riders & horses & will be selected from members of the Lancashire, Derbyshire & Cheshire Groups of Endurance GB.

    The ride classes & distances are as follows:

    100 km ER   2 riders  Advanced                (1 of whom should be a Young Rider)
      80 km ER   3 riders  Advanced                (1 of whom should be a Young Rider)

      80 km CR   3 riders  Advanced                (1 of whom should be a Young Rider)
      65 km CR   3 riders  Advanced or Open  (1 of whom should be a Junior or Young Rider)
      50 km CR   2 riders  Open or Novice      (1 of whom should be a Junior or Young Rider)
      40 km CR   2 riders   Novice                   (1 of whom should be a Junior or Young Rider)

    Bonus points will be given for Junior & Young Rider entries & also for Veterans in the 65 & 50 km classes. If no Junior or Young Rider can be found then the place may be filled by an adult.

    The ERs will take place on Saturday 2nd & the CRs on Sunday 3rd August but we would like all team members to stay both days if possible to help out with crewing when they are not riding.

    Anyone in the Cheshire Group who would like to be considered please send details of yourself & your horse plus a list of your results (speeds & pulse rates) from this year’s competitive rides to me by post or email as soon as possible. Those wishing to be considered for the higher distances may also include last year’s results where relevant.

    Pat Guerin
    The Laurels, Brick Bank Lane, Allostock, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LZ

    UPDATE: A provisional team has been selected but volunteers to act as reserves are still welcome. 09/07/2008

    Added - 05/06/2008

    Horse Thieves
    Please keep alert and report anything suspicious to the police.
    Further Update

    This message is being sent round by Derbyshire Horsewatch.

    There have been 3 sightings of 2 suspicious men with Eastern European accents photographing local horses. They feel this could be a steal to order gang.

    The men have been seen at shows / events and even in a horse owner's field taking pictures. They have been seen in a white van reg: N253 XAJ and a red Land Cruiser.

    Police are treating this as suspicious, so please contact them urgently if you see anything.

    The below was circulated from South Yorkshire Police last week

    “I thought I should make you aware that there have been three sightings in the Hope Valley of two suspicious men with Eastern European accents photographing lots of local horses. This could be a steal to order gang operating locally and we have advised our Hope Valley Riding Club members to be extra vigilant.

    1) The men were seen actually in a horse owner's field near Bradwell taking lots of photographs of the three horses. The car was a pinky red but the member did not get the registration number.
    2) At our open show on Sunday two men with Eastern European accents were seen photographing lots of horses at the event. This time they were in a white van registration no N253 XAJ
    3) The two men were seen again today photographing horses in the valley, this time in a red Landcruiser B16 RBB - see Email below.

    We have recommended that any HVRC members seeing any further suspicious incidents report them to the police (contact details in the Email below). Also perhaps you could Email me also so that I can circulate details to our members.

    Hope Valley Riding Club”

    What has become evident that this information has been widely circulated and networked nationally.

    Hampshire Horsewatch and Hampshire Constabulary have in the last 24 hours been inundated with information , circulated e mails, texts regarding these vehicles and the men. Some of the messages have been given different slant depending on the senders possible interpretation which may alarm individuals as the information is location specific. There is no indication that many of the reported sightings in Hampshire are correct. What I can say is that as a result of information circulated a positive sighting of the white van reg number N253 XAJ was seen in Chilworth, Southampton today Wednesday 28th May 2008 close to a livery yard. Two men of East European appearance were seen with the same vehicle on Tuesday 27th May 2008 in the same area.

    To members on the Isle of Wight there is no indication that this white van has been on the Island

    This proves the point that people who are seen in suspicious circumstances do travel…..distances given that the original information came from Derbyshire area

    It also demonstrates that Horsewatch networking is powerful….a bit erratic maybe……!


    Y848 XNR - Silver Transit Van caught casing a yard in Lambley, Northamptonshire, last night - Police confirm false number plates - please advise as many people as possible to the alert.

    ALSO :

    "9 cobs were stolen last night in Cannock and 5 from Lichfield - they seem to be targetting coloureds, irish and mares with foals. The men taking photo's have also been seen at Ingestre. They are using a white van, a red landcruiser and a blue VW".

    Karen Lewty
    Development Officer
    BHS North West Region
    0161 980 7483
    07720 404398

    Updated - 04/06/2008

    Desperately seeking an escort for Dukeries Ride

    Michelle France writes “Shelby is riding in the 64k on the Sunday at Dukeries and unfortunately our normal escort has withdrawn.

    Shelby is only 5 weeks away from not needing an escort. Shelby is a pleasure to ride with and doesn’t winge or moan. She loves endurance.

    They would be willing to upgrade or downgrade just to be able to take part. I will of course crew you and pay your entry fee if you were willing to escort them.

    Kind regards

    Michelle France

    m: 07792 419161


    Added - 19/05/2008

    Wirral Ride 2008 – Awards
    Kindly donated by Estate Supplies

    Farriers Award

    54 Jalaal Ibn Krayaan (K. Corr)

    Best Turned Out - Overall

    17 Oakthwaite Samara - R Atkinson

    Best Turned Out - Senior

    2 Ginger Spice - A Harrison

    Best Turned Out - Junior

    20 Falicon Rhosyn Melfed - G Fellowes

    Best Turned Out - Pleasure Rider

    45 - - Y Austin

    The prizes were kindly donated by Heather Warburton from Estate Supplies Country Store.

    Added - 28/04/2008

    Use your Intelligence – Horse and Rider Day
    Sunday 18th May 2008

    Beccy Broughton sent details of this event at the Northern Horseracing Centre, Bawtry:-

    "Small group tutorials, demonstrations and practical workshops.
    Intelligent horsemanship to watch and practice with “Mickey Gavin” and ‘True Horsemanship’
    Bowen therapy with Equine and Human Practitioner ‘Lucy Spooner’.
    Intelligent feeding with ‘Horse Source’.
    Intelligent training techniques with ‘Beccy Broughton’ and ‘Total Training’.

    £70.00 for horse and rider combination (£10.00 discount per horse if booked in a group of three).
    £45.00 spectator fee.
    Drinks and Finger buffet lunch included.

    For more information about this event and how to secure a place log onto or phone 07870171641"

    Added - 24/04/2008

    Cheshire BHS Member 'tacks up' to help alleviate suffering - can you help ?

    Karen Lewty, Development Officer, The British Horse Society - North West Region writes: "One of our Cheshire BHS Members is heading off to the Gambia shortly to volunteer for the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust for a year.

    Before she leaves, Anna is collecting equipment that will help alleviate the suffering of the animals out in the Gambia. The locals there often use quite barbaric pieces of tack, which cause all sorts of unnecessary injuries, so by providing them with a better option she can help to educate the people.

    Do you have any spare headcollars, bridles, snaffle bits, or numnahs that you would like to donate to this worthy cause? Unwanted stable toys would be extremely useful, as would any veterinary supplies or supplements.

    Items can be collected in the Chester area or Anna can provide details of drop of points, so please call now with your unwanted items.

    If you would like any more details about the work the charity do, their website is

    To donate equipment, please contact Anna directly on mobile: 07783 772721 or email:"

    Karen Lewty
    Development Officer
    The British Horse Society - North West Region

    0161 980 7483
    07720 404398

    Added - 21/04/2008

    Amersham Horses - Online Petition

    Here's an incredible situation. Please add your name to the online petition referred to below if you want to try to make a difference.

    Karen Lewty, Development Officer, The British Horse Society - North West Region writes: "The British Horse Society has expressed its outrage at the decision to return 29 donkeys and Shetland ponies to the family at the centre of the recent rescue operation at Spindles Farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

    The January rescue of more than 100 horses, ponies and donkeys from the premises of Jamie Gray was one of the largest equine welfare operations ever to have take place in the United Kingdom. It saw many different horse welfare organisations working together to seize and subsequently rehabilitate the animals involved.

