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21st April 2012

Report by Tiegan Lowe.

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On the 21st of April me, my mum (Karen) and Hattie went to Delamere forest Merlin 10mile (16km) ride with endurance GB. There were a huge amount of horseboxes and trailers that we were amazed by. We were asked whether we wanted to be vetted as a practice for future rides. We jumped at the chance to take our ponies at the vetting area. The vet had to take our ponies pulse rate and we were asked to trot up to check if our ponies werenít lame. Luckily, Penny and Will passed. Mum didnít do it with Abbey because they arenít part of the pony club.

We started at a walk and we caught some other people up therefore Penny bounced all over the place because she was at the back. Later on, we got lost by the Go Ape place. However we found our way. We went at a fast pace. Fortunately it only drizzled but I think all of us and our ponies wanted it because we were so hot.

We left at 10:48 and came back at 12:41. Then we had another vet check, we both passed. It took us 1hour 53 minutes. We trotted and cantered most of the way as it was flat and our ponies/horse are fit due to our hilly rides at home. We had a great time but we got very muddy.

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