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  RAF Cranwell
3rd May 2009

Report by Terry Madden

Well the team all met up on Saturday evening to enjoy supper and discuss tactics after finally finding a place to eat who didn't have a restricted menu for a Saturday!! Heather (Warburton) was to race Izaak herself this year whilst I competed in the 80km graded class to upgrade Medraar, plans all in place we had an early night only to be woken at around 5am by the most awful wind and rain!! Apparently they hadn't had rain for weeks!

First to vet and set off was Heather and Izaak. We followed the usual routine of keeping him as calm as we could, but he looked very fit and wanted everyone to see it as he pranced snorting through the venue. With Heather on board off they set.

Then Amanda got me sorted and off I went accompanied by Karen Korr on Loui. Amanda then shot off to the vet gate to greet Heather who, despite scarey speeds and having had a slight detour en route, left the vet gate in 4th position after some very careful crewing. Next into the vet gate were Karen and I and we had a text book vet gate.

Despite the route being mostly grass verges it took some tactical riding due to the conditions being very dry and hard. However, I do think we all had an advantage riding our horses barefoot as the horses pick the going and adjust speeds accordingly.

A fantastic result all round for the Cheshire and North Wales riders, Medraar completed and is now an advanced horse, Izaak was 3rd and Harry Ingram finished 6th with Tash.

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