    The decision made at Oxford Magistrates Court to return 29 of the ponies and donkeys to the Gray family, and to have the remainder of the animals sold at public auction, has come as a huge blow to all of those involved with the operation and to everybody who is concerned about horse welfare.

    BHS Welfare Senior Executive Lee Hackett said: "The BHS is shocked and disappointed by the decision to return a number of horses to the Gray family.

    "Whilst we recognise that the trials of those charged in this case have yet to take place, the terrible condition of the animals at the time they were rescued should have been enough to ensure that they remain safely in the care of rescue organisations.

    "This will be devastating news to everybody who has been involved in the care and rehabilitation of these animals".

    Mr Hackett continues: "The decision to sell the remainder of the horses, ponies and donkeys at public auction is as mystifying as it is disappointing.

    "We are appalled that these animals will now be put in a position where their future welfare cannot be guaranteed.

    "We fully support the RSPCA's argument that they should be allowed to supervise the re-homing of these horses to approved homes where knowledgeable and responsible people will care for them. This is the absolute least that these animals deserve."

    So please could I ask you all to take a couple of minutes to add your name to the online petition which has been organised by the National Equine Welfare Council.

    Anything that you could do to publicise the petition further would also be much appreciated - friends, family etc.

    Please add your name - it will only take a couple of minutes and the horses involved deserve better treatment than this."

    Karen Lewty
    Development Officer
    The British Horse Society - North West Region

    0161 980 7483
    07720 404398

    Added - 14/04/2008

    The British Horse Society launch mapping strategy
    for England, Scotland and Wales

    Karen Lewty, Development Officer, The British Horse Society - North West Region writes: "The British Horse Society has launched a new mapping strategy, which aims to collate all existing equestrian routes in England, Scotland and Wales.

    Route information, gathered by BHS Bridleway Officers and local authorities, will be stored digitally on the Equestrian Mapping and Geographical Information (EMAGIN) Database.

    BHS GIS Officer, Heather Holmes said: "This is an important development for EMAGIN which assists us enormously in our work to defend, extend and promote off-road riding. It will allow us to view and analyse equestrian routes throughout the country, and will be of significant assistance in our work on the Discovering Lost Ways project."

    The BHS Where to Ride service, launched last year, already helps riders in the UK to find routes, information such as Bed and Breakfast accommodation nearby, and BHS routes promoted via the National Bridleroute Network.

    Digitising the equestrian routes across Britain allows the BHS to work quickly on important issues, sharing information with Councils and Authorities who have similar GIS systems.

    Helen Owens, Senior Executive, Riding Clubs, Competitions and Tourism said: "The EMAGIN project has the potential to be of great benefit to equestrian tourism in the UK and Ireland."

    The BHS hopes, subject to funding, that the EMAGIN system will be available to the general public online later this year, when the system will have expanded to include Ireland.

    Progress updates on the EMAGIN project can be viewed at

    For further information and image, please contact: Heather Holmes, GIS Officer and Executive Access and Rights of Way on 01926 707 812 or"

    Karen Lewty
    Development Officer
    The British Horse Society - North West Region

    0161 980 7483
    07720 404398

    Added - 18/02/2008

    Mark Rashid clinics

    Mark Rashid has written some great books on working with horses in a way that "preserves those essential parts of their nature".

    There are clinics at Westfield Park EC, Silkstone Common, Barnsley on July 15th, 16th and 17th and at Kingswood EC Albrighton, nr Wolverhampton (A41 just south of M54 jnt 3) on July 19th, 20th and 21st.

    Amanda Barton explains the clinic format:
    "Please note a change in format to the clincs from prior years. Each clinic will be 3 days long and will start at 9am and finish at approximately 6pm. We will be working with a different clinic format this year, Mark will work with four riders in the morning and another four in the afternoon. This means that riders will still have approximately an hour with Mark but split into smaller sessions with the opportunity to practice under the supervision of Mark's full time assistant and another student instructor. Riders will have the opportunity to ride for up to four hours if they wish to but can take as many breaks within that time as they want. I have seen Mark teaching this format a few times this year and it worked really well. The riders really got a huge amount out of it and have the opportunity to ride for as long as they want.

    Spectators will not be left out at all during any of these sessions. Mark encourages everyone to participate and there is always a very relaxed and open atmosphere where all are welcome to ask questions. There will also be a session where all spectators and riders alike will be working together in the arena to experiment with exercises in energy flow and mental intention."

    Booking forms can be obtained from Amanda Barton at and spectator tickets are £35 a day if booked before March31st, otherwise £40. They may not be available on the door

    Added - 18/02/2008

    Land for Rent at Lower Peover

    Michelle France writes "Whilst visiting one of my office’s I came across this advertisement that I thought maybe of interest to someone.

    Two and a half acres of land available in this great location in Lower Peover, between Macclesfield and Knutsford. Included are three stables and a tack room with power and water supply. Lovely setting.

    £350 pcm.

    If anyone is interested please contact Lisa at our Macclesfield office and tell her Michelle the Operation Director told you about the stables.

    Tel: 01625 503845

    Regards - Michelle

    Martin & Co (UK) Ltd"

    Added - 11/02/2008

    on "ITV LOCAL" website

    The Cheshire Group videos made at the 2006 Delamere Forest and 2007 Wirral Rides are now available on the ITV LOCAL website.

    The image quality is better than the YouTube versions referred to on our "Videos" page but I cannot say how long they may stay on the ITV Local site.

    Click on the following links:-

    Delamere Forest 2006

    Wirral Ride 2007 on the beach

    Wirral Ride 2007 on the Wirral Way

    Added - 28/01/2008

    Have Horse Will Travel

    The email below has been received from Emma Getliffe who is a director of Have Horse Will Travel. Please note that this is a commercial concern and EnduranceGB Cheshire Group has no connection with them and cannot recommend or endorse them in any way. This has been added here as it might be of interest to members.

    "I would like to introduce you to Have Horse Will Travel which is a specialist tour operator based in Kent.
    The main reason for writing to is that we have two very exciting rides on offer which might appeal to your members. One is in Patagonia where people go on a ride in amazing landscape and then have the chance to take part in one of South America’s biggest endurance competitions (riding the horse they have been on during the trip). There is the option to do 45 or 20kms ride. It takes place end of April/beginning of May 2008 and I have attached more details about it for you.
    The other ride is in Mongolia and the south east group have shown interest in this. Although it is not an endurance competition it is certainly a long distance ride. More details on our website
    It would be wonderful if you could circulate information to your members."

    Click here for an itinerary in pdf format.

    Click here for more information in pdf format.

    Added - 28/01/2008


    Please send in your membership renewals/trophy registration forms to Pat Guerin as early as possible to qualify for a free key fob with CEGB and EGB logos (while stocks last).

    See Group Membership for forms in Word doc and pdf formats.

    Added - 14/12/2007


    Please take note of the following:

    Distance cards should be submitted to Pennie Drummond by 31st December 2007. Please complete the following before forwarding:

  • Include a copy of your Mastercard(s) for your competitive events (National points for placings and gradings will now be included as well as distance).
  • Please include distance totals in Kilometres.
  • Remember to include the ride where you helped and mark this with an H in the Ride Type column and 32 km in the Distance column.
  • To qualify for the Group’s Trophies you MUST have helped at a ride. All members will receive annual or accumulative awards as appropriate.
  • Remember only 4 charity or non-endurance rides to count. Please indicate on your card which ones have been included in your total should there be more listed. All Bridleway Groups rides count. Sport Endurance rides are not recognised and do not qualify for inclusion.
  • If you wish for confirmation of safe receipt please include an SAE or an email address.
  • Cards received after December 31st 2007 will only qualify for annual kilometre rosettes/accumulative awards.
  • Address for Pennie: Pine View Farm, 69 Northwich Road, Cranage, Nr Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9LE.
  • Ensure correct postage is used - Pennie will NOT collect any items from the sorting office should an insufficient notification card be received.

