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Ellie Harvey on Al Amik - Carr Side 16th April 2006 - click for larger picture Carr Side
16th April 2006

Report by Terry Madden.

Well we left North Wales at some unearthly hour to arrive at Carr Side Farm, near Doncaster for our 10am vetting. Ellie was competing in her first endurance ride on our stallion, Al Amik alongside myself on Abu. Ellie was so excited she could hardly sleep, all her training on Amik was going to be put to the test. Anxious mum and dad along with Amanda whilst we were vetting, Ellie handling and trotting up Amik herself, a sigh of relief as we passed.

Off we set and found the going really good, we didn't realise how fit the boys had become on those Welsh hills!! Before we knew it we had finished, an anxious time at the final vetting where Amik had so politely trodden on Ellie's foot, but grinned through it all and trotted him up, fantastic news he passed.

Well all I can say is watch out young riders as my little 10 year old apprentice has the endurance bug!!!

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