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The venue - Delamere Forest October 2006 DELAMERE FOREST
14th October 2006

Report by Sarah Reeves
3 generations at the start - Delamere Forest October 2006

I attended the ride with Lynne Gardener and her friend. The ride was very enjoyable and the route was well marked and marshalled. It was a different route from what I had ridden before so that made it even better and the weather was just right; not too cold nor too hot.

The Go Ape centre didn't pose a problem to us as the route was run round the outskirts of it through the forest tracks. All horses were well behaved and we all came home in one piece.

It was a 12 mile route and it took us about 2hours, but you felt you had only been riding for 5mins as we were soon home and had to leave the lovely scenery behind.

For anybody that has not attended this ride, then they must come next year as it is a ride that has no road work as its all forest tracks.

I would like to say thank you again to all the marshalls and organises for making this ride a very enjoyable one and I hope to be back again next year.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here to see a short video taken at this ride. The quality is not brilliant due to the constraints of the host site (YouTube) but hopefully gives a flavour of the event.
Featured are Pat Guerin and Josh, Hazel Abbott, Jocelyn Russell, Helen Fox, Jane Wood, Lesley Cantrill, Gill Slynn, Flick Edmeston, Carol Taylor, Julie Daniel, Gill Shepherd, Anne Farley, Anne Booth and Ruth Wood (some very briefly).

The riders and horses listed below successfully completed the ride.

Well done and thank you for your support.

Anna Collins - Maizie
Jennifer Mallon - Guiness
Sydney Bird - Dunbar George
Anne Booth - Rassam
Sarah Reeves - Leo
Annie Basford - Wellingtons Pride
Jocelyn Russell - Chocolate Mousse
Anne Farley - Threeshires Equinox
Linda Jeffrey - Murphy
Ann MacFarlane - Lady's delight
Edith Hockenhull - ?
Sue Linley - Duke
Jane Hassall - Punch
Jane Wood - Kym
Martin Bethell - Tiffany
Hazel Abbott - Lucy
Sandra Breeze - Mitzy
Anne Pillai - Benson
Helen Fox - Mollies Melody
Lynne Gardener - Swift Encounter
Helen McNab - Sonny
Vannesa Nolan - Tetris
Laura Emnett - Polly
Rachel Rolfe - Selasphorus
Kath Wilkinson - Styal
Marjory Higgs - Molly
Gill Slynn - Bruce
Vicki Edwards - Llynfi Valley Rocky
Karen Corr - Jalaal Ibn Krayaan
Jessica Goodwin - Joelas Catrin
Carol Taylor - Ebony
Lesley Cantrill - Khozama
Ruth Wood - Viche
Julie Daniel - Dublin
Cathy Sherliker - George
Gill Shepherd - Grace
Leanne Johnston - ?
Lucy Brady - Leon
Flick Edmeston - Floriferiouz
Dorothy Haunch - Flying Dutchman
Rowena Butler - Troy
Marilyn Simcox - Minstral

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