  • Don’t forget you lucky people who won trophies last year to ensure that they are engraved and clean. Please contact Pennie to arrange for their safe return to her.

    Added - 14/12/2007

    Shelby with her trophy and rosettes at the AGM         SHELBY FRANCE         Shelby with Streamcross Dakota (Caffrey)

    Michelle France reports:-

    "Shelby France has won the Junior endurance championship 2007. This has been an incredible year as it is Shelby’s first year at competing. Shelby and Streamcross Dakota (Caffrey to his friends) have made a super partnership. We are so proud of her achievement and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us this season and given us a lot of advice. Shelby will be competing next season with 2 horses and hopes to retain the trophy next year. WELL DONE SHELBY LOVE MUM,DAD AND BROTHERS JOHNATHON AND THOMAS."

    And a "very well done" to Shelby and her helpers from all of us too.

    Added - 05/12/2007

    HIGHWAY CODE - 2007 Edition

    Did you know the latest edition of the Highway Code is available online?

    Click here to see it.

    Click here to see the part that has specific relevance to horses on the road.
    Please consider taking the time to read at least this part if you haven't yet bought and digested a paper copy. At least you'll know what other road users are expecting of you.
    I think you owe it to yourself, all ride organisers and to your horse!

    Stay safe - Chris Taylor

    Added - 15/11/2007

    NATIONAL AGM & DINNER - 1st December 2007

    Pat Guerin is going to the AGM and Dinner and wonders if there are any other Cheshire members (or, maybe, friends of the Cheshire Group) who would like to help make up a Cheshire table.

    Pat needs to know by the 14th (this coming Wednesday) so if you are interested please let her know by then.

    Contact Pat on - 01477 534194

    Added - 11/11/2007

    North Wales AHS Auction Evening
    Sat Nov 17th at Faenol Fawr Hotel, Bodelwydden - 7.30pm.

    Everything from rugs and feed to art and books with wellies and wormers in between!

    Proceeds to the trophy fund - monies to refurbish and replace cups for our 2 annual affiliated shows.

    Bidding Cards just £2 - free to anyone who arranges a Lot.

    Refreshments available and Blue Print Studios on site for all those pics you missed mid-season.

    Contact Laura Pyke on or 01352 770238.

    Added - 23/10/2007

    Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre - 23rd October 2007.

    This event organised by the Cheshire Farming and Wildlife Group was originally scheduled to take place on 18th September but was postponed due the the renewed Foot & Mouth outbreak

    It will now take place on 23rd October 2007 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm at the Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre, Organsdale Farm, Winsford Road, Kelsall, Cheshire CW6 0SR. That address should ring a bell to those who attended the second day of our Autumn Frolic.

    The event will cover:-
    Best practice for pasture management;
    Weed control;
    Seed mixes;
    Timing of operations;
    Latest regulations and
    Grant schemes.

    Left click here for a Poster (with more details) and Booking Form.

    Added - 27/09/2007

    Sherwood Forest Ride CANCELLED

    The venue for the Sherwood Forest Ride is a working sheep farm and because of the renewed Foot and Mouth Disease situation the decision has been taken to cancel the ride this year.

    Disappointing for both the organisers and entrants but inevitable in the circumstances.

    Added - 14/09/2007

    Operating in North Wales and reported as being active near the Cheshire border in the last week.

    Kate Williams has this disturbing information - TAKE CARE:-

    There are horse thieves about in North Wales and there have been numerous reports of thefts and attempted thefts of horses, ponies and trailers.

    The thieves all appear to be part of an Irish gang. They arrive at properties with horses in transit vans (usually white) or new 4 x 4s, often well dressed and more often than not purporting to be selling pressure washers. Essentially what they are doing is staking out the property and the horses. The police report that they are pretty ruthless and brazen.

    Attempted thefts are being reported at least once a day at present. Members of this gang even turned up at a local show on Sunday and were clearly aiming to take both horses and tack until they were turned away by the police - only to return 20 minutes later to try again.

    Please be careful, take all security measures you can and report any suspicions to the police (who are taking this very seriously - the show secretary on Sunday was advsied to call 999 if these guys turned up again).

    Added - 13/09/2007

    CHESHIRE AUTUMN FROLIC - 22nd & 23rd September
    Helpers Wanted Please

    Pat Guerin reports that entries continue to arrive for both days and she is keen to have sufficient numbers of helpers to meet the number of entrants to ensure the event runs smoothly.

    So - PLEASE - if you are not riding on either of the two days, and can spare a little of your valuable time to help, it would be much appreciated. Don't forget - you must have helped at one of the Group's rides in order to qualify for any of the Group Trophies.

    If you can help please get in touch with Pat as soon as possible so she can allocate duties.

    Give Pat a ring on 01477 534194

    Added - 11/09/2007

    A new petition from BHS

    A new petition has been created to help us get more access and rights on way and we need to get as many riders to sign up as possible.

    It has been put together by Janice Bridger (BHS Regional & Access officer for the South), other BHS regional access officers & BHS at Stoneleigh.

    It follows on from the previous successful equestrian Highway Code e-petition which attracted nearly 20,000 signatures. It would be great if we could beat that to show the Government that there are a lot of us equestrians out here who would appreciate being included in access legislation. We could then use it to show there is a big demand - if there is.


    BHS petition calls for bigger say for equestrians in access law-making

    The British Horse Society is calling on all equestrians to sign a petition asking the Government to give them a say in all new access and rights of way legislation.

    The BHS Access Department and its regional access and bridleway officers would like riders and other horse lovers to sign the petition at

    Equestrians are the most vulnerable of road users and need increased off-road access for their safety and the welfare of their horses. Horse riding and driving provides healthy outdoor exercise, which the Government is keen to encourage.

    It is enjoyed by more than four million people in the UK and is the second biggest land-based industry, but equestrians have not been included in recent access-creating legislation which would help make them safer and encourage healthy outdoor recreation.

    Mark Weston, BHS Director of Access, Safety and Welfare, said: "It is vital that we use all means available to impress on the Government that equestrians need more and safer access. E-petitions are one way of showing the demand, along with writing to our MPs."

    The recent petition calling for amendments to the equestrian sections of the Highway Code attracted just under 20,000 signatures, showing the amount of concern there was in the equestrian community.

    Added - 07/09/2007

    Cheshire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

    On Tuesday 18th September the Cheshire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group are holding an event on Horse Pasture Management at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre from 5:30pm to 9:30pm.

    Among the topics covered will be best management practice, weed control, grazing, seed mixes, fertilisers, the latest regulations and various grant schemes.

    Click here for more information and a Booking Form in Word Doc format.

    Added - 03/09/2007

    The Government's Response

    If you signed the e-petition on this subject referred to in the News item added on 10/07/2007 below then you will have received a reply from the Government. For those who didn't sign the petition the Government's reply reads as follows:-

    The new edition of the Highway Code will not forbid riding horses two abreast under any circumstances. It will contain advice in rule 53 that horse riders should "never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends", but this is not a legal requirement and it does not place any compulsion on riders to ride in single file. It remains their decision whether or not they follow this advice. The distinction between legal requirements and advisory rules is made clear in the Introduction to the Code.

    Similar advice is contained in rule 39 of the current edition of the Highway Code, first published in 1999, which says "never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file where the road narrows or on the approach to a bend".

