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Pat Guerin on Zhiwah and Harry Ingram on Chi Tin Tashiq

A warm welcome to
new readers and anyone
new to Endurance.
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Welcome to the home page of the
Cheshire Group of Endurance GB.
The site for endurance horse riders and rides
in Cheshire, Wirral and North Wales.

We have no events planned at the moment.
If you think there is something
we could do in these strange times
please contact a committee member.

Now might be a good time time to thank
Jane, Shaun and Pat
(and all their helpers - you know who you are)
who have worked diligently on our behalf
under very difficult circumstances to put rides on
since we were allowed to start up again.
(Apologies to anyone I should have named.)

In the meantime
take care and stay safe.

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