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5th June 2011

Report by Karen Simpson

Yesterday my horse Miyaz and I made the trip to Bakewell in Derbyshire for the 17K pleasure ride. Held in and around the grounds of Chatsworth, the countryside and architecture are fabulous. Hardly any of the 17K route went on any fast roads (I don't know about the 25K).

It mostly consists of undulating tracks, which were occasionally a bit stony but generally easy going in walk and trot. Being based in a flat area of Cheshire, I found the hills a welcome opportunity to improve our fitness as well as being a lot of fun to explore.

There is also a super long canter stretch in the second half of the ride which is worth going for on its own - I don't think you could come any closer to feeling like you're a part of Pride and Prejudice.

Overall its a beautiful place, the venue was easy to find and get to, and the route was very well marked. Due to the hills, even the shorter distance felt like a worthwhile test for me and my young horse so I was glad I didn't do the 25K this year - I've got that to look forward to next year! Many many thanks to the organizers for a wonderful day out on my horse's fifth birthday, he seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did.

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