    We have discussed the concerns of the British House Society (BHS) with them and have agreed to keep the operation of this rule under review and to provide further advice on its operation in the BHS Riding and Roadcraft Manual.

    The new edition of the Highway Code will not exclude horses from all cycle tracks. Rule 54 will advise that horse riders "should not take a horse onto a cycle track". This has been changed from the equivalent rule 40 in the current (1999) edition, which says "You MUST NOT take a horse on to a footpath, pavement or cycle track". This change is in recognition of the points made by the British Horse Society (BHS) during the 2006 consultation.

    However, not all paths that are used by cyclists are cycle tracks, although they may be physically similar if not identical. A "cycle track" has a specific legal meaning as set out in section 329(1) of the Highways Act 1980. Cycle tracks are generally shared with pedestrians but can also be segregated paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Cycle tracks provide a right of way for cyclists with or without a right of way for pedestrians. It is therefore appropriate to advise horse riders not to use cycle tracks and it is, indeed, an offence under section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 to ride a horse in a cycle track in Scotland.

    Where paths are intended for mixed use, including horses, then they should be designated either as bridleways, all purpose highways or byways open to all traffic rather than cycle tracks. Where a local authority wishes to create a highway for horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists the correct choice of facility would be a bridleway.

    The new Highway Code should be published later this year.

    Added - 02/09/2007

    SaddleUp Cheshire
    Autumn Events

    6th September – Equine Behaviour Workshop

    12th September - Centred Riding Dismounted Workshop

    15th September - Rising Stars Kindly sponsored by Top Spec
    For more information of this particular event please click here.

    4th October – Massage for Horse Owners

    3rd November – Emile Faurie Kindly sponsored by Top Spec

    5th December - An Evening with Geoff Billington & Richard Davison Kindly sponsored by Top Spec
    SOUTHVIEW ARENA, WETTENHALL, 7pm Price £25 prebooked

    For more information of all thease events please click

    Added - 27/08/2007

    Endurance GB (European Championship) Supporters Polo Shirts

    Polo shirts have been produced to support EGB riders at this year's European Championships in Portugal. The polo shirts will have an Endurance GB logo on the front with the text “European Championships Portugal 2007 Official Supporter” underneath.

    Click here for an order form in Word Doc format.

    Added - 01/08/2007


    Claire Shorthose reports:-

    "Unfortunately, due to the recent weather we have had to make the reluctant decision to cancel the ride.

    The field at the venue has finally been cut, but the gateway has been so severely poached by agricultural machinery that we could not possibly get our vehicles in and out.

    We have ridden the route today, and although the tracks are all passable with care, many of the best parts are very wet indeed."

    This is disappointing news not only for all those who had entered but also Claire and Andy who have put in many hours working on the event on everyone's behalf. Thank you Claire and Andy we hope you will try again next year when we know the members will have a great ride.

    Added - 27/07/2007

    Talk and Demonstration
    High Peak Pony Club

    Jane Evison reports:-

    "On the 29th of June, on a beautiful evening, we went along to speak to the High Peak Pony Club, who were holding their annual camp at Somerford Park, there were about 30 children and lots of helpers present to listen.

    Josie spoke to the group in the canteen, reminding them what endurance riding is all about (Josie and Harry gave a talk previously – this was a return visit at the request of the DC) and relating it to what they had been learning about fitness and looking after their ponies’ health, she explained what we planned to do, and then we all went outside to one of the ménages.

    We used two horses to contrast levels of fitness, and the effect this would have on heart rate and recovery levels. We simulated a pre-ride vetting, and then the two horses completed an equal amount of work. We were able to demonstrate that the fitter horse (an eventer) had a lower heart rate taken immediately after the work, and recovered to a rate of 64 significantly faster than the other horse – a mare returning to work after having a foal.

    Whilst the horses were working we answered questions, and demonstrated various bits of our tack and kit, and afterwards all moved in to the stables, armed with stethoscopes, to teach the children how to take their ponies’ heart rate themselves, some of the ponies were so small that we had to kneel down to find their hearts! They ranged from big hunter types, to tiny ‘my little ponies’ wearing glittery head collars, and all shapes, sizes and colours in between!

    All the members thanked us, particularly Josie, who had planned and organized the evening, and presented her with a big bag of chocolate!

    Pat and I were particularly pleased for two horsey disciplines to come together and learn skills from each other; this is an area that EGB is keen to develop.

    We had a great evening, as all the children were so polite and interested in the subject – we left entry forms for various rides, and several people seemed keen to ‘have a go’! So if you are passed by a small child on an 11 hand pony – you know who to blame!"

    Added - 21/07/2007

    North West Team gain Bronze Medal
    at Ludlow on Saturday 14 July 2007

    Pat Guerin writes:-

    "Many congratulations to the NW Team on their success at Ludlow. Despite atrocious ground and weather conditions more than half the team members successfully completed the course and passed the vet checks to secure 3rd place out of a field of seven. The going was like thick porridge and many horses lost shoes out on course. Harry Ingram managed to lose two but still kept going to gain vital points! In fact 4 out of our 5 Junior/Young Riders successfully completed which promises well for the future. Ann Harrison & Millennium Chorus won the prize for the best performance in the 65km CR out of a large entry in that class.

    The team spirit was excellent and Flick and I were especially grateful to those crews and riders who gave help on their non-riding day. We have been heard to say “never again” ………. but watch this space!"

    And well done and thank you to Pat, Flick and Sue for their parts in the organising the team and equipment.


    100 km ER
    Tricia Hirst (Cheshire) riding WFA Leena
    Kay Counter (YR) (Derbyshire) riding Eshamel

    80 km ER
    Rachel Atkinson (Lancashire) riding Readwood Riff Raff
    Netti Masterson (Derbyshire) riding El Sabio
    Harry Ingram (YR) (Cheshire) riding Chi Lin Tashiq

    65 km CR
    Ann Harrison (Derbyshire) riding Millennium Chorus
    Katie Parkin (Derbyshire) riding Vazar
    Josie Ratter (YR) (Cheshire) riding Izaak

    50 km CR Sue Higgins (Cheshire) riding Sundance
    Brett Corcoran (Junior) (Derbyshire) riding Pillheath Royal Paddy
    Liz Finney (Veteran) (Cheshire) riding Marlak Romance

    40 km CR
    Rowena Butler (Cheshire) riding Troy 2
    Jenny Lang (YR) (Cheshire) riding Merllyn’s I’m Randi Two
    Pat Guerin (Veteran) (Cheshire) riding Zhiwah

    Updated - 17/07/2007


    This will now be held on the first day of the Cheshire Autumn Frolic at the Delamere Forest venue on Saturday September 22nd.

    Teams will consist of 3 riders in each class made up of 2 Adults plus 1 Junior/Young Rider.

    There are 4 classes of 40 km Open , 40 km Novice, 32 km Open & 32 km Novice so each team will have a maximum of 12 riders.

    If you wish to be considered for a team please send your details as below:-
    1)    the Cheshire Team to Pat Guerin;
    2)    the Derbyshire Team to Flick Edmeston;
    3)    the Lancashire Team to Sue Taylor-Green.

    Added - 30/06/2007

    GOOSTREY RIDE - 5th August 2007
    Helpers Wanted Please

    Claire Shorthose reports that plans are all going well and entries are coming in steadily. She is just hoping for some dry weather (aren't we all).

    (Apart from some nice weather) all she wants now is a few more helpers for the day. So if you have the time, please get in touch with Claire and volunteer. It's a great way to put something back into the sport. If you've never helped before - don't worry - everything you're asked to do will be quite simple and fully explained.

