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Pat Guerin on Zhiwah and Harry Ingram on Chi Tin Tashiq

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Welcome to the home page of the
Cheshire Group of Endurance GB.
The site for endurance horse riders and rides
in Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales.

Cheshire Group
remaining rides in 2022:

CEGB Platinum Ride PR 4/6:
Wirral GER & PR 11/6;
Delamere PR 15 Oct;
Congleton PR 20 Nov.

The Trophy Registration Form,
which can be found here,
has been updated to
reflect the remaining rides
(as at 18/05/2022).


If you have any news
or have anything that you want
to be included in these pages,
please tell a committee member
or you can email us by clicking
here for Muriel or here for Chris.

Latest News

CEGB Platinum Ride
Now One-Day Event
+ optional overnight stay
the night before
Pleasure Rides
Added 12/05/2022

Forest Frolic 22
Performance Awards
Added 09/05/2022

HBX511 Ifor Williams
Horse Trailer For Sale
Added 07/04/2022

2021 Trophies &
Distance Awards
Group Trophies
Added 06/02/2022

Trophy Reg Form
& Event Log Card
Added 06/02/2022

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Home Page
Updated 18/05/2022
Home Page
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Updated 15/05/2022
Home Page
Pleasure Rides
What's On
Updated 12/05/2022

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