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  Cheshire Forest Frolic


A Ride Report by Davina, Jo and Diane

Having participated in the odd pleasure and social rides over the past few years, we decided to join everyone for the weekend and stay over. We opted for the shorter NC routes as we hadnít done 2 consecutive ones before. On both days the routes were very well marked and we didnít get lost once. The 1st day at Delamere, we took slowly as Flash, Joís coloured horse got quite excited when other horses came up behind, and we found it easier to let others past.

We settled the horses for the evening at Kelsall. Caffrey and Cloggs in stables and Flash corralling. We had a lovely BBQ, and a few glasses of wine, and our overnight stay was cosy with 3 of us sleeping in the horsebox. We chatted to lots of people and made some new friends. The weather overnight was horrid, but it had cleared by the morning.

Day 2 around Kelsall farm ride was superb, good going, and again very well signed. We had a much faster ride and completed in 1 hour 27 mins.

119 Davina Suthren with Caffrey, 120 Diane Hedley with Cloggs and 121 Jo Dowsett with Flash on Day 2

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our thanks to Penny and Pat and all the team of volunteerís helpers who help to organised the event and made both of the days extremely pleasurable.

Davina Suthren

A Ride Report by Kathryn Watterson

124 Kathryn Watterson with Midsomer Lady and 150 Wendy MacKay with Sinead on Day 1
Due to work commitments, training for the 2011 Endurance season has been slow and because of this I opted to compete in 16km on both days at The Cheshire Frolic instead of my usual Novice 32 km entries.

I wanted to see how fit we both were !!!!!! This would then be a good ground line to base further development training for the planned competive ride in June.

Saturday's ride took competitors around delemere forest with great views of the lake and rural Cheshire, the route was well marked and there were stewards at most road crossings. The forest is popular with riders, cyclists and dog walkers and all were very courteous as my mare and I passed them on the various tracks and pathways.

Sundays ride was based at the popular Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre, the lower milelage ride made good use of the farm ride and surrounding woods and a minor road, the ground was good going and again the route was well marked with the usual white arrows, helpfull stewards and volunteers at the check points.

The weekend was a successful one for my mare (Midsomer Lady) and I. We had two days of great riding and M was well behaved with vets, farrier and my crew.

I would like to pass on my thanks to Pat Guerin and all her helpers for the continuing hard work and efforts.

This is reflected in the amount of entries over the last few years, long may it's success continue !!!!

For anybody that hasn't taken part in this ride, I would reccommend it especially if you have a youngster or are just starting out in world of Endurance.

Good luck to all in 2011, Happy Riding !!!!!!

Kath Watterson

An "almost" Ride Report by Shirley Osborne

I was supposed to take part in the above ride today but unfortunately the vet said my mare (Monaco) was lame.

This was to be my first foray (at 49 years of age!) into this field and I was only going to do the short pleasure ride, nontheless I have been like a small child in my anticipated excitement and was understandably gutted when the vets said I could not ride.

My friend Janine set off with her gelding and they had a fantastic time although Monaco especially fretted when she was left behind.

I just want to say how impressed I was with the organisation. I especially want to thank the organiser ladies who consoled me and in particular the vets who allowed me to visit them when everything was quiet so that they could take another look at Monaco.

We chose this ride as our first because of its professional organisation. I am determined to participate again when Monaco has healed - this is in part to how smoothly everything was run and how lovely everyone was.

We travelled from Preston but certainly would like to return to Cheshire!! - please pass on my thanks to everyone for what was undoubted much hard work!!

Many Thanks

A "Thank You" from Nikki Pearson

50 Nikki S Pearson with Ronnie From Donny on Day 1

Pat & Pennie,

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for a fab weekend. The people of the Cheshire Group are so very friendly and helpful making my first visit to the Frolic a delight. My ex racehorse is no longer the saint he was at the beginning of this his novice season but everyone was understanding and supportive when his behaviour was not quite as it should be (particularly the vet team on day 2 when he would not stand in the wind). The marking was excellent and my fears of getting lost in the wood were completely unfounded.

You and your team have clearly worked very hard to ensure we all have a great time. Thank you to everyone for giving up their time and for being so nice. If my horse and I survive this season I do hope to be back again next year.

Nikki Pearson

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