    Get in touch by 'phone 0560 282 2879 (before 8pm) or email

    Added - 16/07/2007


    The BHS is asking for last-minute amendments to the new Highway Code, which could be in force in August. The BHS suggested amendments to the new Highway Code to the Secretary of State back in February 2006. But according to BHS director of access, safety and welfare Mark Weston, some have apparently been ignored.

    The Code will forbid riding two horses abreast on narrow and busy roads and when riding around bends. It will also exclude horses from all cycle tracks.

    There can be many valid reasons for riding two abreast: groups of riders, nervous horses, novice riders, and defensive riding on winding country lanes where there is insufficient room for a car to pass a single horse safely. There are many cycle tracks which have been specifically designed for use by horse riders, and the loss of these would be very serious for those who rely on them.

    Breaches of the Highway Code could potentially be used in evidence in any court proceedings under the Traffic Acts in order to establish liability in an accident.

    To support this effort please consider signing up to

    Added - 10/07/2007

    at Ludlow on Saturday 14 July 2007


    100 km ER
    Tricia Hirst (Cheshire) riding WFA Leena
    Kay Counter (YR) (Derbyshire) riding Eshamel

    80 km ER
    Rachel Atkinson (Lancashire) riding Readwood Riff Raff
    Netti Masterson (Derbyshire) riding El Sabio

    65 km CR
    Sue Taylor-Green (Lancashire) riding Moon Magician
    Katie Parkin (Derbyshire) riding Vazar
    Josie Ratter (YR) (Cheshire) riding Izaak

    50 km CR Sue Higgins (Cheshire) riding Sundance
    Jesse Hargreaves (Junior) (Cheshire) riding White Knight
    Liz Finney (Veteran) (Cheshire) riding Marlak Romance

    40 km CR
    Rowena Butler (Cheshire) riding Troy 2
    Jenny Lang (YR) (Cheshire) riding Merllyn’s I’m Randy Two
    Pat Guerin (Veteran) (Cheshire) riding Zhiwah

    If there is anyone who is riding at Ludlow on Saturday or Sunday who would be willing to be a Team Reserve would they PLEASE contact Pat Guerin.    Email: Pat Guerin or phone: 01477 534194.

    Added - 28/06/2007

    Would You Like To Take Part?

    Rita Tweddle and Gaynor Jones are thinking of entering the Lindum Spirit Relay (which requires a team of four riders each completing 40km). They are, therefore, looking for at least another two interested people.

    This is an ideal opportunity to have a go - with half a team already in place.

    The ride takes place at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire on Thursday 26th July.

    If you are at all interested please give Rita a call in the evening on 0161 440 0268

    Added - 20/06/2007


    We have just received this message from Sue Cunningham:-

    "Unfortunately Peak District has had to be cancelled as the venue is too wet. The route was OK, but the land owner felt the venue would suffer too much damage, especially given tomorrow's forecast.

    Flick hasn't banked any of the cheques yet, so don't worry about refunds.

    Please pass this on to anyone you know who planned to attend.

    Sorry about the short notice, Sue Cunningham"

    Sorry to those who had planned to enjoy this ride.

    Added - 29/06/2007

    Sponsor The Cheshire Autumn Frolic

    Ashbrook Equine Hospital have generously agreed to sponsor the Cheshire Autumn Frolic. This is the two day event at Delamere and Kelsall Hill on the 22nd and 23rd September which is a new venture for the Group.

    More details will follow when they are available.

    Added - 14/06/2007

    SaddleUpCheshire and Rural Enterprise


    The Group enjoyed a very successful and satisfying day with our stand at Tatton Park on Monday 21st May 2007.

    Many old friends stopped by for a chat and we spoke with a good number of potential new members. Such was the activity that we ran out of some of our leaflets.

    If any of those potential new members are reading this - it really is worth giving it a try and we hope to see some of you at the Goostrey ride in August or maybe at Delamere, Kelsall or Malpas a little later in the year. You WILL be most welcome.

    Left click on the thumbnail to see a photo of the stand.    The stand and some of the helpers

    Added - 22/05/2007

    SaddleUpCheshire and Rural Enterprise

    Calling all horse lovers

    On the back of booming interest in horse riding, in conjunction with the Rural Enterprise Programme is organising Cheshire’s first equine trade fair. The event, supported by Equitrader is expected to attract thousands of horse lovers from the region, is to be held in the Tenants’ Hall at Tatton Park in Knutsford from 1.00pm to 8.00pm on 21st May 2007.

    Interactive lectures will be held throughout the afternoon and evening. Learn about the art of bitting and saddle fitting from the well-known equine author, Hilary Vernon. Find out the secret of Keith Shore’s show jumping success. See the latest trends on the yard with a fashion show from Horsey Chick and hear about the success of the recent Saddle Up programme that has triggered £5 million of investment in the equine industry across the whole of Cheshire, plus loads more

    This is a great opportunity for all horse lovers to find out about their local equestrian resources with businesses ranging from horse feed suppliers to niche equine services and products – in fact everything for you and your horse. There will be more than 35 different trade stands, so there will be plenty of browsing and buying to be done.

    Admission to the trade fair is free, so come along and invite your friends and colleagues too.

    For further information visit or call 01829 771888.

    Added - 06/05/2007

    4 FOR THE NORTH - Northumberland & Tyneside Group

    Left click here to see a Press Release containing a summary chart after the events at Durham and Ullswater.

    Added - 06/05/2007



    This year the Inter-Group Competition will again be held at the Peak District Ride which is on Saturday 30th June & will include CR classes of 65, 50, 40 & 32 km. The 50, 40 & 32 km distances all have a Novice class as well as the Open thus making a total of seven classes for the competition. We are allowed to have 3 riders in each, one of whom should be a Junior or Young Rider. That makes 21 riders for a FULL TEAM & that is what we are aiming for!

    You will be riding for Cheshire against the rest of the North West Groups plus West Yorkshire & it will give you an opportunity to have a taste of team competition as well as a lot of fun. I would like all those wishing to be selected for the Inter Regional Team at Ludlow to enter this event but not necessarily at the same distance.

    If you wish to be considered for either or both events please send me details of you & your horse plus copies of vet sheets for the last twelve months where possible & state your preferred distance.

    Pat Guerin

    Added - 29/04/2007



    This year’s inter-regional challenge is taking place at Ludlow on Saturday 14 July and YOU could be part of the North West team.

    We need riders from Cheshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and North Wales to make up a winning team. The North West has held the Inter-Regional trophy twice in the past and came third last year, only missing second place by a couple of points so we are determined that it will come home with us again in 2007.

    We know we have a lot of talented horses and riders in the area and this is a fantastic chance for you to experience the fun and excitement of being part of a team effort. We think there will be a full range of classes on offer from 32km CR to 100km ER so there is a chance for everyone to compete.

    If you are interested, all you have to do is ring Pat Guerin (Cheshire and North Wales) on 01477 534194, Flick Edmeston (Derbyshire, Staffs) on 01335 390631 or Sue Taylor Green (Lancs) on 01772 436043.

    Anyone who wants to take part should send a copy of their mastercard and 2007 vet sheets to Pat Guerin by the end of June and should have successfully completed a CR in June, preferably at the Peak District on 30 June.

    We will provide team shirts and possibly cooler rugs for all who take part, so if you know a supplier who is willing to provide a set of rugs at a reasonable price (preferably free), we would love to hear from you. Back-up will be available for those of you who haven’t got a crew as well as help and advice.

    Up to date team information, including long-lists and short lists will be posted on the Cheshire EGB website [on this page].

    Flick Edmeston

    Added - 29/04/2007

    Kate Williams - IT'S A BOY

    Friends will be interested to know that Kate Williams gave birth to a baby boy yesterday (24th April).
    A brother for her twins.

