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  Cheshire Autumn Frolic

121 Sharon Heath with Toby and 140 Sue Dibben with Tobaro approaching the finishing line 42 Linda Cowperthwaite with  Maraday Mystaron and 43 Anne Swale approaching the finishing line

Dear Pat

I would just like to pass on our thanks for giving us such a fabulous day on Saturday at Delamere Forrest. I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face that night and my horse, Toby would not settle down at bed time! I think it was his way of telling me that this is what he wanted do all along!

Everything was organised so well. The directions were easy to follow. The Endurance logo was beckoning us through the entrance into a bustling car park where we all sat up straight in the cab to witness a great spectacle of bright colours, serious faces, very happy people getting their horses tacked up, and a vast assortment of horse breeds there were too! We were directed to a convenient spot by a lovely man we nearly ran over in our awe of the spectacle before us! We wasnít sure a this point that we may be out of our depth and get in the way at this event.

We made our way to collect our bib and the ladies there were most helpful with our bombardment of excited questions. The vet and farrier were great and helped my friend sort out the worry of a loose nail. The couple at the start gate were great and promised to find us if we got lost!

Everyone that passed us on the ride were extremely courteous and asked us if we were having a good time and that if we got into any difficulty after passing to give them a shout. The markers on the floor made it so easy for us as it was the most worrying aspect for us that day. Our horses were thanked over again on the day for being so good with every thing and giving us a wonderful ride.

I canít thank you all enough for your joint efforts in making this day so brilliant. We cantít wait for the next one!!

Kind regards,

Sharon Heath

Hello Pat

Just a quick note to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and all your helpers for the wonderful ride on Saturday at Delamere Forest. The route was marked fantastic and the going was great, our horses loved it and it felt like summer at long last. Plus an extra thank you for accepting my friend Anne Swale as a very late entry, she was unsure if her husband would be coming out the hospital on either Sat or the Sun ( She did have a word with the nurses on Fri to keep him in until the sun) Anne often helps me train our horses but never really fancied endurance but Sat was her last day to play out at horses, as she now has the job of nursing her husband back to full health.

Thanks again

Linda Cowperthwaite

I would just like to say a thank you for the friendly team at the Kelsall ride on Sunday 14th September. Unfortunately I missed this ride last year due to my horse puncturing his frog half way round the ride at Delamere. But this year I was determined to put them demons at bay and do the Kelsall ride. I enjoyed the ride and the going was good especially round the farm ride.

Myself and my friend did the 20 mile pleasure ride and the route was very well marked. The horses were still fighting fit when we crossed the finishing line, which was a relief as I had my doubts on whether they would be fit enough, not much could be said for the owners! I have looked at my pictures as well and they are great, just deciding on which ones to pick!

Thanks again for a very enjoyable ride as this is probably the last one I can do now until next season, due to house renovating commitments, shame!

Sarah Reeves

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