    Alex arrived by c-section and weighed in at 8lbs 11oz.

    Congratulations to Kate and Dicky

    Added - 25/04/2007

    THANKS to HELPERS - Wirral Ride

    A huge thank you to all our helpers at the ride on Sunday, it was greatly appreciated by all. We have been swamped with thank you’s from all who competed saying just how well the day ran, this is thanks to all involved, without the help and support to the ride from you all it would not have been such a success.

    I am sure some of you can be spotted in Chris’s rogues gallery which he will be posting on the site shortly!!!

    Despite the wet weather everyone was so cheerful and helpful, so thanks again,

    Terry and Amanda

    Added - 24/04/2007

    4 FOR THE NORTH - Northumberland & Tyneside Group

    Left click here to see a Press Release containing the results of the first qualifying event at the Durham Valleys Ride on the 25th March 2007

    Added - 19/04/2007

    Wirral Ride, April 22nd - Important Notice

    As part of our organisation for the Wirral Ride we have just discovered that there has been an outbreak of Strangles on the Wirral, many yards have imposed quarantine procedures on their yards to minimise cross infection.

    As a result of this we have sought advice from Leahurst Veterinary Hospital regarding the risk to horses competing at our ride. We have been advised that there has been a higher than normal incidence of Strangles within the Wirral area in the last six months, however, the disease is not airborne and is only transmitted through direct contact. The vet advised that the risk to horses competing is virtually non-existent.

    We apologise for the lateness of this information, however, as we do not reside or keep our horses on the Wirral we were unaware of this situation.

    This information is being provided so that competitors can make an informed choice as to whether they still wish to compete, if people choose not to compete then please can we request that you contact us as soon as you receive this information as the ride does have a waiting list for people to utilise any cancelled entries.

    Many thanks,

    Terry and Amanda

    Contact Terry or Amanda after 8.30pm on 01352750847 or any other time on 07776182521 or e-mail us at

    Added - 14/04/2007

    Wirral Ride, April 22nd - Helpers Required !!

    Organisation is well under way and the entries are coming in thick and fast for our group's first competitive ride of the season.
    Please can we urge members if they are not competing at this ride and have free time on the day to contact us and support the ride by helping.
    We are aware it is a popular ride with members and most people like to take part in this ride, however, our rides would not take place if we could not safely run them without the support of helpers.
    If you can assist we would be most grateful, refreshments and lunch will be provided from one of the best cafes on the Wirral!!

    Contact Terry or Amanda after 8.30pm on 01352750847 or any other time on 07776182521 or e-mail us at

    Added - 01/03/2007

    4 FOR THE NORTH - Northumberland & Tyneside Group

    The Northumberland & Tyneside Group (N&T) of Endurance GB (EGB) are once again administering the unique “4 for the NORTH” competition. This particular event adds a competitive element to graded rides and it is the third year that this event has been run in the latest format.

    The COTTEE class is suitable for novice and experienced horses / riders whereas the BEDMAX class will give any experienced Endurance Ride combination a good challenge with speeds over 16 km/h and heart rates as low as 36 beats/min recorded.

    The N&T Group and their sponsors are well aware that the event is growing in stature and in recognition of this have introduced the following changes.

    BEDMAX class:
    1st Place    A quality embroidered cooler rug identifying the horse’s success for years to come.
                      The beautiful engraved trophy for a year.
    2nd Place   An embroidered horse related prize.
    3rd Place   A horse related prize

    COTTEE class:
    1st Place    A £20 cash prize.
                      An engraved trophy for a year.
    2nd Place   Rosette
    3rd Place   Rosette

    Most of the endurance events across Durham, Northumberland, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Borders are included as eligible rides, but only the best 4 results count to the end of season trophies.

    For more details see the Press Release here.

    For an application form click here.

    Added - 20/02/2007

    KELSALL HILL (formerly Somerford Park) RIDE

    Stolen from the latest Committee Minutes.

    Due to a shortage of free dates earlier in the season the Committee decided to run this as a two day ride combined with Delamere which is close by. Kelsall Hill will be run as Day 2. There are facilities available for camping, corralling & stabling at the venue. It will be called the Cheshire Autumn Frolic. We hope to give prizes to high achievers in various categories over the two days.

    More details will be published as they become available.

    Added - 05/02/2007


    The sport of endurance riding relies heavily on volunteers to survive. Jill Loader (from BEF) has forwarded the message below to EGB. Please could you spare a minute or two to ensure that Equestrian Sport has a voice? Please feel free to forward it to anyone who might be interested.

    "The Commission for the Future of Volunteering, an independent inquiry which is an initiative of the England Volunteering Development Council, is developing a long-term vision for volunteering. It has challenged sport to make sure that its voice, as the largest involver of volunteers in the country (26% of all volunteers are involved in sporting activities), is heard.

    The Commission has established three themes and is seeking comments/evidence on each of these prior to publishing its final report in October 2007. To enable this to happen, the Commission has extended its deadline to 25th May 2007.

    In order to ensure that equestrian has a voice, I would like to encourage as many people as possible to become involved in this survey and offer their views. Participants are not obliged to answer all the questions, being encouraged to 'pick and mix' and answer only those questions relevant to themselves or their organisation.

    Please note that this inquiry is open to anyone who has an opinion on volunteering, whether they have ever volunteered or not!

    Please therefore feel free to circulate this email as widely as possible. In order to participate, visit the website:

    Many thanks

    Jill Loader

    Consultant National Volunteer Co-ordinator British Equestrian Federation"

    Added - 03/02/2007


    I am very sorry to report that this ride will not be run any more. As most of you know we have to pay for each horse to go round the farm ride & last year we made a small loss. This year the cost has increased still further making it too risky for us to go ahead. Without the farm ride the route would not be viable as there are so few bridleways in the area and so regrettably we have decided to give up the ride.

    We are currently looking to run a ride from Kelsall Hill using the farm ride there but as yet no date has been agreed. Our date in May was already booked so we are now looking at June or July and will let you know as soon as something is arranged.

    I have enjoyed running Somerford and have greatly appreciated all the help and support I have received. I trust I can rely on you all at Kelsall in the future!

    Pat Guerin - Ride Organiser

    Update: The dates in June and July when the venue is available are not too convenient so dates in September and October are also being considered.

    Added - 07/01/2007

    STARTER FOR '7 - 4th February 2007
    Entries for the 16km NCR still accepted up to Friday 26/01/2007

    Cheshire Group have arranged a special day for our members at Ashbrook Equine Hospital to get their 2007 season off to a flying start. The aim of the day is to combine a 16 km training ride with a pre-season ‘MOT’ for horses and riders at all levels.

    So what's involved ?
  • Veterinary health check
  • Examination by an equine physiotherapist
  • Weight check and diet analysis (for the horses!!!!)
  • ‘Building Success’ performance coaching session to help you set your goals for the coming season
  • 16 km training ride around local bridleways and quiet lanes

  • Click here for more details.
    Click here to see a poster.
    Click here for an entry form. - FULL DAY FULLY BOOKED
    Entries for the 16km NCR still accepted up to Friday 26/01/2007.

    Click here to see a map of the 16km ride.

    Helpers required - if you can help on the day please get in touch.

    Enquiries and offers of help to (preferred) or phone 07944 126591 (5pm - 8 pm or leave a message any time, and we’ll call you back)

    Amended - 07/01/2007

    AWARDS DINNER and CONFERENCE - November 25th

    Those of you who are EGB members will have had the information regarding this event. This year the AGM is to be held at Hinkley Island Hotel, Hinkley, Leicestershire. Whilst it is distance away for us as Cheshire members it is well worth attending and contributing to some very interesting debate and having the opportuntity to have your say around the future shaping of EGB.

    There are some members who will be travelling down to the event, if people are interested in attending why not pair and share travel arrangements?

    I would be happy to assist in co-ordinating this for people if they contact me,
    Terry Madden, or 01352750847 (after 7.30pm)

    Added - 15/11/2006


    The Golden Horseshoe organisation is once again selling raffle tickets at the EGB AGM to win a holiday in a French gite, courtesy of Ian & Cath Wilson.

    The gite, which sleeps two adults & two children comfortably, is situated north of Toulouse, close to the village of Cazes Mondenard, with its own private driveway, and use of Ian and Cath's private swimming pool.

    There will be a full display of the facilities at the AGM. Don't forget to bring your wallets!

    Tickets are £5 each, and the draw will take place at the awards dinner.

    Anyone who is unable to come to the AGM can reserve their tickets by contacting Barbara Wigley at: The Old Forge, Luckwell Bridge, Wheddon Cross. Somerset. TA24 7EG Tel. 01643 841183 e mail -

    Added - 23/10/2006

    EGB Young Riders - Supporters Merchandise

    The EGB Young riders team (of Helen Perry, Suzanne Perry, Rachael Rogerson and Abigail Lockett) are heading off to Zabreh in the Czech Republic to compete in the Young Riders CEIJY-CH4*120km on 15/17 September 2006.

    Merchandise has been made available to provide some financial support for the team.

    Please buy something to help them on their way.

    Please click here for an order form showing what is available in Word.doc format.
    Please click here for the same order form in PDF format.

    Added - 1/9/2006

    MALPAS Social Ride - Update

    Steph (the organiser) tells us the route is 13 miles with 8 miles of off-road riding.

    Entries will be acccepted up to Monday 4th September; thereafter at the organiser's discretion. Don't miss out - make sure you get your entry in before the deadline.

    Please make sure the postage is correct for the size of the application and the return envelopes !!

    Go to Pleasure Rides for more details of the ride.

    Added - 29/8/2006

    Byways and Bridleways Trust - Journey for Access 2006

    Are you concerned about the lack of access horseriders have to the countryside ?

    Are you concerned that all ancient bridleways that are not correctly recorded will be extinguished in 20 years time ? It may seem a long time but, as you know, time does fly.

    If your answer to either question was "Yes" then an article about this and some action being taken may be of interest you. Left click here to read the article.

    Support them if you can.

    Added - 1/8/2006

    Stranger On The Shore

    (Ahh, that title takes me back to ... well if you don't know you're just too young !!!)

    We have received the following letter and wondered if anyone can help. We have not met the writer but this appears to be a very genuine request.

    Please help if you can and make her feel welcome in our area.

    Dear Muriel,

    I very recently moved to Liverpool. I wonder if there are stables not too far from Liverpool where there are people who do endurance and would like a mad Italian joining them.

    I have been doing a few 30 Km regularity competitions in Italy and I really enjoyed them. Now I could be doing 60km. Unfortunately I do not have a horse here in the UK and I wonder if there is anybody who would be willing to partially share one. The endurance team I belong to in Italy is called Lancillotto and the web site is

    many thanks


    Dr Paola Albertazzi
    App 119
    15 Hatton Garden
    L3 2HA

    Mobile 07759651963
    e mail:

    See 2005 section of photographs page.

    Added - 24/7/2006

    Young Riders Recognised

    Two of Cheshire EGB's young riders have been invited to attend the Young Riders Trainng Camp this summer.

    Well done Harry Ingram and Josie Ratter.

    Added - 20/7/2006

    Inter-Regional Championships
    SUCCESS at the Ludlow Ride

    The North West Region Team (organised by Rachel Atkinson assisted by Flick Edmeston and Pat Guerin) also had successful day coming third in the Inter-Regional Championships. They actually finished equal second on points but just lost out on final race ride heart rates.

    The Team members from Cheshire [C], Derbyshire [D] and Lancashire [L] were:-
    100km ER          Rachael Atkinson (Vanish) [L] & Kay Counter (Cheeky Charlie) [D]
    80km ER            Jo Gibson (Just Jasper) [C] & Sophie Walters (Iassin Al Landas) [C]
    65km Graded      Kate Williams (G Putnik) [C] & Ruth Wood (Viche) [D]
    50km Graded     Sue Taylor-Green (Moon Magician) [L] & Jean Merchant (Tanita) [L]
    40km Graded     Vicky Edwards (Llynfi Valley Rocky) [C] & Kate Atkinson (Spice Up Your Life) [L]

    Well done to all the Team members and crews.

    Added - 20/7/2006

    Inter-Group Challenge
    SUCCESS at the Peak District Ride

    The Cheshire EGB Team (organised by Pat Guerin) ran out WINNERS of the Inter-Group Challenge at the Peak District ride.

    The Team members were :-
    65km                 Gaynor Jones (Squire) & Rita Tweddle (Zarra Mandees)
    50km Open        Dawn Brookes (Dwyran Fair Ghazala) & Pat Guerin (Just Jasper)
    50km Novice      Jane Stewart (Chant)
    40km Open        Rachel Rolfe (Selasphorus) & Sandra Breeze (Mananera)
    40km Novice      Vicki Edwards (Llynf Valley Rocky) & Zoe Dodd (Miss Dandi)
    32km Open        Anne Farley (Dorocina Zebedee), Jackie Searle (Nasser) & Josie Ratter (Buckskin                           Shadow)
    32km Novice      Peter Ingram (Madison) & Harry Ingram (Chi Lin Jashiu)

    All the horses passed their vetting which was a fantastic result in the very hot conditions. Well done and a big thank you to every one of the riders and their crews.

    (see Josie's PEAK DISTRICT Ride Report).

    Added - 20/7/2006

    New EGB Polo Shirts

    Rachael Claridge has organised the sale of polo shirts to support the EGB team at Aachen. They cost £12 each plus £3 postage and have the EGB logo on the front with the text "World Equestrian Games Aachen 2006 Official Supporter" underneath.

    Profit from the sale of these polo shirts will go towards the British Senior Team expenses for the 2006 World Equestrian Games.

    Please buy one (or more!) to help our team.

    Left click here for a Word .doc Order Form.
    Left click here for a PDF format Order Form.

    Added - 9/7/2006

    Committee Changes

    Following the resignation of John Illingworth (reported here earlier) two additional members have been co-opted onto the Committee.

    They are Josie Ratter and Amanda Jones. Josie is a young rider who competes regularly in endurance rides and Amanda is co-organiser of the Wirral Ride. We hope they will both enjoy working for the benefit of local endurance riders.

    Their contact details are shown on the Committee Members page - 29/6/2006


    Parliamentary Early Day Motion

    The message below has been forwarded to us. It is reproduced in it's entirety.
    Bridleways are very important to our events and, so, you may wish to take some action.


    Some MPs have tabled Early Day Motion number 2332. This reads,

    "That this House recognises the importance of bridleways for horseriders to exercise in safety and enjoy the countryside; notes that many bridleways are in poor condition or are abused by people using motorised vehicles; and calls on the Government actively to promote the use of bridleways, to ensure that those who use bridleways inappropriately are fined, to look to extend the number of bridleways across the country and to ensure that existing bridleways are kept open and are well maintained for horseriders."

    Early Day Motions (EDMs) are often used to find out how much support different policy choices might attract, and to see whether proposed legislation might get through the Commons. This could be such a flyer.

    If you would like to see the EDM supported, you need to write to your MP giving the number of the EDM, and reasons why you think it needs support. It is always best to give your own personal experience relating to one or more of the aims of the EDM rather than to use a form letter. You may also wish to ask your MP to write back saying whether he supports the EDM or not.

    You can find out who your MP is here:

    You can see whether your MP has already supported the EDM here:

    Posted - 25/6/2006

    Inter-Regional Championships, Ludlow July 14th-16th

    Would you like to represent the North West Region ?

    As advertised in the last edition of the group's newsletter please can expressions of interest for selection to represent the North West be made to Pat Guerin as soon as possible. It is disappointing that we have received very few expressions of interest to date.

    We are fielding a team compiled from members from Cheshire, Derbyshire & Lancashire, classes range from 40km Novice to 100km ER, see Ludlow schedule for further details. The final selection will be made in the next couple of weeks so if you are interested please contact Pat as soon as possible.

    I would like to urge all group members to give this opportunity consideration as it is an excellent experience that riders at all levels would greatly benefit from and is lots of fun!

    Many Thanks,
    Terry Madden

    Pat Guerin's contact details are shown on the Committee Members page - 16/6/2006

    Somerford Park Results

    The results of our Somerford Park Ride have been added to the site and the Wirral Results have been updated to agree with the official results as published on the EGB site.

    See Ride Results - 12/6/2006

    Delamere Ride CANCELLED

    We're sorry to report that the Delamere Forest Ride on 3rd June has been cancelled due to a lack of entries. This is very disappointing for both organisers and entrants.

    It is now intended to run a Pleasure Ride at this venue later in the year - 28/5/2006

    Somerford Park Prize Winners

    The four winners of the £20 vouchers kindly provided by Hope Valley Saddlery were :-
    Class 1 - Charlotte Curtis
    Class 2 - Garry Urquhart
    Class 3 - Kathleen McGhee
    Class 4 - Jodie Watts
    Thanks to Hope Valley Saddlery for their support.

    Thanks also to Baileys Horse Feeds who donated feed samples to all taking part.

    Further results will be added to the site when they are available - 16/5/2006

    New Public Relations Officer

    John Illingworth has asked to be relieved from his role of Press Liaison / Public Relations Officer due to insufficient time. We'd like to thank John for all his work in the past.

    Thankfully, Terry Madden has agreed to take over these duties for us. Terry's contact details are shown on the Committee Members page - 11/5/2006

    Helpers wanted for the Delamere Ride

    Liz Finney is seeking helpers for the Delamere Forest Ride on 3rd June.

    Don't forget that if you want to qualify for Group trophies you must have helped on at least one ride - could you help at this one ? Liz's contact details are shown on the Committee Members page - 11/5/2006

    Goostrey Pleasure Ride

    The date for this ride has now been set for 6th August 2006 - 16/4/2006

    Wirral Ride - Helpers Wanted

    Amanda and Terry are looking for helpers for the Wirral Ride on 23rd April 2006. If you want to qualify for Group trophies you must have helped on at least one ride - could you help at this one ? Amanda and Terry will be extremely appreciative and welcoming to any volunteers and will do their best to find a job you are comfortable with.

    Please give them a ring on 07766134957 (daytime) or 01352750847 (evenings) - 10/4/2006

    Wirral Ride Full

    The Wirral Ride is now full and no further entries can be accepted. Sorry if you are too late but Wirral Country Park have been very specific on parking arrangements and Health & Safety issues.

    Fingers crossed for some good weather and an enjoyable ride for everyone - 10/4/2006

    URGENT - accommodation/stabling required for Wirral Ride

    Amanda and Terry have had entries from riders who live some distance away and they would need accommodation and/or stabling. One person wants to come from Cambridge and another from Lambeth in south London. The lady from Lambeth is staying with a friend in Liverpool so doesn't want the horse too far away and the other person needs accommodation for herself and the horse. Terry has said he will get back to them on Sunday 9/4/2006 as, if he can't help, they could enter another ride closer to home.

    Can you help with stabling near Liverpool or stabling and/or accommodation near the Wirral venue ?

    If you think you can help please contact Amanda or Terry on 01352750847 or 07766134957 as soon as possible - 7/4/2006

    Tegg's Nose Pleasure Ride

    Unfortunately the re-arranged date for this ride was also plagued with bad weather so the ride had to be cancelled again. Very disappointing for riders and organisers alike.

    It looks like a fresh attempt will be made to hold a ride at this venue later in the year.

    We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything. - 25/3/2006

    Somerford Park Ride
    sponsored by

    HOPE VALLEY SADDLERY have generously agreed to sponsor the Somerford Park Ride on 14th May 2006.
    They will be providing four £20 vouchers, one each for the "winners" of the four competitive classes.
    The vouchers can be used at their shop at the venue or at their other shop near Mansfield.

    See Hope Valley Saddlery for details of their shops.
    See Endurance Rides for details of the classes. - 22/3/2006

    Tegg's Nose Pleasure Ride re-arranged for Saturday 18th March 2006

    Due to adverse weather conditions (snow and ice) the Tegg's Nose PR had to be postponed. The re-arranged date is 18th March 2006.

    At the time of writing there are still a few places available so entries are still being taken.

    See Pleasure Rides for details. - 7/3/2006

    Training Day CANCELLED

    We regret to report that the Training Day has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers. Apologies to anyone who had hoped to attend. - 16/2/2006

    Delamere Latest

    An update on the "Delamere Threat" below.

    Vale Royal Council have approved the Planning Application made by the Forestry Commission.

    The Forestry Commission are reported to have said they will make changes to the paths to minimise the potential problem for horses. We don't know how successful this might be but hope for the best. We are optimistic that it will not spoil our Delamere Forest Ride. The "Go Ape" facility will be completed during March so we shall soon know if a problem exists. - 16/2/2006

    Bridleways Quiz

    Teams from the Cheshire Group of Endurance GB came second and third in yesterday's Quiz at The Golden Pheasant in Plumley. Well done team members (Josie, Jane, Geoff, Pat, Liz, Peter, Muriel & Chris) and other Group members who were present in various teams. - 16/2/2006

    Delamere Threat

    The Forestry Commission have applied for planning permission to Vale Royal Council to erect a cabin and shelter as part of a new "Go Ape" facility. It is very close to the new mere and therefore will affect anyone parking in the Whitemere (Christmas Tree) car park (where our rides start from) and heading across the road and into the main part of the forest. For more details see Delamere Threat - 12/1/2006

    Tegg's Nose Date confirmed

    Both the Country Park and the Forestry Manager have confirmed the date for Saturday 4 March 2006. The closing date for entries is 24 February 2006 but don't leave it too late - see Pleasure Rides - 10/1/2006

    Bredbury Social Ride

    Details of this popular local ride have been added - see Pleasure Rides - 10/1/2006

    Endurance Ride Schedule

    The Endurance Rides Schedule was published on the EGB site on 4/1/2006. Dates of all the local (Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, West Riding and North Wales and Borders Groups) rides were added to our site on 5/1/2006. Please note that the Wirral Ride is on 23 April 2006 not the 26th as reported earlier - see Endurance Rides - 10/1/2006

    100 Club

    The names of recent winners have been published monthly. You can still join in - see 100 Club - 10/1/2006

    Bridleways Quiz Night

    The annual quiz night will take place on 15th February 2006 - see Social Events - 20/12/2005

    EGB Announces New Insurers

    The November/December 2005 edition of the members magazine reveals "that as of 1st December 2005 the association and it's members will be receiving the benefit of insurance cover from THB British Equestrian (formerly BEIB)." They already look after the insurance needs of the British Equestrian Federation, British Show Jumping Association, British Dressage, British Horse Driving Trials Association and are corporate brokers to The Pony Club - 03/11/2005

    Merchandise for EGB Young Riders

    Endurance GB's Young Riders are heading off to their World Endurance Championships in Bahrain this December. Merchandise is now available to raise funds to support their trip. Use the following link to see what's on offer - EGBYR Merchandise - 25/10/2005

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